6 Awesome Men’s Golf Polos in 2020

The polo shirt has always been the go-to choice of golfers. It is casual enough for weekend golfing with friends and smart for corporate outings. Today’s polo shirt is reinvented with new technology that supports the body movements required in golfing while introducing breathable fabrics and athletic fit polos on the golf course.

Today’s guide narrows down the options to high-quality shirts from reputable men’s golf apparel brands. After much research, we recommend PGA Tour Airflux Solid Golf Shirt, the best men’s golf polo shirt made for hot days out on the golf course. The shirt is designed to keep you cool and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Should you find the PGA Tour Airflux out of stock in your size and you need a new golf shirt by Friday, our next recommendation would be Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo Shirt. Though it is a bit pricier, it does come with anti-odor technology and popular designs.

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Best Men’s Golf Polos [Reviews] – Our Favorites

In our men’s golf polo reviews, we focused on shirts with modern cuts, subdued to bold hues, and durable materials. Save yourself some time browsing through hundreds of polo shirts out there and browse through this well-chosen selection of lightweight, quality, and high-performing polo shirts that will get you through to the 18th hole.

1. PGA Tour Men’s Airflux Solid Golf Shirt

PGA TOUR Men's Short Sleeve Airflux Solid Polo Shirt, Classic Blue, XXL

The first we’re going to review is from PGA Tour, partner to First Tee, an organization that seeks to encourage the youth to foster a love for golf. Their Airflux is designed with sweat-wicking technology and air ventilation for a no-sweat day on the golf course.

Golfers will like its lightweight material, regular, non-clingy fit, and sun protection with the SunFlux UPF 50 protection. The overall fit, especially at the underarms and belly, does not cling, allowing you to swing your club smoothly. The material is machine washable 100% polyester.

This shirt has a look you can wear in and out of the golf course. With a 3-button design, pocket-free, ribbed collar, and a discreet logo on the left sleeve, you can go from office to golf course and clubhouse wearing the same shirt. Available in small to 3X-Large, you might as well get it in various colors from asphalt and true navy to hot coral and pale banana.


The fabric, fit, and cut are all essentials that PGA Tour made sure of when designing the Airflux Men’s Polo Shirt. It is light, breathable, and wicks sweat away. The fabric also boasts the highest UV protection to prevent sunburns and overheating. The cut of the shirt is loose and comfortable, and the overall fit does not cling to the body.

The versatility of the shirt is also a major selling point as you are not restricted to the golf course with this shirt. It is presentable for casual work days as well as weekends with the guys. Also, if you are on the lookout for a shirt that does not flaunt its logo, the PGA Tour Airflux plays the logo game discreetly.


The shirt requires a lot of care when wearing as some reviewers have noted that it tends to snag. Be careful not to wash the shirt with clothes that have zippers, Velcro, or anything that can get caught on the shirt.

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2. Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo Shirt

Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Polo Shirt, Thunder (407)/Pitch Gray, Small

The next we are reviewing is double the price of our first recommendation, but it should be a great-fitting shirt designed with features that you need on the golf course. If you are a fan of Under Armour golf shirts and polo shirts, you should know that this shirt uses a thicker construction of polyester than most Under Armour polos. If you like light-colored shirts but don’t like it transparent, this is a good choice.

The overall construction of the shirt feels durable and good quality. It has a thick but breathable material, and the collar is thick too. With this polo, you can grab it from the wash and wear it right away as it does not fade or wrinkle easily.

Under Armour Tech also boasts anti-odor technology and a relaxed fit, especially on the arms. The shirt is undeniably categorized as sportswear with its logo on the left chest. Like most modern polos, the shirt has no pocket and three buttons for customization.


This Under Armour men’s golf polo is a quality product that does not snag, wrinkle, or fade easily. It looks great on and off the turf with a wide range of colors from subdued hues to lights and brights.

With a loose fit and odor control, you can be certain that you will smell fresh even with a whole day out in this shirt. Also, if you like light-hued shirts and white polos, this is the shirt to choose as it flaunts a thicker material.


The thick material may be a disadvantage to those who sweat a lot. The fabric is not as breathable as a golfer may expect when out in the summer heat. Think of it as a spring or fall golf shirt instead. Also, the fit may be looser than expected.

This shirt is also on the pricier spectrum with pricing highly-varied between sizes and color options. If you’re looking for a budget shirt, you can buy a few colors of, this would not be it. However, if you often invest in quality shirts, by all means, go for an Under Armour Tech.

