6 Awesome Nike Golf Clothes in 2020

Nike is a reputable brand in golf especially since high-caliber golfers like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have worked with them. If you want to buy Nike golf clothes to use yourself or to give as a gift, you will want to read our reviews on Nike golf clothing. This guide is perfect for those who want to make an informed decision before buying their clothes. With much research and high customer satisfaction ratings, we thought you might consider Nike Men’s Flex Slim Golf Pants as a great gift for men golfers. It is made of breathable and stretchable fabric and is popular for its slimming effect on the ones who have worn it. 

As for women’s Nike golf apparel, we recommend Nike Women’s Dry Half Zip Golf Shirt. It is a well-designed, quality golf shirt that offers full coverage for the ladies. We have a few more recommendations for women and men’s Nike golf clothing in this article. It would be great to read our reviews before you buy.

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Best Nike Golf Clothing [Reviews] – Our Favorites

As much as we have offered our recommendations through our reviews, you still have the option of which ones to buy. Check out our reviews first to find out which features you may want in golf clothing. Then, feel free to browse through our quick guide so you can pick out the clothing you want for the sport.

1. Nike Men’s Flex Slim Golf Pants

NIKE Men's Flex Slim Golf Pants, Thunder Blue/Black, Size 32/36

These golf pants are designed to create a slimming effect on the legs and it does this without cutting off circulation throughout your legs. The pants also feature an elastic waistband so the wearer can enjoy a nice form from the waist down. Neutral colors also emphasize this elongating silhouette. 

Nike Flex Fabric is a 4-way stretch fabric that allows more stretch and comfort as you walk to the final green. It also ensures smooth movements throughout your body. These pants don’t just make you look great but they also make you feel dry and comfortable. With Dri-FIT Technology you can remain sweat-free from the waist down as you go through all 18 holes. 

The iconic swoosh logo is featured on the rear pocket of the pants and the NIKE name is written across the waistband. If you’re a true Nike fan, you’ll love these features on your pants. The button and zipper closure on these pants are also reliable. 


The pants are made of a polyester-spandex blend ensuring breathability, comfort, and maximum stretch. It also has pockets, an elastic waistband, and a figure-flattering design.

These Dri-FIT golf pants also make sure that the golfer remains sweat-free on the turf. 

These golf pants are made of breathable fabric including the waistband that offers ventilation.

The length of the pants falls over the shoe adhering to the industry standard.

It generally fits as expected and it is also reasonably priced. 

There are lots of sizes available from 28Wx30L to 42×30 L as well as a small and custom size. 8 color options are available, all in neutrals.


These golf pants are designed with a modern cut that gets tighter down the ankle. If you are not into athletic or figure-fitting pants, then these may not be for you. Those who prefer it loose throughout won’t like this particular style of golf pants.

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2. NIKE Women’s Dry Half Zip Golf Shirt

NIKE Women's Dry Half Zip Golf Shirt

Now on to Women’s Nike Golf Clothing. Our top choice would be this half-zip golf shirt with Dri-FIT technology that ensures you stay dry and comfortable as you play golf. 

This golf shirt offers full coverage with a high collar and full-length sleeves. You won’t have any problems with the sleeves as they are cut to fit tall women as well as those with average female height. 

The design of the shirt looks lovely on the turf, owing to its flattering colors in pinks, blues, and neutrals. Horizontal lines also add to the beauty of the shirt. The half zip is great for ease of wearing. It zips all the way up to the collar and is designed so as not to scratch the neck.

The fit is roomy enough to make this shirt a layering piece as well to keep warm during cooler windy days golfing on the turf.


The color and design are what will attract you to this shirt first and foremost.

Next would be the quality of the shirt as it is made with 100% polyester which is a durable material that will last you a long time. 

The zipper closure is also thick enough and looks well-made. So far, there have been no reports from customers about the zipper breaking easily. 

The sleeve ends also feature elastic cuffs perfect when used as a layering piece on windy days especially since it is made with a double-knit fabric.

There are 10 color options to choose from. There are 6 sizes to choose from ranging from X-small to XX-Large. The fit is 100% as expected based on customer’s reviews so you won’t have trouble finding the right size that will fit you.


Once the zipper breaks, this shirt will be deemed useless. With that in mind, Nike did make sure to secure the half zip properly to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Also, the design may not be the most figure-flattering especially for larger frames as it does not have an elongating silhouette, goes all the way up to the neck, and has horizontal lines on the fabric.

