6 Great Waterproof Golf Shoes in 2020

Do you like playing no matter the weather? Or perhaps you need reliable shoes that won’t get soaked when you step on a puddle? This review will help you decide (in as little time as possible) what waterproof golf shoes to buy without going through lots of reviews and research. We did all the research and can recommend New Balance Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe. Although it is a previous model, it is tested and proven when it comes to comfort, style, and durability. It also comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

In the event that the first product (a very popular one) is out of stock in your size, we recommend you check out Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe. Aside from its waterproof protection, this lightweight shoe is also great for those who like to walk 9 or 18 holes. Read on through our waterproof golf shoes reviews and buy trusted and highly-recommended shoes that will help you play better on the golf course.

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Best Waterproof Golf Shoes [Reviews] – Our Favorites

The products in our reviews differ in style and features, but all are well-known as good waterproof golf shoes. Make sure to have these shoes handy when the weather goes south and you still want to practice teeing. Dig into our reviews of top golf shoe brands that provide durability, stability, and waterproof features suitable for the turf.

1. New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's NBG2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, White/Red, 10 M US

First on our list of best waterproof golf shoes is the Nbg2004 from New Balance. It’s an imported men’s golf shoe made of 100% microfiber leather. This shoe has the waterproof label, and New Balance is backing it up with a 2-year warranty. That’s great value for this price.

New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 has high customer satisfaction ratings with it being a lightweight shoe with superb stability and traction.

Some of its main features include the 10mmdrop midsole that makes it easier to walk through all 18 holes. The shoes also flaunt removable Slim-LOK cleats for great traction. Even the clumsiest will find it difficult to slip with these shoes on. This is even more important when playing in wet greens. Come rain or shine, you can play golf with the assurance that neither your shoes nor your feet will get wet.

The Nbg2004 Men’s Golf Shoe allows you to stand tall with a TPU outsole that flexes with your natural motions while providing stability.


These waterproof shoes provide the stability and traction a golfer needs while playing on the turf on wet days. It’s waterproofing also makes it easy to clean.

The Men’s Nbg2004 by New Balance is available in a wide range of sizes too from 8 to 16 X-wide. If you have wide feet, this should be your go-to golf shoes for rainy days. It’s roomy in the toe box while maintaining a snug fit for extra stability.

The REVlite midsole is also said to provide the same durability and responsiveness as heavier foams while making it more lightweight. Take note that REVLite midsole is a feature first seen in New Balance marathon shoes. If you’re the type who likes walking around the golf course, this is the golf shoe you need.


There are only three styles to choose from in black, white, and grey colors.

Also, the shoes may need a short break in period.

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2. Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

The next reviews will be looking into Skechers waterproof golf shoes. First off, this stylish golf shoe from Skechers—Men’s Torque. It is made of synthetic material with a leather finish. It is less pricey than our first option but is only available from 7.5 to 13 wide. If you have wider feet, you will need the X-wide options for our first choice. Nevertheless, these shoes are wide enough for comfort. Also, the majority of customers noted that the shoes fit true to size.

This is a great shoe to wear in wet weather to keep your feet dry. Those who have sweaty feet should not have an issue with these shoes too. Skechers launches this well-designed shoes with H2G0 waterproof protection and a nearly seamless design.

It is an ultra lightweight and responsive shoe with high-rebound cushioning. It also has soft spikes and a molded rubber bottom for great grip and traction. The shoe also raises your height from the ground by a ¾-inch heel.


Customers noted that it’s a lightweight shoe suitable for walking. It comes at a great price too and several size options. Most buyers would agree it fits true to size even with golfers who have wide feet. Some even noted that this Skechers golf shoe has the “wide” size suitable to his feet compared to other golf shoes of the same brand.

This is a good quality golf shoe for wide feet. It also has the features golfers need such as durability, traction, comfort, stability, and support.


Again, there are only three styles for this shoe in white, gray, black. 13 wide is the last size.

Some reviewers noted that the shoes were not entirely waterproof as moisture could get in the shoes during strong rains. Others noted that the shoe had a shine they didn’t like. A limited number thought the shoes were still too narrow for their feet.

