10 Great Callaway Golf Bags in 2020

Whether you’re in the market for a Callaway golf bag with cooler or a lightweight Callaway golf bag, you’ve definitely ended up in the perfect place. We created a selection of some of the most critically acclaimed models in this line, and we suggest that you check it out if you have the time. Following our extensive research, it seems that the first model to consider (and a good Callaway golf bag overall) is the Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag. On the one hand, this bag doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike so many others in this category. Plus, it comes with a magnetic valuables pocket, as well as a full-size one for your apparel. On top of everything, it has a self-balancing system, and it even comes with a strap-down umbrella bungee. Since it’s a rather popular option, it might not be in stock, so check out our next favorite choice, the Callaway Golf Rogue Staff Cart Bag

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Best Callaway Golf Bags (Reviews)

Callaway golf bag accessories are known for their quality, but so are the bags themselves. If you would like to make sure that you are getting the best bang for the buck, check out the models that we have selected. All of the following have received a lot of praise. 

1. Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag ,Navy/ White/ Gold, Double Strap

If you’re looking for a very comfortable and convenient golf bag, be sure to check out the specs of this one. It is equipped with an insulated water bottle pocket, it comes with another for your apparel, and it even boasts one made specifically for your valuables.

The bag is also outfitted with a self balancing system, as well as a strap system. This allows you to rest assured that you are going to be able to carry it with ease, and also place it on the ground as safely as possible.

Most of those that have purchased this option seem to have nothing but great things to say about its construction and performance. 

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2. Callaway Golf Rogue Staff Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Staff Cart Bag, Black/ White, Normal

The Rogue is somewhat less budget-friendly compared to our first choice. However, it is one of the most generous golf bags currently available for sale. It comes with as many as nine pockets, one of which is made for your rangefinder and another (velour-lined) that’s made for your valuables.

The bag also boasts a color-matching rainhood and a fully integrated umbrella sleeve. Naturally, since this is a Callaway bag, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with velour-wrapped dividers that can keep your clubs safe.

Based on the feedback acquired by this unit, it has plenty of room so that it fits a driver, 3-wood, heaven-wood, 5-wood, 3-5 hybrids, 3-9 irons, and PASL wedges. 

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3. Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Capital Prime 4.0 Stand Bag

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for another decent alternative, this one should fit the bill. It boasts a 5-way top and it comes with two full length dividers. Moreover, it is outfitted with a lightweight high mount stand system (automatic), which ensures an extra amount of stability. 

The dual strap of this bag makes it possible for you to benefit from excellent comfort even as you carry your equipment across the golf course. There are as many as five strategically placed pockets, including a velour-lined one.

This one is compact and very light, but some of the ones that have chosen it have complained about it being too small. 

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4. Callaway Golf Chev Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Cart Bag, Titanium/White/Silver

As described by the manufacturing brand, this one is heavy on the features, but light on the weight. It comes with a fourteen-way top complete with a putter well, which means that it speaks to the golfers that are a little more experienced and are accustomed to using all of their clubs.

There are full length apparel pockets, as well as an easy to grab handle and a built-in tee holder. Additionally, you’ll be glad to know that this cart bag comes with full length apparel pockets, so you can keep your vest or sweater in one if it gets too warm.

The unit also features a glove attachment, as well as a pen holder. 

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5. Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag, Navy/White/Red

If you’d much rather go for a stand bag instead of a cart bag, this one should definitely be on your list. It is functional, convenient, and made out of durable materials, which means that it’s not going to get damaged too easily.

The model comes with a 5-way top with full length dividers. It features an insulated water bottle, and it also has a built-in tee holder, a glove attachment, as well as an easy to grab handle.

It’s no surprise that this one, as well as some of the other models that we have showcased here, comes with a valuables pocket that’s velour lined. After all, scratching the screen of expensive electronics shouldn’t happen while you’re focusing on your game.

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6. Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Cart Bag, White/ Red/ Black

Another rather affordable model is this one. Although it’s a little older compared to some of the other units in our selection, it still offers more than enough value. It comes with as many as two full length apparel pockets, and it even boasts a seamless tee pocket. 

There is also a velour-lined pocket for your valuables, where you can store your smartphone or your keys, for example. As per usual, the handle is easy to grab and the fourteen-way top will allow you to place all of the clubs you need in this bag.

As for the drawbacks, however, it seems that some golfers think that this one is too small and lightweight. 

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7. Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Stand Bag, Red/ Navy/ White

The price of this stand bag is fantastic, since it comes with most of the features that beginning golfers might need in a bag. The 5-way top is limited, but it does come with full-length dividers. As expected, there’s an easy-to-grab handle that you can use when you don’t feel like carrying the bag on your back anymore.

The velour-lined valuables pocket is another aspect to consider, since you are going to be able to keep your smartphone and keys safe and sound. The full length apparel pocket lets you take off a layer when it starts getting too warm.

This unit has mostly received positive feedback, with people praising its design. Described as strong and lightweight, this one’s definitely worth considering.

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8. Callaways Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set, Right Hand, 9-12 Years Old

If you want to get your kids into golf, they need a bag that’s extremely lightweight, convenient, as well as comfortable. This is a set that comes with the clubs, so it’s quite a good option for someone looking to learn more about the sport.

The stand bag included is lightweight and it features a water bottle holder, a 5-way top, a double strap, as well as many as five zippered pockets. A rain hood is also included in the purchase. As for the clubs, you get a driver, fairway wood and hybrid, 7 iron, 9 iron and sand wedge and a putter. 

