6 Comfortable Plus Size Women’s Golf Clothes 2020

Looking for the best plus size women’s golf clothes? If that’s so, you might want to know that we performed extensive research on the topic and we came to the conclusion that the first product that you should take into account is the Woman Within Women’s Plus Size Perfect Polo Shirt. One of the best things about this model is that it is made entirely of cotton. Only the Heather Grey color combination is made of a mix of polyester and cotton, which combines the attributes of these two materials, ensuring that you benefit from excellent durability and comfort, too. You can clean this shirt in the washing machine, which is a convenient aspect.

The next favorite choice is the PGA Tour Women’s Motionflux 19” Tech Short as it is available in a variety of sizes which go up to 22 Plus. This item is crafted from spandex and polyester, so it’s stretchy and durable at the same time.

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Best Plus Size Women’s Golf Clothes [Reviews] – Our Favorites

In today’s market, it can be pretty challenging to get good plus size women’s golf clothes. On the one hand, you have an immense variety of products available. On the other, you can’t always know for sure that the item is going to fit you perfectly. We made a list of options and have showcased them all below, and we believe that since they are very comfortable, they are worthy of your consideration.

1. Woman Within Women’s Plus Size Perfect Polo Shirt

Woman Within Women's Plus Size Perfect Polo Shirt - Black, 4X

The coolest thing about this shirt is that it is available in a wide range of sizes and they go up to 6X. Naturally, what this means for you is that you aren’t going to encounter any situations where the item doesn’t actually fit you. The majority of the items made available by this brand are crafted from cotton.

Cotton is known for being extremely skin-friendly. Unfortunately, it is not the most durable fabric ever to have seen the light of day. As you can expect, though, golf shirts have a life span just like any other product. Another aspect that should mean something for you is that you can clean this choice in the washing machine.

Most of the customers that have reviewed this product say that it fits as expected. The shirt bleeds a lot, but the excess dye seems to be out after around 4 washes. We suggest you clean it along with other clothing items of the same color.


This is a highly comfortable polo shirt as it is manufactured from cotton and cotton is known to be skin-friendly.

It is available in a wide array of sizes that go up to 6X.

Most of the reviews regarding the sizing are favorable as consumers claim that it fits as expected.

The quality of the fabric and seems is good and it tends to last for a more than decent amount of time.

You can clean this item in the washing machine but it is recommended to use the dryer on the lowest setting or air dry it so that it does not shrink.

The polo has a relaxed fit so you can feel at ease throughout a whole day of golf.


Beware that the item tends to bleed so you might want to wash it on its own or with clothing with similar colors.

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2. PGA Tour Women’s Motionflux 19” Tech Short

PGA TOUR Women's Plus Size Motionflux 19" Tech Short, Caviar 20

Many reviews of plus size women’s golf clothes recommend opting for this particular choice, and that’s because it seems to fit as expected. However, it’s worth noting that it is available in sizes that go up to 20 plus, so it’s not as generous as other models out there.

Similarly to other products in this particular line, this one can be cleaned directly in the washer. What’s really neat about it is that it comes with a comfort stretch waistband, and that means that you are going to be feeling at ease as you focus on your golfing performance.

On top of everything, this alternative comes with a UPF 50 sun protection, so you needn’t worry about having to treat pesky and uncomfortable sun burns. Also, it is made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex, so you get the durability of the first fabric and the stretch ensured by the second.


If you are comfortable wearing tech shorts that are above your knees, you should definitely consider this high-quality option by PGA Tour.

The item is made from 2% spandex and 98% polyester, which means that it can offer you an increased range of motion and it can also stand the test of time.

It’s also worth noting that this pair of shorts comes with UPF 50 sun protection, so it actively protects your skin against nasty UV rays.

With the unique Drifter feature designed by the brand, you can rest assured that the sweat will be wicked away quickly, leaving you feeling comfortable, cool, and dry.


One thing’s for sure — these aren’t cheap plus size women’s golf clothes, so they tend to cost a bit more than similar items available on the market today.

