11 Awesome Women’s Golf Polos 2020

In the market for a good women’s golf polo? If that’s so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone through plenty of women’s golf polo reviews and have come to the inevitable conclusion that the first model that you should consider is Puma’s Golf Women’s Pounce Sleeveless Polo. If you plan on golfing when the sun is up in the sky and you have no intention on getting overly hot even by short sleeves, this model is the perfect option. It comes with a classic button closure and the neat thing about it is that it can be cleaned in the washing machine. Puma’s dryCELL technology boasted by this choice is another thing worth taking into account as the polyester fabric is capable of wicking moisture away.

In case this particular product is for one reason or the other no longer available, we suggest having a look at our next favorite choice, Callaway’s Women’s Short Sleeve Opti-Vent Open Mesh Polo.

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Best Women’s Golf Polos [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Finding the perfect women’s golf polo shirt can be a true challenge in a market that’s overflowing with all sorts of products. Let’s not forget that polos can come in many shapes and sizes, they can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, or they can not even have a sleeve at all. Check out our favorite models below if you haven’t made up your mind just yet.

1. Puma’s Golf Women’s 2019 Pounce Sleeveless Polo

Puma Golf Women's 2019 Pounce Sleeveless Polo, Blazing Yellow, Medium

Although it’s not exactly a cheap women’s golf polo, this is a truly cute option that you should keep in mind. First off, it’s made of polyester (100%), so it has a good chance of standing the test of time. While you might think that the fabric might not feel good against your skin exactly because the shirt is made only of poly, the truth is that the dryCELL technology of the brand wicks sweat away and leaves you feeling at ease.

Another aspect that needs to be considered about this particular choice is that, unlike many others, it can be cleaned in the washing machine. The classic design is eye-catching, yet extremely decent, at the same time, so you needn’t worry about breaking any golf club rules.

One thing that we definitely have to make known about this sleeveless women’s golf polo is that it tends to run pretty small.

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2. Callaway Women’s Short Sleeve Opti-Vent Open Mesh Polo

Callaway Women's Golf Short Sleeve Pique Open Mesh Polo Shirt, Salsa, Large

Similarly to some of the other models that we have stumbled upon while doing our research, this one is made fully out of polyester. Naturally, one might think that this is a disadvantage since it’s a synthetic fabric. What you ought to know is that this is a treated fabric and it features the cool technologies employed by the brand — Opti-Dri and Opti-Vent.

Opti-Dri is in charge of transferring moisture away from the wearer’s body so as to aid with the evaporation of sweat. Opti-Vent makes it possible for the clothing to offer you superior breathability.

The comfortable, roomy fit is a combination between a modern polo and a really classy (and traditional) golf polo design. Again, as is the case with some of the more decent choices showcased here, you needn’t worry about being denied access into a club due to your clothing.

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3. Hanes Sport Women’s Cool DRI Performance Polo

Hanes Sport Women's Cool DRI Performance Polo,Deep Royal,X-Large

Even though it is probably one of the most affordable women’s golf polo shirts that we were able to track down, this model does precisely what it is supposed to do. It comes with a 50+ UPF rating, which means that you are protected against nasty UV rays. This allows you to feel reassured that you aren’t going to suffer from any sunburns.

The model features a rapid-dry interlock jersey knit that makes it possible for moisture to be wicked away in a timely fashion. What this means for you is that you will feel at ease all the time as you won’t get overly hot and be soaked in your own sweat, too.

The design of this product is definitely an aspect worth writing home about as it features a bottom hem, a double-needle sleeve, and what’s best, the typical 3-button placket available on most golf polos — whether they are for women or for men.

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4. Joe’s USA DRI-Equip Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polos

DRI-Equip Ladies Heathered Moisture Wicking Golf Polo-TropicBlue-L

Available in a range of six different colors, this polo model can be used under a variety of circumstances. This choice is a particularly lightweight alternative, so if you live in an area located in a hot climate, it is the perfect option for those days where you can almost not bear to be outside.

Similarly to some of the other models that we have described here, this one is entirely made of polyester. The 3-button placket with dyed-to-match buttons make it look classy. Aside from the variety of colors you can choose from, there’s another reason to select this model and it consists of the fact that it is available in a generous selection of sizes.

Based on the feedback that this item has received from past buyers, it seems that it fits well and that it feels great against the skin. It’s also worth noting that it won’t break your budget as it is quite affordable.

