3 Great Gore Tex Golf Rain Gear Items in 2020

Gore-tex rain gear for golf is pretty hard to find. In fact, even though we went through dozens of products, we were only able to select three, all of which come with excellent features. That means that you should consider checking out the reviews that we have put together for you below. The first option that you need to take into account is the Marmot Minimalist Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket as it is the perfect choice for a variety of outdoor activities from golf to cycling, hiking, or backpacking. The unique technology employed by the company when manufacturing this product makes it possible for you to benefit from waterproofing and breathability. The attached hood should protect your head and face from the elements, as well. If this particular item is no longer available, perhaps you should consider a good pair of women’s pants, the Berghaus Women’s Paclite Gore-Tex Waterproof Pants

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Best Gore-Tex Golf Rain Gear [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Whether you’re looking for women’s or men’s Gore-Tex golf rain gear, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ve selected three of the most critically acclaimed options and have showcased them below. If you have some time on your hands and you don’t want to waste it by reading hundreds of consumer reports, check out the reviews below. 

1. Marmot Minimalist Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot Men's Minimalist Jacket, Black, X-Large

Gore-Tex rain suits for golf don’t tend to come cheap, so expect to pay around two hundred on a dependable jacket and pretty much the same amount on a pair of pants. This Marmot item features the brand’s proprietary Gore-Tex Paclite technology, which ensures that you will remain dry and warm throughout a whole day of golfing in inclement weather.

The jacket boasts a minimalist design and offers maximum performance and minimum bulk. You can pack it conveniently, so carrying it is not something you need to worry about. The regular fit is eased, but it is not sloppy, so you can undoubtedly wear this jacket for other outdoor activities such as backpacking or hiking.

Probably the best thing about this waterproof model is that it is made to last for a long time. The way it is created ensures both water and windproofing, but it’s also breathable enough for you to remain comfortable.

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2. Berghaus Women’s Paclite Gore-Tex Waterproof Pants

Berghaus Women's Paclite Gore-Tex Waterproof Pants, Black, Size 4/Regular

This pair of pants is another model that you should give some thought to because it boasts a convenient pull-on closure and it can be cleaned in the washing machine. The pants are fully waterproof and made from Gore-Tex, as well, and the best thing about them is that they can be packed to fit your backpack. 

Furthermore, they are quite fast to pull on and they come with side zips that let a little air flow pass through so that things don’t become too warm. Some of those that have purchased this option say that the pants are lightweight, but they most definitely are water and wind-resistant, which is exactly how they are marketed. 

Another aspect that has been highly praised in some of the user reviews that we’ve come across is that these ones actually fit true to size. Bear in mind that the waist is elasticized, so if you don’t like this feature, the item might not be the right one for your needs. 

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3. Adidas Outdoor Wandertag Gore-Tex Jacket

adidas outdoor Wandertag GTX Jacket, Core Blue, Medium

This Adidas model might just as well be the best gore tex golf rain jacket that you might come across, and that’s because it is outfitted with most of the features you should look for in such a model. While it is not entirely made out of this material, it does come with a Gore-Tex 2L shell that is durable, waterproof, and also breathable. The rest of the golf rain jacket is made from polyester.

Besides, the inner lining that this model comes with improves wearing comfort, but also versatility. There is an adjustable stow-away hood that can make it possible for your head area to remain protected, as well. 

On top of everything, this item comes with ventilation pockets, with two zippered hand pockets, as well as one that can be found on the inside. You can safely rely on the security pocket for storing your valuables. Most of those that have provided feedback in regards to this choice say that it is truly waterproof. 

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Gore-Tex Golf Rain Gear Buying Guide

Finding the best Gore-Tex golf rain gear can be quite a challenge these days. There are so many options available for sale that you might end up feeling baffled as to which one you need to pick. Let’s look at some of the factors that you should take into account when you are in the market for a product in this category. 

Marmot Men's Minimalist Jacket, Black, X-Large


You will rarely find a suit, a pair of pants, or a jacket that is made entirely of Gore-Tex. Why is that the case? Well, Gore-Tex is not the cheapest material ever to have been invented, so most manufacturing companies try their best at using as little as possible in their products. However, that doesn’t mean that the items you might come across are bad.

No, in fact, the majority of the best gore tex golf rain suits are made of polyester, but they come with a Gore-Tex shell. Sometimes, the shell is actually a double layer of this material. The drawback of getting a model made entirely from this material (if you are lucky enough to stumble upon one) is that it’s quite heavy. 

Berghaus Women's Paclite Gore-Tex Waterproof Pants, Black, Size 4/Regular


The last thing you might want when you are on the golf course would be to find it cumbersome to move around. Therefore, the weight of the item that you’re going to spend your precious cents on matters quite a bit. 

But what is an acceptable weight? From what we have noticed, most jackets tend to weigh less than 1 pound, and the weight of a pair of pants should also be less than 1.5 pounds. That way, you can rest assured that you will feel comfortable and prepared to make your hits exactly as you should.


Purchasing clothing, whether it is for golf or something different, can be very complicated, especially if you order it online.

There are two ways of making sure that you do not end up getting an incorrect size, one that wouldn’t match your physical attributes. First, you should measure your body and compare your measurements to those available in the manufacturing company’s sizing chart.

But then, you can also go through the reviews that other customers like you have provided for the item in the past. Some online marketplaces have systems where you can see the percentage of individuals that have found a model to be true to size.

Trust the voice of the consumers as it is one of the best ways of finding out whether an item runs large or small. 


While it might seem like such a general term, convenience matters a lot when it comes to choosing rain gear for golf. If the item is lightweight and packable, you are going to be able to take it off and go about your business while it sits in your backpack. 

Convenience is also ensured by the number and design of the pockets that the jacket or pants come with. Most jackets in this category nowadays have two zippered pockets in the front. However, there are some that take it to another level by adding an interior pocket for your most precious valuables. 

adidas outdoor Wandertag GTX Jacket, Core Blue, Medium

If the pockets aren’t zippered, no matter whether they’re on a pair of pants or a jacket, you shouldn’t buy that item.

Even though the product might be waterproof, keeping the pockets open at all times would let water and wind get inside, which is unacceptable for an item in this particular category. 

Also, make sure that the model that you are eyeing is marketed as being breathable. Ideally, the pockets should be made of mesh on the inside so that they ensure ventilation. Things can get pretty hot if you wear a Gore-Tex item for a whole day and you walk or engage in other types of physical activities. 

What about the price?

Getting cheap Gore-Tex golf rain gear is practically impossible and that’s because this type of material tends to be rather expensive. We’ve already discussed that this is the reason for which so many manufacturers choose to use a shell in their products and not make them entirely out of Gore-Tex. 

If you are really lucky, and we mean situations where you’ve struck gold, you could get a jacket for around one hundred dollars.

However, based on our research, it seems that most models are priced at a minimum of $160 and the truth is that the majority of the decent ones are going to cost you over two hundred.