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The Best Unbreakable Golf Tees 2020

The golf tee to many golfers are all the same and do not affect your golfing performance. Owning golf tees for certain golf clubs such as the driver or iron can almost certainly aid your tee shot to provide added distance or more accuracy.

The best golf tees are the 4 Yards More Golf Tee that is an ideal 82 mm in height and extremely durable. The design is made from plastic with a pronged head to keep the golf ball stable as you perform your golf swing.

Adjusting the height of the tee so that connection between the club head and golf ball is perfect will improve your shot. A too low or too high tee whilst driving can result in unpredictable drives and a high shot count on the scorecard.

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Unbreakable Golf Tees (Reviews)

In terms of durability, you will want to have a golf tee that is unbreakable. While wooden tees break more easily than plastics ones, you can’t do much about losing your golf tees. Never be caught off guard and always buy in bulk when purchasing.

The usual measurement of tees is 2 3/4 inches (69 mm) to 3 1/4 inches (82 mm). For golfers that hover their driver when they tee off, the latter is probably the best golf tee size for a long drive.

Considering the amount of money golfers spend of the best drivers, it makes sense to pay a small amount more for the best tees to improve your performance.

Below is a list of the best golf tees for drivers and performance that we highly rate. Remember to buy in bulk, because if you are like our team, you will be losing them all the time.

1. 4 Yards More Golf Tee 3 1/4 Driver

4 Yards More Golf Tees - Blue "Driver Tee" - 3 1/4" (2 Count)

The 4 Yards More Golf Tee is a thoroughly tested golf tee in real field tests as well as by robots. The reason for the test is to tell whether or not the 4 Yards tee increased the distance of the golfer’s drive and in both field and robotic testing, it did.

In a physics mindset, the less resistance on the golf tee will increase the distance down the fairway. This is what 4 Yards have developed this tee to become as well as withstanding at least 100 drives for durability.

As with the other golf tees for large drivers, the height is 3 1/4 inches (82 mm) that are scientifically proven to be the best height for teeing off with a driver. The 6 prongs give you better contact with the ball compared to other cheap bristle styled tees that do not spread evenly.

Overall, they are the best golf tees for the money and are highly popular in the US for their value for money. If the 82 mm is too large, the best alternative would be the CHAMP Zarma FLYtee.

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2. CHAMP Zarma FLYtee 2 3/4-Inch


CHAMP Zarma FLYtee, Neon Mixed, 2 3/4-Inch

The CHAMP Zarma FLYtee golf tees measure at 2 3/4 inches (69mm) tall for those looking for a slightly shorter driving tee. Many golfers choose to go for the larger golf tee but if the club head of your driver is smaller, these are ideal.

They are made from durable plastic with a 6 prong head design that makes it easy to place the ball on the tee. They also ensure that the ball stays stable on the tee as you perform your golf swing.

These are cheap golf tees that will last dozens of rounds of golf easily. With 30 in the pack, value for money is at its highest and they will last you years of golfing. The fact that they are neon colored also means that they are very easy to find if they go flying after your powerful drive.

The CHAMP Zarma FLYtee are the best 2 3/4 inches golf tees you can buy. They are also the cheapest plastic golf tees that are rigid in design and won’t bend every time you tee off.

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3. MeasureTees Plastic Golf Tees 3 1/4 Inch

AckBrands MeasureTees Golf Tees - 3 1/4 Inch - Wood (100 Pack) or Plastic (30 Nearly Unbreakable) W3

MeasureTees have manufactured an intuitive golf tee that has trajectory control lines placed on the tee. The measurements are clearly visible and because it’s tall, you have more choice on the length of the tee.

Unlike the other alternatives in this article that have a stopper to stop the tee height, you can also use this tee for Par 3’s where you would require a smaller tee for your irons. With the measurement control lines, you can reduce this down to your desired length for the iron shot.

The MeasureTees is a perfect all-rounder but the trajectory control lines put it in a very special niche in terms of golf tees.

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4. Brush-T PRO Jumbo Performance Golf Tees

Brush T Extreme 3 1/8" Golf Tees - Yellow - 2 Packs of 2 - (11904)

Brush T Performance golf tees are similar to the 4 Yard tees but with added accessories included such as a storage case and ball marker. It is the tallest bristle tee in this article at a whopping 3.125″ or 79 mm in overall height.

The design of the bristles creates less resistance upon the driver impact that results in a longer and straighter drive. The tee has a stopper that ensures the tee is set at the same position each time for consistency.

If you are a golfer that keeps “topping” the golf ball (hitting the top of it), these golf tees are perfect. They are the best tall tees you can buy and the bristles are durable to withstand the hardest of drives time and time again.

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5. Martini Golf 3-1/4″ Durable Plastic Tees

Martini Golf Tees Assorted 5-Pack (4 Count)

The Martini Golf Tees are known for being pretty much indestructible and highly durable to withstand more drives than any other tees.

