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Best Putting Machine With Ball Return 2020

A putting machine is basically a small and compact piece of equipment that is used for golf training. It enables golfing enthusiasts to sharpen their golfing skills by hitting the balls at extremely short distances.

The best-putting machine with ball return is the Legacy Golf Travel Practice Putting Set that comes with its own putter, ball and machine. Not to be confused with a golf putting green, the machine can fit snug into a compact case and taken wherever.

The machine has some markings that the player may target the golf ball at. It may also be deployed at varying distances from the golfer depending on the liking or unique preferences of the player at the time.

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Best Golf Ball Return (Reviews)

Golf putting machine is great for training but are also perfect for enjoyment at home, office or in the garage. They do give you the chance to improve the accuracy of your putting that will reflect on the golf course.

If you are looking for the most professional putting machine, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is the answer. It will only return golf balls to you if you hit the perfect fault, otherwise, the forfeit for a poor putt is that you have to collect the ball yourself.

In general, they are very reasonably priced and should not be confused with putting greens for practicing. They can be used as well as a putting green to increase your ability to hit the perfect putt. Below is a list of the best-putting machines with ball return for using indoor and outdoor.

1. LEAGY Portable Golf Putter Practice Putting Machine

LEAGY Portable Golf Putter Travel Practice Putting Set with Case Indoor Outdoor Yard, Golfer Kids Toy Indoor Golf Games Set, Ball Return System Zink Alloy Putter Best Gift Executive Office Putter SET

The first truly portable putting set has been produced by Legacy golf and can be taken wherever. It contains everything you need from a putter, golf ball and of course the putting machine.

It has a fully functioning ball return, so you can carry on hitting the ball back and forth. We strongly recommend altering the distance if you are having a high success rate as this would be the best way to improve your putting.

The machine itself is made from zinc alloy and other high-quality materials to ensure its highly durable. It is a great gift for anyone who finds themselves easily bored and wants some enjoyment.

Overall, the Legacy Portable Putting Set is the best putting machine with ball return for the money. Other putting machines can cost 5 times the amount but this one is simply an easy to use machine that is great for some fun.

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2. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting (White)

One putting machine that is aimed at professional golfers looking to perfect their putting game is the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer. By using a parabolic curved design. the PuttOut simulates the same conditions as a real putt on the green.

Every time you successfully putt into the desired target, the ball will be returned. If not, well that is your own fault for not getting it in the hole!

It is very high quality and made from elastomer and translucent polycarbonate, which is very durable. The design ensures to that good putts are returned and bad putts are rejected. This will improve your delivery of power to the ball and accuracy.

Overall, this is the best putting trainer with ball return for professionals looking to improve their putting. Its durable, compact and made from high-quality material so that it will last a long time.

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3. Gallery Electric Putting Partner Game

Golf Gifts & Gallery Electric Putting Partner

The perfect golf gift is something cheap that the person buying for will actually use. This electric putting machine with ball return ticks both those categories.

Unlike the Legacy model, you can adjust the ball return strength so that it hits the ball hard enough back for long putts.

Although it comes with a 90 days warranty, the Legacy model feels higher quality and looks better. However, in terms of cost, this electric putting machine is much cheaper and great value for the money.

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Putting Machine Buying Guide

A putting machine is a simple gadget that is ideal for helping you practice your shot game. Unlike most a golf hitting net or even a golf chipper net, it can be used inside with no risk of damaging anything in your home. Below are some advantages to owning a putting machine.

The Advantages Of Putting Machines With Ball Returns

Identified and briefly explained below are some of the factors or unique traits that set the putting machines with ball returns apart from the others.

Utmost Convenience

As has already been stated, these machines have ball returns. This is basically a mechanism that bounces the ball back to the player automatically after the target has either been hit or missed.

These ball returns enable the player to hit the ball as many times as he wishes. This is because the player does not have to waste plenty of precious time in pausing the game in order look for the ball himself.

