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5 Best Golf Push Carts 2020

A push cart for golf benefits from being more lightweight and easy to fold compared to the electric push cart alternative. They are also much cheaper and can be easily stored in the back of the car for when they are not in use.

The best golf push cart you can buy is the Clicgear Model 3.5+ that is also the smallest folding golf cart at 13 x 15 x 24 inches. It also only weighs 18 pounds and has unique features such as a handbrake to stop it rolling away.

Golf push carts have come a long way since a decade ago where they were heavy and not as durable. You can now expect an easy to fold cart that is lightweight with many features, which will last you many years of golfing.

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Best Folding Push Cart For Golf (Reviews)

Lightweight push carts need to be able to cut through grass easily and glide up hilly courses without any drag. Features such as holders, clips, brakes and much more add to the overall experience and determine whether it is the best golf push cart.

Deciding between an electric or pushcart can be hard but if you are on a budget, you are better buying the best push cart rather than a cheap electric cart.

There are some cheap push carts that are recommended but there are many you should avoid. Below is a list of the best golf push carts on the market with models suitable for low and high budgets.

1. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5+ | 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart (Charcoal/Black)

The Clicgear is a high-quality golf push cart that folds down to a tiny 13 x 15 x 24 inches with a gross weight of 18 LBS, which is perfect for storing in the back of your car or cupboard.

This push cart features a console with a holder for your golf ball, pencil and tees as well as an umbrella mount and 4 accessory tabs for other additions you may add. An important feature for those golfers that play at hilly golf courses is the handbrake which prevents the cart moving.

For those that use cart golf bags, this cart has a smart “easy clip” straps to ensure that the bag is securely held. In terms of folding the cart, it uses a patented “Slide To Close” mechanism that takes seconds to fold.

The three wheels, which are airless provide the most stable platform on a golf course. Unless you are messing around, it’s very hard to tip this push cart with a set of golf clubs on board.

For the savvy golfer that likes to match their clothing to their golf gear, the cart comes with 8 different color choices and styles.

It is the best push cart for golf you can buy and it may be on the more expensive side but its worth the extra money.

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2. CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Dark Grey

The CaddyTek is a more familiar name to most golfers and the three-wheeled push cart is one of the best designs. Available in three different colors the CaddyTek EZ-Fold will fold down in size to just 13.2 x 12.4 x 32.8 inches with a weight of 18.5 pounds.

The CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart folds down with a patented “One-Click” button which will fold the cart in two simple steps. The CaddyTek offers unique features such as a basket with a cooler built in and a mesh net on the handle on top of the usual umbrella holder and other storage.

This golf push cart comes with 4 different colors to choose from with the red design being the most popular. It is the best value push cart for golf that offers all the features you would expect from a big brand within this sort of market.

A stand out feature that the Clicgear does not have as standard is the umbrella holder. If you play golf in the rain quite regularly and have purchased a large golf umbrella to keep you dry, storing it on the cart is very easily done.

Overall, the CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf is the best golf push cart for the money without spending as much on the Clicgear alternative.

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3. Bag Boy Quad XL Push Golf Cart

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart, Matte Black/Red

The Bag Boy brand produces high-quality golfing gear and their bag was mentioned as one of the best golf bags for the money in our other article and their push cart is highly rated also. It is available with 12 different colored designs and uses 4 wheels for the best stability whilst carrying your golf clubs.

As there are 4 wheels and more construction for stability, there is a slightly larger footprint in terms of its folded downsize. It folds to 24 x 17 x 16 inch with a total weight of 16 pounds, which is still fairly lightweight.

In terms of your golf bag, you will be able to store both a stand and cart golf bag and lock it in place using the adjustable support arms. In terms of storage, it has a very deep console that contains a scorecard holder, golf ball holder, smartphone holder and much more.

It is one of the best push carts for manoeuvrability and has nice features to ensure you have everything you need.

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4. Jef World Of Golf Deluxe Push Golf Cart

Jef World Of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

If you are looking for the cheapest push cart for golf, the Deluxe steel golf cart by Jef World Of Golf is perfect if you are on a budget. It is very lightweight and sturdy with just two wide wheels for stability.

This is a budget golf push cart but it does not lose any quality compared to many other cheap alternatives. It features a waterproof scorecard holder, two golf ball holders, tee holders and more.

To store your golf bag securely, there is an adjustable strap that wraps around the majority of golf bag sizes with ease. It is the perfect golf push cart to store your kids first golf club set without spending much money. You can then upgrade to a better golf push cart after a few years of usage.

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5. CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek Superlite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Dark Grey

The other highly rated pushcart by CaddyTek is the SuperLite Deluxe that is designed for golfers on a budget. It is the cheapest three-wheeled golf push cart with features you would normally find on carts twice the price.

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is the lightest within this article at just 12.2 pounds in gross weight. Once folded, it measures just 17.5 x 15.75 x 33.6 inches and if that is not small enough, the wheels can be removed too. Folding the pushcart takes a matter of seconds with a one-step folding mechanism like the more expensive CaddyTek alternative.

The usual features include a drinks holder, handbrake, umbrella holder, a mesh net and more. It is the best cheap golf push cart for the money and worth the small amount extra over the Jef World Of Golf cheap alternative.

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Push Cart Cart Buying Guide

Golf pull carts are two-wheeled lightweight cart carts that are designed to be easily pulled along behind you as you make your way around the green. These carts are ideally suited for golfers who don’t carry very much weight with them.

The best courses to play on with this golf pull cart are flat courses. This is due to the balance point of the two-wheeled cart making it easy to pull along when used on flat surfaces. These particular carts have an easy assembly process and good collapsing ability.

