how to improve your short game

How To Improve Chipping And Pitching

To improve your chipping will improve your short game massively. Missing the green requires you to use a wedge such as a lob, sand or pitching wedge in order to chip it near the hole. The closer you are to the hole, the easier it will be to sink the putt.

Chipping is something you should practice everyday in order to perfect it. This can be on the practice green at your golf course or by using a top chipping net for practice. Getting used to your wedges and your chipping swing will build confidence when you are out on the course.

If you are reading this post, you are more than likely wanting to hear about how to improve your chipping on the golf course. It all comes down to your stance and preparation. After this, you will need to practice and then practice some more until you are coming inches from the hole every time.

how to improve chipping

Chipping Improvement Tips

  1. When setting up to take your chip, be sure to put your heels together with around a 10 inch gap in between.
  2. Set your left foot around 1/2 inches behind the right and aim it at the target.
  3. Move your body weight towards the left leg and ensure your upper body is shifting forward.
  4. Line the golf club 3 or 4 inches behind your chest.
  5. Swing back and hit the golf ball straight without too much force on the down swing. Build up the force during your back swing and follow through without jabbing at the ball.

Point 5 in particular is important because we want to have as much control as possible when chipping the ball. Many people will use as much force as possible on the down swing.

A lot of golfers will put their weight forward with their legs and their hands. This puts you in a position where you can either top the ball or flop it.

Ensure that your upper body is shifting forward where you are catching the ball later in a descending motion.

Having the correct set of wedges will help hugely because the short game can range in distances and some shots may require additional lift to get the ball over a hazard. Likewise, some wedges will provide more backspin which may be a requirement on your shot. However, you may be stuck in a tricky shot where the golf ball lies on an adverse angle or in thick rough.

If you have bought a cheap junior golf club set you may only have a pitching wedge. If you are reading this article, you may want to invest into a high quality set of wedges so that you can achieve your goals of chipping like a pro.

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