guide to equipment for golf

Ultimate Guide To Golf Equipment

If you thought that all you needed was a set of golf clubs, you will be wrong as there is more. You need various amounts of other equipment in order to play a true game of golf. Of course, some are luxuries but others are essential. Below we will take a look through the golfing equipment that you may (or may not) need to play a round of golf.

Golf Balls

The first and most obviously piece of equipment that you require to play golf is of course golf balls. They come in various different types (2 and 3 piece) and the ability to perform in certain ways. For example, you have golf balls for distance that will help those requiring the few extra yards and others that include:

  • Senior
  • Beginners/high handicappers
  • low compression
  • low spin
  • … and many more

The majority of golf balls that are two piece result in further distance when hit properly. Golf balls for spin are usually 3 piece and have a softer core and more suited to experienced golfers. However, the majority of golfers will simply not bother with the specifics and just want golf balls for the average golfer.

If you are out practicing and using a large quantity of golf balls, we highly recommend investing into a golf ball retriever as this will make picking up all the balls far easier. If you are shooting high shots onto the green, its advised that you also look into a divot repair tool too.

retrieving golf balls

At The Tee

When you are at the tee, you will need the correct setup depending upon the shot you are about to take. If you are at the tee of a par 4 or par 5, you are more than likely going to use a driver. Therefore a tall tee will be recommended but if you are going to use an iron, you can opt for a smaller tee.

In terms of the variety, golf tees come in a range of forms and even ones that are unbreakable. Many people prefer the classic wooden tees but plastic alternatives are virtually unbreakable and will last much longer.

When you are at the tee, being able to measure the distance to certain targets can be highly beneficial. However, this can be achieved with a golf rangefinder (from Nikon, Bushnell, or maybe from Leupold) with the premium examples having a slope variable that increases the accuracy of the distance to the target. Looking for a good golf laser rangefinder? Cause if you are, you should check out our post on that.

Another piece of golfing technology is of course the GPS golf watch, which has various functionality depending upon your budget. The majority do have the ability to display yardage, greens, bunkers, lakes and other sections of the course. On top of this, they can even provide real time feedback of your swing and stroke to help you perfect it.

In The Bag

With all the clubs and other gear, having the best golf bag (from Belding, from Under Armour, from Cleveland Golf, from Titleist, Bennington, Callaway or from Vessel) can make a huge difference and once you’ve gotten it, the right golf bag organizer can help you save space and have everything at hand.

There are various different types (such as leather golf bags) and sizes of bags with some that are suited to a cart or others that you carry on your shoulders around the golf course, as is the case of a disc golf backpack bag, for example.

By the way, we’ve written about some models from Innova, if you’re interested, but also about the best disc golf bags (lightweight), in general.

Always keep your snacks and drinks cold with the help of the best golf bag cooler. If you have a little time on your hands, we also suggest reading our article on golf bag travel cases — especially if you tend to travel by plane all the time. Looking for a golf gift for someone special? If that’s the case, maybe you should check out our post on some great golf gifts. Women love high-quality ladies golf bags just as much as men. Check out this post on Wilson golf bags, if you want to get one from this company, and if you usually prefer blending into the golf course environment, maybe do a little reading on camo golf bags.

However, you can add additional features to the bag and cart such as various holders for cigars, score cards and a golf umbrella and we tried to showcase some of these items in our post about the best golf bag accessories. Clubs are the main reason to purchase a golf bag and you can even use golf club head covers too for additional protection.

electric push cart

Transporting The Equipment

With all this equipment, it can get heavy and for those that are not physically gifted, it can be very tiresome. However, you can opt for a golf push cart that allows you to simply transport the clubs, bags and gear with ease or you could get a golf bag with stand.

For those with a much larger budget and want to effortlessly push the golf cart, you can even opt for an electric golf push cart. These can be operated by a remote, push button and various other ways and feature a range of functionality.

Its important to note that they do require golf cart batteries to power the cart and these need adequate capacity to last at least 18 holes of golf. For times when the weather isn’t on your side, we recommend getting a good-quality golf cart heater or a high-end golf cart seat cover. If you’re planning on storing your golf cart in your garage or another space during the cold season, you should consider investing in a good golf cart cover.


Investing into the latest golfing equipment can really improve your game and make the whole experience much more enjoyable. We cover a range of golfing equipment in our articles with the aim of providing you with the best and latest for use on the course. Feel free to check out our post about the best golf accessories (including a cheap golf rangefinder), by the way, and maybe consider getting an Ogio golf bag, since it seems to be pretty decent in quality based on what we found about the brand.