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3. Nike Men’s Flex Hybrid Golf Shorts

Nike Men's Flex Hybrid Golf Shorts

On warm days, male golfers may opt to wear shorts to keep them cool and dry. These golf shorts are made with Nike Flex fabric that allows for maximum stretch. Like the golf pants, it also makes use of Dri-FIT technology to wick away sweat which is essential especially when playing on the turf in summer.

These golf pants are made of a polyester-spandex blend just like the pants so you are ensured the same level of comfort with a satisfying blend of softness and stretch. The waistband is also made of stretchy elastic to ensure maximum comfort and a great shape when you tuck your shirt in. 

The button and zipper closures ensure a secure fit. There are also deep pockets at the front and back—essential for bringing in some extra golf balls with you. The golf shorts feature the swoosh trademark embroidered on the rear pocket. The length falls just above the knee and has an inseam length of 10 inches.


These golf shorts are available in 8 neutral colors and 10 sizes from 28 to 42.

According to reviewers, the fit is generally as expected especially around the waist and inseam. 

The soft, lightweight fabric blend ensures the maximum stretch and comfort. 

If you are looking for great-fitting shorts to wear on the turf, this would be your go-to shorts.


Those who bought the white shorts thought that it is more off-white rather than a clean, crisp white color. Also, some noted that the golf shorts can get wrinkled from the wash and may require ironing with a cool iron every now and then.

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4. Nike Women’s Victory Solid Sleeveless Polo

Nike Victory Solid Sleeveless Golf Polo 2017 Women Lethal Pink/White Small

Another great golf shirt from Nike is this sleeveless golf shirt. For warm days when you need a shirt that is more breathable and comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather, this would be your go-to shirt. The sleeveless polo maintains coverage with a 5-button placket and a back that hides your bra strap. The hem is long and loose without being baggy. The hem vents also provide additional comfort.

This golf shirt is made with a soft double-knit fabric with piqué construction giving it its textured look. This shirt is made for maximum mobility and comfort for women on the turf. The sleeveless polo is available in an array of colors from basic neutrals to more feminine colors like pink, purple, and orange. 

Aside from its great silhouette, Nike also designed this shirt with Dri-FIT technology—a standard feature among its golf clothing. This is mainly why we chose Nike for this review as it is a tried and tested brand when it comes to golf clothing. With Dri-FIT fabric, the shirt will wick away sweat ensuring you stay dry until you get to the final hole.


We like the overall design of the shirt as it offers more comfort and mobility while maintaining coverage in the front and at the back. 

The color options are all fabulous making it tempting to buy the shirt in every color (if you haven’t already).

The fabric is of great quality and is truly made for sports. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this comfy shirt on casual days too. 


There are only 5 sizes to choose from with this sleeveless shirt ranging from X-Small to X-Large. It would seem that the shirt runs small for larger framed female golfers. The color you prefer may also not be available in your size which is a real bummer considering there are limited sizes available. Also, the Nike logo is at the bottom most part of the shirt near the waist, a placement which may not be preferred by all.

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5. NIKE Men’s Pacer Half-Zip Top

NIKE Men's Pacer Half-Zip Top

If you are buying the half-zip top for yourself, you may also want to look into men’s Nike golf apparel and buy this half-zip golf shirt for your hubby or male golfer friend. The shirt is available in flattering colors in black or gunsmoke gray. The silhouette is form-flattering and the logo is where it needs to be on the upper chest. The hem provides maximum coverage at the back even when you bend down. If you’re looking for a great layering piece for him, this would be it. 

The half zip golf shirt is easy to wear. Plus, this shirt is made of 100% polyester making it a long-lasting wardrobe must-have. It is also equipped with Dri-FIT technology making it a comfortable choice too and its fabric is engineered with circular-knitting and a double layer of mesh to ensure maximum breathability.

To ensure fluidity of movements, the half zip top is made with stretchy fabric so you can take on major challenges on the turf. It flaunts a fitted design but there is room to fit a shirt underneath making it a reliable layering piece.


This layering top is made of a durable fabric that is lightweight, durable, and breathable. It is form-fitting with great stretch so as not to limit movements. 

The reflective tapes on the shoulders are added as a safety feature. Thumbholes also help secure the sleeves in place and provide extra warmth.

The length of the hem and that of the sleeves are both long enough even for tall men and teenage boys going through growth spurts. 


There are only two color options to choose from which is a bummer since this golf top sports a great design. There are also only 6 sizing options ranging from small to XX-Large. While most would say the half-zip top fits true to size, those with a wider chest and midsection (around 34 inches) would find it has a slimmer cut and therefore, snug. 