The holder on the tee is large so that its very easy to place the ball on top of for those that have shaky hands or a bad back.

They are 3-1/4 inch tall that is perfect for the much larger club heads found on the latest drivers designed for long distance. However, the main selling point of the Martini golf tees are the larger golf holders. Seniors or people with shaky hands will find these tees much easier to use.

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6. Consistent Tee Beveled 3-1/4″

3 Consistent Tee 3 1/4" Golf Tee Packs - Black

Hitting a long drive requires consistency with your golf swing and stance but your golf tee height can cause havoc. If you feel that the height of the tee is varying for each drive, you should try the Consistent Tee that allows you to tee the same height every time.

In terms of durability, these golf tees have a wider diameter that reduces the risk of the tees bending after a powerful drive. Each pack has 10 golf tees meaning you get bang for your buck.

Overall, these are the best golf tees for a consistent tee height that will never change. This results in a straight and long drive if you can get your golf swing perfected.

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The Basics: What is A Golf Tee

Golf tees are the small objects that are used to prop up a ball. They are also normally used for the first strike which comes at each hole from the teeing ground. Normally this small, underrated piece of equipment is made from wood or plastic.

It’s a thin peg made from one those materials, and the tee is used to hold the ball stationary ready for the strike by driving it into the turf, and the golfer leaves a small amount of the tee on the surface, and the ball is placed on top of it.

There are rules for the teeing ground, but a tee is not necessarily needed for the shot. It is up to the golfer how high up the tee is lifted off the ground and depends on various factors.

Tees for Drivers

To get the right height it’s vital for you to get good shots. You should be looking to strike the ball on the upswing. The point at which the driver meets the bottom of the swing arc. You should be looking for the ball to make contact with the driver higher than centre on the face of the ball. This reduces spin. This means the force applied to the ball is sending it upwards.

If the tee is down too much then it will encourage a steeper angle of attack, and you don’t want to be leaning back – this will cause poor strikes and spoil your game, and you don’t want your body to spoil the game either.

The golden rule is to half of the ball to be above the crown of the tee, but the bottom of the ball should never be above the crown. The top line of the clubface should meet the ball somewhere between the ball’s centre and the ball’s bottom.

Overall, to achieve the best golf tees for driving, you can step up the right ball position and the right height for your tee.

Tee Is Too High

One of the most common mistakes golfers make when they tee for the first time is to tee the ball too high. It’s understandable since the primary task is to get the ball into the air in the first place, and it does make some sense the higher the ball sits above the ground, the easier it is to be hit it up into the air, but if the ball sits too high up then the club head of the driver might slide underneath it. This would cause the ball to hit the top of the club. It will go into the air, yes – but it will land again a short distance away from you.

Teeing a ball high up promotes an upward swing path. This is good, but there’s no guarantee that the shot would be what you wanted.

Tee Is Too low

Ironically enough, teeing a ball too low might actually cause drives that can go quite high into the air. This is because you’re instinctively hitting down on the ball. This makes a lot of backspin that sends the ball up higher into the air.

On the other hand, hitting the ball too low can lead to bad shots as well. The club head can strike the ball above its centre and send it low or into the ground. You may also get vertical swings.

The top of the driver should be centred around the middle of the ball, and will help you find the right upward angle of attack for a flight that’s long but lacks backspin.

What Size Tee For Driver

The best golf tees for driving vary because there are many methods for tee height for everyone who uses a driver. It’s different for everyone, but the higher you tee up the greater the distance of the ball. There are different heights, though – low tee height is 1/3 of the ball is above the driver. High tee height is more than 1/2 of the ball above the driver.

The Two Driver Positions are:

  1. Tee it low. Set your driver on the ground.
  2. Tee it high. Hover the club head above the ground.

Some of the best tees for drivers are 69mm long, or longer.

The golf tee is just the start of your perfect drive, every shot requires great postures and body alignment. The longer shaft of your driver in players hands can be extremely disastrous for the scorecards.

The ‘c’ shaped spine – big mistake in regards to posture – its nonathletic in the opinion of many professional golfers, but what makes it worse is that it doesn’t give out powerful swings.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought the best golf tees for driving if you can’t swing right. You should stick out your backside to straighten out your spine, which makes your posture more dynamic and will enable you to make good turns and give the club a good path and keep it that way.

When you practice, you should lay down a shaft between your feet and the ball to the target line, and make sure you set your body square to this shaft.

Some tees for drivers require you to strike the ball on the upswing, but you must set your ball forward in your stance – this would be at around the left heel of your foot. 70% of your weight will be behind the ball, and this is good as it helps the weight transfer into the right side of your body during the backswing. You’re looking for this – at the top, 90% of your total weight should be over your right side, but there is a big mistake you can make.

