6 Awesome Wilson Golf Bags in 2020 (Reviews)

If you are in the market for a good Wilson golf bag and you don’t know which one to pick from the wide array that the manufacturer has made available, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article. We’ve gone through a lot of models and have done a lot of research and we concluded that the first option that you should consider is the Wilson 2018 NFL Golf Cart Bag. While it might be an older model compared to others, the performance and ruggedness of this bag cannot be denied. It’s got14-way full length dividers, along with an external frontal putter well which fits oversized putter grips. To find out more about it, read the review below. If this one isn’t available any more, check out the Wilson Staff EXO Carry Golf Bag, another great choice. 

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Best Wilson Golf Bags (Reviews)

If you have been tossing and turning about picking the right Wilson golf bag for sale, you should know that matching your own needs and preferences with the specs of the model is highly important. Here are some of the most critically acclaimed models made by this brand that we have found. 

1. Wilson 2018 NFL Golf Cart Bag

Wilson 2018 NFL Golf Cart Bag, Pittsburgh Steelers

As one of the most popular options out there, the Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag should definitely make your list. It has a 11 by 9 inch trolley base equipped with an anchor, which makes it possible for the bag to fit in any golf cart. Its 14-way full length dividers should give you enough room to store and carry all the golf clubs you need.

Plus, it even features an external frontal putter well which has been found to be compatible even with oversized putter grips. The bag is outfitted with as many as 11 pockets, 2 of them being designed for your apparel. There are 3 velour pockets that you can use for storing valuables, one for a cooler bottle, as well as four sizable external accessory pockets.

The two side mesh base pockets are an extra in the way of convenience, as well. If you’re worried about the durability of this choice, we’ll put your mind at ease by telling you that it has a rip stop polyester construction, metal chrome finished hardware, and as many as three side lift handles. 

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2. Wilson Staff EXO Carry Golf Bag

Wilson Staff EXO Carry Golf Bag, Red

The EXO model comes with five divided club sections, 3D foam straps which ensure durability, and a non-skid base that makes you rest assured that the bag will remain in the exact place where you put it. There’s a Dry Tech valuables pocket available, and you can use the sizable garment pocket to store your apparel when you don’t need it anymore.

Furthermore, the Staff EXO alternative comes with a water bottle sleeve, so you can keep well hydrated while on the golf course. There is an accessories pocket, as well, and a large ball pocket assists you in being well organized. The fully integrated Wilson golf bag stand makes it possible for you to have everything at hand.

The best thing about this choice, even though it’s more affordable compared to others designed by the same company, is that it includes a Wilson golf bag hood, along with a towel ring, a glove holder, and an umbrella holder. The product is backed by a 1-year warranty, so if you run into any issues, just get in touch with the brand’s representatives.

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3. Wilson Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag

Wilson Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag, Blue

If you are in the market for a Wilson golf carry bag that doesn’t break the bank, you might want to take a look at the features of this one. It comes with a 5-way top complete with two full length dividers, and the ergonomic Wilson golf bag strap that it is designed with will allow you to carry it with ease. 

Since it is highly functional, the bag is extremely easy to use and lightweight. It weighs in at just over five pounds, which is the case with many of the bags made by the brand. When it comes to storage, you’ll be happy to know that the model comes with 5 user-friendly pockets that can hold most of your gear.

Some of the Wilson golf bag accessories that you be able to get if you decide to opt for this choice are a towel ring and an umbrella holder. 

The bag also has a sizable open pocket that can hold either beverages or a rangefinder, depending on your needs. A mid-size ball and tee pocket is available, as well, and so is a velour-lined pocket for your valuables. 

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4. Wilson “W” Carry Golf Bag

Wilson "W" Carry Golf Bag, Blue

This Wilson golf carry bag is among the most convenient ones that we were able to come across. If you’re wondering why, you might want to know that it weighs in at just 4.1 pounds, which means that it is among the lightest in its category. 

It also boasts a rather simple design, which means that you aren’t going to have to fiddle with any compartments in an attempt to get what you’re looking for.

The bag is equipped with a 5-way top, so it definitely speaks to the needs of someone that’s just getting into golf. There are as many as three integrated handles, eight versatile pockets, as well as a trolley anchor base. The product is available in as many as three colors and it is fully capable of delivering all the great features and performance of other, more expensive golf bags. 

This product is accompanied by a glove holder, a towel ring, an umbrella holder, as well as a rain hood. 

