6 Cool Plus Size Golf Skorts in 2020

Finding decent plus size golf skorts can be quite difficult. We decided to make it a little easier for you by putting together a selection of products that are worthy of your consideration. If you have no time on your hands, you might want to know that the first item to consider is the White Sierra West Loop Plus Size Trail Skort. While it is not primarily designed for golf, many prospective buyers appreciate the design of this model as it is a little longer and definitely very comfortable. It has a water-repellent fabric and it’s equipped with a comfort fit back elastic waistband. The shorts on the inside feel great, so you have nothing to worry about in this respect. If this particular product is no longer available, we suggest considering our next favorite choice, the RBX Active Women’s Plus Size Stretch Athletic Skort

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Best Plus Size Golf Skorts [Reviews] – Our Favorites

If you have a little time to spare and you’d like to know more about the models that we picked for you, feel free to check out the products that we have showcased below. All of the following items are comfortable, convenient, and capable of standing the test of time. 

1. White Sierra West Loop Plus Size Trail Skort

White Sierra Women's Plus Size West Loop Trail Skort-19 Length-Extended, Castle Rock, 1X

If you are in the market looking for plus size long golf skorts, perhaps you should start your decision-making process with this particular item. It is made of a mix of polyester (92%) and spandex (8%), and what that means for the person wearing it is that she can benefit both from durability and quite a bit of flexibility. 

Another aspect to take into account about this model is that it boasts a water-repellent fabric, so if you end up golfing in inclement weather or you want to know that your skirt isn’t going to get wet on account of some sweat, this is the one for you. Besides, it is even outfitted with an elastic waistband at the back, so it’s quite comfortable to wear.

The skort comes with an attached interior short, and it has a total length of 19 inches. There’s a secure zippered pocket that you can rely on for storing your small precious belongings. What’s really cool about this alternative is that its reviews are very favorable, with many people describing it as beautiful, well-made, and almost perfect. 

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2. RBX Active Women’s Plus Size Stretch Athletic Skort

RBX Active Women's Plus Size Woven Skort w/Bike Shorts and Pockets S19 Green 2X

Similarly to the White Sierra model that we have showcased here, this plus size golf skort boasts a combination of fabrics that can keep you comfortable and reassured that it will last for several golfing seasons. It’s made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex in case you were wondering.

The model is equipped with bike shorts underneath and they boast a 5-inch inseam to provide an extra amount of coverage and control. You have side pockets on both of the sides, so feel free to rely on them for storing your smaller items.

The waistband is elastic and provides you with a customized fit, which is probably one of the reasons why this particular product has mostly garnered favorable reviews. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, so you can use this skort for a variety of outdoor activities from tennis, running, and travel, to good old golf. Whether you want to wear the product for any of these activities or you just want to avoid thigh chafing, the skort can be the right one for you. 

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3. JACK SMITH Women’s Athletic Skort 

Women's Plus Size Skort Lightweight Skirt for Workout Sports(2XL,Red)

Another ladies’ plus size golf skort that is worthy of your consideration is this model right here. It has a construction that’s a little more different compared to what we have been used to. It’s made of 90% polyester, 5% spandex, and 5% rayon, so everything is crafted to ensure superior comfort and durability.

The shorts are made of a stretch knit fabric and have been equipped with a drawstring with an elastic waistband. The material makes it possible for you to remain dry and at ease throughout your golfing session as it has moisture-wicking capabilities. As you can expect, nothing about the skort is see-through, so you can rest assured that you’ll remain decent and comfortable all the time.

Whether you want to use it for golf, tennis, shopping, or a summer party, this option is definitely worth bearing in mind. It’s also very budget-friendly, so that’s another benefit to take into account. 

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4. Columbia Women’s Plus-Size Anytime Casual Skort

Columbia Women's Plus Size Anytime Casual Print Skort, Light Grey, 3X

This product is made of a mix of nylon (96%) and elastane (4%), so it’s both capable of lasting for more than a decent amount of time and it can also provide you with a little flexibility on the golf course. The pull-on closure is convenient and easy to use, and the best thing about the item is that it can be cleaned in the washer. 

