4 Excellent Under Armour Golf Bags in 2020

Under Armour has long been an esteemed name in sports. A few years ago, they teamed up with Sun Mountain Sports, an innovator in golf bags and accessories. In this Under Armour golf bag review selection and buyer’s guide, we will highlight the most popular options to make it easier for you to decide which bag to buy. So what is the best Under Armour golf bag for sale in today’s market? According to our research, it is the Under Armour Storm Match Play Stand Golf Bag which boasts 4-way full-length dividers, lots of pockets, and a sturdy stand. 

If you are on the lookout for an Under Armour golf cart bag, look no further than the Under Armour Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag with its Smart Strap system and plenty of pockets for carrying golf balls and other accessories. We have more information below that will help you find the right Under Armour golf bag by Sun Mountain for your needs.

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Best Under Armour Golf Bags [Reviews] – Our Favorites

So, which of the new Under Armour golf bags has best-value features every golfer needs to bring his A-game on the tee? We did the research and chose four golf bags that are popular for the value they bring to the golf course. Choose your favorite from these top-rated golf bags.

1. Under Armour Storm Match Play Stand Golf Bag

Under Armour Storm Match Play Stand Golf Bag (Blue Marker/Steel)

The Under Armour Storm by Sun Mountain is a stand golf bag. If you prefer to go without a cart on the tee, this golf bag is right for you. At 5.4 pounds, the Under Armour Storm Match Play is a lightweight golf bag made for walking. It also has features like a built-in lumbar cushion for support, custom-fit strap system, and proper ventilation for added comfort.

The 36” golf bag has a  9.5-inch top and features 4 full-length dividers. Your clubs fit snug inside this golf bag and easily accessible too.

The steel stand is durable and well-built. The overall design is not too bulky even with lots of deep pockets for balls and golf accessories. It also has water-resistant pockets to keep your tech dry. Its rain hood tucks away discreetly when not in use. There is also a water bottle holder, an umbrella strap, and a glove holder.


When buying a golf bag, one of the most important considerations is how it will organize your golf essentials. With the Under Armour Storm Match Play, there are plenty of deep pockets and full-length club dividers to avoid crowding and messing your stuff up. It has dedicated space for small stuff like gloves, an umbrella, a water bottle, and other essentials.

The build quality is well-made as Sun Mountain golf bags for Under Armour are few. So you know how much effort went into the design and manufacturing of these golf bags. The UA Storm Match Play features lots of support with a careful placing of padding that makes it easy to carry the 5-pound golf bag while ensuring you won’t get sweaty carrying the bag.

The stitching, design, and color scheme are all top-rated by satisfied customers.


While it does have a water bottle holder, it does not have insulation to keep your beverages cool. Sun Mountain opted to add water-resistant features to the pockets instead, for an extra amount of protection.

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2. Under Armour Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag

Under Armour Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag (Bayou Blue Heather/Academy)

On days when you hit the golf course in a golf cart, opt to have a solid cart golf bag like the Sun Mountain UA Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag. It is designed with the Smart Strap System that attaches the bag securely to the cart without toppling over. 

The 36-inch golf bag also incorporates a 10.5” top with 14-way full-length dividers. With individual dividers for all your clubs, you can eliminate the noise created by a disorderly bag. The golf bag is designed to have the putter pit front and center so you have easy access to your most important clubs.

The golf bag remains light weight at only 6.8 pounds. It has a well-padded single shoulder strap for ease of loading and unloading as well as integrated lift handles for better maneuverability.

The UA Armada Cart Bag by Sun Mountain boasts plenty of storage space with UA-treated pockets for water resistance. The top pocket further integrated magnetic snaps for security.

This golf bag also has an insulated pocket to keep your beverage cool. There are labeled pockets too as well as a full-length pocket to store your jacket. Other organizational features include a pen sleeve, water bottle holder, umbrella strap, a rain hood, towel hooks, and a Velcro patch for holding on to your gloves.


The 14-way top makes for easy access to your clubs while ensuring each club has a dedicated snug space with full dividers. There are lots of nifty pockets ranging in size from small pockets for accessories to a top magnetic pocket and a full-length pocket for jacket storage.

As a cart bag, Sun Mountain designed a clever cart strap system for a more secure attachment. You can also opt to use through-the front straps or back straps. The arrangement of the clubs makes the access easy, too. Even as this is a cart bag, it is not heavy making it easy to load and carry.


While there are plenty of small and mid-sized pockets, it has only one large pocket. Also, while this golf bag dons a cooler pocket, unlike our first option, the beverage cooler section is quite small in size for some. 

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3. Under Armour Storm Speedround Stand Golf Bag

Under Armour Storm Speedround Stand Golf Bag (Blue Marker/Academy)

The Under Armour Storm Speedround is the most lightweight golf bag in the Sun Mountain for UA collection. It weighs only 4.6 pounds, has a durable stand, and light and dark blue color options. The golf bag incorporated two water-resistant pockets to keep your golf supplies and personal essentials dry at all times. Other zipped pockets are not water-resistant.

The stand golf bag has a 36-inch height with a 9-inch top opening to store all your clubs. To keep your clubs organized, the golf bag has four full-length dividers. This golf bag is designed for easy carrying so it has paddings and a Dual-strap system. 

