7 Amazing TaylorMade Golf Bags in 2020

TaylorMade is a world-known manufacturing company specializing in making some of the best golf gear on the planet. As you can expect, this also includes golf bags. We did a lot of research on golf bags and we concluded that the first model that you should bear in mind when browsing through hundreds of alternatives is the TaylorMade Golf Stand Bag 5.0. It’s capable of offering you plenty of storage, but it still has a somewhat lightweight design. It comes with a 5-way organizational top and it’s quite gentle on your clubs, meaning you aren’t going to damage them on account of the bag not being safe. If this option is no longer available, you should consider our next favorite on the list, the TaylorMade Supreme Golf Cart Bag

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Best TaylorMade Golf Bags (Reviews)

It can be quite difficult to choose the right golf bag, even from a well-known brand such as TaylorMade. The reason for this is that the company designs lots of products with different features, so if this is the first unit you’re getting for your golf endeavors, you might need some time to tell what your needs are. 

Here are several models that seem to come with the right features, at least judging by the feedback that they have received from golfers who have given them a try. 

1. TaylorMade Golf Stand Bag 5.0

TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black

If you need a lightweight and convenient golf bag, and you’re unsure whether this one might fit the bill, allow us to shed some light over the way it can help you. The bag comes with a 5-way organizational top and as many as six pockets, which means that you can use it to store your balls, valuables, and even your clothes.

There is an automatic, anti-slit stand system that comes with non-slip foot pads, and it’s both secure and convenient, at the same time. It’s also worth noting that this product features ergonomic dual shoulder straps, so it can be carried with ease. The air mesh boasted by the choice provides plenty of ventilation as you carry the bag.

A rainhood is included in the deal, so you can keep your golf equipment safe and sound even when the weather isn’t on your side. Besides, most of those that have invested in this option say that it’s good, especially for beginning golfers. 

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2. TaylorMade Supreme Golf Cart Bag

TaylorMade Supreme 2018 Cart Bag (Black) (Black)

If what you are searching for is a good-quality cart bag, you should definitely check out the features of this model. It’s made in such a way so that it offers almost everything that a golfer might need when out on the golf course. There are 2 micro-suede lined pockets for your valuables and they provide ample storage for your smartphone, keys, and wallet.

Additionally, the bag comes with full length club dividers which prevent sticking and crowding. Plus, there’s even a sizable internal insulated cooler pocket that you can use to keep your drink cold for several hours.

The soft, durable linking that this unit is equipped with keeps your gear in top shape for an extended amount of time. Plus, the zippers are reinforced and strong, so they have a good chance of lasting. Based on the customer reviews garnered by this choice, it seems that it’s classy-looking and that it offers plenty of storage. 

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3. TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf

TaylorMade 2019 Golf Select Stand Bag, Black/Charcoal

If you are just starting out with your golfing adventure, you’re probably not looking to spend a whole fortune on your gear. Sure, your clubs definitely matter, and they have to match your physical features and skillset. But with the bag, it’s quite likely that you are going to replace it at one point or the other.

Well, this TaylorMade model is entirely worthy of your consideration if you don’t really want to break the bank. It comes with as many as six pockets and seven dividers, and it has a valuables pocket that’s velour-lined for your convenience. The multiple grab-handle top makes it easy to carry around, and the exterior water bottle pocket keeps you hydrated even when on a hot day.

Described as an excellent golf bag for the money, most golfers say that this meets and even exceeds their expectations. It’s quite lightweight, too, since it weighs in at just five pounds.  

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4. TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag, Black/Blood Orange

The Flextech model from the brand features a 14-way top that basically provides a slot for each and every club that you might ever want to use on the green. There’s a cart strap pass-through that offers easy access to any of the pockets that the model is outfitted with. Also, the number of pockets is 10, so you should have enough storage for most of your essentials.

On top of everything, the unit is equipped with a sizable internal insulated cooler pocket for keeping your beverages cold even when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. The full length dividers boasted by this choice eliminate club crowding.

The only area where this model could be improved is its weight. It weighs in at 10 pounds, so it is quite heavier when compared to other products in the same category or designed by the same manufacturer. It does offer more storage, though. 

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5. TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Bag (Black) (Black)

If you need a lightweight cart bag, perhaps you should keep this older model in mind. It comes with a cart strap pass through that’s been polymer-reinforced for extended durability. It has as many as five front pockets that allow you to access your essentials with as little effort as possible.

It’s also worth noting that this one weighs in at just 5.5 pounds, which means that it’s not going to weigh you down in case you need to pick it up. Similarly to the Flextech model that we have showcased in this selection, as well, this one comes with a 14-way top. The total number of pockets is 10.