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3. Men’s Nike Dry Victory Golf Polo Striped

Nike Men's Dry Victory Polo Stripe Left Chest, Vintage Lichen/Barely Grey/Black, Large

Fans of this reputable brand are welcoming the striped polo on the turf. Nike is a trusted brand, so with the new design, you can be sure it does not compromise on durability and quality. It is a welcomed break from the usual solid colored polos every golfer wears.

It also has a three-button design and no pockets so you can wear the shirt on casual days too. Keep in mind that the familiar Nike logo is on the left chest. Also, the overall fit is loose as Nike opted to design the shirt with a fuller cut for utmost comfort and breathability. The shirt is also equipped with anti-odor and sweat-wicking technology.

Golfers will like the soft fabric of the polo. And, as it is designed by Nike, you can expect that it is quick-drying too. The 100% polyester shirt is lightweight and feels good on the skin. Available colors range from dark tones like college navy and pure platinum to bolder hues like rush coral and tropical pink. These are certainly great for spring and summer look on the tee.


The striped tee makes a great addition to every golfer’s wardrobe. Nike shirts are great for sports as well as for casual weekends. The soft and lightweight polyester material dries fast keeping sweat at bay and prevents odor-causing microbes.

Sizing accommodates small to 3X Large frames. The fit is also a full cut to ensure the shirt won’t cling to your arms and midsection in awkward ways. There are many color variations to choose from so you will definitely want to buy dark and bright ones to add to your golf polo collection.


If you are looking for an athletic fit shirt, this Nike polo is not it. The cut is more old-school style making it a suitable gift for your dad or colleague. Younger generation players may prefer the more slim fit cut. The Nike logo gives away this polo as sportswear so if you want a golf polo that is not too obviously meant for sports, then you may have to settle for solid colors.

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4. Men’s Nike Dry Victory Golf Polo

Nike Men's Dry Victory Golf Polo, Dri-FIT Men's Polo Shirt with Left Chest Logo, Black/Cool Grey, L

Do you have a couple of Nike men’s golf polos in your closet? Then consider this Dri Fit golf polo for your next golf day. This shirt is made with polyester to ensure it is light and breathable. It also keeps you sweat-free on the turf with its quick-drying technology for faster sweat evaporation. With this shirt, you will feel cool and dry all day.

The shirt is designed with a slim fit, regular cut to ensure you look good while aiming for 36 holes on a full day out on the golf course. The shirt has lengthened sleeves and shoulder seams that do not restrict your movements while playing golf. The logo is there, but it is quite discreet. And, the ribbed collar keeps its shape without curling.

The shirt is made of 100% recycled polyester. It is machine washable and needs no ironing as it stays wrinkle-free out of the wash. Colors vary from black and blue nebula to rush pink and habanero red. The design accommodates small to 3XL sizes.


The Nike polo is equipped with Dri Fit technology, so you stay cool and dry at the golf course. The overall cut conforms to your natural body movements so you can play on the turf without much fuss. Plus, the shirt keeps its shape and does not wrinkle easily.

If you have a problem with golf shirts that snag easily, this polyester blend is for the carefree ones. The overall construction is a Nike trademark as it looks well-made. While you may not be able to wear this shirt to the office or during business days, you may get away with wearing this on a weekend or on any casual occasion. It also pairs well with khakis.


Several customers noted that this polo shirt is constructed with a bigger fit than other Nike Dri Fit shirts. Also, some noted that the shirt seems brighter in the shade than in the photos. Keep this in mind when going for bright hues, which easily attract its buyers.  

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5. Hanes Sport Men’s Cool DRI Men’s Performance Polo Shirt

Hanes Sport Men's Cool DRI Men's Performance Polo,Deep Royal,Medium

Some golfers prefer polo shirts logo-free so they can have their own logos printed on it. If you are looking for that type of polo, this is the shirt for you. Hanes Sport has no qualms about keeping it discreet with the logo. Plus, the shirt even does away with that nasty neck tag that others just can’t stand. If you are one of those guys, this tagless polo shirt will be a good choice.

It is affordably-priced, machine washable, and great on and off the golf course. The design incorporates three buttons, no logo, and no pocket. You can fully-customize this polo just the way you like it.

The shirt is made for sunny weather with UV 50 protection and no dreaded static cling. The cut is very generous on the shoulders and sleeves as this shirt was designed with golfers in mind. It is lightweight too so you won’t feel your sleeves crimp when you swing the golf club. It is also long enough that you can tuck it in for a sleek style on the golf course.


