11 Great Long Sleeve Golf Polos in 2020

Looking for the best long sleeve golf polo out there? If you are, then it’s a good thing that you are reading this article. We did our research on the matter and we’ve come to the conclusion that the first product in this line that you ought to consider is the Under Armour Men’s Playoff Long Sleeve Golf Polo. This model is very likely to make you feel comfortable even as you golf for a whole day. It’s made of a mix of polyester and elastane, which means that it takes the cake when it comes to durability and it is also stretchy enough to give you plenty of freedom to move around. The button closure is a classy touch and the fact that you can clean the model in the washing machine is another advantage.

In case this particular product isn’t available anymore, we suggest you consider our next favorite option, the Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Long Sleeve Polo Sport Shirt.

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Best Long Sleeve Golf Polos [Reviews] – Our Favorites

It can be a little challenging to get the right long sleeve golf polo shirt nowadays, especially since you have so many choices available. You have to look at the fabrics, the reviews, the colors, and a variety of other factors. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, we suggest that you have a look at the selection that we put together below.

1. Under Armour Men’s Playoff Long Sleeve Golf Polo

Under Armour Men's Playoff Long Sleeve Golf Polo, Academy/Graphite, Large

Under Armour’s model is one of the most popular long sleeve golf polo shirts for men out there, and for a good reason, too. It is quite comfortable, having been made from 88% polyester and 12% elastane. These two fabrics offer you the best of both worlds in that you’ll get to benefit from enhanced durability, but also the right amount of stretch.

The button closure makes this product look quite classy. Furthermore, the 4-way stretch construction boasted by this choice enables you to move effectively and conveniently in any direction.

The material is specifically designed to wick sweat away and dry up quickly, so in case things get a little hot, you aren’t going to feel cooped up in this polo. It’s also worth noting that this product comes with UPF 30+ protection, so you aren’t going to experience any sunburns. Finally, the fact that the shirt comes with a unique anti-odor technology makes it very difficult for odor-causing microbes to grow.

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2. Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Long Sleeve Polo Sport Shirt

Jerzees Men's Jersey Long Sleeve Polo with Spotshield, J Navy, Large

Even though it is not the most common fabric to be used in the development of clothing nowadays, cotton is by far the most skin-friendly alternative available out there. That’s why you will be glad to know that this polo is made of a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester. Therefore, it’s going to feel great against your skin and it will also stand the test of time.

What makes this product stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is specifically made to resist staining. In fact, water and the majority of oil-based liquids just bead up and roll right off the fabric that the polo is made of. The stain-resisting technology is long-lasting and it is capable of offering an extra of protection to the shirt for its whole life.

Most of those that have tried this product out say that it fits great. It is worth noting that you might have to avoid getting it close to your pets as it does seem to gather pet hair like crazy.

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3. Three Sixty Six Long Sleeve Polo Shirts for Men

Three Sixty Six Long Sleeve Polo Shirts for Men - Men’s Long Sleeve Golf Polos - Dry Fit Fabric

Similarly to a model by Under Armour that we have described here, this one by Three Sixty Six is made from a mix of polyester and elastane, which means that it can offer you both the stretch that you need and plenty of durability over time.

Additionally, this product boasts a dry fit moisture wicking fabric, so even if the weather turns a bit warm, you aren’t going to start sweating like crazy. And even if you do, the fabric makes it possible for the sweat to dry up quickly. The 4-stretch fabric is quite flexible and capable of standing the test of time, but its best property is that it can expand and contract with your body movement.

On top of everything, the collar of this shirt can keep its shape even after you wash it. The hidden 3-button flap is capable of offering you a clean, sharp look, so you can wear this model for golfing but for other casual activities, as well.

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4. Callaway Men’s Long Sleeve French Terry Heathered Solid Polo

Callaway Men's Long Sleeve French Terry Heathered Solid Polo, Bright White (100), Large

Callaway is probably one of the best-known brands in the industry of golfing accessories, and that’s because the company makes some of the most reliable equipment ever to have seen the light of day. This particular polo makes no difference when it comes to the quality of the other items designed by the brand.

