6 Cool Women’s Waterproof Golf Shoes in 2020

Ladies, if you like playing golf in all weather conditions but don’t ever want that icky feeling of soggy socks and shoes, you will need waterproof shoes. It’s a good thing that you’re reading today’s post to guide you in finding the best golf shoes for rainy weather.

We researched the best waterproof golf shoes for women in today’s market and found the Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe to be the most popular choice for the ladies. It is complimented for its fashionable design, lightweight build, and guaranteed waterproof protection. The Skechers ladies golf shoe comes in an array of metallic colors and glittery heels that female golfers will surely adore.

Should the first choice be out of stock in your size and you want a more mature look, you may want to consider the Oregon Mudders Women’s CW400N Waterproof Oxford Golf Shoe. It is an all-weather golf shoe that you can wear on and off the golf course.

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Best Women’s Waterproof Golf Shoes [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Our women’s waterproof golf shoes reviews are intended to guide female golfers in making an informed decision when buying shoes for rainy days, especially online. With hundreds of golf shoes in the market, you’d be tempted to buy shoes merely for its design or price. In our review, we focused on waterproof golf shoes with the best value for money. Before you buy, check out our reviews.

1. Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Women's Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

First up, we’re reviewing a widely popular golf shoe for the ladies—Skechers Women’s Drive 4 and it’s pink, glittery, or metallic. There are 5 different options to choose from and they are all in metallic hues and some have glittery features. This is great for younger female golfers who like to kick up their fashion sense on the golf course up a notch. For sure, you’ll be the center of attraction at the golf course with these fashionable golf shoes that don’t compromise on performance.

We especially like the H2GO waterproof shield with a 2-year guarantee. At this price range, that is an added value we truly appreciate. It’s a good thing that this waterproof golf shoe is super light and comfortable to wear too. Its soles are also made to provide traction and stability while forgoing the spiked design.

If you’re looking for a ladies’ waterproof golf shoe that is affordable and high-performance, this is the best of its class to consider. With a metallic leather upper, rubber soles, ultra flight foam, and a moisture-wicking lining, you’re guaranteed comfort and support on the golf course.


While the design is what will entice your eyes to buy this, consider its quality and performance as well. It’s made to allow natural movements on the golf course and give you traction on any surface. A durable rubber traction plate replaces spikes for grip and support. It’s also breathable and has ultra-lightweight cushioning for comfort as you’re going through 18 holes.

There are 5 metallic styles to choose from with the signature S logo. The 2-year waterproof guarantee is added to boost its value.


The shoes come in 11 different sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11 and no wide options. Some customers found in too narrow for size, especially around the toe box and may require breaking in. Several buyers noted the fit felt tight and runs small. If you have large or wide shoes, these won’t feel great on you. Otherwise, the shoes are comfortable and of good quality.

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2. Oregon Mudders Women’s CW400N Waterproof Oxford

Oregon Mudders Womens CW400N Waterproof Oxford Golf Shoe with Turf Nipple Sole

We’re going more mature in terms of design with our next choice—the Oregon Mudders CW400N Oxford Golf Shoe. These shoes are a tad pricier than our first recommendation and run in 14 different sizes from 5 to 12.

These are advertised as lightweight but are a lot more padded compared to Skechers Women’s Drive 4 that is made with more breathability. We’re still going with the spikeless design for traction with our second choice. Oregon Mudders opted to use soft nipple soles on this design to ensure traction on various surfaces while adding as much flexibility to the overall build as possible.

This all-weather golf shoe makes use of a microfiber upper and a waterproof bootie to keep your feet dry despite the rain. It also adds warmth with its fleece lining. If you need durable golf shoes for winter, spring, and fall, these cushioned golf shoes should be among your top considerations.


The fleece-lined oxfords offer warmth to your feet for golfing during the cooler months. While these are lightweight for short walks, it can get heavy for the entire 18 holes. Also, these shoes are best worn on cooler months. It may not be the best choice for summer.

The design and overall quality of the shoes are suitable from the clubhouse to the golf course. These fashionable shoes will surely get approval from your golf friends, especially once they find out that these are affordable waterproof golf shoes.


There are half sizes on this model and several different sizes to choose from. But there are no wide sizes. If you have wide feet, you may need a break-in period or you’ll find the shoes narrow on the toe box.

Also, there is no guarantee for its waterproofing technology although customers are happy with this feature. Keep in mind that these shoes come in one style only.

