9 Best Nike Golf Caps 2020

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable Nike golf cap or just a good Nike golf cap regardless of its design, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article. We’ve gone through dozens of customer reviews and have analyzed the quality of dozens of products in this line. Eventually, we came up with a selection of the top-rated models out there. Before we move on and describe each and every one of them, though, we’ll tell you that the first unit that you ought to consider is the Nike Unisex Classic 99 Mesh Golf Cap.

This one is made from 100% polyester and it boasts the classic Dri-FIT technology of many other caps made by the same brand. This tech makes it possible for you to remain comfortable and dry no matter the number of hours you spend on the golf course. The mesh back and side panels increase breathability, too. If this model is unavailable, go ahead and consider the next best alternative, the Nike Men’s Metal Swoosh Cap Hat.

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Best Nike Golf Caps (Reviews)

Looking for the perfect green Nike golf cap? Or maybe you’d prefer something more neutral like a white Nike golf hat? No matter if you prefer one or the other, we thought we might give you a hand at selecting the perfect product. We have showcased some of the critically acclaimed models from this brand below.

1. Nike Unisex Classic 99 Mesh Golf Cap

NIKE Unisex Classic 99 Mesh Golf Cap, Dark Grey/Dark Grey/Anthracite/White, Medium/Large

Many Nike golf cap reviews suggest going for this model as it is durable, convenient, and versatile, and it also keeps you comfortable for a good deal of time. It comes with embroidered eyelets that help enhance the breathability ensured by the design of this unit, and it also boasts the well-known Nike Dri-FIT technology that can keep you comfy and dry for a whole day of golfing.

The item is also outfitted with mesh and back panels so as to ensure that you benefit from the adequate amount of ventilation. Another aspect that you should keep in mind if you’re considering this product is that it comes in several sizes — it doesn’t come in the same one-size-fits-all design as many cheap Nike golf caps.

As such, you have a better chance of getting a model that actually fits your head properly if you choose the right size.

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2. Nike Men’s Metal Swoosh Cap Hat

Authentic Nike Navy Blue Cap Hat Unisex Metal Swoosh One Size Adjustable Golf Baseball Hats

One of the most notable benefits made possible by the design of this cap is that it is comfortable, and quite so. It’s made of a user-friendly fabric and it boasts a six-panel top that’s been manufactured out of durable cotton. Furthermore, it is capable of retaining its shape despite the little ‘accidents’ it might go through.

The cap comes with adjustable size and the visor is pre-curved so you can start wearing it right after having it delivered to your doorstep. There is a small brand logo made out of metal that adds to the stylish look of the cap.

Most of those that have bought it and were kind enough to provide some feedback on how they felt about it say that it is well-made. It fits snug like a unisex cap and it seems like it is nice quality. Beware that some products might not be original and might have defects — if so, return the item as quickly as possible.

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3. Nike TW AeroBill Classic 99 Performance Golf Cap

Nike TW AeroBill Classic 99 Performance Golf Cap 2018 White/Anthracite/White Large/X-Large

This fitted Nike golf hat can keep you feeling dry and cool even if the sun is shining brightly in the sky. As with some of the other models manufactured by the same company, this one boasts the same Dri-Fit technology that is capable of wicking sweat away. The sweatband on this cap is made of terry and is both absorbent and soft.

The neat thing about this cap is that it’s incapable of making you feel like you’re wearing the wrong type of protection as it is designed to stretch on your head. This means that you are going to be able to benefit from a customized fit.

You’ll find that this cap is outfitted with laser perforations on the back and side panels so as to keep you cool. Many owners report that it is indeed sweat-proof and some call it the most comfortable bill type cap that they have ever worn.

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4. NIKE Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Front Adjustable Cap

Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Front Adjustable Cap - Black

This item can be used both as a men’s Nike golf cap and as a model for women as it boasts a unisex design. It’s made of 100% polyester, so it has a good chance of standing the test of time. Furthermore, it comes with a contrast underbill and it boasts a low profile, unstructured crown.

While it is available in a handful of colors, the only issue that we have come across with respect to this product is that this Nike golf hat comes in a one-size-fits-all. Naturally, that makes it almost impossible for it to be a great fit for absolutely everyone.

Nevertheless, we couldn’t help noticing that most of those that have expressed their opinions about this model say that it is highly comfortable and fits as expected. The fabric looks good in real life and it’s said to be high-quality. Some people argue that it’s not the cheapest cap ever to have been invented.

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5. Nike Men’s Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat

Nike Golf Tech Adjustable Cap (White)

This fitted Nike golf hat is another that you should keep in mind since it boasts all of the features that might make you feel comfortable while you are golfing for a whole day. It comes with an adjustable velcro closure at the back – that is, if you choose the adjustable model and not the one-size-fits-all design.

As is the case with some of the other items in this line that were manufactured by the Nike brand, this one comes with the company’s proprietary Dri-Fit technology that makes it possible for golfers to remain comfortable and dry even when the situation gets a bit challenging in this sense.

From the reviews acquired by this product, we noticed that the fit largely depends on the user’s physical attributes. For example, there was an individual that reported that the cap touches his ears and this seems to be a rather common complaint.

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6. Nike Women’s AeroBill Legacy91 Perforated Cap

NIKE Women's AeroBill Legacy 91 Perforated Cap, White/Anthracite/Black, One Size

This unit is quite similar to the one that we have described earlier on, and that’s because it is merely a variation of the men’s design — but this one is made specifically for lardies. It comes with a rugged six-panel design complete with interior taping, so again, this one has a pretty good chance of lasting for a decent amount of time.

