7 Awesome Winter Golf Gloves in 2020

If you have been searching for the best winter golf gloves and you haven’t decided on a particular model, you’re in the right place. We’ve gone through a lot of info regarding what makes a pair of winter golf gloves actually good, and we’ve even written a guide about it. But before you get to read it, we’d like to suggest that you check out the FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves before any other. This one’s equipped with a weather-shield cuff, it’s warm, as well as waterproof, and it even has a cool weather grip. If it’s no longer in stock, maybe you should consider the HJ Glove Men’s Winter Performance Golf Glove

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Best Winter Golf Gloves (Reviews)

Whether you are in the market for women’s winter golf gloves or men’s winter golf gloves, it’s a good thing that you are reading this article. We’ve selected some of the most critically acclaimed products in this category and have showcased them below. Check them out if you’re still considering models.

1. FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men's WinterSof Pair Golf Glove Black Large, Pair

If you want a pair that’s affordable yet completely capable of protecting you in inclement weather, you should start with this one. The model comes with a water-resistant Sure-Grip knit palm, which gives you a consistent fit, soft feel, as well as a secure grip even in the worst weather conditions.

The weather shield cuff is something worth writing home about, as well, since it keeps the warmth in better than compared to that of other choices. Besides, the glove is made from waterproof structured nylon and foam fleece, meaning that it’s fully capable of keeping you warm when you need it the most. It also feels great against your skin.

Additionally, you might want to know that these golf gloves for winter are not too thick nor too thin, and many golfers say that they are warm enough to play even in very cold weather. They are manufactured in India. 

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2. HJ Glove Men’s Winter Performance Golf Glove

HJ Glove Men's Black Winter Performance Golf Glove, Large, Pair

Since it’s just as budget-friendly as some of the other products that we will showcase here, this one by HJ is another that you should bear in mind. It is made of good-quality materials, meaning that it has a great chance of standing the test of time. It is outfitted with a layer of thermal fleece, which is why your hands will remain warm no matter how much time you spend on the green.

The fleece also feels excellent against your skin, which is another benefit to take into account. As for the exterior of the glove, the palm is made of Cabretta leather, so it is both durable and reasonably soft. This is a winter glove that can provide you with an excellent grip, so that’s worth considering. 

Golfers describe these gloves as good since their back is more insulated and seems to do a good job of keeping the back of your hand and fingers quite warm. 

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3. Callaway Golf Women’s Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Callaway Golf Women's Thermal Grip, Cold Weather Golf Gloves, Black, Medium/Large, 1 Pair, (Left and Right)

If you are in the market for decent ladies’ winter golf gloves and you’d rather get a pair from one of the best-known golf gear manufacturers out there, you should definitely consider the Callaway option. The model comes with a digitized synthetic leather palm that offers improved grip even in wet conditions.

Furthermore, you’ll be happy to know that this model comes with a unique microfiber outer shell that is fully capable of repelling water, as well as providing you with the wind protection that you need. The thermal fleece inner lining keeps your hands warm, so you can remain comfortable even when playing golf for a longer time.

Plus, the gloves are outfitted with an adjustable closure, so they have a secure fit. They’re light, reasonably lightweight, and thin, but they also seem to be quite warm. The only issues reported by some of those that have purchased this model are related to size – the gloves seem to run a little small. 

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4. Callaway 2014 Winter Mitts Golf Waterproof Thermal Mittens

Callaway Golf Thermal Mitts Gloves Glove Thermal Mitt Cold Weather (One-Size, 1 Pair of 2 Gloves RH LH), Black, One Size

There can be times when you need to sacrifice grip and finger freedom because the weather is freezing, and you wouldn’t want your hands to be freezing, as well. If you’re looking for a model that offers you excellent protection, especially when you handle equipment, push your cart, or carry your gear on the green, check this one out.

The Callaway model is outfitted with a coated outer fabric that is completely waterproof, and it comes with the same thermal fleece inner lining boasted by other models made by the same brand. The microfiber outer shell is present in this case, as well, and it offers good wind protection, and it also repels water. 

What’s nice about this product is that it is equipped with a zippered pouch where you can place a hand-warming packet. Naturally, the packet isn’t included in the purchase, but you can buy it separately. The mitts are great to keep hands warm when golfing, so you can actually use them for golfing as well (based on the reviews acquired by this model).

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5. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Mitt

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Mittens, Black, XX-Large

Although they aren’t specifically marketed as being for golfers, these Carhartt gloves are also worthy of your consideration, especially if you want something to keep your hands really warm when it’s really cold outside. The shell of the mitts is made of polyester, which is why they have a pretty good chance of standing the test of time.

Also, the pull-on closure allows you to customize the wrist fit as per your specific needs. Additionally, the gloves come with a FastDry technology that wicks sweat away in a timely fashion. The durable polytex shell is a nice addition, as well, and so is the stretch fleece cuff. 

In the palm area, the gloves boast reinforced polyurethane, which extends the life of the product, but also keeps your hands cozy and warm. You can use the Carhartt gloves in pretty much any situation, which is an advantage without a doubt. 