Since it is made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex, it will stretch and be durable enough to meet and even exceed your expectations. Much like some of the other modern long sleeve golf polos, this one can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Other notable features of this product are its OptiDri technology as it is capable of transferring moisture away from your body to aid with evaporation. Also, thanks to the OptiShield boasted by this choice, you will be able to benefit from the UPF 50 protection and stop worrying about getting sunburns.

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5. PGA Tour Men’s Long Sleeve Motionflux Heather Polo Shirt

PGA TOUR Men's Long Sleeve Motionflux Heather Polo Shirt, Regatta Blue, L

If you’re looking for a comfortable polo shirt that allows you to focus on your golf performance without worrying about anything else, perhaps you should check out this model by PGA Tour. It’s made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, so it is both stretchy and capable of standing the test of time.

It is a little baggy when compared to the other models that we have showcased in our selection, but that doesn’t make it any less comfortable. It boasts an open mesh construction to allow for ventilation, and the lightweight feel of the fabric definitely feels great against your skin.

As is the case with some of the other models that we have come across, this one comes with a moisture-wicking technology, too, so that means that the polo effectively pulls moisture from your body to its outer layer so that you dry up faster. The relaxed fit has been praised by many reviewers.

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6. Under Armour Men’s Tactical Performance Long Sleeve Polo

Under Armour Men's Tactical Performance Long Sleeve Polo, Dark Navy Blue/Dark Navy Blue, Large

If you are in the market for a somewhat budget-friendly choice, perhaps you should check out the features of this particular model. Having been made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, this one can both last for a good amount of time and it’s also capable of giving you freedom of movement. Also, you can clean it in the washing machine.

The neatest thing about this product is that you have a pen pocket at your disposal located on the left sleeve, so it can be used for a task other than just protecting you from the sun and covering your body. This model is available in as many as five colors, but make sure you pick the right size for your needs.

As described by some of the people that have purchased it in the past, this polo has a lightweight and breathable fabric that feels great against the wearer’s skin. Based on its appearance, it seems like it would wash well in the long term.

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7. Nike Golf Men’s Victory Long Sleeve Polo

Nike Golf Closeout Men's Victory Longsleeve Polo- Assorted 725514 (Armory Navy, 2XL)

This polo was made with a superior fit so as to bring you the best in terms of moisture management, stretch, as well as mobility. You can just forget about wearing it as you focus on your golf performance, and it’s so comfortable that it will feel amazing against your skin throughout a whole day spent on the course.

Like some of the other products showcased here, this one comes with a unique technology that makes it possible for the fabric to wick moisture away from the wearer’s skin and also evaporate it to the surface in a timely fashion. Therefore, if you are wearing this polo, you’re likely to remain comfortable and cool.

The classy look of this product is also ensured by the 3-button placket. With its lightweight stretch and great fabric, we say that this product is definitely worthy of your consideration. Do take into account the fact that it’s made for athletic builds.

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8. PGA Tour Men’s Long Sleeve Striped Polo Shirt

PGA TOUR Men's Long Sleeve Striped Polo Shirt, Potent Purple Heather, XL

Even though it is made entirely of polyester, this shirt has received some pretty favorable reviews, so the lightweight fabric manages to feel great against your skin. The classic button closure looks great so this polo will make you the envy of your entire group of golfing friends.

It’s also worth noting that this model is available in as many as seven different color combinations and some of the more popular ones are potent purple heather and dark olive heather. Just choose the design that you prefer the most. In any case, you’ll get the same great features with all of them.

For example, this model boasts a two-tone fabric that’s capable of wicking moisture away from your body to the outer layer so as to enable faster drying. The ribbed cuffs and collar keep their shape even after you clean the shirt in the washing machine. Most of those that have tried it out say that it fits great.

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9. Nike Dry Longsleeve Golf Polo 2018

NIKE Dry Longsleeve Golf Polo 2018 Black X-Large

Even though it’s a somewhat older model compared to some of the others that we have described in this article, this one remains a classic favorite of golfers all over the world. The dry Fit fabric that the product is equipped with makes it possible for you to remain focused on your performance as it will keep you cool and comfortable.