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6. Nike Men’s Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe

Nike Men's Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe

For your golf shoes, we recommend going for shoes that provide all-weather comfort like the Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe. It is made of leather and imported synthetic material with rubber soles and removable CHAMP PiviX golf spikes which are Q-lock type of spikes that provide excellent traction. It also has integrated laces to customize the fit to your feet.

Inside the golf shoes feature the Lunarlon foam that provides lightweight cushioning for maximum comfort and a responsive heel to toe transition. The golf shoes also feature a TPU mid foot shank for an enhanced feel as you walk on various surfaces.

These shoes are also designed with a waterproof upper membrane that keeps your feet dry even when you walk through wet fairways. 

If you are looking for lightweight shoes that provide great traction and stability on different surfaces even in wet conditions, then you will like the Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe by Nike. It is a great athletic shoe that provides maximum comfort and support in different weather conditions.


Overall fit and comfort are excellent. Nike designed the shoe to be lightweight and comfortable inside. It is great to walk in and has the features you need to improve your performance on the turf. 

Walk from the tee box to the fairways with these golf shoes with no worries about getting your feet wet and sore. These shoes are designed for comfort and are also equipped with waterproof features. 

There are 16 different styles and color options to choose from making it a great shoe to buy in several colors. Sizes range from 7 to 14 and generally fits as expected.


There are some complaints about the shoes making some noise when it is wet. Some go as far as to compare the noise with walking on rubber boots. Also, if you have wide feet, take note of reviews that say the shoes have a narrow design. Finally, these shoes do feel warm inside when worn in hot weather.

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Nike Golf Clothing Buying Guide

Wearing the proper attire on the golf course is important not just because of the dress code, but because it can help protect you in various weather conditions, ensure your comfort and maximum swing, and prevent injuries from sunburns to blisters on your hands and shoes.

Nike is a reputable brand among golfers. It has some of the best designs, silhouettes, fit, and features as well as the iconic logo. 

NIKE Women's Dry Golf Skort, White/Flat Silver, Large

Type of clothing

Some of the different types of clothing you will need as a golfer are available at Nike. These include:

–    Shirts: Must be loose but not baggy, breathable, and keeps sweat at bay. Nike’s Dri-FIT technology wicks away perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable on the golf course. Collared shirts or polos are expected and can sport short sleeves or be sleeveless. T-shirts should generally be avoided and the shirt should be tucked into your pants or shorts.

–    Shorts: Worn on warm days on the turf, golf shorts should be made of breathable fabric. It should not be made of jersey material and should fall above the kneecaps. Short shorts are avoided at the golf course.

–    Pants: Jeans and yoga pants are almost always not allowed on the turf, even at the clubhouse. Khakis and pants that are not made of jersey material are the standard choices. Nike makes stretchy and figure-flattering golf pants in neutral colors. Should your pants and shorts have belt loops, it is expected that you wear a belt with it as your shirt will be tucked into your pants. Also, the end of the pants should fall on the top of your shoes and socks should not show even when you bend.

–    Gloves: Not always necessary but helps add comfort, a better grip, and prevents blisters on your hand after a full day of golfing. The glove should be fitted but not too tight that impedes with blood circulation. Soft gloves made of durable leather are optimal.

–    Shoes: These are an integral part of your outfit as the sport entails a lot of standing and walking. The right shoes can help you stand your ground. Some are even equipped with waterproofing features. Nike Golf shoes should help prevent pains and sores on your feet and deal with sweaty issues as well.

–    Socks: Soft ankle socks made of breathable cotton are essential to keep your feet from getting all sweaty and uncomfortable. Thicker socks also add comfort to your soles.

–    Visors or hats: These can help keep the sun out of your eyes. It is not essential but it comes in handy on days when the sun is blinding. 

NIKE Men's Flex Slim 5-Pocket Golf Pants, Black/Wolf Grey, Size 34/30

Golf Clothing Buying Tips

  • –    Opt for clothing made of lightweight, breathable fabrics.
  • –    Clothing must not be too tight that it restricts a smooth fluid movement.
  • –    Pockets come in handy for carrying a scorecard or divot markers in your shorts or pants.
  • –    Try different sizes from a physical store before buying online.
  • –    Read reviews as most buyers will relate positive as well as negative experiences especially with the fit and performance of the clothing. Most buyers will tell you if you need to go a size up or down. The size chart should also help you decide which clothing to buy based on your dimensions.
  • –    The more you play golf, the more extra golf clothing you will need in your closet. Great-fitting shirts come with optimal features and color variations that you will need.