7 Great Wilson Golf Clubs in 2020

Wilson is an extremely well-known brand in the industry of manufacturing sports equipment. The company makes gear for golf, basketball, tennis, baseball, as well as a variety of other sports. If you’ve been thinking of getting a set from this manufacturer, we recommend the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set. The super game improvement design boasted by the clubs in the package makes it possible for beginner golfers to achieve more distance with less effort. Plus, the alignment putter has been equipped with a soft paddle grip, which means that it also improves the aim and distance of most players. Read the review we’ve put together below to find out more information about this option. If it’s no longer available, feel free to check out our next favorite choice, the Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Complete Set

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Best Wilson Golf Clubs (Reviews)

If you’ve been meaning to get a Wilson golf club set and you don’t know where to begin, it’s a good thing that you are reading this article. We’ve gone through dozens of products manufactured by this brand, and we’ve selected only the ones that are truly worthy of your consideration. Find them listed below.

1. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set

Wilson Golf Men's Ultra Complete Package Set, Right Hand

If you’re only starting out with your golfing endeavors, you should undoubtedly take this choice into account. It boasts a game-improvement design, in that most of the clubs in the set will assist you in getting more distance, even if you are a beginner.

Plus, there’s a large 460cc titanium matrix driver included, and it has a low center of gravity, as well as a hot face so that the ball is easily launched off the tee. Need something for better performance on off-center hits? Then you’ll be happy to know that the large sweet spot irons in this set come with perimeter weighting.

As for the alignment putter, it’s largely known for improving both the distance and aim of all golfers. Last, but not least, it’s certainly worth noting that this unit is accompanied by a lightweight, convenient, and ergonomic bag that has a self-activating stand. The bag will allow you to carry most of your golf gear with as little effort as possible.

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2. Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Complete Set

Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set Men's, Right Hand, Regular  

Another set that you might want to bear in mind is this one, also by the same brand. It includes premium components developed using the latest technologies and heaps of advanced materials. The 460cc driver included in the set boasts an aerodynamic design, as well as a sizable sweet spot, which ensures greater distance and improved head speed.

The cavity-back irons are made of stainless steel for extended durability. They are specifically engineered for longer and straighter shots. Additionally, the scoring clubs have low weighting so that the shotmaking is improved, and you benefit from better greenside control.

Like with any Wilson golf club set that has received a decent amount of praise, this one is accompanied by a premium carry bag. The bag boasts a rugged handle top, adjustable shoulder straps, as well as a self-activating stand. There are plenty of pockets for you to store your gear in. 

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3. Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set, Right Hand, White

It would have been unfair for us not to include some women’s Wilson golf clubs in our selection. Clubs that are specifically made for female golfers are usually shorter (since women are generally shorter than men) and also more lightweight compared to clubs for men. The ones in this set have a low center of gravity so that the launch is better on the whole.

You get more distance thanks to the game-improvement design, and the performance on off-center hits shouldn’t concern you since the irons come with perimeter weighting. Also, you’ll be glad to know that the irons are outfitted with a sizable sweet spot.

A lightweight and easy to carry cart bag is included in the deal. It is outfitted with two lifting handles, as well as more than enough pockets. What seems to be lacking in the bag design, however, is the self-activating stand system present in some of the others we’ve analyzed. 

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4. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Set

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set - Regular, Right Hand

There are two main reasons to keep this set in mind. On the one hand, it is considerably more affordable than some of the other options that we have come across. On the other hand, it’s compact and lightweight, and it makes a good choice for people who are just getting into the sport.

The set comes with a large 460cc driver that improves your game, no matter your experience. It also includes deep irons made of stainless steel and that have perimeter weighting. The very low center of gravity of the irons ensures more distance, as well as improved accuracy. Additionally, the sand wedge is very lightweight and has a wide sole for improved shotmaking.

As usual, there’s a lightweight carry bag included in the deal. It has a self-activating stand, adjustable shoulder straps, as well as more than enough pockets for all of your gear. As a drawback, some customers have found the driver shaft to be too short for their liking. 

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5. Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Set

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set - Large, Blue, Right Hand

If you want to convince your little one to get into golf, as well, you need to invest in a set that makes it easy for him or her to play. If the clubs are too heavy or too hard to handle, the kid might lose interest in the sport altogether. Luckily for you, this is not the case with this particular option.

The set comes with the weight of the clubs positioned very low so that the ball is launched with as little effort as easily. The oversized junior driver is definitely something worth writing home about, and the easy-to-hit hybrid comes with a large sweet spot for accurate shots from any location on the golf course. 

There are also two game-improvement irons featured, and they both boast large hittable faces. With their assistance, the young golfer will be able to benefit from more forgiveness and also develop his or her swing speed with ease. 