This is a good polo shirt for men with broad shoulders. It does not restrict a golfer’s movements making it possible to focus on executing your techniques rather than on your creasing shirt. Also, it does not fade easily either in the wash or under the sun. Furthermore, it even boasts sun protection which is good for all-day golfers. Sizes range from small to 3X Large.


A handful noted that the sizes are generally larger than expected. Slimmer frames may consider it a baggy cut. But those with athletic builds and larger frames will find it a relaxed fit. Either way, you may opt to go a half-size to a full size smaller than you normally order if you don’t want the hassle of replacements.

There are also not too many color options, mostly primary colors. If you are a fan of bright or pastel-colored polos, this may not be your best bet.

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6. Grip Boost Golf Men’s Tour Polo

GB Golf Men's Tour Golf Polo Shirt (X-Large, Light Blue)

Our last recommendation goes to this two-toned golf shirt from Grip Boost. The company is known for its contributions to football merchandise. Their commercial success in the sport led them to create innovations that enhance the grip of golfers too with merchandise ranging from gloves to putters.

GB Golf Men’s Tour Polo is their first venture into polo shirts so they made sure it can compete with the top-tier, more well-known brands.  The shirt utilizes a 360 degree, 4-way stretch fabric which is preferred by many golfers.

The shirt is a polyester-elastane blend making it lightweight and breathable with a silky smooth and soft feel. The fabric also makes it appear shiny. GB Golf Shirt also incorporates moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and UPF 30 sun protection for golfing in the sun. The design incorporates a 3-button which is a standard in golf shirts and a logo on the front chest.


For starters, this is a 4-way stretch golf shirt with moisture-wicking features. It has minimal UV protection for summers on the turf. Some reviewers also noted that it does not snag easily.

The two-tone horizontal colors accentuate your shoulders as you execute your technique. It looks great on the golf course, feels comfortable against the skin, and does not trap heat in.


There is a limited number of sizing and color options available. Sizes range from small to 2X Large only. Most golf shirts go up to 3X Large. There are only six colors you can choose from. It can also come out wrinkled from the wash.

Another downside would be the GB logo which is not the most appreciated feature. GB is not an easily recognizable brand and many golfers opt to wear the shirts with no logos. Also, the logo is quite big and prominently placed on the left chest. The stitching of the logo is also not top-quality.

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Men’s Golf Polos Buying Guide

What should you look for when buying a new golf shirt? Is it the design, the color options, or the sizes? While the overall aesthetics of the polo shirt play a large part in your buying decision, there are several other equally important aspects you should consider:

Customer Reviews

Not all reviews stand as a true testament of what a product is. What worked for others may not work for you. At the same time, what others complain about may not be a big deal for you. Still, if you have time, it is wise to go through both positive and critical reviews to know what you need to watch out for.

From the product itself to customer service, reading reviews can save you a lot of trouble and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the more good reviews a product has, the easier you can decide that it is the one you need. In coming up with the reviews above, we did extensive research and read up reviews to save you time.


One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best value with the shirt you choose is to go with a trusted brand. Companies that are dedicated to sportswear with many years in the industry are bankable. You can be sure that you have a well-made and well-designed product with features that will enhance your golfing experience.

GB Golf Men's Tour Golf Polo Shirt (X-Large, Light Blue)


Not all branded golf polo shirts are expensive. You may find cheap men’s golf polos made by reputable brands. In this post, we included polo shirts from a wide price range to ensure you have the best choice for your budget.


To ensure your comfort while on the turf, we made sure to check the quality of the material used. Some polos utilize a blend of materials to ensure comfort as well as durability. Cotton and polyester are two of the most popular materials used in golf shirts. With such fabrics, it is possible to design a shirt with moisture-wicking properties, odor control, and UV protection.

Design and Variety

The overall look of the shirt speaks a lot about its quality, even with how the logos are printed on. Good golf shirt brands should also offer plenty of variety when it comes to sizing options and colors so individuals can pick the shirt that best fits their style. A good men’s golf polo will make you look good-looking on the turf while enhancing your performance. Colored golf polos should not fade in the sun or be easily ruined in the wash.


One of the advantages of reading the reviews is to find out how the shirt generally fits. You can get an idea whether you need to size up or go a size down depending on whether it’s more loose or fitted. Golfers have different preferences when it comes to the fit of the shirt. The most important consideration is that the shirt should not hinder your movements so you can properly execute your swings.


The best men’s golf polos should be easy to care for. Choose a quality shirt that you can throw in the washing machine along with your other shirts without worrying about shrinking the shirt, loosening the stitches or buttons, and the colors bleeding into your other clothes. You also want a shirt that will eliminate odors as much as possible so you won’t have a smelly laundry bag.