These carts are straightforward and simple to use. The biggest advantage for this class of golf carts is that they are the least expensive option. Nevertheless there are a few drawbacks such as only being able to carry a limited amount of equipment since they are smaller, being uncomfortable dragging the cart behind you for the whole game and that it can really affect your posture.

Purchasing a golf push cart will help you stay competitive by reducing your fatigue as well as helping to speed up the game by making those four hours for a round of 18 even more pleasurable. So now that we’ve figured out a solution to the bulky and cumbersome bags, you might still be left wondering how to go about buying a push cart.

push cart for golf

You might have asked other players for opinions and suggestions with little to no avail, or you might’ve been looking around for one on a fruitless search, because you’re not too sure about what to look for. Whichever the case may be; this informative guide to buying a golf push cart will help you on your journey to find the perfect one! And though reading reviews from other buyers and experts alike is a trustworthy way to find the best golf push cart, it’s imperative to know what to consider while reading them.

It is imperative because there are several things to take into consideration. For instance, not only consider convenience on the course but off the course as well. Also, consider the aspects of the cart that directly affect its convenience on and off the course. These aspects are wheel size, cart handles, cart size, weight, ease of assembly, cart seat, value, features and last but not least the different types of golf push carts. It may sound like a lot to take in but no need to fret, because rest assured, we will be covering all of these considerations individually throughout this buying guide.

Wheel Size

Our first consideration is wheel size. Typically larger is better, but to be more specific, larger wheels are better for rugged terrain. This is because larger wheels provide a steadier base in dense, bumpy uneven areas ensuring balance and stability. Also, larger wheels enable effortless manoeuvring, thereby limiting exertion and reducing fatigue. Players who fatigue early and who play on gusty, undulating courses should place great emphasis on the importance of this factor. Furthermore, look for foam, airless tires that have no way of deflating, as this will keep your maintenance cost low. However, the only stipulation to this consideration is that, though larger wheels are typically better, it is essential for the wheels to be designed to complement the performance of the cart. The last thing you’d want is for your wheels to create resistance while you’re pushing, causing you to expend energy.

Cart Handles

When it comes to cart handles it’s important to keep in mind that there is a fine line between being durable and being comfortable. It’s important to have durable padding but it also has to be soft enough to provide both cushioning as well as a good grip. Since you need your cart to be easy to operate and responsive to your movements make sure there isn’t any excessive padding on the handles. Excessive padding on the handles will cause you to have to apply pressure on your cart to try to get adequate steering. But consequently, that added pressure will make the cart heavier and more problematic to manoeuvre. Be sure to take note of the handle’s condition as it is a good gauge in what to anticipate in the rest of the cart’s design.

Cart Size

In 2019 it’s hard to justify bulky, cumbersome carts that take up a lot of storage space especially with advanced technology and innovative designs. That’s why before purchasing a pushcart, research the product specifics and find the size and dimensions of the cart you want. Look for a cart that folds compactly but is still sufficient enough to accommodate your bag and other accessories. Also search for a cart that can be easily carried to your car and won’t take up a lot of space. A pushcart with a compact design can help you conserve your energy and really make a difference on the course.

push cart for golf course


The general rule of thumb is the lighter the cart the better. But this rule is not without its limitations. Lightweight design is great and is the goal, but a lack of weight can cause instability with your cart. Therefore it’s best to not get caught up in looking for the lightest cart available on the market. This is because when it comes to stability, the manufacturer must create it in supplementary ways such as through the cart base or the wheels. Pinpointing carts that weigh between 10 to 20 pounds is generally a good place to begin. Also once you have pinpointed carts between 10 to 20 pounds, try carefully testing them on rough terrain with varying degrees of pressure. This will ensure the cart’s stability and assure you of its ability to handle the elements.

Ease of Assembly

Since some carts need a fair amount of manual labour, the goal then is to find a cart that can be effortlessly dismantled. It isn’t worth spending your hard earned money on carts with complex assembly and disassembly. However, it is worth spending money on a pushcart that has the ability to collapse, although the way that this is achieved varies widely. Some push carts only need a two to three step process, whereas a select few will collapse and fold automatically with the push of a button. This is something to keep in mind especially after a bad round of golf; when your irritation level is already high and at risk of increasing as you stand there wrestling with your cart to get it to fold up.

Cart Seat

The seat of the push cart isn’t an extremely important factor that decisively affects the nature of your push cart buying experience. But it is a nice, little extra to think about. It is a nice extra if you are specifically looking for comfort and a sturdy, well-built seat to sit on while you’re waiting for the group in front of you to finish.


Being in the market for a high-quality push cart, you can expect to spend anywhere between $80.00-$300.00 or possibly more. But the key to remember here is that it’s about value not price. First, start looking for value by doing the research and reading reviews. What do customers and experts have to say? Then once you’ve done the research come up with your budget which will be your benchmark, since everything is contingent upon this. Lastly, to make sure you receive more in value than you give in money, approach this as an investment. A value investment that you should ultimately get a return on.


There’s no doubt that after all the work you just put in researching and searching you might want to enjoy some fun features, gimmicks and accessories. After all this is your investment why not get the most joy, use and value for your money?! Features like umbrella brackets, cup holders and scorecards usually come standard, so you might want to think about some cooler bags that tie into the design quite nicely. Or maybe think about something to enhance your storage. But as you do, bear in mind that it’s okay to indulge as long as you don’t allow yourself to take your eyes off the ball. The key word here is investment so try not to get too caught up in the bells, whistles and added gimmicks. The most important qualities you want are durability, stability, design and ease of use. By focusing too heavily on features and accessories, you can add to the weight of the cart sacrificing the most important qualities.


As we wrap up this informative buying guide, we sincerely hope that this information will serve as a blueprint and adviser in finding the perfect push cart that works for you and enhances your game.

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