5 Amazing Golf Training Aids in 2020

Every year, golfers are inundated with gizmos and gadgets that promise to take their game to a whole new level. But what do all good training aids have in common? They can be part of a live practice session, and they’re easy to use. If you’ve been tossing and turning about getting the best golf training aid and you don’t know which model to pick, it’s a good thing you’re reading this post. We’ve done a lot of research on the topic and have concluded that the first unit to consider is the SKLX Gold Flex Training Aid. it’s a winner in terms of universality, build quality, as well as commitment, and its effectiveness has been praised time and again in the reviews of golf training aids we’ve gone through. If this model is no longer available, feel free to pick our second option, the SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Training System.

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Best Golf Training Aids (Reviews)

If you are in the market for some more than decent golf training aids for beginners, you should check out the selection that we have put together for your consideration below. All of the following items have received the critical acclaim of those that have given them a try. 

1. SKLX Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick, 48 Inch

Available in two sizes, one of which measures 40 inches and the other measuring 48 inches, this trainer can take your skills to a whole new level. It’s capable of ensuring that you develop better mechanics, and it can also outfit you with more power. You can build muscle memory, as well as strengthen your swing thanks to the 2.5 pound weighted head that this model comes with.

There is extra flex in the shaft, and it assists you in lengthening your swing. What’s really cool about this choice is that you can develop your tempo with its help. Swinging the Gold Flex time and again will allow you to gain feedback and also correct your bad habits. 

It’s also worth noting that the manufacturing brand has invested some time and effort into the development of this product, which is why it’s going to last. Plus, most of those that have given it a shot seem to have nothing but good things to say about it.

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2. SuperSpeed Golf Training System

SuperSpeed Golf Men's Training System

Based on the claims of the company that makes this product, it seems to be capable of increasing your club head speed by 5 percent in as little time as six weeks. Whether that is truly possible or not is still a matter of debate, since there aren’t that many folks that have tried it out until now.

Even so, you might want to know that the SuperSpeed alternative is utilized by over 600 golf tour pros across the world. Training with this system for as little as ten minutes three times a week can allow you to see significant results. 

The set includes three weighted clubs and it also gives you the opportunity to study video instructions which should normally last you for as many as two years. As a drawback, it’s considerably less affordable compared to other types of training systems out there. Some golfers say that they’ve increased their driver speed by 10 mph. 

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3. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

We believe we might have mentioned this option in one of our other articles. The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t cost a fortune, and it allows you to practice your skills even when the weather outside isn’t that nice. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for an avid golfer who can’t seem to stay off the green even during the winter.

The model is manufactured using durable PET resin. It has a kidney shape. There are three practice cup cutouts in its designed, and the built-in sand ones catch missed shots. In addition to everything, you might want to know that the surface of the product is made in such a way so that it lasts for a good deal of time and also remains smooth.

The non-skid backing boasted by this product enables you to stay out of trouble. Some of the golfers who have expressed their opinions on the item say that it seems to be slightly smaller than advertised. 

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4. Shaun Webb Golf Alignment Sticks

SHAUN WEBB Golf Alignment Sticks. Practice Rods, Training Accessories and Equipment, Aiming, Putting, Full Swing Trainer, Shoulder, Hip and Posture Corrector with Clear Tube Case. Best Golfer Gift

The sticks are made to keep your shoulders aligned correctly, especially with your hips and feet. This means that you will find it easier to get the ball to land and also closer to your target. As you can expect, the alignment sticks are lightweight and designed to be compact, and they can be stored in your bag with ease. 

The rods measure just about 48 and a quarter of an inch, which means that they are compatible with most golf bags currently available for sale. Since this training aid allows for hassle-free carrying, you will be able to take them with you even when you travel out of town. They are accompanied by a clear storage tube. 

The sticks ensure consistent pre-swing setups, along with proper swing mechanics. These will assist you in shaving strokes off your score. If you want to be better at your golf game, these sticks are definitely worth taking into account, especially given their pretty much unbeatable price. 

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5. Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid 

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid - for Improved Rhythm, Flexibility, Balance, Tempo, and Strength - 47"

Offering plenty of value, this training aid is a winner in terms of build quality, effectiveness, universality, as well as commitment. There have been some players that have reported feeling awkward as they have naturally slower backswings. It’s also worth noting that the product might conflict with overspeed training. 