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6. ViGrace Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Men and Women

Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Men and Women Touch Screen Fleece Lined Knit Anti-Slip Wool Glove

These cheap winter golf gloves are just budget-friendly – they aren’t cheaply made. Sure, they might not be right up there with the Callaway winter golf gloves that we have mentioned before, but they do get the job done, meaning that they keep your hands warm and cozy. 

The gloves are comfortable soft. The outer is made of 9% acrylic and 5% spandex, whereas the liner is crafted from wool. The palm boasts an anti-slip triangle made from silicone, which offers a good grip when you’re holding the club. Best of all, you can use these gloves even when you’re using your smartphone, so you can conveniently text someone if you have to, and all that without taking them off.

The gloves are quite versatile, so they can be used under a wide array of circumstances, whether for working out or actually playing golf. They might make a good gift for a golfer, as well. 

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7. OZERO Winter Gloves Water-Resistant Thermal Glove

OZERO Winter Gloves Deerskin Leather Thermal Ski Glove Insulated Fleece for Snow Skiing Driving Cycling Hiking Runing Hand Warmer in Cold Weather for Men and Women Large Black

As another affordable alternative, this model is also one that you should bear in mind. It’s effective, convenient, and comfortable, and it seems to do a pretty good job of keeping your hands warm when you need that the most. The model is made from genuine deerskin suede leather and outfitted with a layer of thermal polar fleece.

What’s cool about this pair is that it comes with a HeatLok thermal cotton layer, which is an air system that offers breathability and, at the same time, warmth. This system is capable of trapping your body heat, therefore creating a thermal barrier thanks to the polar fleece.

The gloves are soft, comfortable, and windproof, and they can be worn in any situation whatsoever. Many of those that have purchased these say that they have actually exceeded their expectations. Some have used them for golf and others for cycling, and in both of these situations, they performed well. 

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Winter Golf Gloves Buying Guide

When the weather is freezing, there’s nothing that can help you on the golf course like a good pair of golf gloves for winter. As you might have noticed, we have written some of the best winter golf gloves review, but in this guide, we would like to address the essential features you should look for when shopping for such an item. Here’s what you should know.


This is the first thing that you should look for in good winter golf gloves. If the model that you are considering doesn’t come with any type of insulation, just don’t get it. It’s not worth the money or the effort in the long run. 

Mizuno 2018 ThermaGrip Men's Golf Glove, Pair, Black, X-Large

Insulation can be ensured by a variety of materials, but it is usually a result of a combination. The glove could have a leather outer, for example, and a fleece layer on the inside. 


The thing with inclement weather is that it doesn’t typically involve just one nasty phenomenon. This means that while it might snow, just be cold, or even rain, you could very well focus on your golf game if it’s not really windy. The gloves that you will spend your money on need to be as wind-proof as possible.

While this could be provided by the insulation that we have already mentioned, the closure is quite important. It’s a better idea to get a longer pair of gloves if you want to wear them underneath your shirt, for example, and that would be convenient. However, if there is a closure present, make sure that it is over your wrist. Otherwise, you’re going to feel cold anyway. 

Nike Cold Weather Winter Golf Gloves - ONE PAIR (X-Large)


You need the glove to offer you a good grip, as well, not just protection from the elements. If this is not provided by the product, you will find that even holding a club can be challenging, let alone actually hitting the ball. Some cold weather golf gloves come with a portion on the palm that’s made of different materials, such as rubber or silicone. 

You should look for a model that boasts this addition to make sure that you are going to benefit from a good grip. 

The right size

As you can expect, different manufacturing companies have different sizing standards, which puts today’s consumers in difficulty when shopping for clothes or accessories. One way to make sure that you order the correct size is to measure your hand and then match the measurement to the size chart made available by the brand.

OZERO Winter Gloves Deerskin Leather Thermal Ski Glove Insulated Fleece for Snow Skiing Driving Cycling Hiking Runing Hand Warmer in Cold Weather for Men and Women Large Black

It’s a good idea to check out some winter golf gloves reviews, while you are at it since other customers can tell you whether they run large or small. In any case, make your purchase from a trusted seller or manufacturer so that you can at least return the gloves and get the right size if you accidentally get the wrong one at first. 


As you might have noticed from the models that we have picked and reviewed, there are two things you can consider when it comes to the design of the gloves. You can get actual gloves, meaning that each of your fingers is going to be covered in protective material, or you can purchase a pair of mitts. 

Callaway Golf Thermal Mitts Gloves Glove Thermal Mitt Cold Weather (One-Size, 1 Pair of 2 Gloves RH LH), Black, One Size

Mitts are excellent if you are mostly focused on keeping your hands warm. But they do have a disadvantage, and it consists of offering you less freedom on the whole. If you have noticed that your golf performance is on par even when wearing mitts and you tend to suffer from the cold, this is a good choice for you.

Gloves, on the other hand, offer you a little more freedom of movement, and they definitely speak to the needs of golfers who tend to use their fingers when hitting the ball. On the downside, though, they keep your hands less warm compared to mitts. Pick the one that best suits your preferences.