8 Awesome Golf Skorts in 2020

Getting the best golf skort nowadays can be a somewhat challenging endeavor. There are so many golf skorts for ladies out there that you might end up feeling baffled as to which one really works for you. To make things slightly easier for you, we’ve put together this article. Following our extensive research where we looked at reviews, sales figures, and even the popularity of these items, we came to the conclusion that the NIKE Women’s Dry Golf Skort is the first model you should consider. Having been manufactured out of 12% spandex and 88% polyester, this black golf skort can allow you to move freely on the golf course and it can also stand the test of time. 

Since this is a quite a popular option, you might notice that it’s not always in stock. In that case, we suggest bearing in mind our second choice, the Adidas Golf Women’s Ultimate Adistar Skort

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Best Golf Skorts [Reviews] – Our Favorites

After going through hundreds of golf skort reviews, we made a little selection for you. So, if you’re having trouble separating the wheat from the chaff, but you still want to get a good golf skort, check out the products we’ve showcased below. 

1. NIKE Women’s Dry Golf Skort

NIKE Women's Dry Golf Skort, Black/Black, Large

What’s really neat about this model is its construction. On the one hand, the 88% polyester makes it possible for you to get the most of it by ensuring durability. On the other, the 12% spandex means that this item is stretchy, so you will most definitely feel at ease while making all sorts of moves on the golf course.

The fabric is uniquely designed to provide you with the comfort you need. It’s quick-drying, so in case you get wet or you sweat, you can rest assured that it will be dry in a timely fashion. The drop-tail hem provides an extra amount of coverage and the inner shorts do the same, too. 

You might also want to know that this particular product is equipped with an elasticized mesh inside waistband that provides a flattering fit and a bit of a stretch. Finally, the Nike golf skort is also outfitted with back and side pockets for your smaller valuables. 

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2. Adidas Golf Women’s Ultimate Adistar Skort

adidas Golf Women's Ultimate Adistar Skort, Hi-Res Aqua, Large

Although it’s not exactly an item in the category of cheap golf skorts, this one is another you should take into account. Differently from the other options we have showcased here, this one is manufactured using 90% polyester and 10% elastane. Just like in the case of other Adidas golf skorts, this means that it can offer you durability and stretch. 

Another notable aspect about this product is that it comes with a UPF 50+ protection, so you can rest assured that you aren’t going to suffer any nasty sunburns. Just make sure you apply sunscreen on your legs, as well. 

In terms of storage, the skort is equipped with slip-in front pockets. The compression undershorts are made in such a way so as to keep you cool even when the sun is shining brightly in the sky and you’re likely to get a little sweaty. An additional benefit to choosing this option is that it can be cleaned in the washing machine. 

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3. PGA Tour Women’s 16 Inch Airflus Skort with Tummy Control Waistband

PGA TOUR Women's 16" Pebble Beach Print Skort, Fusion Coral, L

If you’re looking for longer length golf skorts, this product might not be the right one for you. It’s a little on the shorter side but it’s still comfortable. The 100% polyester construction ensures durability, but that also means that this model has a disadvantage — it’s less stretchy compared to others.

Nevertheless, it is among the more affordable alternatives available on the market today, so if you’re on a budget, it might be worth considering. This one, as well, can be cleaned in the washing machine. Although the manufacturing brand clearly states that the fabric is specially engineered to be stretchy, it might not be as expected.

One significant benefit that you’ll get if you try out this version is that it is moisture-wicking. On the one hand, that means that if the weather starts being unfriendly, you aren’t going to be wet for a long time. On the other hand, if you sweat a lot, this skort will dry out all on its own. 

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4. RBX Active Women’s Golf/Tennis Everyday Casual Athletic Skort with Bike Shorts

RBX Active Women's Golf/Tennis Athletic Skort with Bike Shorts S19 Black L

The RBX model is a very convenient skort to wear, and that’s because it is a great option for a variety of situations. Given its unique design and construction, you can use the product for pretty much all of your outdoor adventures. It is available in a wide array of colors and a generous variety of sizes, so that’s something to consider, as well.

The skort is made from 8% spandex and 92% polyester, so similarly to the Nike item that we have also described in our selection, this one can offer you both durability and a bit of stretchiness. The attached bike shorts can provide you with plenty of control as well as extra coverage. 

On top of everything, the side pockets are conveniently sized, so you can store in them your keys, your smartphone, or pretty much anything that you need and that isn’t too large. The fabric that the skort is made from is lightweight and breathable, so you will always feel comfortable. 

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5. Under Armour Women Links Woven Skort

Under Armour Women's Links Skort, Black (001)/Black, 8

This comfortable model seems to be one of the products that you should bear in mind, at least judging by the feedback that it has received. The Under Armour golf skort comes in as many as five different colors and a wide array of sizes, so just pick the one that best suits your physical attributes and personal taste.

The fabric is lightweight, durable, and stretchy, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the construction of this model is 90% polyester and 10% elastane. As it was to be expected, the material is capable of drying fast since it has sweat-wicking capabilities. 