The overall look has a minimal feel to it while maintaining the durability of the product. The stand works well and initiates when the bottom of the bag flexes. The bag also has straps to make it golf cart-compatible so you have that option too. The design of the bag allows easy access to your golf clubs even when strapped to a golf car.


We love that this is an ultra-light golf bag with dual straps and well-ventilated back that makes for ease of carrying around at the golf course. The bag has a sturdy feel to it from the stitching and materials, to the water-resistant protection, the straps, and the stand. There are lots of pockets too including water-resistant pockets to keep your phone and other essentials in.

Aside from durability and the ultra-light weight of this golf bag, it also wins in design with its minimalistic and organized look.

Another pro we consider is that this golf bag has an Under Armour women’s golf bag version.


The UA Storm Speedround doesn’t have an insulated cooler for beverages and not all pockets are water-resistant. It also rolled out without an umbrella hoop and rain hood, which is one of the reasons why UA Storm Match Play ranks higher on our Under Armour golf bags favorites.

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4. Under Armour Golf Storm Speedround Sunbrella Stand Bag

Under Armour Storm Speedround Sunbrella Stand Golf Bag (Meridian/Slate)

The Under Armour Golf Storm Speedround Sunbrella can compete with the UA Storm Speedround Stand Golf bag in terms of being ultra-lightweight. This golf bag weighs only 4.8 pounds and also stands at 36 inches tall. Keep in mind that the Sun Mountain golf bags for Under Armour are designed for full-size adult clubs.

This golf bag has a 9-inch top opening and sports full-length dividers (there are four on this one). The golf bag has added pockets for storing your golf gear and some personal items. 

The UA Storm technology is designed to protect your golf bag against the elements. The golf bag features a high water-resistant finish and the material is also fade-resistant. With these features, you can be sure to make use of this golf bag for the long-term. 

Like the UA Storm Speedround Stand Golf Bag, the Sunbrella also has an X-style Dual Strap System making it easy to carry around if you prefer walking. 


The UA Sunbrella fabric boasts weather and fading resistance. These features are great to have on the golf course especially if you often play on warm, sunny days. To ensure your personal items stay dry, the golf bag has two treated pockets with moisture-resistance.

Other organizational tools in the golf bag include a glove holder, umbrella strap, and a water bottle holder. 


The imported Under Armour golf bag is assembled, but not made in the USA. Nevertheless, both Under Armour and Sun Mountain are reputable brands that ensure their products are of top-quality and this shows in the durable feel of the product. 

Also, it may not be the most popular in the collection as our top three favorites are often the top picks of UA golf bag supporters too. But, we added it here for its protective features from outdoor elements.

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Under Armour Golf Bag Buying Guide

Under Armour, golf bags are a collaborative effort to combine decades of experience and expertise. Sun Mountain is an elite golf bag manufacturer with over 30 years of experience designing golf bags while Under Armour has over 20 years of experience in sports apparel and gear. The likes of Stephen Curry and other pro athletes have been sponsored by Under Armour.

The Under Armour-Sun Mountain golf bags collection features different models that match the needs of different golfers. The question is, which one should you buy?


If weight is important to you in a golf bag, especially if you have a bad back or you prefer walking, opt for the lightest golf bag in the collection—the Speedround which weighs between 4.5 to 4.6 pounds. It also features a dual strap system to make it easier to carry around.

Other honorable mentions include the Sunbrella which weighs 4.8 pounds and the Match Play at 5.5 pounds with more pockets and a slightly larger top.

Under Armour Storm Speedround Stand Golf Bag (Blue Marker/Academy)

Element protection

Do you often play on sunny days rather than in cool weather? Opt for the a model that comes with added protection from outdoor weather to keep your golf bag resistant from fading.


These golf bags feature water-resistant pockets where you can store your phone and other valuables without worrying about exposure to moisture. Match Play and Armada also add a rain hood to their overall design for added protection when the inevitable rain comes.


The bigger-sized Armada is the only golf bag in our selection of favorites that favors a single shoulder strap while the rest of the collection dons an X-Strap Dual Strap System. The lighter golf bags feature dual straps with padding to make it easy to walk through the course while carrying your golf bag, as in the case of carry golf bags and stand golf bags. 


The Under Armour golf bags by Sun Mountain are all priced below the $300 price range so it will fit the budget of golf enthusiasts. The collection is currently sold-out over the official Under Armour website. The best place to buy these golf bags is now through various online marketplaces. Price may vary depending on the seller.

Under Armour Storm Armada Cart Golf Bag (Bayou Blue Heather/Academy)


The overall aesthetics of the collection speaks out to golfers who opt for minimalist designs. Available in light and dark blue colors, the golf bags are meant to stand out as durable golf bags more than anything. The material is easy-to-clean too, which adds to the appeal of its aesthetics.

Stand Golf bag

The UA Storm Match Play is our top choice as a stand golf bag as it offers durable stands, lumbar cushion support, 11 pockets, a 9.5-inch top, and full-length dividers.

Golf cart bag

If you don’t mind carrying a bit more weight or you’re buying a golf bag to strap to the cart, the 7-pound Armada is the golf bag for you. It has 14-way dividers in place so each club gets a dedicated space. As a cart bag, it only has a single shoulder strap and a new Smart Strap technology to secure the bag to the cart. It also has water-resistant pockets.