The product comes with a standard fit, so it’s not specifically designed for athletic builds. The hidden button placket allows you to customize the product as you wish and depending on the weather at any time. The fold-over collar makes it possible for this polo shirt to have a classic style, so you’ll look amazing on the course.

While it is not the cheapest long sleeve polo ever to have seen the light of day, we say that this one is at least worthy of your consideration.

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10. Greg Norman Men’s Solar XP Weatherknit Long Sleeve Polo

Greg Norman Men's Solar Xp Weatherknit Long Sleeve Polo, Coral Sun, X-Large

This is a highly effective and convenient polo that you should check out if you prefer the classy 3-button front and you want to be reassured that your clothing is going to protect you against nasty UV rays. In fact, this model can do just that as it comes with a chemical-free permanent UV protection specifically designed for the wearer.

The moisture-wicking abilities of this product are another thing worth writing home about as they allow you to feel cool and comfortable even as you golf right under the sun. Furthermore, the shirt comes with a straight bottom that was equipped with side vents, so you get to benefit from plenty of ventilation.

From what we have gathered by going through the reviews acquired by this model, it seems that it offers good value for a sun-protective golf shirt. It fits perfectly and it is a showstopper since you can even wear it for casual dinners, too.

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11. Adidas Golf A186 Men’s Climalite Long-Sleeve Polo

adidas Golf Mens Climalite Long-Sleeve Polo (A186) -Navy/White -L

Whether you plan to get a long sleeve polo for the purpose of golfing or you just need one for going out one evening, you should check out this one by Adidas as it is likely to meet your expectations. It boasts a 100% polyester hydrophilic finish, which means that any water drops will simply slide away instead of making you wet.

The model comes with turn back cuffs, as well as a bottom hem, and it also boasts a rib knit collar. The three button placket allows you to customize the fit as per your specific needs. There is a contrast Adidas brandmark located on the back neck.

This is a pretty basic long sleeve golf polo but the truth is that in many situations, you don’t need a more expensive one. Some of the models designed by brands the likes of Nike or Greg Norman can cost around 60 to 70 dollars whereas this one you can find for less than forty.

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Long Sleeve Golf Polo Buying Guide

What features make the best long sleeve golf polo? We’ve done our research and have created a helpful guide that you can check out below. If you haven’t made up your mind on a particular model and if this is the first you have ever bought, you need to know the aspects that will bring you to the perfect product for your preferences and requirements.

The material of the shirt

This is a crucial factor that you need to take into consideration. Ideally, the polo should be made from a natural and a synthetic fabric blend, but usually, that’s just not feasible for the manufacturing brands. For example, cotton feels great against your skin, but it is not among the most durable fabrics ever to have been invented.

On the other hand, we’ve noticed that most long sleeve golf polos nowadays are made of polyester and another material added to it. Typically, brands will use elastane or spandex to provide you with the stretch that you need to move around freely. A shirt made entirely of polyester can be less breathable than one made from a combination material.

What about the design?

The way the golf polo looks can be a symbol of how you present yourself on the golf course. It is always a good idea to pick a product that you can use under several different circumstances. Think of it this way. Some brands, such as Greg Norman, for example, make polos that are so good-looking that you can even wear them for casual dinners, for example, or if you want to go to the pub.

Some shirts are designed to have moisture-wicking capabilities, whereas others come with breathable fabrics. Whatever you do, you need to pick one that suits your personal preferences in terms of the way it looks, but also correlate the design with some of the practical aspects of the model. Of course, the variety and the colors definitely matter, but the way the long sleeve golf polo makes you feel as you wear it can be a little more important.

The reviews

You can’t really tell whether the product you are going to spend your precious cents on is actually good-quality or not. You can use some tactics such as reading around about the manufacturing brand or if you already have some clothing designed by the same company, you might already be aware of the quality of the apparel.

We have found that looking through the online reviews gathered by a model is one of the most reliable ways of telling whether a garment or an accessory or piece of clothing can be worthy of your consideration or not. So, our advice to you is to take some time and read some consumer reports of long sleeve golf polos.