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5. Wilson Nexus Iii Cart Bag

Wilson Staff Nexus III Cart Bag, Black/Yellow

If you can’t be bothered with doing a lot of research and you want to get a golf bag that satisfies your needs, especially if you commonly utilize a golf cart, then this is the one you should have a look at first. It’s got a 14-way top and comes with full length dividers, and its putter well even fits oversized putter grips.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with as many as sixteen pockets, such as two full-length garment ones, 2 sizable external ones, one sealed drytech valuables pocket (velour-lined), as well as 3 pockets for your accessories. There’s even a large cooler pocket equipped with drain holes. 

Some of the accessories that you will get should you choose to opt for this model are a towel ring, glove holder, as well as a rain hood. The bag comes with a passthrough strap loop located under the top pocket, as well. 

Most of those that have opted for this bag say that it is great quality and that the pockets are awesome. It’s lightweight and looks sharp and it works precisely as it is supposed to.

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6. Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag

Wilson NFL Indianapolis Colts Carry Golf Bag, Blue/White, One Size

This budget-friendly choice is another that you should jot down your list, especially if you are just getting into golf. It has a 9 by 8 inch top and it comes with 5-way dividers. The sturdy construction is definitely something worth writing home about, so you will definitely get your money’s worth if you invest in this one.

On top of everything, the bag comes with as many as five pockets that can hold your gear. One is made for clothing, a sizable one can be used for accessories or a rangefinder, one is velour-lined and can be utilized to store your valuables, and there’s also one in the front that you can use for a ball, for example. A sizable bottom front beverage pocket is available, as well. 

The double padded strap of this bag comes with as many as four attachment points, so you will be comfortable while carrying your gear on the green. The neat thing about this model is that it is made of premium diamond rip-stop fabric that enables it to stand the test of time. 

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Wilson Golf Bag Buying Guide

Whether you intend to purchase a golf bag from this particular brand or you want to pick something else according to your budget, you should definitely read the guide below. We’ve made sure to include information on the most important features that you should take into account when you’re shopping in this line of products. 


No golfer wants to invest hundreds of dollars into a golf bag that gets damaged after just a couple of rounds. We came across golf bags that are equipped with excellent features in terms of durability, but there are a lot of others that aren’t going to meet your expectations in this sense.

Here are some things you should look for if you want to purchase a rugged golf bag that lasts for as long as possible:

  • High-quality zippers
  • Supportive and rugged bottom
  • Padded shoulder strap design
  • Durable stitching
  • Quality pockets
  • Padded interior (especially for where you keep your clubs)
  • Option rain hood


Not all golf bags are made equal. Some come with multiple pockets whereas others can’t offer you this type of convenience. The top differs, as well, so you need to ask yourself how many clubs you tend to use. A 5-way top is highly recommended for beginners but a 14-way top is better for advanced players, for example.

Wilson 2018 NFL Golf Cart Bag, Pittsburgh Steelers

The number of pockets matters only if you tend to carry a lot of golf gear around. Otherwise, you are going to make do with about five to six pockets. However, some of the models that are available for sale these days can come with pockets for anything for your apparel to your water bottle. 


If you are looking for a carry bag, it goes without saying that its weight matters quite a bit in your final decision. If you want to get a cart bag, however, the weight might not have such a huge significance. You’ll only feel its weight when you load it and unload it on a cart. 

Some golf bags can have an awkward size and shape, but there many carry models that come with as many as three straps and multiple attachment points, allowing you to transport them with ease. What’s quite important in this case is for the strap to be padded. Otherwise, you are going to find it very uncomfortable to carry all that equipment. 

Wilson Staff EXO Carry Golf Bag, Red

Types of golf bags

As you might have noticed, there are many variations when it comes to the design of the golf bags that can be purchased these days. Think of your bag as being your best friend. Knowing which one best suits your requirements will make it easy for you to pick out your clubs. Comfort and functionality are essential, and here are the main types of bags that you can opt for. 

Staff bags are to be used by pros of the circuit. They’re roomy and luxurious, but they can be a bit cumbersome if you want to lug your own bag around. They are not light, but they are undoubtedly well constructed, and they’re also packed with a myriad of helpful features.

Cart bags are a little smaller when compared to staff bags. They are also lighter and they are designed to be used with a golf push cart or a golf riding cart. Most of the ones we have come across in this category come with a non-slip base, as well as an array of pockets. 

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set - Regular, Right Hand

Stand bags are outfitted with two retractable legs that enable the bag to stand upright when you set it down. These make an excellent option for the golfer who enjoys walking the course. They can come with backpack style straps that distribute the weight of the bag and gear as ergonomically as possible. 

Hybrid bags are designed to be lightweight and carried with ease. They are also known as Sunday bags since they make the perfect choice for a recreational golfer. They have a more minimalistic design, but they still have more than enough useful pockets for your gloves, your balls, or liquid refreshments.