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3. Cutter & Buck LCK02563 Women’s CB DryTec Northgate Polo Shirt

Cutter And Buck Women's Self Fabric Collar Golf Shirt, Digital, XXXX-Large

This cute-looking shirt is another that you should bear in mind as it boasts a zipper closure and it comes with a sun protection rating of 35 to 50 UPF. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are going to be adequately protected against any unpleasant sunburns. The model is dyed to match the logo buttons.

There’s a gathering at the front raglan sleeve and a Cutter & Buck pennant at the back half moon. Despite this item being crafted from polyester (100%), it’s recommended to clean it in the washer on a cold and delicate setting.

You are allowed to tumble dry this product on a low setting, and if you need to, you can iron it but do use the lowest temperature available. It’s also worth adding that this shirt should not be bleached as the color will not put up with the abuse of the substance. Many consumers praise the excellent wicking of moisture of this polo.


This shirt is available in sizes ranging from extra-small to 4X-large.

The colors of the polo shirts in this particular line are capable of standing the test of time, at least based on the feedback that we have come across in this sense.

Another aspect that’s important about this product is that it is made entirely of polyester, so it has all the chances to withstand the test of time.

Since it comes with 35 to 50 UPF protection, you can rest assured that you’re going to continue feeling at ease and not suffer any sunburns at all.


Unlike other similar products, this one needs a bit of care in the long run. For example, you need to wash it on the delicate setting of the washer and always use cold water.

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4. RBX Active Women’s Plus Size Relaxed Fit Breathable Ventilated Athletic Short

RBX Active Women's Plus Size Woven Short w/Knit Waist Black 3X

One of the biggest challenges of plus size women is showing a bit more skin. However, when the sun is shining brightly in the sky and the weather is scorching and you’re engaged in physical activities such as golfing, it can be very difficult to wear long pants.

Be confident in your abilities and physical attributes and choose this pair of shorts from RBX. It boasts a relaxed fit, so you can benefit from a superior range of motion. Also, it is made from a combination of spandex and polyester, which means that it is both durable over time and it can give you the stretch you need to perform all sorts of moves.

Another aspect that should convince you to give this item a try is that it comes with an elastic waistband, as well as an interior drawstring, so you can always customize the fit if you ever feel uncomfortable. The side pockets are a neat addition, too, as you can use them to store your keys or your cash.


Since it is made from a mix of spandex and polyester, this pair of shorts can both last for a more than decent amount of time and it can ensure that you benefit from a wide range of motion.

The product is made from a uniquely developed lightweight moisture-wicking fabric that can keep you cool as you golf or work out.

There’s a loose-fitting available with a 5” inseam, and that means that you get an extra of freedom of movement.

Additionally, you might want to know that these shorts come with an interior drawstring and an elastic waistband, so you can keep feeling at ease throughout a day of golfing.


The pictures of the product on the websites of many online marketplaces could be misleading as it appears that the shorts aren’t that short, after all. But that might actually be a benefit for some women.

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5. Joe’s USA Ladies Silk Touch Golf Polo

Joe's USA Silk Touch Golf Polo Shirt, 3XL-Raspberry

Another shirt that you should consider is this one from Joe’s USA. It is a very comfortable option as it is made specifically to wick as much moisture away as possible. The shirt is also capable of resisting snags, and it also holds onto its original color for as much time in the future.

You might also want to know that the fabric of this polo is very lightweight as it weighs in at just 3.9 ounces. It is made of 100% polyester, and while that could be a drawback since poly isn’t the most skin-friendly material, this one has been treated to feel good against your skin.

The classic design which boasts a 3-button placket and comes with dyed-to-match buttons is a favorite among customers and thanks to it, you will abide by any golf club regulations with regard to the apparel of players. This particular product is available in sizes ranging from x-small to 4x-large.


The somewhat relaxed fit of this alternative is one of the first things that recommend it.

It is made from a highly lightweight and comfortable fabric and even though it’s crafted entirely of polyester, it feels great against your skin.

The classic design of this alternative is most definitely something worth writing home about as it’s a decent, yet chic option that can be worn under a variety of circumstances.

It’s available in an array of sizes which range from x-small to 4x-large.

The weight and feel of the material are two of the features most praised in the reviews acquired by this item over time.


While some consumers have reported that it’s a little on the big side of things, others say that it fits perfectly. It probably depends on body type.

