7 Amazing Golf Sweater Vests in 2020

Whether you’ve been searching for men’s golf sweater vests or women’s golf sweater vests, you have come to the right place. You’ll be happy to know that we have browsed through hundreds of models to bring you this article. We have a buying guide a little down below, but now we’d like to recommend to you our favorite model. The Cutter & Buck Men’s Douglas V-Neck Sweater Vest looks great and is made from 50% acrylic and 50% merino wool, which means that you are going to feel comfortable and conveniently warm throughout a whole day spent on the golf course. It can also be cleaned in the washing machine, so that’s another aspect worth bearing in mind. If this particular model is no longer available, maybe you should check out our next favorite option, the PGA Tour Men’s Water Repellent Heather Zip Vest

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Best Golf Sweater Vest [Reviews]

No matter the type of golf sweater vest that you prefer, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like in the selection we’ve showcased below. Based on our research, the following vests have received quite a lot of appreciation on the part of those that have given them a go. 

1. Cutter & Buck Men’s Douglas V-Neck Sweater Vest

Cutter & Buck Men's Douglas V-Neck Sweater Vest, Black, XX-large

The Douglas model is one of the most popular ones by Cutter & Buck, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise since it is created with 50% acrylic and 50% merino wool. It’s a classic among golfers, but not only them. It is machine-washable, so it takes the cake when it comes to convenience.

Also, it features a 1×1 rib collar, hem, and cuff, linked seams, fully-fashioned construction, and English shoulders. In other words, it’s the perfect choice for running errands, but also for spending a whole day on the green. 

But what are actual customers saying about this product? Well, some have noted that while the vest has excellent quality, it is a little pricey compared to others. Many believe that it is well worth the price. The best thing about it is that it holds its shape. Besides, the combination of merino wool and smart styling makes the vest meet and even exceed your expectations. 

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2. PGA Tour Men’s Water Repellent Heather Zip Vest

PGA TOUR Men's Big and Tall Water Repellent Heather 1/4 Zip Vest, Tonal Teal, 2XLT

This polo golf sweater vest by PGA Tour is another that you should keep in mind as it is convenient, comfortable, and feels great to the touch. It is made of 100% polyester, though, which can be considered a drawback compared to the previous model which had a 50% merino wool construction.

This one boasts a zipper closure and ribbed hem and armholes. It looks and feels amazing, and it’s also quite affordable compared to other golf sweaters and vests. You might also want to know that you are allowed to clean this item using the washing machine. The vest comes with back fleece lining, and it also boasts a water repellent finish. 

Therefore, you will be adequately protected from the elements, and you’ll be able to focus on your game without worrying about getting soaked by a light drizzle. The vest comes with two slant pockets for keeping your small valuables. 

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3. Under Armour Men’s Storm Sweater Fleece Vest

Under Armour Men's Storm SweaterFleece Vest, True Gray Heather/True Gray Heather, Small

This Under Armour golf sweater vest is available in three different colors. Like the PGA Tour alternative that we have also showcased here, it is made of 100% polyester. On the one hand, this is a benefit since it has a good chance of standing the test of time. On the other, though, it doesn’t feel as great when coming in contact with your skin, at least not like cotton would.

The model does have a series of advantages, however. For example, it is lightweight and feels nice against your skin. The heathered fleece comes with a warm, soft, and brushed inner layer. Plus, you can clean this vest in the washing machine. 

Some of the people who were kind enough to provide feedback with regard to this vest say that it is indeed lightweight and comfortable. It’s a great option for when the weather starts getting colder. Even the individuals who have declared themselves as not being fans of pullover vests say that they like this one. 

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4. Skechers Men’s Fairway V Neck Golf Sweater Vest

Skechers Golf Men's Fairway V Neck Golf Sweater Vest, Silver Lake Blue, L

Although it’s a little less budget-friendly compared to some of the other items showcased here, the Skechers option is also worth considering. Why is that? Well, the best thing about this vest is its construction. It’s made of 82% cotton, 16% nylon, and 2% spandex, so it effectively has the perfect fabric combination.

The cotton will feel great against your skin, whether you decide to wear it over a polo shirt or a sweater. The nylon ensures durability over time, and the spandex makes it possible for you to benefit a little freedom of movement, as it makes the product a little stretchy. So, as you can see, it’s quite likely that you’ll feel great in this vest.

The product also has tipping at the hem, a Skechers golf logo clip at the left hem, and low power licra in the rib trip for superior rib retention. You can clean this item in the washing machine. 

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5. Callaway Golf 2018 Mens Heathered Water Repellent ¼ Zip Fleece Vest

Callaway Golf 2018 Mens Heathered Water Repellent 1/4 Zip Fleece Vest Caviar Large

This Callaway option is also made entirely out of polyester, which again might seem a disadvantage, at least at first glance. However, it is fleece-lined, which means that it is positively comfortable and feels good against your skin. 

The model boasts a ribbed finish, which ensures that the garment retains its shape over time and also provides a great fit. There is a contrast heat seal Callaway logo on the left side of the chest. Unlike many other products that we came across, this one is water-resistant. 