Due to the existence of these features, this kind of training equipment brings along two main attendant benefits.

For one, it greatly expedites the time that players spend on the core activity of sharpening their golfing skills.

Secondly, it also brings along the benefit of added convenience as it negates the need to stray from training and respond to other non-core issues.

Golf Putting Machine

Improved Training Efficiency

Given the fact that the player saves a great deal of time due to the reasons stated above, the use of this machine for golf training confers the player’s improved efficiency.

This is mainly due to the fact that it enables the trainees to cover much ground within the shortest duration of time possible.

This is in stark contrast with the conventional means of training which requires the players to devote a substantial chunk of their time in looking for the ball or attending to other non-core issues.

Because of this, the putting machine with a ball return is indeed the best training equipment to look out for.

Suitable for Indoor Use

Most of these kinds of machines are powered by electrical energy. As such, they are mainly suited for indoor use or for use in areas that are in close proximity to homes and other building facilities.

Indoors are generally better for training purposes than outdoors. Such environments are controlled and are also sheltered from the harsh external environmental weather conditions such as strong winds.

They are thus less susceptible to strong winds, hot sun, precipitation, and other forms of disturbances. They are on the contrary tranquil, stable and quite conducive.

Enhanced Putting Accuracy

These machines are designed in such a way as to attract the balls. This is by way of the existence of magnetic or air suckers that draw the ball to a specific target.

By using this machine on a regular basis, the users greatly improve the accuracy of their shots. They hit the targets as nearly as possible.

They also experience less missed targets, greatly minimize any wastages, and convert much of their attempts to meaningful end results. All these results lead to a common outcome – the improvement of the overall golfing skills.

No Need For Other Players

In most instances, golfing trainees will normally seek the assistance and companionships of fellow trainees in order to nurture their golfing skills. Though desirable, this comes at a great cost indeed.

Some trainees may demand financial incentives for the companionship they offer. Others may distract the players. Others still may not offer the needed level of reliability, and so on.

This machine eliminates such issues. That’s because it is designed to handle all the various aspects of putting training on its own. It is also reliable in the sense that the player basically has absolute control over all the affairs of the machine. Moreover, it requires no financial incentives to utilize and is thus quite affordable.

Ability to Vary the Putting Distance

As has already been hinted out, these putting machines enable their users to vary the putting distance. This feat is almost unachievable with other putting machines or golf training equipment.

As such, it allows users to sharpen their shooting or targeting skills. It also enables the users to approximate distances and selects the right intensity of hitting the golf balls.

Technology Improving Your Golf Performance

These putting machines are on the whole designed to grant the golfers some technical advantages. These include but are certainly not limited to smoother strokes, better glides, sweeter impacts, bounce-less topspin ball launches, and perfect fits as to shaft the angles and length. Because of this, the machines are on the whole more effective in building up a golfer’s skills as compared to the ordinary training equipment.

Electric Putt Machine

Improves Stability

On the whole, the machines confer the benefit of improved stability to the users. This is because they reduce the need to strain, shoot at an angle, or alter the posture unnecessarily during a playing session.

This stems from the relatively shorter distances that ordinarily exist between the machines and the players at any given time. It also arises from the fact that the machines do have some ‘magnets’ that suck up and direct the balls to their desired targets.

This trait brings along several benefits to the players. First and foremost, the players are less predisposed to fall offs and other associated dangers. Secondly, they are less fatigued during the course of a typical golfing session.

This is by virtue of the fact that their postures are not adversely affected in the course of such. Finally, they let players play in a nearly upright position at all times. This is the right posture for warding off any unwelcome incidences discussed.

Simpler to Monitor Scores and Progress

Some kinds of these machines are equipped with parts, components, features, and accessories that may greatly simplify the monitoring of scores and overall progress. Some have score displays that track and display the scores instantaneously.

Others have built-in games that may aid players in sharpening their skills. They let the players play against some imaginary opponents. They also have difficulty levels which may allow players to adjust the skill levels which they may want to furnish or polish up.