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5. Nike Women’s Victory Solid Sleeveless Polo

Nike Women's Victory Solid Sleeveless Polo, White/Black, LG

If you want to benefit from a natural range of motion, perhaps the sleeveless silhouette of this model might do you good. The double-knit fabric that this item was manufactured from has a pique construction and feels soft against your skin, which means that you can golf for a whole day without feeling uncomfortable.

If you want to benefit from enhanced ventilation, you can simply customize the fit and look of the polo by unbuttoning it. It comes with a 5-button placket, after all, which undoubtedly allows you to adjust the fit. There’s also a back neck tape that moves quite smoothly against your skin, so once again, you’ll feel at ease all the time.

From what we have gathered by going through the customer reviews acquired by this model over time, it seems that its fit is excellent and that it is true to size. You can wear it in different casual situations, too, not just for golf.

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6. Nike Women’s Dry Short Sleeve Blade Golf Polo

NIKE Women's Dry Short Sleeve Blade Golf Polo, Black/Black, Medium

Even though it is a little less budget-friendly than some of the other options that we have described in our selection, this one will inevitably keep you feeling at ease throughout a whole day of golfing. Why is that? Well, this model boasts the NIKE Dry Fabric that makes it possible for you to remain dry even when the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

The model comes with a blade collar that lays quite smoothly against your neck, and it also provides a somewhat sleek aesthetic. There’s a hidden zipper placket that you can take advantage of if you want to customize the fit of the polo at any time.

Despite this item not being a sleeveless alternative, it does come with set-in sleeves, which means that it offers you a rather comfortable range of motion. Finally, the fact that the unit boasts a drop-tail hem allows you to benefit from an extra amount of coverage.

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7. Greg Norman Women’s Protek Micro Pique Sleeveless Polo

Greg Norman Women's Protek Micro Pique S/l Polo, Atlantic Blue, Medium

Greg Norman is one of those brands that have built a reputation of making quality clothing designed for a variety of outdoor and physical activities. This one is no different when it comes to the design and quality of the rest of the company’s products. It is made of 100% microfiber polyester, so it is both comfortable and capable of standing the test of time.

The knit collar of the model looks great and the fact that this model comes with a UPF 50+ protection allows you to rest assured that you aren’t going to suffer any sunburns while you are wearing this shirt.

In addition to everything, this product comes with moisture-wicking capabilities, so you can just focus on your golf performance instead of feeling uncomfortable because of all the sweat. The people that were kind enough to provide feedback about this model say that it is a great quality choice and that it has the perfect length.

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8. Baleaf Women’s Golf Sleeveless Polo Shirts Quick Dry UPF 50+

Baleaf Women's Golf Sleeveless Polo Shirts Quick Dry UPF 50+ Rose Pink Size XL

The polo shirt is made of breathable, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying fabric that allows you to feel at ease even as you play golf for hours on end. The fabric is also lightweight enough for the polo not to hang heavy on your body. It’s also worth noting that this model boasts UPF 50+ protection, so you can rest assured that no nasty UV rays are going to affect your skin.

This particular choices comes with a four-button front placket, which means that you can customize the fit as per your momentary needs and depending on how hot it is outdoors. The sleeveless design already allows you to benefit from superior ventilation.

The best thing about this product is that it manages to combine performance, function, as well as fashion, so it looks so good that you might want to wear it for other activities such as picnics or going out for brunch with your friends.

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9. Regna X DRI-Equip Ladies Moisture Wicking Solid & Heather Golf Polos

Regna X v Neck Outdoor Performance Yoga Short Sleeve us Polo Shirt Women Grey L

Having been made entirely out of polyester, this product is capable of withstanding the test of time. The unique technology used in the development of this model makes it possible for you to remain feeling comfortable throughout a whole day of being outdoors. You can wear this shirt for yoga, running, or any other activity that calls for a bit of physical effort.

The detail that makes the difference between this particular item and some of the others that we have described here is the fact that this one doesn’t come with a button placket of any kind. Therefore, it gives you ventilation but the drawback of this feature is that it doesn’t allow you to adjust the fit as per your needs or the weather.

The long-wearing polo does keep you looking good, however, and one of the best things about it is that it does not cost a fortune (unlike others).