From what we have noticed, it comes in as many as seven different colors from traditional black to teal. It’s a bit more affordable compared to some of the other models by Nike, so if you are on a tight budget and you’re in the market for a quality golf cap for ladies, this one might be a good option.

What we would like to point out about it, however, is that some customers have reported that it might not be flattering for bigger people. It is apparently made for people that have a somewhat small head and slender face.

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7. Nike Classic Golf Sun Cap

Nike Classic Golf Sun Cap Hat Dri-Fit Unisex Adjustable OSFM, Velcro Closure -White/Black

This white model is a chic and convenient one that you should bear in mind, as well, as it is well-made and durable and it can also keep you comfortable even when you’re golfing for a whole day. The color underneath the white on the top is a Red Jordan. The bill of the cap measures three inches from front center to end.

On the front part, it is hard while on the back, it is somewhat soft. The velcro can slide inside the sleeve so you needn’t worry about it hanging out or looking awkward. The size of the model is adjustable, which seems to be an important selling point judging by the feedback that it has received.

Loved by adults and children alike, this is one of the most popular models that Nike has ever issued. Some people even have it in three different colors. That isn’t a surprise, though, since it’s stylish and fits as expected.

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8. Nike Classic99 Golf Hat

Nike Classic99 Golf Hat (White, Large/X-Large)

Available in a wide range of colors and in as many as three different sizes, the Classic99 model is another to keep in mind. It is made of the same polyester fabric used on most other Nike caps that we have stumbled upon. What this means is that it’s quite durable since cotton can’t even compare to the durability of polyester.

The dobby fabric with stretch makes it possible for you to benefit from a comfortable fit. The terry sweatband is, as you might expect, absorbent and soft, so you needn’t worry about being all sweaty as you are trying to focus on your golfing performance.

Let’s see what some of those that have bought the Classic99 have had to say about it. A female user reports that she ordered the L/XL as she likes her caps to fit a little loose. The fit is apparently ideal as it doesn’t squeeze your head tight like similar models. It’s also quite lightweight.

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9. Nike Kids’ Core Golf Cap

NIKE Kids' Unisex Core Golf Cap, Sunset Pulse/Anthracite/White, One Size

This youth Nike golf cap can make the difference between your child wanting to accompany you to the golf course and wishing he or she would have stayed at home. On the one hand, it’s important to protect your kids from the sun, especially these days when the UV rays are getting so bad.

On the other, you’ll feel reassured that your little one is comfortable and sweat-free as you teach him or her some golf. What’s important about this product is that it should be noted that it doesn’t fit kids that are younger than 5 or 6.

Some say that it runs a bit big so you might have to adjust it as best as possible. However, that also means that you aren’t going to have to get another golf cap for your child too soon since he or she is going to grow into it.

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Nike Golf Cap Buying Guide

When you are looking to purchase a nice golf cap, you’re probably considering getting one from brands like Adidas, Under Armour, or Nike. Nike makes some of the best sports apparel out there and the company has a long-standing reputation for creating practical and highly convenient and comfortable apparel. Let’s look at several factors that you ought to bear in mind if you’re looking to get the right Nike golf cap.

Beware of fakes

We decided to start with this aspect as it seems to be a recurring theme among many buyers. Nowadays, there are many counterfeit items available on the market, and there isn’t a specific way that you can make sure you don’t waste your money on one other than by getting it from a trusted seller. Some online marketplaces will refund you the money should you report that the item is a fake.

Naturally, all of these issues are null if you decide to buy your Nike golf cap from an actual store. However, in some areas, especially from the United States, this might not be possible. Just use a trusted merchant to avoid similar problems. We’d also like to suggest that you take the time to go through as many consumer reports as possible before ordering the model that you have chosen.

NIKE Unisex Classic 99 Mesh Golf Cap, Dark Grey/Dark Grey/Anthracite/White, Medium/Large

Size and fit

As you can expect, people are very different in pretty much all respects, whether we’re talking about their physical attributes or the way they think. If someone says that the cap was a good fit for them, that doesn’t mean that it would fit you in the same way.

There are two methods of solving this dilemma. You can either get a cap that comes in a one-size-fits-all design or you can opt for an adjustable one. Naturally, it’s a lot harder to be unhappy with a cap whose size can be customized in accordance with the dimensions of your head.

What is the cap made of?

It would be ideal if you could find a golf cap that was made with at least some cotton. Unfortunately, this rarely is the case with hats nowadays since they have to be able to withstand the test of time. Polyester is among the most durable options when it comes to fabric, so you will find that most golf caps are currently made of this fabric.

Since it is a synthetic fabric, polyester can make you feel a bit too warm, especially if you are golfing right under the sun. One way to circumvent this issue is for the cap to come with mesh panels so that the air flows in and out and offers you some ventilation. Another method would be for the cap to come with a sweatband, which can be made of a variety of fabrics from cotton to terry.

Most Nike models that we have come across come with the brand’s proprietary technology, called Dri-Fit. This tech makes it possible for you to golf for several hours on end without feeling uncomfortable while wearing the cap. It’s true that most other brands have some sort of gimmick that makes wearing the hat a really comfortable experience, but this one by Nike actually seems to be effective.

Does the color matter?

We believe we might have mentioned this in another article, but you need to consider the weather and the conditions in which you are going to do your golfing in. If, for instance, it’s very hot outside, the last thing you might want to do would be to go out with a black Nike golf cap on. You aren’t going to be doing yourself any favors if you decide to go out like that. Choose a light or neutral colored cap for every circumstance if you’re looking for versatility and wear the black one when the weather is cool.