5 Cool Cleveland Golf Bags in 2020

Cleveland Golf is well-known for its state-of-the-art woods and wedges, but the brand also brings its A-game in a line of golf bags. If you are set on buying a Cleveland golf bag but don’t know which one to choose, these Cleveland golf bag reviews and buying guide will help you choose the best golf bag for your needs. If you’re looking for a golf bag you can carry while on the tee, then the Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag would be your best bet. It’s a lightweight bag with an ergonomic and elegant design. You should have no problems with back pain or shoulder blisters with this golf bag.

If what you have in mind is more of a Cleveland golf lightweight cart bag, we recommend the Cleveland Cart Bag model as it is roomy, well-designed, and has lots of pockets to keep you stay organized on the golf course. Read our reviews of these products below.

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Best Cleveland Golf Bag [Reviews] – Our Favorites

When searching for a Cleveland golf bag for sale, it helps to read reviews first from golf enthusiasts like you who have purchased from this brand before as they can provide helpful insight. We will be providing the pros and cons of buying each golf bag we recommended below as well as the top features that make them worth investing in.

1. Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag

Cleveland Golf Men's Cg Stand Bag, Black

The first thing that will catch your eye is the sophisticated style of the CG Stand Bag. It comes in monochromatic colors as well as powerful combinations with red or blue. Price-wise, it’s an affordable golf bag that will surely fit your budget.

Looking into the technical specifications of the Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag, you’ll find that it’s made for comfort. Weighing only 6.4 pounds, it’s just like carrying a backpack. It stands at 36 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and a depth of 10 inches making it a roomy golf bag.

One of the best aspects of the CG Stand Bag is organization as it has a 14-way divider for your golf clubs and that’s not all. It also has plenty of storage for all your golf needs from large zippered pockets for your shirt and a fleece-lined pocket with a waterproof zipper (for valuables you want to keep moisture-free) to an insulated cooler pocket for your choice of beverage and a carabiner clip for your towel.

As for comfort, the CG Stand Bag has dual straps with extra padding to make it easier to carry. It also has a three-way grab handle. The CG Stand Bag also comes with durable legs, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.


The Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag is a reliable golf bag that can carry everything you need on the golf course. With multi-organizational pockets, a rain cover, comfortable dual straps, and reliable stands, this is the affordable stand bag you need to make the most of your golfing experience.

Ultimately, it’s a golf bag made for comfort so you can enjoy the health benefits of walking all through the 18th hole with no need to worry about your back and shoulders. 


A few complaints about the CG Stand Bag are centered on the handles and the zippers. While the 3-way handle was designed to provide more options to carry the bag, it only adds to the weight and the one nearest your back can be a little hard. The string pulls on the zippers are also not as high-quality as the rest of the bag’s features.

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2. Cleveland Cart Bag

Cleveland Golf Male Cg Cart Bag, Black/Charcoal/White

When it comes to the aesthetics of this Cleveland Golf cart bag, it bears a lot of resemblance with our first choice. It is a classy golf bag with color options in black, charcoal, blue, and red. When it comes to the cost, it is within the price range of reasonably-priced, top-quality golf bags. 

Moving on to its technical specifications, this bag carries more weight than the first but remains easy to carry at 7.9 pounds and a three-way grab handle. It is fashioned with the same dimensions as the CG Stand Bag at 10(d) x 13(w) x 36 inches (h). 

When it comes to organization, the Cleveland Cart Bag has plenty of storage options. The Cleveland Golf Cart Bag has three full-length horizontal panels for your golf clubs, an insulated pocket to keep the beverage cool, an umbrella sleeve, fleece-lined pockets, a golf ball holder, a pen holder, towel holder, and a rain hood.

For an extra amount of value, the Cleveland Cart Bag also comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Cleveland Golf sets an industry standard with their golf bags when it comes to design, functionality, and ease of use and that can be seen in this particular product as it combines user-friendly features with an eye-catching look.

The three-way handle makes lifting the bag easy. It is a great golf cart bag with lots of pockets and yet not so heavy so you can still carry it with ease when you get it out of your push or pull cart. The warranty is great for added value too. Overall, a solid price for a solid bag.