Apparently, this set makes the perfect option for children 9-year olds and older. 

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9. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Staff Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Stand Bag, Double Strap

You’ll find that this model is outfitted with as many as seven pockets, including one that’s made specifically for your valuables and that is velour-lined. The bag also boasts a full-sized rain hood, as well as non-slip foot pads, which prevent sinking on the turf or any slippage of any kind. 

The 4-way top comes with velour-wrapped dividers, as well as an ergonomic handle. You are going to be able to carry this bag pretty much everywhere with ease. 

As per the reviews acquired by this alternative, it’s quite nicely made and lightweight. The quality is outstanding on most Callaway golf bags anyway, so that shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

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10. Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag, Titanium/ Neon Yellow/ White, Double Strap

Weighing in at just 2.5 pounds, this unit is among the lightest that we have come across in this category. It’s made of extremely durable nylon, which means that it is more than capable of standing the test of time. 

Even the legs of this convenient golf bag are made of carbon, so they are quite rugged. You also get a YKK zippered valuables pocket, as well as a separate cell phone sleeve. The model comes with a self balancing, x-act fit strap system with a single or a double strap option.

As for the top, it’s a 4-way one and it comes with full length dividers. On the whole, the bag has just four pockets. It’s quite compact. 

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Callaway Golf Bags Buying Guide

Even though Callaway is a rather new brand, since it was founded in 1982 by Ely Reeves Callaway, it is a global brand that’s made a name out of providing excellent golf merchandise to retailers and consumers. Callaway is, in fact, one of the world’s largest golf club manufacturers. Despite being somewhat new on the market, many golfers are acquainted with their products. 

If you’re browsing through some Callaway golf bags for sale and you’re having a hard time telling which features you need and which ones you can do without, be sure to read our guide below. 

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Staff Cart Bag, Black/ White, Normal

Size and weight

This is perhaps the first aspect that you ought to consider. If you don’t want to invest in a cart bag and you intend on carrying it on your back, it goes without saying that it needs to be lightweight. Otherwise, if it’s too heavy, it will make you feel uncomfortable as you walk from one spot on the green to the other. 

The size is another matter to take into consideration. Obviously, the bigger the bag, the more things can fit into it. However, bigger models are also heavier since they are basically made out of more material. 

Look for ergonomic handles

Most of the models that this brand manufactures are equipped with handles uniquely designed. You will be able to carry the bag with ease for long distances. If the bag is full of all sorts of heavy items, the strong handles will come in handy, and their ergonomic design will ensure that you don’t experience too much strain in a specific area. 

Callaway Golf Capital Prime 4.0 Stand Bag

What about hip pads?

Hip pads cushion the area where the bag effectively rests on your hip, and they also prevent things like bruises, rashes, as well as friction and other side effects. When they are used correctly, they can help with any balancing problems that an overweight bag might have.


Callaway golf bags can be made of a variety of materials, depending on the model. As we might have mentioned somewhere else in this post, it’s quite likely that you aren’t going to find a unit crafted exclusively from leather. Leather has two disadvantages. One of them is the fact that it is expensive, and the other is represented by the fact that it weighs a lot. Therefore, leather golf bags are heavy, and they can have a negative impact on your golfing experience.

Most of the Callaway golf bags that we have stumbled upon are made of synthetic fabrics. Some of the most popular choices in this respect are polyester and nylon, as well as mesh. The mesh is typically utilized for the outside pockets, where you can keep your beverage. 


Whether you go for a ladies’ Callaway golf bag or a men’s Callaway golf bag, you’ll notice that most models come with dividers included. The best feature of the dividers is that they are wrapped in velour. Therefore, this material is going to make it possible for the clubs to be adequately protected. None of them are going to collide and cause damage. 

Does the design matter?

Callaway golf bags aren’t known for being extremely affordable, so you might as well pick the color that you like the most if you’re shopping for a unit from such a reputable brand. We couldn’t help noticing that most of the models designed for ladies come in colors such as pink or violet. Those made for men are usually available in more neutral colors. 

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag, Navy/White/Red

Frequently asked questions about Callaway golf bags

  1. How long does it take to receive custom bags from Callaway?

It usually takes about two weeks for the brand to design the product that you want. If you place your order through an online retailer, it might take even longer. We would advise getting in touch with a Callaway representative to ask some details about your order if you’ve shopped online through a marketplace. 

  1. What are Callaway golf bags made from?

The most honest answer to this question is that largely depends on the model that you will end up picking. Some can be crafted using lightweight nylon, which makes them lightweight, yet rugged enough to stand the test of time. One thing we would like to make clear is that you aren’t really going to come across leather Callaway golf bags. 

For some reason, leather golf bags have become less popular over the years. This mostly happened because they tend to cost a pretty penny. But there’s also another reason why leather bags are considered less convenient these days, and it’s that they tend to weigh you down and make you less comfortable while you are on the golf course. 

So, most Callaway golf bags are now made from nylon, polyester, and a blend of synthetic fabrics. You can even find mesh panels on some, with exterior pockets being able to hold your water bottle. 

  1. Where are Callaway golf bags made?

Even though Callaway is a 100% American brand and the products are designed in the United States, some of the parts can come from countries such as Taiwan, Chine, as well as Vietnam. This is due to the manufacturing process being a lot cheaper in those parts of the world. They are then assembled in Mexico, based on most of the info that we have found on this topic. Most Callaway products go through extensive testing, so you don’t have to worry about their quality, though.