10 Great Golf Polos (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2020

In the market for the best golf polo for the money? If that’s the case, it’s a good thing you’re reading this post. We’ve gone through dozens of customer reviews and sales figures and we’ve analyzed the quality of some of the most popular choices out there. Following this analysis, we came to the conclusion that the first item that you ought to consider is the Nike Men’s Dry Victory Polo. This is a comfortable option made entirely of polyester, so it has a good chance of standing the test of time. The Dri-FIT Technology of this shirt makes it possible for you to feel comfortable and dry at the same time, even if you plan to spend a whole day on the green.

In case this particular product is no longer available, we’ve looked for an alternative. We found it in the NIKE Men’s Dry Momentum Team Polo Golf Shirt, a slightly different design, but this choice comes with many features that can be found in the other model that we suggested.

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Best Golf Polos [Reviews] – Our Favorites

If you can’t find a golf polo for sale that you actually like and would love to wear, perhaps you should take a bit of time to have a look at our selection below. From what we’ve noticed, many of the models showcased here are cheap golf polos, but they don’t sacrifice anything in terms of quality.

Nike golf polo

1. Nike Men’s Dry Victory Polo

NIKE Men's Dry Victory Polo, Game Royal/White, Large

If you are looking for a somewhat traditional-looking alternative, feel free to try this product from Nike. It’s comfortable, convenient, and most importantly, it will keep you dry for a whole day spent outdoors golfing as it is made with the brand’s proprietary Dri-FIT technology.

Being made from polyester, you don’t have to worry about this product not standing the test of time. It can also be cleaned in the washer, which is an advantage in itself. However, as reported by some customers, you need to be careful with the dryer as the shirt can come out very wrinkly. The standard fit boasted by this model makes it possible for you to feel at ease in this comfortable polo shirt.

Furthermore, the ribbed collar prevents curling, and there’s a 3-button placket that allows you to adjust your fit in case you’re feeling too warm or the wind is a bit too strong and you’re starting to feel a little chilly.  

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2. NIKE Men’s Dry Momentum Team Polo Golf Shirt

Nike Men's Dry Momentum Team Polo Golf Shirt, White/White/Cool Grey, Large

If you want to wear a polo shirt that gives you a bit more room in your chest area, perhaps this one might be a good option for your needs. The standard fit is fully capable of following your body shape in this respect, and the fact that the polo comes with ergonomic seams is another benefit as they allow for a natural range of motion.

Unlike some other models out there, this one comes with a 2-button placket for an average amount of coverage. The blade collar apparently lays flat against your neck, at least judging by the feedback that the item has received in this sense.

What’s really cool about this option is that it is made from 100% recycled polyester, so at least you know you’re doing nature a bit of good by wearing something repurposed. The fabric of the shirt is reported to be lightweight, good quality, and the style without it having an actual collar is perfect in style.

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Under Armour golf polo

3. Under Armour Men’s Playoff Polo

Under Armour Men's Playoff Polo, White /Graphite, X-Large

Something that makes this model stand out from the crowd is the combination of fabrics that were used in its development. You get the stretch of 12% elastane and the durability of 88% polyester and let’s face it, the design is another aspect worth writing home about. It comes with a so-called no-closure closure and it can be cleaned in the washer.

Best of all, the item comes with an anti-pill fabric that is soft to the touch and that comes with a snag-free and clean finish. The four-way stretch construction allows you to move better on the green and focus on your performance as best as possible. On top of everything, the material is known to wick sweat away.

It’s quite surprising that this item has received such a variety of favorable reviews. Most customers describe it as a functional and fashionable polo shirt that is slimmer fitting and less baggy. It’s comfortable and convenient but the fabric is a little heavier compared to that of quick-dry shirts made of 100% synthetic material.

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4. Under Armour Men’s Performance Polo

Under Armour Men's Performance Polo, Carbon Heather (090)/Black, Large

This is a slightly cheaper model compared to the other by the same brand that we have showcased here, as well. If you’re in the market for something a bit more budget-friendly that does precisely what it is supposed to, you should consider this one. It does come with a classic design, though, which means that you get a 3-button placket and a collar.

The model is made from 5% elastane and 95% polyester, and this combination allows for a greater amount of movement as you are focusing on your golfing performance. What’s important to note about it is that some customers have reported it being a bit too snug for their liking.

Others say that they are extremely happy with the length of the polo since a 3X-Large size, for instance, can accommodate the needs and physical attributes of a 6’3” individual. The fit is pretty accurate, and it looks rather nice, but make sure you measure your body before placing an order online.