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6. Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set

Wilson Unisex Profile Kid's Golf Set Medium Right Hand

If you have both a son and a daughter and you’d like to get them both interested in golf, you should undoubtedly consider investing in this set. It shouldn’t force you to break the bank since we couldn’t help noticing that it is budget-friendly at most marketplaces, be they online or not. 

The driver included in the set is specifically designed for juniors, in that it has the correct weight, length, as well as the right flex. The long and short cavity iron comes with a sizable sweet spot, so it’s quite forgiving even on off-center hits. 

In our Wilson golf clubs comparison, we came to the conclusion that this unit offers plenty of value for every cent spent. It includes as many as eight pieces, a durable carry bag, as well as two headcovers.  The bag is quite easy to carry since it is outfitted with an adjustable double shoulder strap. 

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7. Wilson Women’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set

Wilson Women's Profile XD Golf Complete Set Carry Ladies Right Hand

We’ll end our selection of reviews of Wilson golf clubs by describing this set, which is primarily intended for female golfers. As is the case of some of the other options that we have showcased here, this one also comes with a game-improvement technology that takes every beginning golfer’s experience to a whole new level.

The components are a bit shorter and lightweight, which means that they are indeed designed for women golfers. The set also comes with women’s sized soft grips and a flex shaft. Plus, the high-lofted driver is fully capable of improving ball flight so that it achieves more distance. 

Judging by the feedback provided by some of the female golfers who have given this set a try, it seems that the only thing that isn’t that impressive about it is the bag. It comes with a single style shoulder strap, which means that it can be uncomfortable when carried for a longer amount of time. 

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Wilson Golf Clubs Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for new or used Wilson golf clubs for sale, you’ve certainly ended up in the right place. We did a lot of research on the brand, as well as some of the essential features that you ought to consider when investing in a good golf club set. Check out some of the aspects that you should mull over below. 

Expensive or cheap

As you might have noticed, we have included both budget-friendly and pricey alternatives in our selection. Usually, expensive golf clubs are packed with the latest features and technologies. If you are a beginner, though, it might not be a good idea to invest in them. 

Wilson Golf Men's Ultra Complete Package Set, Right Hand

You need to practice as often as possible if you are just starting out with golf, so you need a lot of experimentation. If you break your clubs and they’re expensive, you’ll end up feeling sorry. 

Many golf rookies might tend to believe that using professional clubs can make them a better player. Unfortunately, this assumption is actually incorrect. Professional clubs come with many options and features that could give you a bit of a hard time and also leave you feeling frustrated. 

Wilson beginner clubs are cost-effective and can assist you in increasing your confidence by hitting far and hard. 

Clubhead size

The clubs that come with sizable clubheads are what you should aim at if you are a beginner. A larger sweet spot gives you more forgiveness if you perform off-center hits. 450 to 460-cc drivers are extremely practical and have a head size that’s great for everyone, no matter their degree of experience.

Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set Men's, Right Hand, Regular

Pros use shallow cavity back and plain blades. They go for a narrow sole club and also a low clubhead offset from the shaft. Plus, they utilize a small faced club with a somewhat tight sweet spot since this gives them more control.

Beginners should go for a deeper cavity back, a wide sole, and the offset needs to be higher in the clubs. Also, large to mid-size clubheads that have a large sweet spot are to be preferred by this category of golfers. 

Graphite or steel shafts

While many golfers tend to prefer graphite shafts as they are lightweight, they also provide more flexibility, which makes them a little more challenging to handle. Steel shafts are great and extremely durable, but they’re also heavier by comparison. 

What you might have noticed is that graphite is a common material in good Wilson beginner golf clubs. There are some that come with a combination of the two.


If you’re a beginner and your swing speed is average, you should go for a regular flex. If you’re a pro or just experienced, you can choose a stiff flex club shaft. 

Wilson Unisex Profile Kid's Golf Set Medium Right Hand

Wilson Golf Clubs – FAQs

Where are Wilson golf clubs made?

Most clubs made by this brand are manufactured in different parts of Asia and then assembled in different other countries. The reason why so many other companies, including TaylorMade and Callaway, for example, make their clubs overseas is that the craftsmanship, as well as the materials, are very cheap. If they were to create their products in the United States or the United Kingdom, for example, the end price of the product would be very high. 

Are Wilson golf clubs good for beginners?

It depends on the features of the golf clubs. If you pick the incorrect ones and you have absolutely no experience in the sport, you might end up with the impression that the golf clubs aren’t good enough. In fact, they’re not particularly made for your skillset.

As such, we recommend that you always look for sets marketed specifically for beginning golfers. Make sure to take your physical features into account. 

Who uses Wilson golf clubs on tour?

Some of the famous golfers that have used Wilson Staff equipment range from Walter Hagen, Arnold Palmer, and Sam Senead to Nick Faldo, Patty Berg, as well as Ben Crenshaw. Crenshaw and Palmer are said to have used over Wilson putters.