7 Excellent Long-Sleeve Golf Shirts in 2020

If you’re in the market for some good ladies’ long sleeve golf shirts or long sleeve golf shirts for men, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. We have done extensive research on the topic and have put together a comprehensive guide that you will find in the second half of this post. If you’re in a hurry, though, we’d like to suggest that you consider the Three Sixty Six Men’s Dry Fit Long Sleeve Polo Golf Shirt before anything else. With its moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology, this shirt is going to feel great against your skin for as many hours as you will spend on the green. In case it’s no longer available, feel free to check out our next favorite option, the Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 ½ Zip-Up

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Best Long-Sleeve Golf Shirts (Reviews)

Whether you’re looking for a long sleeve golf shirt for summer or one for the cold weather, it can be challenging for you to pick the right model. On the one hand, you have a very wide variety of products that you should consider, and on the other, some of the reviews that they might have acquired can be false. 

Here are some of the most notable options that we have come across while doing our research. They are good-quality, will last for a more than reasonable amount of time, and they’ve received excellent consumer reports, as well. 

1. Three Sixty Six Men’s Dry Fit Long Sleeve Polo Golf Shirt 

Jolt Gear, Men's Dry Fit Long Sleeve Polo Golf Shirt, Moisture Wicking, Blue XL

If you’re looking for good long sleeve golf shirts that don’t break the bank, you should start with this one, since it’s both budget-friendly and quite convenient and comfortable. It is made with a unique anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology, which means that you are going to remain dry in spite of the many hours that you will spend on the golf course.

The model also comes with a four-way stretch fabrication, so this one is not going to restrict your moves as you are focusing on your performance. Best of all, it even boasts a UPF 30 sun protection, so you can safely use this under the sun. The hidden buttons, stretchy cuffs, and firm collar that this model is outfitted with make it visually appealing, as well.

Some of those that have opted for this choice were kind enough to express their views on hot it performs. Apparently, it doesn’t even wrinkle up that bad, and the collar doesn’t even lose its shape over time. 

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2. Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 ½ Zip-Up

Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip-Up, Academy (409)/Steel, Large

If you’d much rather go for a relaxed fit, you should consider this model by Under Armour. It’s also pretty affordable, so it can go in the category of cheap long sleeve golf shirts, but it’s reasonably durable. Being made of 100% polyester, it has a really good chance of standing the test of time.

Also, this model comes with a ½ zipper closure, which means that you can simply zip it down when you start to feel too warm. The UA tech fabric used in the construction of this model is very soft, quick-drying, and has a pretty natural feel, so it’s going to feel great against your skin.

Like some of the other discount long sleeve golf shirts that we have showcased here,this one comes with an anti-odor technology that makes it very difficult for odor-causing germs to grow on the surface of the material as you keep on golfing. Plus, the moisture-wicking capabilities of the material also manage to prevent this. 

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3. Three Sixty Six Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Dry Fit

Three Sixty Six Long Sleeve Polo Shirts for Men - Men's Dry Fit Golf Polos - UPF 30 with 4 Way Stretch

This is a somewhat similar model to the one that we first described in our selection. However, its construction is something to keep in mind as it is made of 88% polyester and 12% elastane, which means that it is both a winner in terms of durability and stretchiness. 

Three Sixty Six makes a lot of long sleeve golf shirts with sun protection, and this one is part of the category. It comes with UPF 30, so it can do a good job of protecting your skin. Whether you are out on the green or at a barbecue with your friends and family, you can rest assured that you aren’t going to get sunburnt wherever this shirt covers you.

It’s also worth noting that the shirt comes with a moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology, which is a benefit in itself. Although it is slightly less affordable compared to others, this one is described by the reviewers as lightweight, soft, and comfortable. 

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4. PUMA Golf 2019 Men’s Long Sleeve Polo

Puma Golf 2019 Men's Long Sleeve Polo, RHUBARB HEATHER, x Large

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality apparel and footwear, PUMA is without a doubt one of the best-known brands in the world. This particular long-sleeve golf shirt is made entirely of polyester, so it can be considered a winner in terms of durability. However, this is also a drawback since a little cotton added to the mix would have kept the wearer considerably more comfortable.

Even so, if you aren’t going to spend countless hours on the green, you should undoubtedly consider this option. It does come with PUMA’s proprietary DRYCELL technology which effectively draws sweat away from your skin so as to keep you comfy and dry.

The moisture-wicking finish is another thing worth writing home about. Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that this item comes with a performance fit that is wider in the shoulders, chest, and sleeves, and that offers you plenty of freedom of movement as you play. 