This contrasts sharply with the conventional equipment that is mainly manual and rudimentary. They offer almost no other attendant benefit. These machines are also superior in the sense that they take the user through some form of progressive training from scratch through to the expert levels.

Simpler to Operate

A number of features and functionalities make this machine quite simpler to operate. These include the automated functions of ball propulsions.

The system does not at all require the human input throughout its use. They are also powered by either mains electricity or battery power. This also eliminates human effort and also ensures the greater efficacy of the machines.

The machine only requires to be switched on and that’s it! Apart from being quite convenient, the machines also confer the needed peace of mind that the users require enjoying all the benefits that the machine brings along.

This is not to mention the fact that it absolves the users from the need to pay too much attention to it during a typical golfing session.


By virtue of containing built-in and customized games, these machines are generally quite effective in nurturing the putting skills.

The built-in games offer training tips and also offer the players some customized mock games. The players may play against these imaginary opponents and in so doing; get to improve their overall putting skills as well as other aspects of the game of golf that may equally matter.

Other kinds of putting machines are not so. They are on the contrary quite archaic and also devoid of any elegant parts and components. Due to this, they are not so effective in nurturing the golfing skills of the users at all.

Features Appropriate Calibrations

They also come along with excellent calibrations. Chief among these is the Stimpmeter. This is basically a portion of the putting device that measures the speed of golf’s course.

Other essential calibration units include ball position indicators and numbered stance indicator system. These calibrations enable the players to easily and accurately approximate the various distances and other essential parameters of the entire putting machine or golf training.

These approximations ensure that some of the unwelcome problems like the missing of targets, low scoring potential, and unnecessary injuries are avoided. This subsequently leads to greater enjoyment of the entire training session.

Contains Alignment Guides

Most putting machines do have alignment guides at various intervals. These guides generally ensure that the golf balls follow the right course from the point they are hit to the intended targets. They eliminate strays and other misalignments.

They also ensure that the golf balls are guided to their intended targets as much as can be. They, therefore, improve the consistency, controls and also build confidence in all the strokes.

Other than that, they also aid in the maximizing the scarce spaces in the sense that they prevent the ball from straying off course and infringing on the adjacent areas. Their existence, therefore, plays a significant role in enhancing the overall golfing skills of the players.

Possesses Reliable Practicing Surfaces

The typical practicing surfaces of these putting machines are designed to mimic the real-life green conditions. They are soft, mostly green in color, extremely flat, and completely devoid of any debris that may interfere with the movement of the balls.

Consequently, they accord the players the required external environmental conditions that are necessary for optimal outcomes to be achieved. These include frictionless surfaces, unhindered motion of the balls, unnecessary bounces, timely and accurate reflections, to mention but a few.

Given that they are mainly utilized indoors, they enable the users to taste both the convenience of indoor training and the benefits of outdoor usage at the same time.

Very Adjustable

In all, almost all the major parts, components, and parameters of these machines are adjustable. This means the player may vary their dimensions appropriately and in response to their unique preferences, likings, tastes, and desires.

Examples of these parameters that may be adjusted include the specific putt distance and alignment guides, to mention but a few! This feature further brings along the attendant benefit of added convenience.

The feature also ensures that the machines are suited to the heights, skill levels, and space that are available at the disposal of each user. It also improves the overall efficacy of the entire system.

All these have the overall benefits of improving the training experience. They also eliminate unnecessary incompatibilities that may be experienced while utilizing the putting machine.


The benefits of the putting machine with ball returns are indeed many. Owing to the limited time and space available, not all of them could be identified and explained. It, therefore, goes without saying that the ones highlighted and described above are by no means exhaustive. The onus is thus on the respective golfer to carry out additional research, to find out the missing ones.

That said, the best putting machine is one that embodies all the qualities outlined and discussed above as nearly as possible. For this kind of machine to be identified, a great deal of skill, effort, wit and time have to be invested while making an appropriate purchase.

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