Another aspect that you should take into account is that Columbia’s option boasts a UPF 50 sun protection. Therefore, even if the sun is shining brightly in the sky and you’re worried about nasty UV rays, at least you can rest assured that your thighs will be adequately protected. Make sure you use sunscreen on the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun. 

The nice thing about this model consists of several adjustable elements. The skort features a mid-rise comfort waistband, adjustable side cinching, as well as two side pockets for storing your valuables. All in all, this is a good plus size golf skort. 

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5. Columbia Women’s Plus Size Just Right Skort

Columbia Women's Plus Size Just Right Skort, Black, 24W

While it might not exactly be included in the category of cheap plus size golf skorts, this model is another that you should bear in mind. It’s somewhat similar to the other Columbia model that we have described in our selection in the sense that it is made of 96% nylon and 4% elastane. However, its design is quite different.

Size 24 measures 14 inches in width and 5 inches in height, so it is slightly shorter than some of the other choices that we came across. The button fly closure that this model comes with means that you will have to do your best at picking the perfect fit. Fortunately, we noticed that there have been no significant complaints in this sense and the skort seems to fit perfectly. 

While it is very comfortable, as emphasized by many of those that have reviewed it, this model is slightly pricey so do consider whether the cost actually makes sense for you. 

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6. Colorado Clothing Women’s Everyday Skort

Colorado Clothing Women's Everyday Skort, Black, XX-Large

If you’re searching for a women’s plus size golf skort that’s really budget-friendly, you should undoubtedly give this particular one a try. It’s made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, so it is a little more stretchy compared to some of the others we’ve showcased here. The spandex will offer you plenty of freedom of movement as you focus on your golfing performance.

The good thing about the item is that it can be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine. The fabric is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, but to extend its durability, we would advise you to wash it only on the cold program of your washer. 

With its incredible price point, it’s no wonder that this item has received more than 300 5-star reviews at a variety of online marketplaces. It is described as a simple sport skort with a good fit. For some, it’s a wardrobe staple as it is stylish and comfortable and can be used for anything from working out to running errands. 

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Plus Size Golf Skorts Buying Guide

Plus size golf clothing doesn’t come by everywhere and that’s a problem for women who like to enjoy spending time outdoors just like any other person. Now that we’ve showcased some options that are available in bigger sizes, let’s move on to presenting the factors that make the difference between a skort you need and one that you can do without.


As you might have noticed, most manufacturing brands nowadays use combinations of materials when they make golf skorts. Why is that? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Some synthetic fabrics are very durable, so they make the apparel last a long time. But there are other fabrics such as spandex or elastane, and these have the role of providing you with some freedom of movement as they give the skort a bit of a stretch. 

Columbia Women's Plus Size Anytime Casual Print Skort, Light Grey, 3X

It is said that the percentage of these flexible materials doesn’t have to be higher than 10 or maybe 12% as otherwise, they might compromise the durability of the item.

Getting the perfect size

There are two ways of going about things if you are looking for a bigger size and you’re feeling wary about ordering it online. The first step is to measure your body – your waist and the circumference of your wider parts are quite important. Then, you can simply correlate these measurements with those made available by the manufacturer in a sizing chart.

The second way of making sure you’re ordering the right skort for your physical attributes would be to go through as many consumer reports as possible. Sometimes, female golfers even specify their size and the one they’ve ordered and they can tell you whether the item fits or not.

RBX Active Women's Plus Size Woven Skort w/Bike Shorts and Pockets S19 Green 2X

Moisture-wicking and breathable

Since you are basically going to be wearing not one, but two clothing items, you might end up feeling a little hot — especially if the sun is shining in the sky and you have to walk for long distances on the golf course. 

It is a good idea to choose models that are marketed as being made of breathable and lightweight fabrics. If it’s possible, pick one with moisture-wicking or water-repelling capabilities. The second works best when you go out golfing and the weather is bad. Breathability matters when you’re outdoors for a whole day.