If your upper body is bigger, you might find that this one fits a little tight.

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6. HonourSex Women’s Workout Active Skort

Women's Workout Active Skorts Sports Tennis Golf Skirt Built-in Shorts Casual Workout Clothes Athletic Yoga Apparel Grey

If you are in the market for budget-friendly plus size women’s golf clothes, perhaps this skort might be up your alley. What’s really important is that you should never feel afraid of showing your body, especially if the golf club you are a member of allows you to wear shorter skirts or, as is the case with this model, skorts.

Since it is made from breathable and soft spandex and polyester, this item can give you the best of both worlds ensuring that you benefit from seasons of use and quite a bit of a stretch. There’s a comfortable and secure two-layer with built-in shorts, so you aren’t going to be flashing anyone by mistake.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this model is that it comes with a wide elastic waistband, and it is more than capable of providing you with the comfortable natural fit that you need. The fabric is skin-friendly and it’s true that there were no issues reported in this sense.


This skort is both capable of lasting for a good amount of time and it also gives you the necessary range of motion that you need on the green.

It is outfitted with as many as three different pockets that you can use to store your card, your cell, or other important essentials.

The versatile design of this product can allow you to rest assured that there aren’t going to be any accidents happening on the golf course, even if you look like you’re wearing a rather short skirt.

Many of those that were kind enough to provide their opinion about this model say that it is actually a great skirt for golf and that it performs wonderfully in hot, sticky, and humid weather.


It does tend to run a bit small so make sure that you measure your body before correlating the measurements with the sizing chart made available by the brand.

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Plus Size Women’s Golf Clothes Buying Guide

Getting plus size women’s clothes of any kind can be challenging, but doing so for golf can be even more so, especially since many golf clubs have strict attire rules and regulations. Here are some things that you should consider before you make your final decision.

Just what are you looking for?

Naturally, clothes come in many shapes and sizes and can be made of a variety of fabrics. If you’re thinking of getting a full outfit for golf, you will need a skort, shorts, or pants, as well as a t-shirt, polo, or even a long-sleeve polo for those days when the weather is not on your side. That’s pretty much everything that you need, whether you want to golf in the summer or in the cold season.

Don’t forget that you should also wear appropriate footwear as walking for long distances can get uncomfortable, especially for plus size people. We’d actually suggest getting high-quality shoes from a brand like Nike or Puma — in any case, your shoes have to be extremely well cushioned and comfortable. If you are golfing in the summer, wear a hat or at least a visor.

Comfort and fabrics

The fabrics that your golf clothing is made of can make quite a bit of a difference when it comes to keeping you feeling at ease. If the product is made of cotton, you can rest assured that it’s going to feel great against your skin. Unfortunately, cotton is not made to be extremely durable, so we would suggest opting for a model made from a mix of cotton and synthetic material.

Polyester has become quite the range among manufacturers of golf clothing nowadays. It is durable and can be treated with various technologies so that it ends up having moisture wicking capabilities. When choosing apparel made from polyester, always make sure that some elastane or spandex was added to the mix so that you can move comfortably and get the stretch that you need.

Woman Within Women's Plus Size Perfect Polo Shirt - Black, 4X

Club rules

We might have mentioned that some golf clubs have strict clothing requirements. While that might not necessarily be the case these days, the point is that your golf apparel needs to be both comfortable, but also decent. If you want to get a skirt for golf and you want it on the shorter side of things, we’d suggest opting for a skort, instead.

Does the color matter?

In most situations, it doesn’t, but if you are going to be golfing under the sun for several hours, the last thing you need in your life is a pair of black golf capris or a black polo. On the other hand, if it’s cloudy, there’s nothing that should stop you from wearing just that, if that’s what you feel like.

Make sure that, when you are choosing apparel made for golfing in the summer, you pick clothing that comes with UPF protection – 50 is best, but even 35 works.


Getting the right size when you are a plus size woman and you’re ordering your clothes online can be quite a bit of adventure. Moreover, weight tends to fluctuate a lot both in slimmer and in bigger people. The safest way of getting the right size is to measure your body before ordering. Use those measurements and correlate them with those available in the sizing chart of the brand you’re getting the item from.