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Oakley golf polo

5. Oakley Men’s Color Block Take Polo

Oakley Color Block Take Polo, Blackout, Large

This product is available in several color combinations, so feel free to choose the one that best suits your personal taste. Although Oakley is a less popular golf polo brand, especially when compared to the likes of Under Armour or Adidas, which are known to make budget-friendly apparel, the company is perfectly capable of manufacturing high-quality products.

This shirt right here is made of 100% polyester, and it boasts a 100% moisture-wicking poly base, which is why even if things get a little hot on the green, you’ll be dry in a jiffy. The regular fit is classy and definitely something you’re used to seeing on the golf course.

But what matters most when it comes to buying clothes online is what other buyers are saying about that particular product. It definitely looks like most of those that have tried out this polo shirt have only good things to say about it. It’s one of the most popular gifts for golfers.

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Adidas golf polo

6. Adidas a166 Men’s Climacool Performance Polo

adidas Climacool Performance Colorblock Sport Shirt (A166) -Stone/Min -XL

One of the areas where this shirt is a winner is comfort. Thanks to the combination of fabrics (90% polyester and 10% elastane), this product can keep you feeling at ease even during a whole day of golfing under the sun. However, we would recommend using some serious sunscreen to avoid sunburns — you know nobody likes those.

The three-button placket that this item is outfitted with makes it possible for you to benefit from some freedom in terms of the ventilation that you’ll get. Just unbutton the shirt when you’re feeling too warm and button it up when the wind is blowing slightly too strong and you’re feeling a bit cold.

The fabric is lightweight and feels reasonably soft and comfortable to the touch. One thing that we weren’t able to find out about this particular model is whether or not you can clean it in the washer and dry it in the dryer. You might have to do a bit of snooping by yourself in this respect.

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Puma golf polo

7. PUMA Golf Men’s 2018 PWR Cool Refraction Polo

Puma Golf Men's 2018 PWR Cool Refraction Polo, Large, Pomegranate

Even though it’s entirely made of polyester, so, therefore, you can’t benefit from the stretch of elastane or the soft feel of cotton against your skin like you would with other types of polos, this is a highly effective shirt when you’re out on the golf course.

It boasts the brand’s proprietary dryCELL Technology, which makes the fabric capable of wicking sweat away rather fast. It keeps you cool on a hot day, and most importantly, it comes with a performance fit — what that all means is that you aren’t going to feel cooped up or just generally like you’re wearing a too tight and heavy polo shirt.

Both men and women praise this model for its design as they claim that it is cut right and that it fits perfectly. The colors in this line are fantastic and they do not wear out as you clean the shirt time and again. Some like it so much that they wear it casually and in other situations other than on the golf course.

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8. PGA Tour Men’s Short Sleeve Chest Print Polo Shirt

PGA TOUR Men's Short Sleeve Chest Print Polo Shirt, Pixelated Fusion Micro Chip, L

This is likely one of the most popular models ever designed by PGA Tour, and that’s because it combines the somewhat classic design of the traditional polo shirt with color combinations that are otherworldly beautiful. This product is made from 100% polyester, so you needn’t worry about it not being durable.

Also, you can use the washer to clean the polo, so that’s one less thing to worry about. It comes with a collar, but since it also features a 3-button placket, you can unbutton it when you’re feeling too warm. The athletic fit boasted by this choice is what seems to have impressed buyers as it is tapered at the waist so it looks like it’s more tailored.

The stretchy fabric allows you to benefit from a lot of freedom of movement, and we all know how necessary that can be when engaging in an outdoor activity of any kind. Some of those that were kind enough to provide feedback with respect to this model say that it is a great shirt for both golf and work.

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9. Adidas Golf Women’s Ultimate 365 Shorts Sleeve Polo

adidas Golf Women's Ultimate 365 Shorts Sleeve Polo, Large, Clear Mint Heather

It would have been unfair for us not to showcase a golf polo for ladies, but we do want to note that we’re working on another article specifically about golf polo shirts for ladies. This particular model is made from 7% elastane and 93% polyester, so you get the best of both worlds — the durability of the polyester and the stretch of the elastane.

The polo collar comes with a four-button placket, which is a feature that you aren’t likely to encounter in many models designed for men. It also comes with a half moon back yoke with 3 stripes, and to increase its durability over time, the brand has also include edge stitching in its design.

