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Ultimate Guide To Golf Clubs

You cannot play the game of golf without a set of golf clubs and this is why taking your time to research is crucial. A set of golf clubs can be expensive and shopping around for those that are designed for your handicap and build can be a game changer.

Age is a big factor too as there are golf clubs for seniors where the flex and design of the club has been developed to work with them. Of course, for those that are just starting out, there are golf clubs for juniors too, which are designed to be very forgiving and help them get on with the game of golf. For them, you might want to consider getting some good, cheap golf clubs. For ladies, we’ve written a separate article about women’s golf clubs.

Normally, the majority of people that are starting to get into golf will start with a set of golf clubs for beginners. These work well but for those that start getting serious with golf, you may want to start upgrading each set of clubs at a time. The guide below will help you find what you are after, club by club.

Driver or 1 Wood

The driver is one of those clubs that even people that don’t play on the course will have. This is because its great for simply hitting the golf ball as far as possible on the golf course or at a driving range. At Golf Gear Hub, we are big fans of long drive drivers as they allow you to get the extra distance on long par 4’s or on a par 5. If you ever need the right driver shaft, maybe look for our article on that topic, as well.

However, not everyone will be after distance all the time and may feel the need for a more forgiving driver. For those that are knew to the game, you will understand the pain of hitting a poor drive and seeing it fly into the trees or rough. Consider getting a good driver for beginners if you are just starting out with golf.

driver or 1 wood

Fairway Wood or 3W, 5W, 7W & More

Unlike the driver, which can only “really” be used on the tee, the fairway woods are great for hitting longer shots. Many of them are far more forgiving than the long irons and golfers of all handicaps will be able to get along with them.

The best fairway woods will combine forgiveness and distance and generally be much easier to hit. Many big brands tend to use various lofts but this is based upon your own personal preference.

Hybrid Golf Clubs

The hybrid golf clubs have seen huge popularity over the last few years and for good reason. They are best described as a long iron that is designed and as easy to hit as a fairway wood. They are not standard with most golf club sets but many seniors will opt for them due to the forgiveness of them.

When shopping around, you may even find complete sets of hybrid irons, which are fairly impressive but you will have to pay a premium. Hybrid golf clubs do come in several forms that are suited to high handicappers, beginner and seniors.

The Irons

Probably the most important clubs in your golf bag will be the irons. They usually range between a 3 iron to a 9 iron but some include specialist clubs.

As they are the clubs that you are more than likely going to use on every hole, its important that you get the right set that suits your style. When it comes to the irons, distance is not really an issue because you can opt for a fairway wood otherwise. Accuracy and ease of hitting the ball is more important and the best game improvement irons will do exactly this. These are developed for performance and versatility compared against the standard iron set.

game improvement irons

Complete Golf Wedges

The three most common wedges that are found in the bag of many golfers are the pitching wedge (PW), sand wedge (SW) and the Lob Wedge (LW). There are many more available but these are the most common.

Many golfers will invest heavily into the best sand wedge on the market and simply rely on that. Further shots that require a pitching wedge can easily be achieved with the likes of a 9 iron. However, many golfers play differently and investing in quality wedges would be a good move in terms of improvements.

Finishing It Off With A Putter

Unless you are extremely luckily to pot the ball in with a club other than the putter, it is more than likely the most used club in the bag. If you are a beginner, investing into the best putter on the market will more than likely help you out at the start.

The short game and in particular putting is a common downfall of many high handicappers. However, there is a range of putters out there to help you out.


Upgrading your golf clubs can make a huge difference to your game and the professionals do this on a regular basis. The golfing technology is improving each year with lighter and more performance based clubs appearing on the market. To extend the life span of your clubs, we suggest investing in a quality golf clubs holder.

However, you don’t always have to upgrade and many golfers will use the same clubs for years. Upgrading your current clubs is a good idea and this can be done with a new golf grip as they do become fairly worn from frequent use. Maybe check out our Callaway golf clubs article if you have the time, or consider getting a set by Wilson.

You can browse all our of club articles and decide whether you need an upgrade.