A common concern among those who purchased the Cleveland Cart Bag is the arrangement of the golf clubs in the divider. This cart bag is unlike traditional golf bags as it places the long clubs in the front and the short clubs behind them. Still, some praise the golf bag for its integrated putter tubes for oversized grips.

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3. Cleveland Golf Men’s 2015 Staff Bag, Black

Cleveland Golf Men's 2015 Staff Bag, Black

If you’re looking for a Cleveland leather golf bag that won’t hurt your budget, consider the 2015 Staff Bag from the same brand. This bag is priced a little higher than our first two choices but is still below $200 at most online marketplaces. It is made of synthetic leather which cuts the costs of making the golf bag without compromising on its quality.

The Cleveland Golf Men’s 2015 Staff Bag may be a previous edition of this lineup of golf bags, but it’s by no means outdated. It stands as a modern-looking golf bag with its oversized pockets bearing the Cleveland Golf logo and a posh black and white design. The curves of the golf bag add to its style without looking or feeling too bulky.

It stands as tall as our first two golf bags at 36 inches, an industry-standard, but offers more depth of 12 inches and its widest point at 15 inches. As it is a staff bag, it weighs 13 lbs so you can expect that it is cart-ready too.

The Cleveland Golf 2015 Staff Bag also offers storage options with seven zippered pockets, some of which are oversized, an umbrella sleeve, and most importantly, a 6-way 9” top.


The design, functionality, and positive reviews of the Cleveland Golf Men’s 2015 Staff Bag are good reasons to buy this bag. The price is also great as you can buy a good quality Cleveland Golf Staff Bag without having to ruin your whole budget. If you don’t mind purchasing a previous version of this lineup, then you’d enjoy the value that this golf bag offers.

If you’re looking to buy a used Cleveland golf bag, you may find the Staff Bag with slashed prices while still in good condition as it is a durable bag.


The Cleveland Golf Men’s 2015 Staff Bag comes with straps but only a single shoulder strap. It does come with a handle, but overall, it’s not a lightweight bag. There’s not much option to carry this Staff Bag with ease, unlike our first two recommendations.

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4. Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Cg Staff Bag, Black/Blue/Silver

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Cg Staff Bag, Black/Blue/Silver

With a price twice as higher as that of the 2015 Staff Bag and carrying almost a pound more weight, we have the Cleveland Golf 2018 Staff Bag. Their Men’s CG Staff Bag 2018 comes with an upgrade that would please fans of the previous staff bag. It now comes with an ergonomic dual-molded handle and a carry strap with a single or 3-way connection. It also has air vents on the sides for added comfort.

Another upgrade comes in the form of organization. The 2018 Staff Bag now has more pockets with velour-lined pockets to keep your valuables safe and dry. It also has two compartments for your beverage so you can stay hydrated on the golf course. There are no insulated coolers on this golf bag though.

This golf bag stands at 36 inches tall and has equal depth and width at 15 inches. It is a heavy golf bag weighing 13.9 pounds.


Cleveland Golf makes it easier to lift and maneuver this heavy Staff Bag by making sure it has more options for handling. With a three-way strap and an ergonomic handle, you can carry it off the golf course much more easily than the previous versions. 

The velour-lined pockets also make a nice addition to the added storage options on this golf bag.


For the added comfort and storage, one may argue that the price is a little too much for a golf bag. It is also heavier at almost 14 pounds. When you place your clubs in and other valuables, the golf bag can weigh more than 20 pounds, which will make the golf bag a chore to carry. 

There are not too many reviews of this golf bag, though. Also, while it now comes with more pockets, there are no insulated ones and a rain hood on this golf bag is absent, as well.

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5. Cleveland Golf Junior Set (Medium, Right Hand, Junior Flex)

Cleveland Golf Junior Golf Set, Large Ages 10-12, 7 Clubs and Bag

Playing golf is a lot more fun when you turn it into a family event. Take your sons, nephews, or grandchildren with you and let them enjoy the sport as well.