Last, but not least, and since the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise every year, you should know that the Adidas Golf Women’s Ultimate 365 model comes with a UPF 50+ UV protection. It’s also quite budget-friendly, and the reviews praise its quality, fabric, and fit.

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10. Three Sixty Six Youth Boys Golf Dri Fit Polo Shirt

Three Sixty Six Youth Boys Golf Dri Fit Polo Shirt, Breathable Performance Fit Fire Red

In the market for a youth golf polo? If that’s the case, we recommend this one by Three Sixty Six. it’s made from a mix of elastane (12%) and polyester (88%), so it is both stretchy, as well as comfortable and durable. It’s affordable, and that might matter to parents since kids tend to grow up awfully fast so they aren’t going to fit in the same polo shirt for a long time.

The fabric that this product is crafted from is cool, breathable, as well as lightweight, and that’s what makes it perfect for a day spent with their dads or moms on the golf course or even for a casual day out and about.

One thing where this might be the best golf polo for kids is that aside from being moisture-wicking, this model also comes with antibacterial technology, so it effectively keeps some smells at bay.

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Golf Polo Buying Guide

Did you ever ask yourself what features make the perfect golf polo? If you’re having a bit of trouble telling which model is worthy of your consideration and which one is not, check out our buyer’s guide below.


The most important body measurement that you have to make before you even start browsing the Internet for golf polos is your chest. This rule applies both to men and women as that is the area where a polo is most likely not to fit.

To measure your chest, you have to get a tape measure, stick one end in your armpit, and measure around the part that’s widest of your chest. Make sure that the measurement is taken while the tape is flat across your back. That way, you get an accurate dimension of your chest.

Now that you know the most important feature when it comes to fit, you can simply compare your chest size to the size guides and charts available online. It’s important to underline here that some brands will use different sizes, so it’s always a better idea to match the dimensions rather than go for the same standard size you’ve always worn.

What about materials?

Some polo shirts are made of cotton while others are manufactured using polyester. You’ll notice that most of the products available for sale these days aren’t entirely made of cotton, and that’s because cotton is known for not being extremely durable. Although it feels great against your skin, you’re likely to be able to wear the same shirt for one season and then you’ll have to wear it around the house. It deteriorates quickly in comparison to other fabrics.

Three Sixty Six Youth Boys Golf Dri Fit Polo Shirt, Breathable Performance Fit Fire Red

Polyester, on the other hand, has moisture-wicking properties, but sometimes it feels weird as it is a synthetic fabric, after all. You might feel wet, sweaty, or uncomfortable, at times, so that’s why we recommend choosing a combination fabric from polyester and something else.

The winning mix seems to be elastane and polyester these days. Polyester makes a golf polo shirt strong and crease-resistant and elastane enables you to benefit from a certain amount of stretch.

Design and style

Golf wear needs to be fashionable and up to date, but that doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way and start buying designer clothes. Not only are they outrageously expensive, but they’re often made from the same fabrics as their cheaper counterparts.

However, personal preferences have a lot to say when it comes to the style of the golf polo that you will ultimately choose. For example, some men prefer a tighter, fitter, look, while others prefer a golf polo that’s a bit on the baggy side of things.

By the same token, some models are crafted very traditionally and that’s why they rarely come with crazy colors. Generally, you should stick to a set of block colors and discreet stripes. Bright and dark colors are great choices but do keep the weather in mind as wearing a black golf polo for a whole day spent under the sun can be nerve-wracking and can even injure you.

Remember that golf is largely a game of tradition, so even though you might feel very tempted to go for a crazy design, it might not look really good on the green. Some clubs have strict dress codes. For example, private country club courses make sure that they have the strictest dress codes, so players, in this case, are required to use a button-down collared shirt. Some do accept polo shirts as appropriate golf attire, but many ask for them to be worn tucked into khaki pants or slacks.

Comfort and UV protection

We’ve already tackled the matter of fabrics and how they can impact the user experience and, therefore, the amount of comfort that you benefit from throughout your golfing adventure. What does comfort mean, anyway?

To put it simply, a golfer has to choose a polo that does not hinder his or her movement and flexibility. It’s paramount for the golfer to remain at ease even after they’ve been walking over the course for hours on end. The fabric needs to be breathable, lightweight, and most importantly, it should protect the golfer from UV rays.

Even though one would expect all polo shirts to come with some kind of UV protection, the truth is that we’ve found this feature in just a handful of models. If you have a history of skin cancer in your family or you’re known to be prone to developing skin conditions due to prolonged sun exposure, make sure that you get a golf polo that comes with this specific feature.