7 Amazing Men’s Golf Rain Gear Items in 2020

In the market for the best men’s golf rain gear? If that’s the case, it’s a good thing that you are reading this article. We looked at hundreds of customer reviews, sales figures, and performed loads of comparisons between some of the most critically acclaimed options out there. Following our research, we concluded that the first item that you should keep in mind is the Zero Restriction Men’s Packable Jacket Long Sleeve Rain Jacket. Having been manufactured using polyester, this jacket is perfectly capable of standing the test of time. The fabric combines durability and breathability and it makes it possible for you to benefit from windproof and weatherproof protection. The product is comfortable and doesn’t affect your freedom of movement, allowing you to swing properly. In case you’re searching for a pair of golf rain pants, check out the Adidas Golf Men’s Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants

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Best Men’s Golf Rain Gear [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Good men’s golf rain gear takes some time and effort to find, and that’s because there are loads of options from different brands and for different prices these days. High-quality choices usually cost a pretty penny, but we made sure to select several that are worth every penny. Check them out below. 

1. Zero Restriction Men’s Packable Jacket Long Sleeve Rain Jacket

Zero Restriction Packable Jacket, Black, Large

While it is true that this jacket isn’t necessarily budget-friendly, it does cost this much for a good reason. It is highly durable and can serve you for many golf seasons to come as it is crafted from polyester. Besides, it can keep you feeling at ease for a whole day of golfing even in inclement weather since it is made to be breathable and windproof. 

The weatherproof capabilities of this item are praised in some of the reviews that it has received over time. The model converts easily to a half-sleeve shirt in case the weather turns warmer and you start to feel hot. Plus, it even packs into its own pocket (zippered), which is another aspect to consider. 

To make sure that you don’t feel encumbered by the design of the jacket, the manufacturing brand has equipped it with expansion back pleats. Dry cleaning this particular item is not recommended as it can affect the fabric. 

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2. Adidas Golf Men’s Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants

adidas Golf Men's Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants, Large/Regular, Black

If what you are in the market for is a convenient pair of golf rain pants, perhaps you should consider this Adidas model. It is made from 100% polyester, which means that it is quite likely to last for a good amount of time. It can be cleaned in the washing machine, so there’s no need to worry about getting it to look like it’s brand new.

What’s cool about this pair of pants is that it is outfitted with an elastic waist and a drawcord, so you can customize the fit depending on how you feel or your physical attributes. Having been crafted with the brand’s unique Climastorm technology, the item can offer you the protection that you need from the wind.

Last, but not least, this item comes with side seam pockets, so you can use them to store your smaller valuables. There haven’t been any issues with people reporting that water comes through these pants, so they can definitely protect you. 

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3. Ray Cook Golf C-Tech Waterproof Rain Suit

Ray Cook Golf C-Tech Waterproof Rain Suit Charcoal Gray

Sometimes, picking men’s golf rain gear for sale is much easier if you go for a suit instead of purchasing a jacket and a pair of pants individually. If that’s what you have in mind, we recommend having a look at Ray Cook’s model as it comes with most of the features you should get from such a product.

Having been tape seam-sealed, this suit is completely waterproof, so even if the weather becomes really unfriendly while you are on the green, you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, you should know that the jacket comes with a high stand-up collar complete with a snap closure at the neck, so water has no chance of getting inside.

Furthermore, the inside zip chest pocket lets you store your valuables, and the cell phone pocket lets you protect your smartphone from the weather. The pants are half nylon lined and come with a zippered fly and a snap waist. The bottom of the leg comes with adjustable Velcro closures. 

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4. Founders Club Golf Men’s Rain Suit Waterproof Jacket and Waterproof Pants

Founders Club Golf Mens Rain Suit Waterproof Jacket and Waterproof Pants (Large) Black

Another rain suit that you should take into account is this one by Founders Club. It is made from polyester and it features a zippered closure on the jacket. The best thing about this model is that it also comes with TPU lamination, which means that you really get to enjoy weatherproof protection. The material is capable of repelling water and the rain just slides on the jacket without getting inside.

The 4-way stretch fabric that the product is crafted from is what makes it flexible and comfortable as it will not restrict your swing. The fact that it’s also breathable is another aspect to write home about, even though it can effectively keep you warm. 

The pants are outfitted with a rear pocket, an extra front pocket, as well as one pass-through front pocket. The jacket has two on the side, and a one-seam sealed waterproof zippered pocket. Feel free to use the suit for other outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking. 