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10. Joe’s USA Ladies Silk Touch Golf Polo

Joe's USA Silk Touch Golf Polo Shirt, L-Lime

Since it is pretty affordable, this polo has received an immense amount of customer reviews over time. It is made of a unique fabric (100% cationic polyester double knit) and it is very lightweight, weighing in at just 3.9 ounces. The shirt is durable and convenient and since it’s made of a fast-wicking material, you don’t have to worry about feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

The open-cuff sleeves are large enough to fit you even though you might be feeling wary about being able to wear the right size. By the way, it is available in sizes that range from extra-small (size 2) to 4X-large (28 to 30). Feel free to select your favorite color from the sixteen ones available.

What are people saying about this particular model? Some say that it is adequate for the price, but others have reported issues with the sizing. There have been individuals that have described it as being perfect for work, too.

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11. Adidas Golf A131 Ladies’ Climalite Basic Short-Sleeve Polo

adidas A131 Ladies Climalite Basic Pique Polo Lead/Black Large

This is a somewhat classic and cute option that you should bear in mind, as well. Like others that we have showcased in our selection, it is available in a very generous array of color combinations and sizes. It is made entirely of polyester, which means that it has a good chance of lasting for a decent amount of time.

The button closure of the polo allows you to rest assured that you will be able to customize the fit as per your needs and the weather. Also, this is a practical feature, and since the shirt is long enough, you will feel comfortable no matter what moves you need to make on the green.

The moisture-wicking finish is a benefit in itself, and the fact that the product weighs in at 4.3 ounces tells you that it’s a lightweight polo that can be worn easily and comfortably. Finally, it’s also quite budget-friendly, so it won’t break the bank.

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Women’s Golf Polo Buying Guide

If you’re searching for the perfect women’s golf polo either because you want to purchase one for yourself or you want to get one as a gift for someone else, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a really helpful guide packed with the features and aspects that one needs to take into account when one is in the market for such a product. Check it out below.

Getting the right size

Let’s face it. Ordering clothing online can be quite a bit of an adventure. The only way that you can make sure that the polo that you want to get for yourself actually fits you is to measure your body. The most important body measurement that you need to make is your chest — that applies both in the case of men and women.

Just go get a tape measure, stick one end of it in your armpit, and then measure around the widest part of your chest. Yes, it’s that simple, but so many people actually get it wrong. Ensure that the tape is perfectly flat across your back so that you can get a clear and accurate size of your chest.

Needless to say, in women, if you tend to wear a bra (most women actually have a favorite one) more often than others and you’re likely to wear that one for your golfing adventures, measure your chest when you wear that one.

The next thing you should do is match your chest size with the dimensions specified in some of the size charts made available by different brands. It’s unpleasant, but it’s the reality – different companies have different sizes. And that’s even truer if you’re ordering your golf polo from another country or overseas.

Nike Women's Victory Solid Sleeveless Polo, White/Black, LG

The fabric matters. A lot.

The large variety of polos available for sale nowadays are made of polyester or, in some cases, a combination of two synthetic materials. Natural fabrics such as cotton aren’t the favorites of most brands, and that’s because they aren’t really durable and they can be unpredictable with regard to the design.

Polyester, especially the kind that’s used in shirts nowadays, usually comes with moisture-wicking capabilities, which means that even though it is a synthetic fabric, you won’t feel sticky or drenched in your own sweat. It would be ideal if you could choose a product that’s made of polyester and something stretchy like spandex or elastane. This way, you are going to get the freedom of movement ensured by the stretchy fabric and the durability and moisture-wicking properties of polyester.

Callaway Women's Golf Short Sleeve Pique Open Mesh Polo Shirt, Salsa, Large

Style and design

The rules of golf clubs nowadays have changed throughout the years, but it used to be that women weren’t allowed to wear sleeveless polos or too short shorts, for example. It’s true that the rules are a bit more lax nowadays, but you should check with your particular golf club before you set out for the green with a sleeveless polo on.

Also, while some women prefer tighter clothes as they are comfortable for them, other prospective buyers like longer and baggier polos. Think about these details before you start looking at products online and better yet, take the time to read as many customer reviews as possible.

The color of the shirt can make the difference when it comes to you feeling at ease. Think about wearing a black polo shirt for a whole day in the middle of July. Even though the fabric might try to keep you dry or wick sweat away, it might be impossible for it to raise up to par. Also, make sure that you wear sunscreen in these situations as the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise.

UV protection

You’ll notice that some of the cheapest golf polos for women do not come with UPF protection of any kind. That means that you might risk getting sunburnt even if you cover your skin. Some of the models that we have come across and that do come with UV protection are a bit pricier but you should consider them if you know you’re going to be golfing under the skin.