5 Cool Vessel Golf Bags in 2020

Vessel offers a lineup of premium performance golf bags once reserved for Tour players like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth. If you want to opt out of golf bags with heavy branding, then Vessel golf bags are the one you need. We’ll get into more detail about Vessel’s journey but if you’re here for a background about Vessel’s philanthropic efforts and are looking for the best Vessel golf bag for you, we recommend Vessel Prodigy Staff Bag. It is made of Tour-quality material that is resistant to fading and abrasion. It also has a magnetic pocket and comes with ten pockets overall, three of which are velour-lined.

For those who prefer to use a cart, Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 brings luxury to your golf cart. Its front-facing pockets, full-length dividers, and luxurious material make it a suitable bag to take along the ride. Our top two golf bag recommendations can be customized to your preferences so yours can carry the AT&T logo like Jordan Spieth or the Monster Energy logo like Tiger Woods.

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Best Vessel Golf Bag [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Our top choices from the premium golf bag brand include Vessel golf stand bags, a luxury cart bag, and the favorite of PGA Tour players—their Staff bag. To help you choose the right style that fits your needs, you can read our individual reviews on their finest golf bags. We also have a buyer’s guide at the end of the reviews to further help you make an informed decision.

1. Vessel Bags Prodigy Staff Bag Black/White

Vessel Bags Prodigy Staff Bag Black/White

A favorite among Tour players, it is only natural that we choose Vessel’s Staff bag as our top choice as well. The use of micro-suede synthetic leather makes this golf bag a more lightweight option than real leather golf bags weighing only 11 pounds.

The Prodigy Staff Bag features a genius design with its magnetic pocket to store your rangefinder. No more struggles with zippers when you need to access your golf accessories with the easy-open flap and magnetic closure. 

The Prodigy Staff bag has a total of 10 pockets including an umbrella sleeve, a larger pocket for an extra garment, and three velour-lined pockets to keep your valuables dry. The bag features waterproof YKK zippers with leather pulls.

The 9-inch top is reinforced with a steel ring and has 6-way dividers—a perfect choice for those who want to group their clubs their way. The Prodigy Staff bag also comes with an all-weather rain hood.


The main highlight of the Prodigy Staff bag will be the Tour-grade materials used on it. Microsuede synthetic leather is soft and smooth to the touch while being abrasion-resistant and fade-resistant.

The branding is sleek and discreet when it comes to Vessel golf bags. You will find the Vessel logo and Vessel name on several pockets but are inconspicuous, making them a favorite among Tour players.

There are also plenty of pockets on this golf bag, including three velour-lined ones, a good number in comparison to what other golf bags have in today’s market.


Vessel is not known for selling cheap and flimsy bags. Thus, you will find this golf bag at a cost that Tour players can afford. Plus, customizing the golf bag comes with additional charges, and the Tour strap is sold separately.

But if you’re looking for a lightweight Staff bag with premium-grade materials, discreet branding, and an impeccable design you can customize, the Vessel Prodigy Staff Bag is definitely one to consider.

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2. Vessel Lux Cart 2.0

Vessel Lux Cart 2.0

Golf cart players will appreciate the luxury behind the Vessel Lux Cart 2.0. The Vessel golf cart bag is designed with luxury in mind so you can find an ultra-large beverage pocket that can fit more cans of beer than your typical golf bag.

When you place it in a cart, all the pockets are front-facing to give you easy access to everything you need from your golf bag. It is also fashioned with the magnetic pocket that opens with one hand. The ball pocket is directly underneath the magnetic pocket and can be customized with your logo for an additional cost.

One of the best features of this golf bag is its hidden lockable pocket. Inside one of its larger pockets has a discreet pocket for your phone and other expensive valuables. You can lock this pocket, so your valuables are kept safe even as you leave your golf cart unmanned.


The Vessel Lux Cart 2.0 is made with the same Tour-grade materials as the Staff bag but includes a hidden pocket you can lock to keep your valuables safe while they stay in the golf cart. It’s also a good thing to have all the pockets in front when carrying the bag in a golf cart.