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3. Skechers Women’s Go Elite 2

Skechers Women's Go Elite 2 Adjust Waterproof Golf Shoe

Our third choice goes back to Skechers—the Women’s Go Elite 2. We opted to add this to our list of best waterproof golf shoes for the ladies because of its price range. It is a good value buy considering it is an affordable option. If you’re looking for lightweight waterproof golf shoes for the budget, then consider this option.

Skechers Women’s Go Elite 2 is made of full-grain leather with rubber soles. We continued to choose a spikeless waterproof golf shoe for our third recommendation as these shoes utilize a durable TPU grip outsole. It also boasts high-rebound cushioning for its insoles. This makes for less damage on the turf and improved traction on different levels.

There are only two styles for your selection. These are navy/pink and the black/white models. We consider these fashionable choices for budget women’s waterproof golf shoes. The limited designs should make it easier for you to choose the style that you prefer.


Skechers Women’s Go Elite 2 are designed for performance. It is a great shoe to wear on the golf course as it provides adequate support, traction, and stability. The design options are few but what you have to choose from are well-designed choices.

The Skechers Waterproof Golf shoes are designed with an H2GO shield which is a feature evident in more costly waterproof golf shoes for ladies from the same brand.


The size and fit are some factors you should definitely consider before buying golf shoes. No matter what the design, quality of construction, and price range of the golf shoes, if it doesn’t fit you well, you won’t be bothered to wear them. Such is the case with these shoes as they typically run large for size. You may have to deal with replacements if you get a size that doesn’t fit you as you would expect. 

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4. Henry & Magda Premium Ladies Golf Shoe

Henry & Magda Premium Ladies Golf Shoe | Waterproof | Summer 2017 Collection (36 EU 5 B(M) US, Nappa Khaki)

We’re bringing in a different brand this time for the fourth waterproof golf shoe on our choices for the ladies. We looked into the quality of the Henry & Magda Premium Ladies Golf Shoe and found it a good choice for female golfers.

These shoes are, first and foremost, of the low price spectrum of waterproof golf shoes for women. If you are a beginner who wants to stay safe while playing golf in the rain or you are like one who prefers to save money on golf clothing, then opt for these shoes.

Keep in mind that the Henry & Magda Premium Ladies Golf Shoe is only available in size 5 so unless you have small feet, then you will want to look into our other options. Also, there is only one color option for this golf shoe and it’s in Nappa Khaki. If you want to stay in the loop with these golf shoes, take a look at what we like and don’t like about them.


Henry & Magda Premium Ladies Golf Shoe is made of a cotton-blend material. While this helps in breathability, this is not often the first choice when it comes to waterproof golf shoes. These Premium Golf Shoes are also designed with strong vegan synthetic uppers that are treated with HIDROSTOP making it weather-resistant

The shoes are also soft and breathable. Plus the memory latex insole adjusts to your movements for more natural mobility. Other sellers may have bigger sizes of these European-made shoes. Consider buying the shoes in-store to find your size.


Some reviewers noted that these golf shoes run half a size smaller which can be disappointing as there is not much option when it comes to sizing. If you require bigger or wider shoes, then you will have to look for a different type of shoe. Also, the waterproofing is not backed by a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer.

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5. New Balance Women’s Minimus WP

New Balance Women's Minimus WP Waterproof Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

Up next, we searched within a brand that is well-known for its sports shoes, golf shoes, and waterproof golf shoes. We are talking about New Balance, which makes golf shoes both for men and women.  This particular model, the Minimus WP Waterproof Spikeless for women is one for value. It is an affordably-priced golf shoe that can sometimes sell for much lower.

Keep in mind that these shoes are made of synthetic material. microfiber leather upper is also equipped with a waterproofing feature with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

The imported shoes are lightweight and boast FantomFit support to ensure a great fit. These are equipped with premium responsive REVLite midsole with a 4mm drop and lightweight cushioning. The outer soles are made of rubber and forego the spiked design. It is also flexible, allowing for maximum mobility while executing your techniques on the golf course. For this price range, this sure is a good buy.


These golf shoes are made with Ortholite insoles that keep you cool and dry and are comfortable to wear too. They are lightweight and supportive across different playing fields. The outsoles also provide great traction while remaining spikeless.

As for its waterproof feature, it should keep you dry while maintaining breathability. This is wise to consider as there are waterproof golf shoes that can be too hot to wear, especially in hot or humid conditions.