This is to have far too much weight on your left side with the ball back in your stance. This creates a steep angle of attack which will affect the quality and the accuracy of the strike.

Tension is one of the worst killers of tees for drivers. It is difficult to stay relaxed, to stay focused when you see trees and bunkers lining the fairway. But its the tension in your arms that will cause you problems with your swing, but one way to combat this problem is to keep moving. You can either hover the club over the ball and then slide it into position, or just waggle the club slightly.

Sliding can be the trigger for the swing, and it should come without hesitation, just waggle the club a little bit before you swing it into position, and then strike. It works – its simple, its a pre-shot routine that keeps tension to a minimum, and it clears the mind, and the last thing you want is tension and distractions with your shot.

One crucial move is takeaway. If you get it right and the club will come in on a good path. Get it wrong and it will need compensation from you in the swing to make a good strike. This will either usually create a slice or a hook spin.

Just place your hands below the grip and as you take your club away, the butt of your club should remain pointing at your stomach. Your takeaway contains an unnecessary early wrist hinge if you find it pointing either left or right of you, and this could hurt you.


  • Avoid a curved spine.
  • Put the ball forward of your stance.
  • Half of the ball should be above the top of the driver before the strike.
  • At the start of the takeaway, Do Not hinge your wrists.
  • For a more fluid action, find a swing trigger

Best Height Of Thee Tee For Woods and Hybrids

There have been studies that show the best height of a tee is a driver that’s equal to the crown, or the top, of the ball.

The shorter the golf club, the lower the height of the golf ball. A 3-wood should have over one and a half to one-third of the ball above the crown of the club, and for other woods and hybrids, a third to a quarter of the ball above the crown, which equates to about half an inch of a standard tee above the ground.

How Easy Do Golf Tees Break

Some golf tees are more durable than most, even if some of them are made from biodegradable materials, and some of these have a 6 pronged head. When the ball is stable, there’s a cushion of air beneath it. This means there’s less friction involved. This results in a better strike produced by accurate drives that are both straight and long.

But poor quality tees mean you blame both the clubs and the swings for devastating scores while the tee just sits on the ground. The combination of the material of the tee and its reinforced shank make tees durable, and could mean the difference between a good swing or a bad swing.

These stronger tees can weather the cold winters and last longer than the wooden varieties. Some plastic varieties will be made of a softer form of plastic, so there is a worry they will break easily.

Best Tee For Longer Drive

The best golfers will be glad to recommend tees for drivers and let you know how useful they are in a game. There are a number of choices to look for.

Key factors include looking for when you’re selecting suitable tees for drivers. Length, material, and style.

3 and 1/4 inches are suitable for smaller drivers, whereas 4 inches are best for bigger drivers. The materials are wood or plastic mainly, but there is a for being biodegradable, and environmentally friendly and recyclable golf tees to prevent too many trees being cut down.

Wooden tees are strong, resilient and can be firmly placed into the ground, but in drier climates, they can break easily enough. They are ideal tees for drivers that are big and deep faced drivers. They can come in different kinds of woods.

Plastic tees don’t vary much from wooden tees, but while they are strong they do bend more, they need extra effort to be pushed into the ground. They are more expensive than their wooden counterparts, but some are rated to be near indestructible, and they come friction-free, but you’re more likely to lose them than you are going to break them. Sometimes the plastic material will be soft, so you would need to bear that in mind before buy a packet of them.

Biodegradable tees are guaranteed to break down after a year of active use. Because of this they are growing in popularity, and they last longer than wooden tees do, but they are similar to wooden tees in their basic strength.

Tees For Seniors or Shaky Hands

As silly as it may sound, placing the ball can be quite hard if you are a senior or suffer from shaky hands. To aid this, golfing company’s are developing golf tees that have larger holders such as the Martini Golf Tees.

This can reduce the strain on your back as well as saving you that irritating time-consuming task of placing the golf ball on the tee.

Golf Tee Types

  • Stringed tees – Designed to be used in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Zero-friction tees – High sought after, these tees provide minimum friction which only helps the ball flight but attains more accurate shots.
  • Traditional wooden tees – Flexible and resilient.
  • Brush golf tees – Used for straighter and longer tees, made from synthetic fibres. They bend on contact allowing the ball to rise with minimum friction.

Some 3-prong tops on zero-friction tees reduce contact by 66%, so there is far less resistance on contract, leading to greater distance for the ball to travel. Greater accuracy is also assured, but the only problem comes from balancing the ball on top of the prongs. Luckily 4 or 5 pronged versions will offer more balance for your needs.

A golf tee is a small part of the main goal of increasing distance but its still a critical part. Owning one of the best drivers for distance is great but the wrong tee setup will make it much harder to achieve those long drives.

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