This junior golf bag by Cleveland comes with a set of golf clubs customized to the needs of every young golfer. Cleveland Golf offers the Junior Golf Set for ages 4 to 12.

The Large option is designed for tween golfers aged 10 to 12. The golf bag comes with 7 golf clubs from the brand that is known for its hi-tech clubs.

This product stands at only 17 inches for juniors 54 to 63 inches tall. It weighs 8 pounds and has dual padded straps to make it easier to carry. There are also 5 pockets to hold golf balls and other accessories.

Meanwhile, the Medium Junior Golf Set has 5 golf clubs including the driver, hybrid, irons, wedge, and putter. The Small Junior Golf Set has 3 golf clubs that include the fairway, 7 iron, and putter.

With blue and white colors and the Cleveland Golf logo on the bag and the clubs, you’ll surely win your young golfer’s heart at the sport with this golf bag.


The golf clubs are weighted, lofted, and balanced to meet the needs of young golfers. The golf set already includes an 18° driver, 22° fairway, 28° hybrid, 56° wedge, 7&9 iron, and putter. Keep in mind that their junior golf set for toddlers only have 3 golf clubs.

There are zippered pockets to hold an extra shirt and golf balls. It also has durable stands that make it useful for playing on the tee. Satisfied customers also praised the quality and design of the bag and the golf clubs.


The weight may be an issue for some as the bag weighs in at 8 pounds. However, there are only 7 clubs in this golf bag and the clubs are weighted for young golfers. A satisfied customer even noted how easy it is to carry even for a young female golfer.

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Cleveland Golf Bag Buying Guide

It is just as important to choose a top-quality golf bag as it is when buying golf clubs and golf balls. In this article, we focused on golf bags that offer great value at reasonable prices. Cleveland Golf is a U.S. brand that offers high-quality golf bags that put a prime on comfort, durability, and functionality at a price range between $100 to $300.


When considering your budget for buying a golf bag, lightweight bags like the Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag or the Cleveland Cart Bag would make great choices. Budget-conscious golfers will find the bags we recommend here are the best-value golf bags in today’s market as they don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. 

Cleveland Golf Male Cg Cart Bag, Black/Charcoal/White

The Junior Golf Set may come with a hefty price tag than our other recommendations but only because it already comes with golf clubs specially designed to meet young golfer requirements.

The Golfer

More important than design or any other features is what the end-user needs. Does the golfer enjoy walking around the tee or does he prefer riding a cart? Does he need more storage options and prefer a heavier staff bag to carry his golf essentials?

For juniors, there is no safer bet than going with a Junior Golf Set that is designed for their specific use. The Junior Golf bag we included in our reviews should help your young golfer get used to the weight of standard golf bags while keeping the height and comfort at their level.

The Design

All of the golf bags we reviewed carry the Cleveland Golf logo. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, this company carries a generous line of golf clubs, accessories, and apparel that meet the needs of golfers — especially as they are designed by golfer enthusiasts.


Most of the golf bags we reviewed from this particular brand have a lot of pockets, and some come with Fleece or velour-lined ones to ensure your valuables won’t get wet or damaged on the course.

Cleveland Golf Junior Golf Set, Large Ages 10-12, 7 Clubs and Bag

Some have insulated coolers, while others simply offer more compartments to hold a beverage. Other options go without beverage compartments and even rain hoods.

Keep in mind that none of these golf bags are waterproof, but the quality of the fabric is resistant to other elements including fading from hot days on the turf.

Which Bag is Right for Me?

Golfers who are fit enough to walk through all 18 holes will like the Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag. It’s a good lightweight carry bag with lots of pockets including an insulated cooler pocket. Its ergonomic straps and handle make carrying this bag easy but you also have the option to use the durable stands.

If you prefer a golf bag you can take with you along the ride, the Cleveland Cart Bag is the optimal choice within the budget. Keep in mind that for international tours, you will need a Cleveland Golf travel bag, so the 2015 Staff Bag or the 2018 Staff Bag would be what you need.

While the 2015 Staff Bag is cheaper, the 2018 Staff Bag comes with more storage options and more comfortable ways to carry the 13-pound golf bag.