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5. Nautica Lightweight Golf Stretch Jacket – Long Sleeve Casual Zip-Up Windbreaker

Nautica Men's Lightweight Stretch Golf Jacket, Deep Black, XL

If you’re looking for cheap men’s golf rain gear, this item might not be the first on your list. However, it is definitely worth considering, at least based on the feedback that it has gathered over time. The jacket is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, which means that you’ll be getting both durability and flexibility, allowing you to perform your swings with ease.

The jacket comes with an outer layer that’s perfectly capable of protecting you from the weather. It’s also worth noting that it comes with a water-resistant shell that makes it possible for you to stay dry even when it is raining. 

The casual and comfortable look of the jacket is a benefit in itself as you don’t have to wear it for golf alone. The poly-blend item is designed to fit comfortably for a whole day spent outdoors. It’s breathable and lightweight and it protects you from the harsh elements outside. 

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6. Under Armour Men’s Storm Rain Pants

Under Armour Men's Storm Rain Pants, (001)/Black, X-Large

Although they aren’t primarily marketed for golf, these pants should also be at the top of your list. They are made from polyester, which ensures durability over time, but they are also lightweight enough to feel like a second skin. Plus, they can be cleaned in the washing machine, which is a benefit in itself.

The UA Storm technology boasted by this choice is more than capable of repelling water without making any sacrifices when it comes to breathability. The pants are lightweight but waterproof, and they’ve been equipped with fully taped seams. 

There are velcro side adjusters on the waistband for a secure fit, and there’s also a bungee hem adjuster for customizing their length. There is also a zipper at the ankle as reported by some of those that were kind enough to write reviews of this particular product. Based on the consumer reports, the waist fits perfectly.

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7. Under Armour Men’s Storm Elements A ¼ Zip

Under Armour Men's Storm Elements ¼ Zip,Black (001)/Rhino Gray, Large

The first thing that you should notice if you are comparing the features of several men’s golf rain gear items up for sale is that this one right here is made from a mix of cotton and polyester. Naturally, this means that it is less weatherproof compared to some of its competitors, but it is highly comfortable thanks to the cotton.

The polyester, on the other hand, ensures durability, so at least you know that you aren’t going to have to replace the jacket ahead of time. Additionally, the item boasts a windproof construction that is capable of shielding you from the elements. 

On top of everything, the jacket comes with secure hand pockets and a right side seam zip. It is lightweight, comfortable, and very soft, which means that you’re going to feel at ease on the golf course. The only complaint about it is that it could have been slightly more affordable. 

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Men’s Golf Rain Gear Buying Guide

What are the essential factors that you should keep in mind when you’re in the market for apparel that can protect you from the elements and still allow you to focus on your golfing performance? Let’s find out together. 

Weather resistance

This is by far the first criterion that you need to take into consideration. If what you are after is a waterproof jacket or pair of pants, you need the item not to be marketed as weatherproof. The brand actually has to state that it is waterproof and if possible, it should also motivate why. 

adidas Golf Men's Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants, Large/Regular, Black


Getting the right size is one thing, without a doubt, but finding a piece of clothing that fits and is flexible is enough is pretty rare. There are models designed specifically for the purpose, however, and they typically boast elasticated sections that allow you to stretch and perform your moves in a natural manner.

Another way of ensuring that your jacket or pants are more or less flexible is to get a product that comes with either elastane or spandex added to the fabric. 


From what we have noticed, polyester seems to be one of the most popular options when it comes to the fabrics that are currently used in the manufacturing process of weatherproof golf gear. The best attribute of this material is that it is pretty durable, so at least you aren’t going to have to replace your pants or jacket before they actually wear out. 

We’ve already described how the addition of spandex or elastane can help, but what some manufacturing brands don’t seem to understand is that weatherproof clothing shouldn’t be made out of cotton. Cotton is great to the touch as it is breathable, but it is not durable and it lets water permeate its structure with ease. So, if possible, try and avoid items made of cotton. 

Under Armour Men's Storm Elements ¼ Zip,Black (001)/Rhino Gray, Large


As you can expect, the size of a product that you order online is a somewhat tricky thing to get right. Always make sure to measure your body with a measuring tape and then compare your size to the ones available in the sizing chart of that manufacturing brand. You should also check out some buyer reviews, too, as many folks can tell you how an item fits. 


Although the jacket or pants have to be durable and weatherproof, they shouldn’t make you feel like you’re being cooked in a cauldron. Look for models that come with mesh parts or that have mesh pockets. Just make sure that their pockets are zippered so that they don’t let the water to get inside.