6 Cool Men’s Waterproof Golf Shoes in 2020

In the market for the best men’s waterproof golf shoes? Then you’ve ended up in the right place. We did the research and went through positive and negative reviews to make sure that those who will read our guide will be thoroughly informed before making their final choice.

As the most popular choice and our personal favorite, we want to emphasize the New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe as the best golf shoe for men in the waterproof category. We opted for this shoe as it is lightweight, has great traction, and low-profile cleats. These shoes are made for walking and stability so you can concentrate on your best game yet.

However, in the event that the first option is not available in the size you normally wear, then you may want to check out our other options of good men’s waterproof golf shoes. We recommend you check out our second favorite, the New Balance Men’s Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe it is made to allow natural movements on the turf and keeps your feet dry and comfortable in any weather condition.

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Best Men’s Waterproof Golf Shoes [Reviews] – Our Favorites

These men’s waterproof golf shoes reviews are meant to guide you as you go through an overwhelming selection of men’s waterproof golf shoes on sale. We opted to give you popular, tried, and tested golf shoes that you can count on come rain or shine. Read on before buying the shoe that’s made for you.

1. New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's NBG2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Grey/Blue, 12 M US

Top of our list is this New Balance Nbg2004 Spiked Golf Shoes. It is one of the most popular golf shoes with high satisfaction ratings. We can confidently say that it’s the best in its category. This golf shoe is, first of all, priced just right in terms of quality, durability, and features.

New Balance opted to make this golf shoe using 100% microfiber leather protected with a premium water-resistant upper. The interiors focus on comfort with its Revlite midsole with a 10mm drop for premium responsiveness on various surfaces. This quality imported shoe also boasts a Tpu outsole that ensures stability, the natural motion of your feet, and flexibility.

These spiked golf shoes flaunt Slim-LOK removable cleats with a discreet look. This makes for great traction on the turf without being too obvious.

There are currently three different styles to choose from including black/green, white/black, and grey/blue. There are wide and X-wide sizes for those who wear 8 to 16”.


These shoes have lots of positive reviews as they are good quality shoes at an affordable price. The shoes are lightweight and non-distracting, making it easy to walk through all 18 holes. If you’re looking for comfortable spiked golf shoes, then this is definitely the one that you should buy.

When it comes to the fit, you will find it has adequate width and toe box. There are roomier options to accommodate wider feet.


It’s a real bummer to have only three different styles to choose from and the style you want may not come in your size too.

There are some complaints as to the smell of the shoe, but this is generally not a problem for most of the buyers. Also, the fit is mostly true to the size, even for those with big and wide feet. Still, others note that they still get blisters with this type of shoe.

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2. New Balance Men’s Striker Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

The next that we are reviewing is another spiked golf shoe from the same brand. New Balance rolls out with a golf shoe that bears semblance to our first choice with the same range of options in sizing (from 8 to 16 with wide and X-wide options). We’re also seeing grey, black, and white styles.

These shoes are priced within the same price range as our first option and this is also made from imported microfiber leather and boasts CUSH+ insole for maximum comfort. The midsole is REVlite lightweight cushioning with a 10mm drop and premium responsiveness. The exoskeleton Tpu outsole supports the natural range of motion of your feet.

These golf shoes are protected with waterproof technology boosted by a 2-year waterproof warranty. If you’re looking for quality waterproof golf shoes you can use to play on wet fairways, then this is a good waterproof golf shoe for its value.


The design is more subtle than our first recommendation and is just as affordable. You will find these golf shoes have soft spikes and stable feet support and traction. These tech response shoes are built to last and they’re half the price of the more high-tech ones. They are quite sturdy too and comfortable to wear on any day.

In terms of durability, you can count on New Balance with these shoes as they were made with no-sew engineering.


There are comments about the inner materials being too thin. While this promotes breathability, there is also concern about its durability. The soles are what you should consider as the entire golf shoes come with a warranty. Surely these shoes were made to last.

Also, too bad, there are only limited styles to choose from and that extra wide options are not always available in your preferred style.

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3. Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

The next that we will be reviewing is from another brand that offers good-quality golf shoes for men. Skechers Men’s Torque is priced lower than our other top favorites, and it is also available in three different styles in monochrome hues. The available sizes range from 7.5 to 13 with half-sizes and wide sizes.