Nevertheless, this unit makes for a great warm-up tool which can help players that have tempo issues. It is more than capable of allowing you to build balance, as well as strength. The flexible-shafted club is equipped with a hefty orange ball at one of its ends, where the club head should normally be located. 

Swinging the training aid back and forth in a somewhat rhythmic motion can help you train your whole body so that you feel what a good tempo should ideally be. It also encourages proper wrist release throughout the swing. It’s very useful for all types of golfers, from beginners to champions. 

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Golf Training Aid Buying Guide

Getting great golf training aids for distance nowadays can be more or less complicated. The market is overflowing with alternatives, some of which are made in bizarre locations across the world. Many of the cheaper ones haven’t even garnered a lot of appreciation on the part of those that have tried them out. Let’s look at several essential aspects that you should consider when shopping for a new golf training aid.  

1. Build quality

A good golf training aid will be used time and again and for multiple practice sessions. If you teach golf to kids, for example, this aspect is even more important. Every aid needs to be well-built and capable of standing a lot of abuse, as well as repeated and consistent use. 

The problem is that many of the golf training aids that we stumbled upon are made of cheap plastic. That’s why they break easily, and also ahead of their time. Naturally, you should look for the most durable unit that you can afford. Unfortunately, some of the rugged ones can cost a pretty penny. 

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick, 48 Inch

2. Effectiveness

The question you have to ask yourself before placing your order is: “Will this training aid actually make a difference with my golf game?”. An effective model will offer you real results on the golf course. Regular use can result in a better handicap and scores. Some of the best ones can effectively reduce the number of strokes that you have to write down your scorecard. 

3. What about commitment?

There are two factors that make a golf training aid work. One of them is the item itself, meaning that it has to be highly usable and allow you to utilize it with ease and comfort. If it’s poorly designed, you aren’t going to feel at ease while you practice, and this will lead to you feeling down and losing interest. An excellent training aid can encourage and reward commitment.

The issue is that many of the models that we have come across call for dull repetition to the point that you’d rather quit and stop practicing at all rather than try and stick to the protocol day in and day out. If you have to devote as many as three hours daily, five times per week, you’re not going to find it very helpful. 

That’s why the training aid needs to be useful and effective, but also quite a bit of fun to use. Some of the manufacturers clearly state the frequency of practice that you will need to see any results. If you have to practice more than three times per week, you might be better off with another item. 

SuperSpeed Golf Men's Training System

4. Value offered

Nowadays, there are products that are advertised as being the miracle helpers that you need to take your golfing performance to an unimaginable level. As you can expect, not only do these products not live up to expectations, but they can also cost a lot of hard-earned cash. It is naturally up to you how much you want to spend for a golf training aid, but we’ll tell you that some can be as cheap as five dollars whereas others can be as expensive as two hundred.

The perfect balance is usually somewhere in the middle. There are putting mirrors that can cost as little as twenty bucks and they are likely to be more effective and get you the best bang for the buck when compared to an expensive straitjacket. Whatever you do, avoid getting the cheapest golf training aid out there, because it will only warrant disappointment. 

5. Consider the size

This is the last criterion that we would like to add to our guide. It goes without saying that if the person practicing is a petite lady or a child, the training aid needs to be significantly smaller than the one addressed to a man that’s taller than 6’6”. Since manufacturing brands aren’t particularly helpful in providing this kind of information, always make sure to look for the FAQ section at various online marketplaces. 

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

Frequently asked questions about golf training aids

What are the advantages of golf training aids?

This type of gear is specifically designed for you to improve your game. It’s usually quite specific, which is why we have showcased several types of training aids in our selection. Every golf training aid focuses on one particular area of your game. 

Can I take my golf training aid on the plane?

These units don’t generally look like they are dangerous, which is why most airlines will allow you to take them in your carry-on luggage. However, if you have any doubts about this issue whatsoever, we recommend getting in touch with the airline where you made a booking, have a talk with a representative, and find out right from the source whether a training aid is allowed on their planes. 

Are swing trainers good for beginners?

Yes. In fact, many experienced golfers say that they are an excellent option for beginners. 

What size of swing trainer should I purchase?

We can’t give you a straightforward answer to this question as golfers themselves differ in terms of their physical attributes, as well as their skills. Getting the perfect size needs to be correlated with your ability, as well as your height. The full-sized Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer that we have described in our selection, for example, is best suited for men and women who are taller than 5’6”. We advise getting in touch with the manufacturing brand and asking them directly.