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Ultimate Guide To Golf Clothing

As with any sport, you will want to look good doing it and that is very true with golf. There are many big brands in the golfing industry that have clothing designed primarily for golf. Unlike many other sports, golf is played all year round and its important that you are covered for all seasons.

Summer Golf Clothes

With all the walking and swinging of golf clubs, you are bound to get hot in the summer whilst playing golf. Keeping the heat from your head with a golf hat (or a golf cap – and even one from Nike)not only keep you cool but also blocks the sun from blinding  your eyes. However, you can improve your visibility further with a pair of sunglasses for golf too and there are many lightweight styles to choose from.

Moving onto the clothes that you actually wear is important to wick away moisture and keep you cool. From golf shirts (and golf polosfrom Oakley) to appropriate golf shorts (even some golf knickers, for men, too, if you’re a bit more traditional) but of course, this being golf, there are many different styles available that include smart to comedy shorts.  By the way, have you seen our post on comfortable long sleeve golf polos? Or the one we wrote on women’s golf polos? How about some golf polos for men, instead? We made sure not to forget about some comfortable plus size women’s golf clothes, too.

As we have begun tackling all of the major categories of apparel for golf, you might want to check out our posts on the best toddler clothes, if you have a kid that you’d like to take with you on your adventures. Our recent post discusses the many types of golf clothes for men (maybe check out our article on comfortable men’s golf vests or for women – and even Under Armour golf vests that are available out there today), but we’ve also described some of the popular choices in the category of the best girls’ golf clothes and boys’ golf clothes, too. It would have been unfair to forget about the needs of women, so we made sure to write a post on cute women’s clothes, too — and another on women’s golf rain gear. If the sun is shining brightly in the sky and you can’t even bear the idea of wearing pants, perhaps you should consider getting a golf skort (in regular or plus size).

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Winter Golf Clothes

Playing golf during the winter means that you are more than likely going to encounter cold weather and rain. Wearing the appropriate clothing will ensure that your golfing is not compromised and you are comfortable walking around the course.

Investing in the best golf rain jacket that is designed for the swinging motion will ensure that you are kept warm and dry whilst walking around the course. The pants that you wear are also important as they will get wet when walking and become uncomfortable. Some of the golf rain pants (featured in the post about the best golf rain gear – including made from Gore-Tex) available can be worn over the top of your current pants or be worn normally.

We made sure to write a post about golf rain gear for men, as well. This is a good option and it means that they can be kept in your golf bag too. If you’re golfing in the fall, maybe you should consider wearing a golf vest (Nike golf vests right here).

If you love Nike products, check out our post about Nike golf clothing. You wouldn’t want to wear golf capris when it’s that cold, though, but they might make for a great option when you go golfing in the summer. You might also want to consider bringing along a golf sweater vest or a long sleeve golf shirt.

Golf Shoes For Walking

Unless you use a golf car on the course, you are more than likely going to be on your feet the whole time. For that reason alone, you should want to find the most comfortable golf shoes possible to ensure that you do not suffer from fatigue. We’ve also written about whether you can use spikeless golf shoes on the course, if you’d like to know more about that. What about the right golf shoes for diabetics?

The style of the shoes is primarily a personal preference decision. However, you will be spoiled for choice as brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Callaway and many others have designed various styles for all ages. If you like golfing no matter the weather, consider getting some waterproof golf shoesfor men or women – (they’re actually pretty rare). We know how challenging it can be for a golfer to get a good pair of wide golf shoes, so that’s why we wrote a guide on those, too.

Golf Glove

9 times out of 10, when playing golf you will be wearing a golf glove in order to reduce slipping of your grip and to reduce damage to your hands. Choosing the best golf glove will ensure you have the best grip of your club and if you suffer from sweaty hands, you are covered too.

There are various designs and materials that are all breathable and allow moisture to be wicked away. In the winter, you may even opt for golf mitts to keep your hands warm. We’ve written an extensive article about finding the perfect winter golf gloves, too, and a comprehensive guide on picking the right golf trousers, as well.