Other things that are worth adding about this bag is that it comes with a single shoulder strap and it also features an integrated trunk handle for convenient and easy loading and unloading. The unisex design makes it a great gift for both male and female golfers. 

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6. TaylorMade Golf Cart Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2017 Golf Bag TM Cart Bag 5.0 BlkWhtRed, Black/White/Red

If you are interested in really paying as little money as possible for a golf bag, you should definitely consider this one. It’s quite affordable at a variety of marketplaces, whether online or not. This bag weighs in at 4.9 pounds, so that’s worth considering. It offers ample storage for most types of golfers.

It has a 14-way top and 3 full-length dividers that provide safe and secure organization potential for your clubs. In terms of pockets, this golf bag has as many as seven. It is outfitted with an integrated grab handle, as well as a single (padded) shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The cart optimized base design makes it possible for this bag to be a great fit for a wide variety of riding and push carts. The offer includes a matching rainhood that can allow you to offer the right protection to your golf gear even in inclement weather. 

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7. TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Lifestyle Stand Golf Bag 

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Lifestyle Stand Golf Bag, Tweed

The new and improved Flextech Lifestyle model is another that you should bear in mind since it comes with a 5-way organizational top and as many as 11 pockets. It’s a lightweight golf bag that doesn’t weigh you down, so you can carry it with as little effort as possible.

There’s a cart strap passthrough for easy access to any of the pockets included in this design. There’s even a zip-off ball pocket for embroidery, if you believe that you need one. Furthermore, you’ll be glad to know that this particular model comes a water-resistant valuables pocket that’s outfitted with micro-suede lining, so it’s soft on your smartphone or other belongings.

A water bottle pocket that’s insulated is also included in the design, so you can keep a thermos cup with hot or iced tea for when the weather isn’t really on your side. All in all, this choice seems like a pretty good deal for the money, so consider it if you haven’t made up your mind yet. 

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TaylorMade Golf Bag Buying Guide

Based in California, TaylorMade is a company known for offering high-quality golf equipment. One of the most famous golfers out there who uses TaylorMade gear is Tiger Woods. Rory McIlroy is another.

If you’d like to get a TaylorMade golf bag and you aren’t sure what you should look for, check out the comprehensive guide that we have created and showcased below. 


There are several types of golf bags designed by this brand. Some of them are cart bags, and they are usually bulkier compared to stand bags. They’re wider and typically offer more storage, since they are normally transported thanks to a golf cart. Naturally, with every kind of bag you need to look at different features.

TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black

For example, while a cart bag might need to be reasonably light so that you can load it and unload it with ease, it doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely lightweight. A carry bag, on the other hand, needs to be as light as possible so that it doesn’t weigh you down on the golf course. 


Naturally, there are variations when it comes to the design of the straps and their padding, too, even if all the bags we’ve gone through for this article are made by TaylorMade. The straps need to be wide enough for the bag to be carried comfortably. Dual density straps that have extra cushioning are highly recommended, especially if you tend to pack a lot of gear. 


Fortunately, this is one thing that you don’t have to worry about if you’re thinking of purchasing a TaylorMade golf bag. From what we have gathered by going through hundreds of customer reviews, even those that ended up with a model that they didn’t like or that came already damaged didn’t experience any issues.

The brand’s customer service is on top of things at all times, so you can simply get in touch with a representative if you experience any problem. That’s why TaylorMade golf bags tend to offer a lot of value for every cent spent, even though many of them aren’t exactly budget-friendly. 

It’s generally acknowledged that the bags are well priced for the cool features they come with.

TaylorMade Supreme 2018 Cart Bag (Black) (Black)


First of all, how many clubs do you tend to use on the golf course? Are you a beginner who isn’t yet accustomed to using more than 5? In that case, you’d need a smaller and lighter bag instead of a large and bulky one. 

The number of pockets also matters a lot when it comes to your final decision. Just how much storage do you think you will need? For example, some golfers like to have one where they can place some apparel if they want to remove a layer of clothes. Other golfers can’t do without a valuables pocket for their wallet, keys, or phone. 

Having an insulated drink pocket can be handy for days when the weather’s either hot or cold. As for the color options, there are both models designed for men and for women, but there are also unisex units for when both you and your partner want to use the bag, for instance. 

TaylorMade 2019 Golf Select Stand Bag, Black/Charcoal


If you are having second thoughts about ordering a bag or not, we suggest that you take several hours to read as many reviews of it as possible. Check the websites of various online retailers and see what actual golfers have had to say about that model. You aren’t going to be sorry for your research, believe us.