The design is clean and minimalistic with subtle branding. You can choose 14-way or 16-way club dividers lined with soft microsuede. It has a 9-inch top and weighs 6.75 lbs. Color options include white, black, brushed white and matte black, and brushed white and navy.


The Lux Cart 2.0 comes at a luxurious price as it is a bag made with Tour players in mind. You can expect top-notch quality with their Cart bag but should also be ready to pay for such quality.

One thing we admire about the brand Vessel is their philanthropic efforts. With every luxurious cart bag, you are donating a fraction of the cost to children in need (more on that later).

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3. Vessel Player 2.0 Stand

Vessel Player 2.0 Stand

Ronnie Shaw, founder and CEO of the brand calls the Player 2.0 their cream-of-the-crop. The Vessel golf stand bags come equipped with carbon fiber legs which are lightweight yet durable. You can expect this golf bag to remain stable on any level playing field.

The straps are interchangeable so you can carry the Golf Stand bag with a single strap or a dual strap depending on what feels comfortable for you. On the Player 2.0 is an upgraded four-way pivot with an equilibrium disk for maximum comfort as it keeps the bag balanced for you.

The Player 2.0 Stand Bag comes with six external pockets including a velour-lined pocket, a large garment pocket, and a cooler-lined pocket. The magnetic tee pocket and ball pocket are on the Player 2.0 as well. You have a carbon fiber towel ring on this Golf Stand bag, and the handle is made of rubber.


Every material used to make the Player 2.0 Stand is Tour-quality. It has genuine leather pulls on the YKK straps, rubber handle, and microsuede synthetic leather body.

The interchangeable strap is one of its best features as you can easily switch from a single strap to a dual strap carry in a snap with its clip system. This feature makes the golf bag even more comfortable on your back as it keeps its balance well. 

The equilibrium strap makes it more ergonomic and easier to walk with. Weighing only 5.75lbs, this golf bag is a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight Stand bag. There are 6-way and 14-way options with this golf bag.


It’s a bummer how the single strap is sold separately considering its hefty price tag. The Player 2.0 comes with a double strap out-of-the-box.

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4. Vessel Bags Player 2.0 Tech 6-Way Stand Bag Gray

Vessel Bags Player 2.0 Tech 6-Way Stand Bag Gray

If you like the 6-way Staff bag, you will also look forward to the Vessel Player 2.0 Tech Stand Bag. It comes with a double strap that snaps in place for the on-the-go golfer. 

The top carry handle is made of genuine leather as well as the zipper pulls. The body is made of synthetic leader bonded to a mesh knit backing. This material is water-resistant and easy to clean.

The Tech Stand Bag offers utmost flex and durability in a Vessel golf bag. It measures 34.5 inches tall and weighs 2.6 kg. The 6-way Tech Stand Bag is fashioned with an 8.5-inch by 6.75-inch top with three full-length dividers.

The magnetic one-hand access pocket is also part of the design of the Tech Stand Bag. It also has a detachable pocket, an inner pocket with a two-combination lock, and a velour-lined pocket. The Tech Stand Bag also features a patented Rotator Stand technology and carbon fiber legs for maximum stability.


The Tech Stand Bag features a water-resistant material with easy upkeep. There are fewer pockets than larger Vessel golf bags, but are well-thought-out. The colors are classics on the tee, which are Tech Navy and Tech Gray. 

As a Stand golf bag, it has lightweight yet stable legs. It is also easy to carry via its leather handle or the double strap with equilibrium disk for utmost comfort. 


The Tech Stand Bag is available in fewer color options than the other golf bags in the lineup. There are only six pockets on the Player 2.0 Tech so if you need more room to keep organized, you might overlook this bag.

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5. Vessel Bags Women Lite Stand Bag Rose Gold

Vessel Bags Women Lite Stand Bag Rose Gold

For female golfers, a light and fashionable golf bag is what you need. Presenting the Vessel Women Lite Stand Bag—a carry bag built with maximum durability and minimum weight.

The Vessel women’s golf bag is made of premium ultra-lightweight nylon twill in a lovely shade of Rose Gold. The carry bag has a mesh-lined 4-way top for easy access to clubs grouped the way you want. The zippers are premium-quality YKK which are water-resistant. The zipper pulls are Rose Gold leather.

