5 Cool Nike Golf Vests for Warmth and Protection (2020 Reviews)

If you are in the market for a brand new men’s Nike golf vest or women’s Nike golf vest, you’re probably wondering which model you should pick from the wide array of those available nowadays. If you’re feeling baffled as to which one is the right one, we suggest starting with the Nike Men’s Synthetic-Fill Golf Vest. Despite being somewhat basic-looking compared to others, this vest does precisely what it has been designed to do. It keeps you warm even in inclement weather, and it boasts a water-repellent finish that keeps you dry on the golf course. Plus, it comes with a reversible design that offers as many as two different looks. In case this particular model is no longer available, we suggest considering our next favorite choice, the Nike Men’s Therma Vest

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Best Nike Golf Vest [Reviews] – Our Favorites

It can be pretty challenging to get the right type of golf vest nowadays, especially since there are so many models out there. If you’ve decided to get one by Nike, we congratulate you as this brand is well-known for manufacturing some of the best apparel ever to have seen the light of day. Check out some of our favorite golf vest models below. 

1. Nike Men’s Synthetic-Fill Golf Vest

Nike Synthetic Fill Core Golf Vest 2019 Black Small

This black Nike golf vest is one of the most convenient ones we have found as it comes with a reversible design which enables you to choose the one you like. Furthermore, it comes with a full zip, which means that you can put it on and take it off with minimal effort. There’s a single, reversible zipper pull right at the front and it lets you adjust your coverage from any side.

The vest is made out of polyester, which means that it has a good chance of standing the test of time. Besides, it comes with synthetic insulation that provides you with lightweight warmth. Although you aren’t going to feel that your moves are cumbersome while wearing this vest, you are definitely going to appreciate how cozy it is.

In addition to everything, the vest comes with a water-repellent finish that can effectively protect you from the elements and keep you dry. This isn’t a cheap Nike golf vest in any way. 

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2. Nike Men’s Therma Vest

NIKE Men's Therma Vest, Black/Black, X-Large

This is another good Nike golf vest that you should bear in mind, especially if you’re looking for one that’s breathable, lightweight, but also capable of keeping you dry and warm. The Therma Vest by Nike features a unique fabric that makes it possible for the item to keep your body warmth and allow you to feel at ease even when it’s rather chilly outdoors.

There’s a ½ zip design that can provide you with customizable ventilation. So, if you start feeling a little too hot, just use it and get some air. Similarly to other products designed by the same brand, this one boasts a water-repellent finish that can keep you dry even in wet conditions.

Additionally, you might want to know that this model comes with a high collar, and this detail can protect you from the elements in an even more effective manner. The rolled-forward shoulder seams provide you with a comfortable range of motion. 

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3. Nike Men’s AeroLayer Run Vest

NIKE AeroLayer Men's Running Vest (Black/Atmosphere Grey, Large)

Even though it is not primarily designed for golf, this vest is another you should consider as it is one of the most effective ones out there. It is made of polyester, so it can definitely stand the test of time. The AeroLayer technology that it comes with uses a layer of lightweight insulation, so you get plenty of warmth without having to wear heavy clothing.

Another nice thing about this cheap Nike golf vest is that it comes with a full front zipper, so you can simply unzip it when you get too warm. The mock-neck collar lets you switch up coverage and get airflow as you wish. 

Another difference between this item and some of the others that we have come across is that this one comes with zippered hand pockets. That means that you will have enough room for your phone, as well as other small items such as your card or your keys. The poly insulation that this product is outfitted with is non-allergenic. 

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4. Nike Golf Men’s Classic Vest, Sable

Nike Zoned Aerolayer Golf Vest 2017

What seems to make the difference between this model and some of the others in our selection is that this is a Nike golf vest pullover. Therefore, it doesn’t come with any zippers, and unfortunately, that also means that you aren’t going to get the convenience of zippered pockets, either.

The model is crafted entirely from polyester, so again, it has a good chance of withstanding the test of time. It is a Nike V-neck golf vest which we’ve found to be quite visually appealing. There are contrast panels at the shoulders and chest and a swoosh design trademark present at the left sleeve.

Despite being a little more sensitive when compared to some of the others described here, this vest can be cleaned in the washing machine. That’s a benefit that definitely needs to be taken into consideration. All in all, this vest is the perfect layer to block out the wind when you’re on the green. 

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5. Nike AeroLoft Golf Vest 2017 Women

NIKE AeroLoft Golf Vest 2017 Women Bordeaux/Metallic Silver Large

This red Nike golf vest (although some call it Bordeaux) is comfortable and convenient, and it is made from the same rugged polyester that can allow you to benefit from many years of use. There is no faux neck, however, which means that you’re probably going to have to wear a shirt that covers your neck in case the weather is windy.

Another difference that we have discovered between the AeroLoft for Women and some of the other models here is that this one comes with buttons at the front. Nevertheless, they are located rather close to each other, which means that the cold can’t effectively get inside. 

On top of everything, this vest comes with adequate ventilation as there are small holes in the front that let some of the heat out. This can definitely come in handy in some situations, especially after walking for a while. As reported by some of those that have purchased it, this is a lightweight jacket that matches pretty much everything, so feel free to wear it under any other circumstances, as well. 

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Nike Golf Vest Buying Guide

Nike makes great products, it’s true, but when you are in the market for a golf vest, no matter the brand you want to get it from, you should pay attention to several factors. We decided to describe them all so that you can make up your mind a lot easier. Let’s see what you should consider when looking for Nike golf vests.


Since you are getting your vest from the Nike brand, one of the things that you shouldn’t stress out about is the sizing. If you were to get first a vest from one manufacturer and then another from a different company, you’d have to measure out your body and match the measurements with the size chart made available by the brand.

NIKE Men's Therma Vest, Black/Black, X-Large

However, Nike typically uses the same size across all of its products. Just to be on the safe side, though, we suggest reading some customer reviews and looking at your measurements, as well. In any case, since this is Nike we’re talking about, you needn’t worry about not being able to return the product and get a replacement or a refund. Just make sure you order either directly from the brand’s site or from a trusted seller such as a reputable marketplace.


You might have noticed that fleece and pullover vests usually don’t come with any pockets. For some people, this might not be an issue as they are used to carrying their valuables in their golf bags. For others, however, it might be a problem since almost anyone these days is looking to have their cell phone at hand. 

Vests usually come with two pockets – one on each side. If you intend to use them to store your small valuables, you should know whether they are zippered or not. Needless to say, small electronics can become damaged when they come in contact with moisture, so you need to know whether there’s any way you can close that pocket, whether with a button or a zipper.


As you can expect, there is a lot of variability in terms of construction. We’ve noticed that most of the vests manufactured by Nike are made entirely of polyester. Why is that? Well, polyester has a good reputation as people know that products made from it are capable of lasting for as long as possible.

However, that also means that you should pay attention to the ventilation-related features that the product was outfitted with. If the jacket doesn’t come with a half zipper, a full zipper, or several holes for breathability, you are going to end up feeling way too warm while wearing it. 

It might be true that golf isn’t the most physically strenuous sport of all, but you still have a lot of walking to do. It would be unpleasant for you to become sweaty and not want to take off your vest for fear of catching a cold.