3 Awesome Under Armour Golf Vests in 2020

Whether you have been looking for a men’s Under Armour golf vest or a women’s Under Armour golf vest, you’ve ended up in the right place. We’ve gone through hundreds of consumer reports to make sure that we’re able to select the right products and find out which ones are actually worth investing in. We found that the first item to take into account is the Under Armour Men’s Sweater Fleece Full Zip Vest. This one is entirely made of polyester, so it can definitely stand the test of time. It can be cleaned in the washer, so you’ll waste no time trying to get it to look like it’s brand new. The fabric is lightweight and soft and feels nice to the touch. Since this is a popular model, we suggest also considering the Under Armour men’s WindStrike Vest, another good choice. 


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Best Under Armour Golf Vests [Reviews]

To give you a helping hand and to allow you to save some time, we selected several models that are worthy of your attention. Based on what we found about them, these vests are easy to put on and take off, are made from good materials, and they can allow you to focus on your performance and most importantly, remain warm even when the weather turns chilly. 

1. Under Armour Men’s SweaterFleece Full Zip Vest

Under Armour Men's SweaterFleece Full Zip Vest, Academy (408)/Rhino Gray, Large

With its ribbed collar, shoulders, and hem, this full zip vest manages to keep your body temperature even when it’s windy outside, and it also looks cool, for a change. The full zip feature is a benefit in itself as you will be able to take it off or put it back on with as little effort as possible.

The UA vest is made from polyester, which means that it is durable and convenient. It would have been nice to have some cotton in the mix, too, since it’s so skin-friendly, but since you’re probably going to wear it with a shirt underneath, that’s not really a problem. You can clean this product in the washing machine, allowing you to save some time.

The fleece is lightweight and soft to the touch, and the layer on the inside keeps you warm. Many people report that this one fits true to size, looks great, and manages to keep them feeling at ease even in cold weather. It’s so stylish that you’re going to want to use it while running errands, too, not just for golf.


  • Made entirely of polyester
  • Can be cleaned in the washer
  • Soft to the touch
  • Keeps you warm


  • Some customers reported that this vest is too thin for their liking
  • A combination material like poly and cotton would have been better

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2. Under Armour Men’s WindStrike Vest

Under Armour Men's WindStrike Vest, Black (001)/Rhino Gray, Medium

This black Under Armour golf vest is another that you should take into consideration, especially since it comes with a combination construction. It’s made of 5% elastane and 95% polyester, which means that it can offer you both the stretch you might need and the durability that you surely require. 

On top of everything, this item can be cleaned in the washing machine. Plus, it boasts a windproof construction which can shield you from the elements and allow you to focus on your golf game for as many hours as possible. There are both chest and back vents and they ensure breathability. 

Last, but not least, the vest comes with a four-way stretch construction that allows you to move freely in any direction. Two side pockets, along with a right side internal one can be found in the design of this product. As reported by some of those that have purchased it, it’s lightweight, windproof, and comfortable. 


  • Polyester and elastane combination material
  • Two side pockets and an internal one
  • Can be cleaned in the washer
  • Four-way stretch construction
  • Windproof


  • It is not as affordable as some other Under Armour models

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3. Under Armour Women’s 3g Reactor Vest

Under Armour Women's ColdGear Reactor Vest,Raisin Red (916)/Raisin Red, Large

If you’ve been looking for a model that can protect you from the elements, yet still offer you enough freedom of movement, this one might be right up your alley. The 3g Reactor model comes with side stretch panels, so you can move around as you wish and swing your club as effectively as possible.

Similarly to some of the others that we have showcased here, this one can be cleaned in the washer. It is made of 100% polyester, so it does a good job when it comes to lasting for as long as possible. What’s nice about it is that it comes with the UA Storm Technology which is capable of repelling water without having to sacrifice any amount of breathability.

Plus, the vest comes with a layer of intelligent insulation that adapts to your level of activity. As such, it can keep you warm, yet it prevents you from overheating by boasting the right features for ventilation. 


  • Woven fabric for durability and comfort
  • Side stretch panels 
  • Can be cleaned in the washer
  • Water-repelling technology
  • Intelligent insulation


  • It can be a little snug
  • It costs more compared to others

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Under Armour Golf Vest Buying Guide

Whether you are searching for a Under Armour storm golf vest or you want to get something that’s more lightweight and even thin, you’re in the perfect place. We’ve compiled some of the most important factors that you should take into account when you’re looking for a golf vest, no matter if it’s by this brand or some other. 

Different fabrics, different features

As you might have noticed, most UA golf vests nowadays are made only from polyester. On the one hand, this is a great material since it can withstand the test of time, allowing you to avoid having to invest in a new vest every year. However, it’s not the most breathable of fabrics ever to have been invented.

Under Armour Men's Elements Insulated Vest, White, 3X-Large

Ideally, you should get a product that is made from a combination of materials. Cotton and polyester are great combos for T-shirts, for example, but the problem is that cotton doesn’t really last for a long time. In that case, we suggest looking for polyester and elastane mixes when you’re in the market for your new Under Armour golf vest. Spandex works just as well, too, since it’s also elastic and can offer you more mobility.


The entire number of pockets matters, without a doubt. But pockets come in several sizes and as such, they can accommodate different objects. If you want to place your smartphone in your vest pocket, it should be waterproof and zippered. After all, your phone is part of the electronics category, so it could get damaged when exposed to the elements. 

Most vests come with two side pockets and an internal one for small valuables. That’s where you could keep your keys, for example, and rest assured that you aren’t going to lose them on the golf course. More pockets aren’t necessarily recommended. A couple are enough, so long as they are zippered and can keep your belongings safe and sound. 

Under Armour Men's Storm Elements Vest, Black (001)/Rhino Gray, Medium

The right size

There are many size charts that you might find online, and if you are looking to order your vest from an online marketplace, the safest one is that which you will find on the Under Armour site. Some retailers do showcase the sizing charts for each and every model, but that doesn’t happen every time.

The other way you can pick a model that fits your body properly would be to browse through some reviews. If you see that many people have reported problems in this respect, perhaps it might be a better idea to try a different model. 

Easy to put on and easy to take off

It can sometimes get too hot for a vest, and in that case, maybe you’d want to take it off. There are vests that come with a full zip design, in which case you’ll be able to do that in as little time as possible. Those that do not have this feature are less convenient as you’ll have to take them off over your head and risk moving your shirt around.


Pretty much all of the models that we have come across and that are available for sale these days are machine-washable. However, some of the more expensive ones, especially those that aren’t made from polyester alone, need to be hand-washed. If you know that you hate doing that, it might be a good idea to check and see which model you are about to invest your hard-earned cash in. 

Besides, not everyone owns a washing machine, and people who live in apartment buildings know this best. Either way, at least with a machine-washable model you know that you can both throw it in the washer and hand wash it, if you need to.