These shoes have soft spikes, but they are lightweight and comfortable. It is also worth mentioning that the spikes are replaceable. These shoes are made of smooth synthetic material with a leather-look finish. It also has a soft fabric shoe lining and cushioned insoles for added comfort. The design also incorporates a ¾ inch heel for added height. The available designs come in contrasting colors for more impact.

The Skechers Men’s Torque is engineered with Skechers H2Go waterproofing to enable you to play on any type of weather condition. For traction, it has a molded rubber grip bottom plate and soft spikes for maximum grip.


We like the height and design of these shoes. They are also lightweight and adequately cushioned for all-weather walking on the turf. The H2Go shield also comes with one year of water protection. The waterproofing also comes with a one year warranty.

These are stylish and quality shoes priced just right for the features it offers. The Skechers logo and design are also appealing. If you’re looking for cheap men’s waterproof golf shoes, this is definitely one to consider. However, the price differs widely depending on the seller.


Some reviewers note that the shoes can get warm on hot days. This may cause sweaty feet for those with this tendency. As a waterproof shoe, we are concerned about issues of moisture seeping in which has been commented on by one reviewer. Also, the shiny finish may not appeal to all. Some also noted that it needed some breaking in.

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4. Skechers Men’s Pro 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Pro 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe

Another golf shoe we recommend from Skechers is on a higher price spectrum. The design is one you might prefer as it is clean and sports a more minimalist look. There are all-monochromatic styles available in gray, black, and chocolate brown. Available sizes are in a full spectrum from 7.5 to 14 with half sizes and wide sizes.

Skechers Men’s Pro 4 is made of imported leather and textile materials protected with waterproofing technology. It has an ultra flight foam cushioning for added comfort. The outsoles are rubber and have soft spikes that are replaceable. Aside from having sufficient traction, it also keeps you secure with a heel-lock feature and a durable TPU bottom plate.

We opted to include this golf shoe in this list as it is well-known among the pros including PGA pros Matt Kuchar and Russell Knox, among others. It is made for walking along the turf as it is made with the same design as Skechers’ award-winning GO RUN collection.


The minimalist design makes this a suitable choice despite being a bit pricier than our other favorites. We like the stability it provides so we can execute our swing techniques properly. These golf shoes are great to use on wet fairways as they have soft and flexible spikes, a traction plate and heel lock. There is also a 2-year warranty on its H2GO waterproof protection.

Many reviews comment upon the breathability of these golf shoes. There is enough breathing room on these shoes, which are great for extended mornings and afternoons on the turf.


There are some complaints that you may be concerned about regarding the quality of these shoes. In particular, comments have been made on its stitching and soles. Such reviews are few and random. Most customers note that the quality, fit, traction, stability, and comfort are all good for these golf shoes.

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5. New Balance Men’s Minimus SL Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Minimus SL Waterproof Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

Are you looking for spikeless golf shoes in this review? This is it. We are looking to New Balance for their spikeless golf shoes designs. These shoes are preferred for their comfort. If you like walking on the greens, then you may want to consider the spikeless design.

They are priced along with the same price range as most quality waterproof golf shoes. You may find these shoes at discounted prices with several sellers.

The New Balance Men’s Minimus SL is made of imported synthetic material. The microfiber leather upper boasts ultra-light FantomFit support. Available sizes range from 7 to 14 with wide and half sizes. These shoes are protected by a 2-year guaranteed waterproofing protection.

When it comes to its midsole, it has a 4mm drop and a more lightweight design while maintaining responsiveness. These shoes utilize spikeless rubber outsoles with added flexibility so as not to restrict your movements on the turf.


The design leans more on athletic so you will surely love it on the turf. It also makes a great gift for those who like this sporty design. We like the overall fit, quality, and comfort of these shoes. Its waterproof features, traction, and support also make this a good value buy as well as its inclusion of a 2-year waterproof warranty. Customers noted that it does keep their feet dry on rainy and damp conditions.

The designs all two-toned monochromatic, and there are enough sizes to choose from for all styles and color options.