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3. Skechers Men’s Pro 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Pro 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe

If you are looking for cheap waterproof golf shoes, you may want to consider Skechers Pro 4. While the price differs drastically between sellers, you can still find these quality shoes selling for cheap. It is available in more designs, all monochromatic colors. Like the previous Skechers golf shoe, it also has a ¾ inch heel. It also bears a resemblance to the Skechers Torque.

This golf shoe is made of full-grain leather and textile with H2GO waterproof shield. The shoes also feature rubber soles and ultra flight foam for maximum comfort. It also boasts a dynamic diamond-design traction plate, a heel lock feature, and replaceable soft spikes for better grip, stability, and traction. Skechers Pro4 is the official shoes of PGA professional Matt Kuchar.

These golf shoes are suitable for playing in all conditions. With its great design and construction, you can surely focus on perfecting your golfing techniques. The shoes also come with a 2-year waterproof guarantee of its H2G0 shield. Plus the cleats are replaceable.


These are the golf shoes you should get if you need quality shoes at an affordable price. The shoes are popular among pro athletes as well as with satisfied customers. The shoes are available in a wide range of sizes from 7.5 to 14 with a wide size up to 13” wide.

It also comes with a long warranty and replaceable spikes.

There are also comments regarding its breathability. These shoes do not get too hot to wear when worn on warmer days.


Some reviewers mentioned that it was comfortable despite being a bit heavy. If you’re looking for a more lightweight shoe, the first option would be the one you need. Also, these golf shoes are not always the cheapest. As it is popular among the pros, it can get too expensive depending on the seller and whether you want to buy it new or pre-loved.

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4. New Balance Men’s Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

Up next, we’re going back to New Balance for their wider range of sizing options especially for those with wide feet. We are looking into the New Balance Striker Golf Shoe. The price range also varies depending on the seller as it is a popular model. There are 18 different sizes to choose from with wide and extra wide options. The biggest size is 16 X-Wide.

It’s not just the sizing that we are after with the New Balance Striker Golf Shoe. It also has the same REVlite cushioning as our top pick and CUSH+ insole for improved comfort. These shoes are also made of microfiber leather and have a synthetic sole with soft spikes.

As we’re reviewing waterproof shoes here, it is also important to note that these shoes have a waterproof feature. With the no-sew process, there should be no problem with water getting into the shoes. If you’re often playing golf in the rain, consider these shoes. It also comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty.


Customers are noting its golf-compliant features such as great traction, stability, and support. These are well-designed shoes for comfort in dry or wet conditions. It also cleans easily and has no breaking-in period.

If you have wide feet in big sizes, you should definitely consider the New Balance lineup of golf shoes. As for the design, some noted that it’s not distracting. The two New Balance golf shoes we chose for this review have waterproof technology backed by a long warranty. If you need quality and durable shoes that will last you through seasons and a few years, this should be a good buy for you.


Unfortunately, there are only three styles to choose from with this golf shoe.

Keep in mind that while these have soft insoles and cushioning, there are reviewers that noted blisters with these shoes. Apparently, some even had to replace the insole of their shoes to make it wearable.

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5. Skechers Men’s Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

For fans of Skechers men’s golf shoes who have wide feet, then consider Skechers Mojo. This golf shoe has a wider range of sizes from 7.5 to 14 wide. There are also more styles to choose from in 9 monochromatic styles with a more athletic design and fit.

These golf shoes are made of imported full-grain leather and textile with a rubber sole. If you want spikeless golf shoes, Skechers Men’s Mojo features a Gripflex spikeless outsole. This feature foregoes the spikes common in golf shoes while providing as much grip, traction, and flexibility as possible.

Skechers Men’s Mojo Golf Shoe also features the responsive Ultra Flight cushioning. These lightweight shoes also have high-performance insoles and midfoot support. These are non-penetrating shoes that protect your shoes from turf damage.

As for waterproofing, the Skechers Mojo is equipped with H2GO Shield with a 2-year waterproof protection guarantee.


Satisfied customers noted that the shoes were lightweight and well broken-in. It is also wide especially around the toe box as these are made for those with wide feet. Some compared the toe area with athletic fitting shoes and noted that these are wider.

Plus, the 2-year guarantee on waterproof protection is reassuring.