If you are worried about getting the exact size, perhaps the fact that this item is equipped with a stretch-engineered waistband might put your mind at ease. The adjustable inner elastic provides a great fit. Last, but certainly not least, you can clean this clothing item in the washer. 

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6. Skechers Women’s Skechweave Tee Time Golf Skort

Skechers Golf Women's Skechweave Tee Time Golf Skort, Navy/Multi, L

What’s really cool about this option is that it is just slightly longer compared to some of the other models that we came across while doing our research. Furthermore, the design makes it possible for you to wear it under a broad array of situations and on multiple occasions. 

Even though the actual design should provide you with plenty of freedom of movement, the fabric is also stretchy given its 12% spandex content. The 88% polyester in it ensures durability, so you know you’re not spending your money on something that isn’t going to last for too long. 

The item is available in sizes ranging from X-small to XX-large and if you are having trouble which one suits you best, just check the manufacturing brand’s size chart or the reviews provided by other customers at different marketplaces. In terms of functionality, the skort has open-hand pockets and a single welt back pocket that’s sizable enough for a scorecard. 

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7. Under Armour Golf Women’s Team Skort

Under Armour Golf Women's Team Skort, Royal/White XL (US 16) X 4

Although it’s slightly tighter compared to other items in the same category of products, this Under Armour model is another that you should keep in mind as it is highly convenient and functional. It boasts an elastic closure and it is made of a mix of elastane, nylon, polyester, and mesh. 

The stretch knit fabric is soft to the touch and it is more than capable of unlocking plenty of mobility. For those very hot days when you can’t sit still and you want to get to the golf course, this skort can be a friend in need as the athletic cut offers you both the freedom of movement you need and a bit of breathability thanks to its design. 

The 4-inch UA compression shorts on the inside can offer you both support and coverage, so you have nothing to worry about in this sense. It’s also worth noting that the fabric is light and developed using a unique antimicrobial technology, so even if you sweat, you’ll still smell fresh.

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8. Colorado Clothing Women’s Everyday Skort

Colorado Clothing Women's Tranquility Skort, Black, Large

Whether you’re looking for a white golf skort or a khaki golf skort, but your budget isn’t what it used to be, the Colorado Clothing model should definitely be right up your alley. It’s a lightweight and wrinkle-resistant item that can be worn for different purposes – whether you want it specifically for golf or for running errands on a Saturday, for example. 

As with other products we’ve showcased here, this one is made of a mix of spandex and polyester, so it’s comfortable and stretchy, but it can also stand the test of time. Given that it is so budget-friendly, it has received quite a bit of appreciation on the part of the people who’ve given it a try. 

Described as super cute, it seems that most women that have purchased this option are of the opinion that it is a wardrobe staple, that it is simple and functional, and that it fits perfectly. Some buyers have gone through sizing mishaps, though, so make sure you read the reviews yourself. 

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Golf Skort Buying Guide

Are you in the market for quality women’s golf skorts but you’ve never bought one before and you’re feeling unsure about what factors are really important and what features you can do without? If that’s the case, just read our guide below. 

NIKE Women's Dry Golf Skort, Black/Black, Large

The right size

Surely you want your brand new skort to fit properly, right? There are several ways of making sure that the item you purchase will actually be in accordance with your physical attributes. Of course, you could just go to a store and try out several models. However, if you want to order yours online, you need to do two things. 

Number one: check the manufacturing brand’s or seller’s sizing chart and compare the measurements with your own.

Number two: look for reviews detailing any issues related to sizing. Fortunately, nowadays most popular items receive at least ten reviews out of which two usually are about how the skort fits. Some customers even provide pictures, which can be helpful, especially if they specify their size and the one they’ve ordered. 

In any case, if you end up ordering the incorrect size, you need to know that you can return the product and get a replacement or a refund. That’s why we would advise ordering from well-known brands instead of those you’ve never heard of.

The right fabric

Since you’re going to be wearing your skort for golf, you will need it to provide you with freedom of movement, and at the same time, it doesn’t have to be too revealing. The fabric matters a lot as most of the synthetic ones can make you sweat a lot. Today’s fashion brands have perfected their technology a lot so that’s less of an issue.

To make sure that the skort is stretchy, order one that is made from a synthetic material like polyester, but also from elastane or spandex. The percentage of these stretchy fabrics in the blend doesn’t have to be too high. Somewhere between 8% and 12% is usually enough.

adidas Golf Women's Ultimate Adistar Skort, Hi-Res Aqua, Large

Breathability and comfort

Not just the fabric that the skirt is made of matters but also the one that the underpants are crafted from. Make sure that the whole skort is marketed as being lightweight and breathable as that will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout a whole day of golfing. 

Length and design

Women that are self-conscious or those that need plus size clothing for golf will often steer clear of skorts that are too short as they can be rather uncomfortable. Try to look for pictures of the model you’re eyeing and see how long it really is. Some skorts are wavier than others and besides, the tighter ones usually restrict your movements a lot.

As for the design, these days skorts come in many shapes and sizes. You can pick your favorite color and design, and do that on a budget. By the way, most skorts cost less than $100, but this is a pretty high price point for this type of item. Many quality and convenient models can be found for less than $50.