There are only three monochromatic styles to choose from. But more important, many customers were not satisfied as to its fit. There are several sizes available from 6 to 11 with wide and half-size wide choices. However, there are complaints about the shoes feeling snug and as if they do not stretch nor break-in. Also, there are comments about the lack of support for the feet.  If you’re aiming to walk through the 18 holes on these shoes, it might hurt you if you have the wrong fit on.

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6. The Adidas Ladies Adistar Lite Boa

adidas Golf 2018 Ladies Adistar Lite BOA WoLadies Waterproof Golf Shoes - Spiked White/Black 5UK

Last but definitely not the least of them all is a runner-up from Adidas Golf. We are looking at the Adistar Lite BOA Waterproof Spiked Golf Shoes for Ladies. If spikeless is not the style you want for securing traction, then you will want to look at this option.

These spiked golf shoes are made of microfiber leather upper that is protected with Climastorm water-resistance allowing 100% waterproofing for rainy day use. We opted to choose this spiked golf shoe as it has discreet cleats and low-profile spikes. Plus with the Adiwear rubber outsole, you can expect a quality golf shoe in terms of durability, stability, and traction.

The Adistar Lite also features the new L6 BOA closure system. This places the closure on the lateral side making for a customizable fit and easy adjustment. It also helps to improve the lateral stability of these golf shoes. Inside you will find Cloudfoam insoles for comfort and wider midsole to outsole platform for added stability.


These shoes are designed with comfort, style, and functionality in mind. When you consider its water-resistant finish, unique lacing system on the top of the tongue, comfortable insoles, and fit, then you would consider this a good buy.

For its price range, these budget shoes surely go far in terms of features that golfers need to bring their A-game. These include enhanced grip, traction, and stability across any surface.


There are only three styles to choose from including feminine pink. There is also no waterproof warranty for this golf shoe.

More important, there are only 6 sizes being offered and the style you want may not be available in your size. The sizing options are available in EUR, UK, and US sizes. These shoes fit smaller feet from 4 UK/EUR 36/ US 5.5 to 7 UK/EUR 40.5/US 8.5. For larger feet, opt for the bigger sizes of our spikeless golf shoe recommendations.

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Women’s Waterproof Golf Shoes Buying Guide

Ladies, the right golf shoes ensure we can keep a stable stance as we perform our swing techniques. The shoes should also be easy on our feet and joints so we can enjoy playing to the 9th, even to the 18th hole. There is more to consider when buying golf shoes than just its style and price. When choosing golf shoes for ladies, keep in mind these considerations:


For one, you will need waterproof golf shoes which are necessary for both amateurs and pro golfers. This will ensure protection for your feet and your game even in light rain, dewy mornings, and getting the golf ball out of the way of water features.

While it is generally more costly to buy waterproof golf shoes, once you put it to the test you will realize the big difference between waterproof golf shoes and those without this feature. When it comes to the material, opt for leather or synthetic leather golf shoes as these have water-repelling properties.


Women with larger and wider feet may find it more difficult to pick golf shoes, much more waterproof golf shoes. Opt for shoes that run large like Skechers Women’s Go Elite 2 or those with wide options like New Balance Women’s Minimus. The rest of the recommendations we have are for those with average-sized feet. Consider going a half-size to a full size larger especially if you play during the afternoon to ensure that your feet won’t feel cramped while playing golf the entire afternoon.

Skechers Women's Go Elite 2 Adjust Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/White, 10 M US


This is very important to golfers as it secures your footing so you can execute that swing. Spiked golf shoes are more common in today’s waterproof golf shoe market. However, you may find spikeless shoes offering traction with rubber outsoles and a durable traction plate. With spikeless shoes, you will need soft cushioning to ensure comfort as you go from the first hole to your final putt.

Frequency of use

Consider the weather conditions in your area. If you often have rainy conditions at your local golf course, then waterproof golf shoes will certainly be essential. Also, consider what times you usually play. Early mornings and late afternoons are often preferred by golfers to avoid the heat of the day. However, these are the times when dew and light rain rests on the turf. Hence, waterproof golf shoes are a must to wear.


Spikeless shoes are one for comfort. However, there are spikeless options that tend to cause slipping and sliding. You may feel better in spiked shoes for really wet terrains, but if you’re walking off 18 holes, then spiked shoes may cause discomfort that will cause you to shorten your game.


Make sure to keep it your own even when choosing waterproof golf shoes. There is an array of ladies golf shoes in today’s market ranging from monotone palettes to bright colors and wild prints. There are also athletic designs and more discreet options that won’t cause you to steal attention to your shoes.