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5. Under Armour Long Sleeve Golf Shirt

Under Armour Playoff 2.0 Polo Long sleeve, Pitch Gray//Black, X-Large

Available in three color combinations, this long sleeve shirt is another that you should keep in mind. It is made of a mix of polyester (96%) and elastane (4%), which once again, gives you the durability and elasticity that you need when you are on the green. Plus, the poly construction ensures that you’re going to make the most of this product over time.

Additionally, this long sleeve shirt comes with a button closure, so if you start feeling too warm, you can simply unbutton it. The four-way stretch construction boasted by this choice allows you to move freely in any direction, and the sweat-wicking capability of the fabric combination allows you to remain dry and comfortable.

Some customers note that this one might just as well be the best long sleeve golf shirt for hot weather, especially since it comes with UPF 30 protection. Some of the people who’ve opted for this product describe it as nonrestrictive, breathable, and lightweight. 

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6. PGA Tour Men’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

PGA TOUR Men's Long Sleeve Polo Shirt, Burgundy Wine Heather, M

PGA Tour has made a name of itself out of making some of the highest quality golf gear, in every category possible. This long sleeve shirt is definitely one that you should consider if you are focused on getting a high-quality alternative. What surprised us, however, is the fact that this one is solely made of polyester. 

This means that the shirt is going to last for a long time, but it might be less comfortable compared to other choices out there. It’s a good thing that it can be cleaned in the washing machine. Also, the shirt comes with a ribbed collar and a button closure, so you can at least unbutton it if you begin to feel uncomfortably warm. 

To ensure that you get to benefit from excellent flexibility, this model boasts a motion flux performance stretch. As for what people are saying about this shirt, it seems that it is soft, silky, and it has a good fit. It’s nice and comfortable and it looks great, as well, so it can be worn in other settings that aren’t related to golf, as well.

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7. Callaway Men’s Long Sleeve French Terry Heathered Solid Polo

Callaway Men's Extra Soft Long Sleeve French Terry Solid Polo, Blueprint Heather, Large

Callaway is another well-known brand in the industry of manufacturing golf equipment. The company makes anything from clubs and bags to apparel. While this shirt is high-quality and we aren’t going to deny that, the high cost might make it less reasonable for some golfers. After all, it is made from a mix of polyester and spandex, much like other choices we’ve described here.

The model comes with a button closure, so you can simply unbutton it when you start feeling too warm. In terms of cleaning, you can simply throw it in the washer without having to worry about anything else. 

The tonal stitch, ribbed collar, and three-button placket all make this option very classy, so you can wear it in other situations, not just for golf. 

The only area where this model is truly a net winner is sun protection. Unlike some of the others we have stumbled upon, this one comes with a whopping UPF 50, so it will do a truly excellent job of protecting you from nasty UV rays. 

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Long-Sleeve Golf Shirts Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a more than decent long-sleeve golf shirt, you’re probably wondering what’s truly important when it comes to your final decision. Well, to give you a hand, we have created a comprehensive buying guide where we listed some of the essential aspects that you should consider. Check it out below. 


If you have gone through the models that we have showcased in this article, you might have noticed that they can be basically broken down into two categories. Some of them have a flattering fit (meaning that they are tighter) and others have a more relaxed fit. 

Jolt Gear, Men's Dry Fit Long Sleeve Polo Golf Shirt, Moisture Wicking, Blue XL

We believe that this is the first factor that you should look at because if you pick the wrong type of fit, you are going to be uncomfortable. And let’s face it — who wants to be uncomfortable for several hours spent on the golf course? 


As you can expect, different brands have different sizes, which can make it very difficult for a golfer to pick the perfect one, especially when shopping online. We suggest that you both measure your body as best as possible and match the measurements to the ones from the brand’s size chart, and at the same time, look for user reviews that can tell if you if something’s wrong. 

Puma Golf 2019 Men's Long Sleeve Polo, RHUBARB HEATHER, x Large


The fabrics that the shirt if manufactured of can impact its durability, but also the amount of comfort that you will get to benefit from while wearing the item. These days, it can be particularly challenging to find a long sleeve cotton golf shirt, and that’s because cotton really doesn’t take the cake when it comes to durability.

Three Sixty Six Long Sleeve Polo Shirts for Men - Men's Dry Fit Golf Polos - UPF 30 with 4 Way Stretch

You can, however, opt for shirts made of combination materials, such as mixes of polyester, nylon, or even cotton and elastane or spandex. This type of combo is usually preferred as it offers both durability and stretch, which you need if you want to have a bit of freedom of movement as you play. 

While there is this rumor going around according to which shirts made by reputable brands are more durable compared to those that you’d get from less known ones, we don’t think that that’s a factor to base your final decision on. The price can be a good clue, because if a shirt is just too cheap, something’s definitely fishy. 

But the name of the brand doesn’t really matter per se. Even Callaway and other well-known brands now make their items in Mexico or in Asia because the workforce is so cheap over there.