8 Awesome Nitro Golf Balls Reviewed

Are Nitro golf balls any good? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you have ended up in the perfect place. We did a lot of research and have looked at reports from hundreds of golfers to bring you this article. You’ll find a list of some of the most effective and critically acclaimed Nitro golf balls below, along with a short description for each. 

If you have no time to waste, though, we’d advise considering the Nitro Maximum Distance Balls first as they are designed for better distance, have a symmetrical and aerodynamic exterior, and they work great for amateurs. If not, maybe check out the Nitro Ultimate Distance Balls as they’re budget-friendly and have good sticking power. 

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Nitro Golf Balls Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a Nitro Blaster golf balls review or a Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls review, you’re likely to find what you’re searching for in the selection below. 

1. Nitro Maximum Distance Balls

Nitro NMD12OBXC Maximum Distance Golf Ball (12-Pack), Orange

Being designed for quality, the balls come with an aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design that’s widely known for its increase in lift and a relatively decreased overall drag. Therefore, this ball is capable of traveling through the air at a higher speed and for longer distances.

When it comes to quality, it seems like you have nothing to worry about in this respect as the balls feature an almost indestructible cut-proof cover that’s made from Dupont Lithium Surlyn for long-term use, excellent resilience, as well as high performance. The same material is in charge of protecting the balls against abrasions or cuts.

What we’d also like to note about this unit is that it is USGA approved, so it can even be used in competitions. The back comes with as many as 12 balls, so that should be enough for most golfers. 

While the performance of these balls is definitely worth writing home about, they are mostly designed for complete beginners. That means that they do not address the needs of professional or advanced golfers. 

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2. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

Long Distance High-Durability Golf Balls (15PK) All Levels-Nitro Ultimate Distance Titanium Core High Velocity Great Stop & Sticking ability Golf Balls USGA Approved-Total of 15-Orange

This is another option that you might want to consider both if you are on a tight budget and if you are starting out with your golfing endeavors. The balls are outfitted with a high-quality titanium core interior that’s specifically made to offer you better performance and also superior energy transfer.

Additionally, the balls are capable of providing you with a longer distance than what you would expect. As for the exterior, these balls come with the same dimple exterior boasted by similar models by the same company. 

The aerodynamic design, along with this type of exterior, makes it possible for the balls to be lifted in the air more effectively. 

This feature also guarantees better accuracy. With their improved feel on and around golfing greens, we say that these balls are also worthy of your consideration. This seems to be something that most customers agree with since the product has acquired quite a bit of appreciation on the part of those that have given it a shot in the past. 

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3. Nitro Whiteout Golf Balls

Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls (15PK) All Levels White Out 70 Compression High Velocity White Hot Core Long Distance Golf Balls USGA Approved-Total of 15-Yellow

These are a little different compared to the models that we have showcased in this selection. They come with a white-hot proprietary core technology that delivers maximum distance off woods and also peak performance. All in all, this ball is capable of performing well under an array of circumstances.

To enhance their visibility, the company has made them with a semi-translucent cover. Like some of the other balls in the same line, these come with an aerodynamic and symmetrical 352 dimple design, which is widely known for decreasing drag and also increasing lift.

Also, these balls are known for their spin ratio, and you might also want to know that they have an improved smash factor. Durability isn’t an issue thanks to the materials used in their construction, so you can use these balls time and again and for several golfing seasons. 

These Nitro tour distance golf balls can make it easier for you to compress them at the impact as they absorb the energy of the shot a lot more effectively compared to others. 

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4. Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls

Nitro Golf Crossfire 45 Ball Pack Golf Balls

These balls are a little better compared to some of the others that we have described in our selection, meaning that they aren’t solely designed for amateur golfers. Even professionals are going to find using these quite fun, and since they also take the cake when it comes to performance and durability, we say that they are worth considering.

What’s neat about the balls is that they boast an exterior design that’s a little different. The DuPont Lithium Surlyn Cut exterior cover is made for long-term wearing and tearing, so you aren’t going to have to invest in another set of balls ahead of time.

On top of everything, the titanium core guarantees superior energy transfer and also adds to the durability that we were mentioning earlier. As for the 85 compression design, it definitely provides you with maximum spin and better traction.

If you don’t have a low handicap, it seems that these are the right golf balls to invest in. They have a soft feel, and they’re good around the green. 

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5. Eclipse Nitro Golf Balls Review

Nitro Eclipse 12-Pack Golf Balls (Assorted Colors)

Although these balls are somewhat decent when it comes to speed and distance, we’d like to note that there have been some golfers who have complained about them and according to whom they can be quite awful on the green. 

The exterior is a classic Tu-Tone technology. It is durable, and it’s specifically made for excellent visibility, which makes retrieving the balls in the field a lot easier for everyone. Half of the ball is colored, and the other half is left white. 

What’s interesting about these balls is that they boast a titanium polybutadiene cover, meaning that you get more softness and putting. You can have a little fun with these balls, but don’t expect too much from them in terms of performance. 

Plus, from what we have gathered by going through some reviews of Nitro golf balls, it seems like the colors start fading after a while. 

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6. Nitro Pulsar Golf Balls

Nitro Pulsar Box Golf Balls (Pack 12), White

The three piece tour performance boasted by these balls is the first and most important aspect to take into account. They have a three-layer design, and the layers all include a metal cover, meaning that they can offer you a high energy speedcore for superior distance, better ball spin, and better feeling.

The feel comes from the polybutadiene rubber design. Moreover, you might want to know that the balls come with 352 dimples that are made for a larger diameter on the whole. 

What this means for the end-user is that they will enjoy a better trajectory, but also a more stable ball flight with less drag and significantly better spin.

Some of the golfers that have decided to give these a try say that they’re tour quality balls for which you do not have to break the bank. The matte finish and the toughness are two of the characteristics that are most praised in the consumer reports. 

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7. Nitro Blaster Golf Balls

Nitro Blaster Golf Balls (Pack of 12, Yellow)

There aren’t too many things to say about these balls. They have received around as much appreciation on the part of the golfers that have decided to try them out. They’re made with decent materials, but as is the case with some of the other balls by the same brand, they do not address the needs of professionals or experienced golfers.

The balls don’t disappoint, though, and if you have the tendency to lose yours in deep rough or heavy, leafy areas, you’re probably not looking to spend a fortune on them. They don’t cost a pretty penny, so that’s worth considering.

Some golfers say that they have been playing with the Blaster golf balls for several years now, and they like the spin, their softness, as well as the feel that they can provide. In short, these can make a great option for seasonal golfers or those that don’t want to spend a fortune. 

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8. Nitro LD+ 20 Golf Balls Review

Nitro LD+20 12-Pack Non-Conforming Golf Balls

This is an illegal distance golf ball, so it cannot be used in competitions, and it has not been approved by the USGA. It also doesn’t offer a lot of distance, although it is marketed as being designed precisely for this purpose.

The balls have a white core compression core, which guarantees both distance and durability. The product is soft, and it offers you a nice touch, and its exterior makes it possible for most golfers to say that it has exceeded their expectations.

If you are looking for more yardage, some golfers recommend trying out the Callaway Chrome Soft, instead. In fact, there are customers who have noted that these balls aren’t better in terms of their distance by comparison with any others, which is why they don’t see why they were deemed as being non-conforming. 

Most of those that have tried them out haven’t seen any differences, but there have been some golfers who say that they do work as advertised. It depends on the golfer, after all. 

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