As a Stand Bag, the Women Lite features the same lightweight carbon fiber legs as the brand’s other Stand golf bags in a higher price range.  The 4-point adjustable, double strap snaps into place for an easy carry. The exoskeleton base is durable yet weight-saving. The total weight of the golf bag is only 1.9kg or 4.25lbs. 

As for organization, the Women Lite Stand Bag has an 8-inch 4-way club divider, a front pocket for golf balls, valuables pockets, and a rangefinder pocket with a magnetic closure. The golf bag also comes with a matching nylon rain hood.


The Women Lite Stand Bag stands out as a durable carry bag. All the materials are carefully chosen to ensure the bag is easy to carry at the same time durable and long-lasting.

It is definitely not a flimsy piece from the top to the base and the legs. Even the zippers and pockets are of excellent quality similar to their higher-end golf bags. Overall, it is a more affordable yet solid choice for female golfers.


If you are particular about organizing your clubs, it is important to know that the 4-way top lacks full-length dividers. Also, there are no options to choose a 14-way divider with individual compartments. There are also a few pockets in place.

Still, it doesn’t feel like Vessel compromised with the Women’s Lite Stand Bag. It incorporated a lot of the premium Tour-grade features in its design including the carbon fiber legs, 4-point strap, magnetic pocket, water-resistant zippers, and patented Rotator Stand technology.

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Vessel Golf Bag Buying Guide

When you’re searching for a Vessel golf bag for sale, it is important that you consider whether you need a Vessel custom bag with your chosen logo or go without. It is only through the Vessel website that you can add a logo to your golf bag, often in the ball pocket which is detachable or on the garment pocket.

It is advisable to read the Vessel golf bag review on the type of golf bag you need. The Vessel lineup includes the Staff bag, Stand golf bag, and Cart golf bag. We reviewed the top Vessel golf bags for men and women available in today’s market. If you’re still stumped on which one to choose. Consider the following aspects.

Vessel Player 2.0 Stand


Vessel is a brand that prides itself in choosing and using premium Tour-grade quality materials. 

Microsuede synthetic leather is used in the Prodigy Staff bag, Lux Cart 2.0 Bag, and Player 2.0 Stand bag. This leather is the Green Product of the 21st century. It is heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and easy-to-clean.

The Tech Stand bag and Women’s Lite Stand bag features mesh in its design. Meanwhile, the Women’s Lite Stand swaps synthetic leather for nylon twill to make the bag more lightweight as a carry bag.

Vessel Bags Women Lite Stand Bag Rose Gold


No matter what type of golf bag you choose, it is vital that you can carry it with ease. That is one of the advantages of Vessel as they have carry straps with an equilibrium disk that helps to create the perfect balance of the bag on your shoulders.


For Tour players, the Staff bag is a must-have. The Stand Bag is light enough to carry on the golf course so it’s recommended for golfers who enjoy walking. The Cart bag is brilliantly-designed for safety and easy access for golf cart use.

Tech Specs

When it comes to the specifications, the Vessel golf bag ranges between 34.75” tall (Women’s Lite) to 36 inches (Prodigy Staff). The bag weighs between 4.25 lbs to 11 lbs. Club dividers are either 4-way, 6-way, or 14-way with an 8” or 9” top.

Why Vessel?

Vessel is a brand filled with purpose. The Vessel logo stands for a vessel that carries its purpose from one destination to another. It also signifies two hands lifted up with blessings flowing in and out. This is true of the brand and its charitable cause.

For every bag you buy from Vessel, they give a school bag to a child in need. So with Vessel, you are not only treating yourself to a luxury golf bag, but you are also giving back to support a worthwhile cause.

Vessel is also a brand that prides itself on using high-quality materials. Vessel started by making one-of-a-kind golf bags for Tour players. Instead of advertising their brand with heavy branding, Vessel relied on word-of-mouth. 

Vessel combines premium or luxury design with performance, merging the two together to create a golf bag Tour players would be proud to use. Today, Vessel no longer limits itself to Tour players and have made their golf bags available to all. If you’re in the market for a custom golf bag or an elegant golf bag sans heavy branding, a Vessel golf bag is right for you.