Some aspects of the design may bother some golfers. For instance, some note that spikeless golf shoes lose some grip. Also, while it is wide and fits like a glove when worn, some noted that it was difficult to put on owing to its design. The laces on these are only on the top half of the shoe making it difficult to adjust.

These are somewhat pricey shoes in comparison to our previews Skechers pick which is our second best waterproof golf shoe. However, if you’re not into golf shoes with spikes, then you might consider this option.

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6. Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Women's Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

Last but definitely not least is one for female golfers. These ladies’ waterproof golf shoes are so stylish and versatile too. These spikeless golf shoes are priced cheap for its features.

The design is what attracts buyers to these shoes first and foremost. If you don’t like shiny shoes that may appear distracting on the tee, then these are not for you. Still, many like its design for both on and off the golf course.

Skechers Women’s Drive 4 is made with a metallic leather upper available in 5 styles including pewter and rose gold—the two most popular styles. The shoes are lightweight too with the ultra-light responsive midsole and high-rebound insole cushioning.

These shoes are also protected with Skechers H2Go waterproof shield. Like most waterproof golf shoes in this review, these shoes also come with a 2-year waterproof guarantee. The shoes are also lined with breathable, moisture-wicking lining so you can still wear them on warmer days.


If you’re not afraid to stand out on the golf course, then you may want to consider Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Golf Shoes. These are spikeless golf shoes for women flaunting a metallic design and waterproofing.

These shoes are not just known for their design. The Skechers Drive 4 for Women is also lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear on the golf course.

There are different metallic hues to choose from including bright white, pewter, black, and pink. Some even have glittery heels. This model also has 11 sizes for your selection ranging from 5.5 up to size 11.


Some have considered that these golf shoes seem to have no arch support. Also, the toe portion may taper down and feel cramped making it difficult to wear for those with wide feet.

Sizing can sometimes be an issue with these golf shoes. Most reviewers recommend going a half-size to a full size larger.

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Waterproof Golf Shoes Buying Guide

There are several things you need to consider before you purchase waterproof golf shoes. Whether you’re buying for yourself, your spouse, or as a gift, you will need to find out if the shoes can provide the features you need for a great game on the turf. Things to consider before you buy:


First off, consider the price. Waterproof golf shoes can be more costly than regular golf shoes considering their added durability and added value for the wet season.  Cheaper golf shoes, even waterproof ones, may crack easily or lose its soles quickly. When choosing waterproof golf shoes based on price, consider how often you play during rainy times. Opt for a brand that offers a waterproof warranty. They may cost you more but that also means the company can back up on this feature. That said, you will surely get more use out of best value waterproof golf shoes around the hundred dollar mark.


You will also need to consider the type of material used in waterproof golf shoes. These may be leather or synthetic leather which is a cheaper option. Real leather will be more costly and will require more care.


Next, consider the fit of the waterproof golf shoes. It is best to try sizes in-store if you can. Regardless, consider reading the reviews as buyers will often advise if you need to buy a size up, down, by half, or according to the size you normally wear.

Build quality

Another important feature you need to consider when buying waterproof golf shoes is its build quality. Our top pick, New Balance Nbg2004 is made with no-sew engineering for more durable construction.

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe


You will need to consider golf shoes that are lightweight as it is easier to walk in. Unless you prefer to ride golf carts throughout the entire 18-hole golf course, you need to keep in mind when reviewers caution you about the shoes being heavy.


Also consider the flexibility of the shoes. We looked for golf shoes with flexible soles and cleats for this review as such shoes allow for natural movements on the golf course. Don’t opt for golf shoes with very hard sole material as it not only affects its weight but also your movements on the golf course. If you don’t want any conflict with your positioning for different golf swings and slopes, opt for shoes with flexible soles.


Finally, consider how the brand designed their golf shoes for stability and traction. This is equally important as waterproofing as you can slip on wet surfaces with a waterproof shoe designed with less grip. Find shoes with a spike system and durable cleat details. This feature should have a nice grip that will prevent slips. It also helps you stand your ground on any surface. If you opt for spikeless golf shoes, some have heel-lock or anti-slip heels and a traction plate. However, keep in mind that spikeless golf shoes are often inferior to spiked golf shoes in terms of providing stability and traction.