3 Awesome Bushnell Golf Rangefinders in 2020 

If you’re in the market for a good Bushnell rangefinder for golf and hunting, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve ended up in the right place. We’ve done a lot of research on some of the top-rated golf rangefinders available for sale out there. In the end, we concluded that the first model to consider from this brand is the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Golf Laser Rangefinder. Not only does this offer include the rangefinder (highly popular among golfers), but also comes with multiple Bushnell golf rangefinder accessories. This particular device is the perfect mix of size, accuracy, speed, and slope. It’s also available without a slope feature, in case you want to stick to the USGA recommendations. If this one is no longer in stock, we suggest having a look at our next favorite choice, the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinder (Reviews)

If you’re having a little trouble telling which Bushnell rangefinder you should pick for your golf endeavors, just have a look at the models that we’ve selected and showcased below. We stuck with just three units since these ones seem to be the only ones truly worth investing in. 

1. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder, Patriot Pack Version, Includes Protective Skin

This rangefinder is available in both slope and non-slope models. You don’t have to handle face plate changing or worrying about whether the unit is or not tournament legal. The slope switch technology boasted by this model basically eliminates all of this hassle with one flip of a switch. 

In terms of design, this rangefinder is compact and lightweight, but it is also a winner when it comes to accuracy. With the assistance of this device, you will always know the correct distance since the model will eliminate any guesswork. Why does that happen? Well, it boasts Bushnell’s Pin Seeker with JOLT technology.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this alternative is that it comes with the Stable-Grip technology. This will make it quite easy for golfers with shaky hands to visualize a steady and clear image without being frustrated. 

Last, but not least, the unit comes with a generous 21-mm eye relief, so even people who wear glasses will be able to enjoy its features. We’d like to note that this particular model is not waterproof — it’s just rain-resistant. 

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2. Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

What seems to make the difference between this model and many of its competitors is the Slope with Elements system boasted by the Pro XE. In theory, this system ensures that the compensated distances are extremely precise. What’s interesting about it is that it relies on barometric pressure and temperature, and with the slope, it calculates the ‘play as’ distance. 

As such, this particular feature should assist you in accurately judging true distances even when you play on different courses or in different temperatures. Another aspect worth writing home about when it comes to this model is that it boasts a 7x magnification. 

While we might have mentioned that going crazy with the range isn’t necessarily recommended, this one does come with a total range measuring 1,300 yards. You’ll be glad to know that this unit is waterproof, which automatically makes it stand out from the crowd. 

The rubber housing is rugged and durable, and also impacts the life of the product since it’s probably going to resist drops or bumps. Best of all, this one is accompanied by a Bushnell golf rangefinder case. Many people who have reviewed the product say that its quality is instantly noticeable. 

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3. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder  

One of the unique features offered by this alternative consists of its slope switch. It is extremely easy to go back and forth between the two specs available. Just slide it up for slope and slide it down and turn it into a device that conforms to tournament requirements. 

It’s also worth noting that the Pro X2 comes with a dual display. You can utilize the black or red display option in accordance with your personal preferences or the lighting conditions. While many golfers seem to love the red option, there are people who are colorblind and that can’t see the numbers clearly. Therefore, these individuals would have to switch the device back to black. 

Two other features boasted by the Bushnell Pro X2 are its Pin Seeker and JOLT technology. These two are awesome, as well. It’s easy to use, convenient, and it seems to come with the perfect size since it fits great in the golfer’s hand. 

Some of the people who have reviewed this model say that it comes with a more than decent battery life. Apparently, it can last for as long as a whole season of golf. The lenses are crystal clear and fully capable of spotting a flag at any distance you play. 

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Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide

Getting the right Bushnell rangefinder for golf can be more or less tricky nowadays. There are many options available out there, but what features are the most important ones for you, as a golfer? Let’s look at the factors that you should keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new Bushnell golf rangefinder. 