There are quite a few comments on the soles. Apparently, there are several cases of poor quality shoes where the seemingly glued-on soles fall off after several shoes. There are also concerns about the shoes pinch the toes with more cramped toe boxes. Finally, there are some side comments on its breathability.

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6. New Balance Men’s Minimus Tour Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Minimus Tour Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Dark Grey/Green, 10 D D US

Our final recommendation goes to the Minimus Tour Spiked Golf Shoes from New Balance. It is quite pricey but is at the same price range of the same quality waterproof golf shoes. You may find discounted rates offered online.

These shoes boast the REVlite midsole with a 4mm drop for responsiveness and lightweight cushioning. New Balance lessens the weight of the Minimus while maintaining the stability of the shoes and comfort. As for its outsole, New Balance opted to use NDurance rubber outsole with maximum flexibility features.

The imported waterproof upper is designed with ultra-light FantomFit Support. The available sizes for this model range from 7 to 14. There are wide and half sizes too.  Keep in mind that the waterproofing protection of these shoes is backed up with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The Minimus Tour flaunts the New Balance N logo. Four monochromatic two-toned styles are available, including white, grey, and black.


These are generally good quality, minimalist shoes with high customer satisfaction ratings. The design is one of the great attributes of these monochromatic, two-toned shoes. Comfort is also a top comment among the satisfied customers as well as solid footing and traction—essentials on the turf.

It is also a good thing that these shoes are offered in wide sizes as those with wide feet can enjoy the design, fit, and features of these shoes as well as its waterproof guarantee.


Like our previous review on the Minimus SL, the Minimus Tour too seems to be having negative comments as to the spikes. Apparently, this model also has episodes of the spikes falling out on different surface levels. Some also commented that the shoes slip out easily. You may need to be patient with getting replacements to get the right fit and quality like the majority of the customers.

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Men’s Waterproof Golf Shoes Buying Guide

There are several advantages to wearing waterproof golf shoes. First is that it frees you of distraction while playing on wet conditions. It can be a nuisance to have moisture seep into your shoes and socks. You want to be able to focus on your golf shot, not on your feet that are getting wet.

Another important aspect of waterproof golf shoes is these have features that help you manage on a slippery golf course. With standard golf shoes, you may lose traction. You don’t want to be wobbly and unstable when you’re trying to get that golf ball into the 18th hole in wet conditions. Other considerations you should be mindful of when buying shoes with waterproofing features are:

Skechers Men's Pro 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe


The most popular materials used for waterproof golf shoes are leather and synthetic leather. These are able to wick moisture better than absorbent cotton and yet not hot like plastic. Furthermore, cheap materials can get water in affecting your performance. Leather golf shoes are also known to last longer and wear well. If you want durable golf shoes, go for those made of leather.


No matter what materials are used to make your waterproof golf shoes, it’s the build quality that is even more important. You don’t want shoes that are designed in a way that it lets water seep through. Also, consider its seams and make sure they are sealed tight.


This is something you should consider when buying waterproof golf shoes. Some are designed with a thicker cushioning or lining. While that ensures better comfort, it can get too warm to wear making those styles only ideal for cooler months like fall and winter.


Ill-fitting shoes won’t let you play well and tire you out quickly. Those can even cause injuries. Don’t try to squeeze into shoes that make you feel discomfort just because it has a great design. Feel free to change sizes. Your golf shoes should fit like a glove and provide adequate support to prevent chafing. The flexibility of the shoes will also affect the overall comfort and fit of the shoes.

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Traction and outsoles

This is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of golf shoes that are waterproof-capable. Be sure to try out the shoes on different surfaces. Make sure you don’t slip easily, and that the shoes can support a solid stance.


If you are looking into other waterproof golf shoes according to your style and budget, be sure to read through both positive as well as negative reviews. Not everyone will agree on the same thing, so you have to know what you need to watch out for. This can help you choose the best product, the best size, and at the best price.


This is almost always a top consideration for buyers of waterproof golf shoes. However, there is more aspect to the waterproof golf shoe than just the price. Expect to spend from $100 to $200 on waterproof golf shoes. That way, you have more options to choose from and you can choose a good quality waterproof golf shoe for your next game on wet fairways.