Therefore, you can just go on with your golf game even if it starts to drizzle. The sizes available are medium to XX-large, and from the reviews that we have come across, it seems that the model is true to size. The large golf sweater vest fits extremely well. As for the colors, this one is available in six options. 

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6. Cutter Men’s Machine Washable Lakemont V-neck Sweater Vest

Cutter & Buck Men's Machine Washable Lakemont V-Neck Sweater Vest, Charcoal Heather, Large

If you’re in the market for cotton golf sweater vests, you aren’t going to be disappointed in this one. It is made of 80% cotton, 3% spandex, and 17% nylon, which means that it combines all the best attributes of all of these fabrics. It also feels great and the fit is said to be good since 80% of those that have purchased it have reported that it fits as expected.

This is quite a comfortable model that doesn’t even cost a fortune and that lasts over time. Many customers have reported that it is excellent quality and it works well for the golf course. Some have noted that it is form-fitting (due to the spandex), so you might like it if you are slim. 

Like with other modern golf vests, this one can be cleaned in the washer. It comes with a V-neck design and it boasts a tubular self-trim at the neck and arm. There is contrast stripe detailing at the inside of the neck area. 

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7. PJ Paul Jones Mens V Neck Sweater Vest Argyle Stitch Soft Knit Pullover Vest

PJ PAUL JONES Men's Casual Slim Fit V-Neck Cable Knit Business Knitwear Sweater Vest (L,Black)

If you are on a budget and you can’t afford to spend more than thirty bucks on a golf sweater vest, perhaps you might appreciate this particular one. It is affordable, but also quite convenient. It is machine washable, as well as dryer-friendly, so you aren’t going to be bothered by anything in terms of cleaning.

The vest is made from 65% viscose and 35% acrylic, so it is breathable, soft, as well as flexible. It has a pull-on design, and it comes with a V neck, so it looks amazing. It’s only available in two colors, but since it’s so budget-friendly, you might as well want to try both. 

The sizes in which this model is available are small to XX-large, so there is a bit of variety in this sense. There’s also a size chart available both on the manufacturer’s website and at various online retailers. You can wear this vest in a variety of situations from business occasions to celebrations, cocktails, and of course, golf. 

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Golf Sweater Vest Buying Guide

Whenever the weather starts getting colder and the holiday season is approaching, you want to know that you can still go golfing. But if you don’t wear the right type of clothing, you’re not going to feel comfortable. That’s when you might think of getting a golf sweater vest. 

But how can you make sure that you purchase the perfect one right off the bat? Check out our guide below and you’ll learn all the important factors you should take into account.


The material that the vest is made of is one of the most important things to look for in one. Wool is the best when it comes to providing warmth. It has a superior ability to retain heat and it provides insulation, as well. Wool is a natural material, it comes from sheep, and it has been used for centuries to create apparel specifically designed to keep people warm.

Merino wool is an excellent indicator of quality. Wool can be rather pricey, though, but the luxurious feel is almost incomparable to any other material. 

Skechers Golf Men's Fairway V Neck Golf Sweater Vest, Silver Lake Blue, L

Cashmere sweater vests are a little rare, but these models have good warmth retention capabilities. This material is a winner when it comes to the feel as it is very soft. It is normally blended with other fabrics to create soft and warm sweater vests.

Cotton sweater vests are another option to bear in mind. Cotton is cheap and easy to maintain, and it is also simple to wash. It’s not really resistant to wear, but it can be found pretty much everywhere. It feels great against your skin (most lingerie is made of cotton, in case you didn’t know). Unfortunately, cotton isn’t a material made to retain heat. Plus, once it becomes wet, it remains wet. Make sure that you get a sweater vest that has a limited amount of cotton in its construction or at least get one with a combo of cotton and another type of fabric.

What about polyester and cheap cotton? Well, these have become quite popular over the years. While we are not against these materials, they aren’t the best. They have a hard time when it comes to retaining their shape, especially if you have washed them several times. These types of vests also have a lack of ability to retain heat. They are no match compared to wool vests. 

The right size

When buying a sweater vest, you should look at the chest size and the overall length of the product. Ideally, you should measure your body from the back of the collar to your waist to get a correct sizing of how long the sweater vest should fit you. As for the chest size, the product should hug your body, but it should also not be able to restrict you in any way.

PJ PAUL JONES Men's Casual Slim Fit V-Neck Cable Knit Business Knitwear Sweater Vest (L,Black)

We also suggest checking out the golf sweater vest reviews acquired by the product. Any problems regarding the sizing will most likely be reported by other customers like you. And finally, make sure you look at the sizing chart provided by most manufacturing companies (either on their website or at various online retailers).


Some people prefer a pull-on design whereas others would like their sweater vest to come with a small zipper so that they get some ventilation if they get too hot on the golf course. It’s quite important to get a model that can be cleaned in the washer because these days, no one has time to hand-wash an item. 

You might also want to check whether the vest comes with any pocket. Typically, sweater vests don’t come with any pockets at all, but if you need one for your keys, for example, make sure you look for this feature.