exercise to increase golf swing speed

How To Increase Golf Swing Speed

Learning to increase your golf swing speed is a worthwhile exercise and of course FREE. An extra bit of speed when teeing off will certainly increase your driving distance with the correct driver.

Increasing your golf speed swing can be achieved with a range of methods such as specific exercise, changing your grip and more. However, you still need to be able to control your golf swing under the speed increase.

The average golf speed swing is approximately just over 80 MPH. The professionals can achieve incredible speeds between 115 to 125 MPH.

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How Do You Measure Golf Swing Speed

Is all good stating some facts regarding golf swing speed, but how is it calculated?

The best way to do this is to get an average, we recommend that you hit 10 golf balls down the driving range. You measure the distance from where it first lands and not the rolling distance. It helps to have a golf partner to mark where the balls lands.

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Remove the longest and shortest drives from the 10 shots. This will provide a better overall value. Next, total the 8 drive distances and divide them by 8 to get the average value.

Finally, divide the average drive value by 2.3. The result will be the average club head speed in miles.

An example: Say you hit an average of 250 yards, 250/2.3 would give a golf speed swing of 108.7 MPH.

In short, to calculate your golf swing speed:

  • Drive 10 shots and measure distance from where the ball lands
  • Remove longest and shortest distances
  • Average 8 drives
  • Divide average distance by 2.3

Changing Your Swing To Increase Speed

Your golf swing plays a critical part within the speed factor. You need to use your shoulders, hip and legs to achieve further distances. All the power from a drive comes from the torque of the clubs shaft to the club head.

The stance you take on your drive also plays a big part, with the optimum stance usually being much wider than a chip or light shot. Even to your wrists that act as “hinges”, which should only turn just before you hit the ball for extra leverage.

Another top tip is to increase the angle between the shaft and your left forearm (right for left handers). This has the effect of a whip (like with a towel) before you hit the ball, which increase the speed of your swing.

Finally, your upper body must rotate with your lower body to increase torque and power within the swing. For example, as your upper body turns 90 degrees, your lower body (hips) should turn rotate 45 degrees.

The Happy Gilmore Golf Swing

If you have not seen the Happy Gilmore film as of yet, go and see it. It is a film about a hockey player that turns to golf for income for his grandmother. Happy Gilmore has a unique swing that see him hit drives to the green on Par 5’s. Of course, we all know that this part is made up, but can it actually increase golf swing speed? For those that do not know what the “Happy Gilmore” swing is, below is a demonstration.

Correct Grip For Swing Speed

An incorrect grip will make the wrist movement less natural and will not provide any sort of comfort.

Avoid placing your hand grip at the end of the grip, there should be an inch of room at the top where the upper palm is gripping the club and not the end of the grip.

If your grip is also slipping, you will have trouble nailing the speed and most probably completely mishit the ball. Invest into a high quality golf glove for additional grip of your club.

Increase Flexibility and Fitness

If you are really serious about increase your golf swing speed, try to increase your flexibility and fitness. The flexibility will ensure you can spin your body faster and with less strain. Performing dedicated gym exercises will also increase your driving distance and provide you the control from the additional speed from your swing.

It is very easy to join in with other golf club members at the club house for food and drinks. However, going to the gym or performing alternative exercises will see your golfing performance exceed greatly.

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