Ease of use

Any piece of electronics can have a slight learning curve. Rangefinders aren’t an exception to the rule. The curve is, however, pretty shallow, and even people who are older can learn to figure out a rangefinder in the time span of just several minutes. 

Even so, if you’re having a hard time telling whether the model you’re going to invest in is user-friendly, have a look at the reviews that it has received. Surely other golfers will report having problems with the model in the consumer reports that you might find at different online marketplaces. 

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder


Just how fast can the rangefinder give you the distance? You should be able to shoot them in a few seconds and get a reading virtually right away. The laser component of rangefinders works very quickly, and it bounces the target back to you in a timely fashion. 

The rest of the time you will have to wait consists of the calculation speed. If you have no time to waste, although we wouldn’t see why you’d be in a hurry while on the golf course, pick a model that comes with excellent speed. 


Not all golf rangefinders are made to be waterproof. Some are merely water-resistant, which means that they might do well in moist environments, but they aren’t going to do the same with heavy rain pouring onto them. Water is the most important enemy for any type of electronic device. It leads to the corrosion of the metal elements that can be found in any golf rangefinder.

The plastic and rubber composite that makes up for the rangefinder shell has improved over the years, which means that they are now capable of resisting water damage. 

However, if you tend to play in rainy conditions frequently, you will most definitely need a waterproof model. Bushnell makes some waterproof models that are quite popular, one of the most critically acclaimed of them being the Bushnell Pro X7. 

Pin-seeking technology

Since many laser golf rangefinders can be hard to use on targets that are located far away from you, manufacturing brands have developed a technology that makes it possible for the device to lock onto the pin with ease. Pins now boast reflectors that make it easier to pick up. A flag from 200 yards or more can be quite difficult to shoot, taking into consideration that human hands are shaky.

Every brand has a different name for pin-seeking technology. Leupold calls it Pinhunter, whereas Bushnell calls it PinSeeker. Look for this feature, if possible.

Accuracy and range

The accuracy of the rangefinder matters the most when it comes to picking a Bushnell golf GPS rangefinder. It is, after all, the whole point of getting a rangefinder in the first place. Most modern models are more accurate than golfers, so that’s a good thing to bear in mind.

As for the range, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Ideally, for golfing purposes, you don’t need a range of more than 400 yards. This one is very functional and realistic. The magnification is strong enough to see your target with ease. 

Avoid getting rangefinders that technically shoot a thousand yards, because you are going to be sacrificing the quality of the image and the strength of the magnification. By the way, a 5x magnification should be large enough for you to look at far-away targets. 

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Battery life

Needless to say, since Bushnell is quite a reputable company, you’re probably not going to encounter any issues in this respect. But whether you want to get a model by Bushnell or not, just make sure that the battery isn’t going to die after you’ve played 36 holes. 

Fortunately, the batteries that most golf rangefinders are outfitted with will allow you to use the device for an entire golf season. Also, since most devices can tell you when the battery’s running low, make sure that you charge it before you go to the golf course. 


The majority of rangefinders available for sale nowadays are USGA legal so long as they only measure distance. In 2006, USGA and R&A introduced a modification to Rule 14-3, which basically prohibits the use of distance-measuring devices. 

The new rule only allows the use of distance-measuring devices as a local rule, but there shouldn’t be any wind speed or direction or slope present in the rangefinder. Distance-measuring devices were later on allowed in all amateur events in 2014. On top of everything, there are some models that have a feature that basically disables the slope-measuring feature. Unfortunately, the ruling bodies didn’t agree with the use of these devices. 

The USGA believes that using a rangefinder in golf gives the golfer an unfair advantage that’s not in the spirit of the game. There are people and associations that still promote the use of technologies (among them being rangefinders, as well) in golf. These argue that doing so increases the way the game is enjoyed and also engages people who are otherwise gadget-centric and early adopters. 

Rangefinders are known for improving the pace of the play. This has been shown by a study completed by the National University Golf Academy and Bushnell and that has resulted in a conclusion according to which the use of rangefinders for mid-handicappers speeds up rounds by about thirty minutes.