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5 Best Golf Shorts For Hot Weather 2020

Nothing beats playing golf in the summer season but as you heat up, it does become uncomfortable at times. Investing into a couple of pairs of golf shorts can reduce the heat quite significantly, which can, in essence, improve your game.

The best golf shorts are the Under Armour Match Play Shorts, which use soft and stretchy woven fabric for maximum comfort and wicks sweat fast.

Not only do the shorts for golf need to look good but they also need to be comfortable against your skin. Materials such as moisture-wicking fabric are something to look out for as it helps heat to pass through in order to keep your cool.

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Best Shorts For Golf (Reviews)

Unlike standard shorts, the golfing equivalent will require pockets for items such as golf balls, tees, scorecards and more. Therefore, when researching various products, its vital that there are plenty of pockets and that they are fairly deep.

Movement is another factor that is fairly important when it comes to shorts too because as you swing, your whole body will move. If they do not provide motion stretch, it may become an issue and interrupt your golf swing.

Golf shorts come in a whole range of styles, lengths and colors from professional to ones that stand out with crazy patterns. Below is a list of the best golf shorts that are ideal for the hot weather and are comfortable to wear.

1. Under Armour Match Play Shorts

Under Armour UA Match Play 34 Canvas

The Under Armour golf shorts are available in 8 different colors and are designed with comfort in mind. The shorts use a soft and stretchy woven fabric that wicks and dries sweat much quicker than other shorts.

For improved mobility, the waistband can be stretched for free movement. Storing all your equipment in pockets is easy to as these golf shorts have 4 pockets.

Overall, the Under Armour Match Play Shorts are the best golf shorts for comfort and made with moisture-wicking material so that you are kept cool. The design is suited for the professional/smart look and range from 30 to 46-inch waist.

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2. Adidas Adi Ultimate Golf Shorts

adidas Golf Men's Adi Ultimate Shorts, St Dark Slate, 40"

The Adi Ultimate golf shorts by Adidas are very popular worldwide as they are a smart and simplistic design. It is made from 88% polyester and 12% elastane and includes the important moisture-wicking stretch fabrication.

You have the choice of 14 different colors and waist sizes from 30 to 42 inches for the perfect match. There are only two front pockets but it may seem there are four with the back design but they are in fact fake pockets.

Adidas is a brand with a big reputation and you cannot go wrong with any of their clothing. These are highly rated lightweight golf shorts that will ensure you are kept cool and come with a range of colors for the savviest golfer.

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3. NIKE Flex Core Golf ShortsNIKE Men's Flex Hybrid Golf Shorts, Light Bone/Light Bone, Size 32

Nike is in a very similar position to Adidas with regards to their reputation and the Nike golf shorts use their popular “Dri-Fit” technology in order to keep you dry and cool. These Flex Core shorts are available in 10 colors and 24 to 60-inch waist size.

The shorts are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex with brushed twill fabric for an ultra-soft feel. There are 4 pockets, button closure and zippered fly, which is fairly standard for most golf shorts.

Overall, they are an excellent pair of shorts but compared with the Adidas golf shorts, they are slightly more expensive. However, if you are after a matching pair of Nike golf shorts for your shirt, these are the one to go for.

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4. PGA TOUR Expandable Flat Front Shorts

PGA TOUR Men's Expandable Flat Front Short, Quiet Shade, 40

The PGA Tour Golf Shorts are a 100% polyester construction with a sun flux rating of 50 to protect your skin against UV. They are designed purely for golfing and have excellent motion qualities thanks to innovative seams in the shorts.

In terms of the configuration of the shorts, there are 7 different colors to choose from and the waist sizes range from 30 to 44 inches. It is worth noting that the waistband is expandable, which gives the shorts extra flexibility and comfort.

As with the Adidas golf shorts, the pockets at the rear are fake but the two front pockets are extra deep. Overall, these are the best cheap golf shorts that are ideal for buying in bulk with a range of colors to choose from.

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5. Royal & Awesome Golf Shorts

Royal & Awesome Ka-Boom Womens Golf Shorts

For those that like to stand out on the golf course with funny golf clothes, these Royal & Awesome shorts are ideal. There is a huge selection of 36 different styles to choose from with waist sizes ranging from 30 to 44 inches.

They are made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex for maximum comfort and breathability. The Royal & Awesome golf shorts also features tee loops to hold your tees as well as providing a pitch repairer that doubles up as a bottle opener!

Although these golf shorts are fairly expensive, they are very unique and it will take a certain personality to wear them on the golf course. The range of styles and colors will certainly bring a smile to your face and other golfers.

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Golf Shorts Buying Guide

As the sun comes out, so do the shorts and playing without a decent pair of golf shorts can become uncomfortable due to the heat. Luckily, there are many sporting and golfing brands that offer a wide variety of golf shorts for the savviest golfer. From a professional/smart style to a pair that will make you stand out on the golf course. Below are some factors that you should consider before purchasing a random pair of shorts from a local store.

Pocket Design

When you are playing golf, you normally carry a range of items from a divot repair tool, tees, spare golf balls, scorecard and more. Of course, you could store this in your golf club bag but you will not always be near it. Therefore, you should always ensure the shorts have at least 2 pockets.

It’s important to note that many shorts will have “fake” pockets on the rear that are just for looks. More pockets are always useful but if they have just two pockets, they will usually be deeper.

Moisture Wicking Material

If you sweat a fair amount whilst playing golf, a moisture wicking material is a feature you should look out for. It helps your body remain dry and sweat free by transferring heat past the shorts material.

The majority of shorts for designed for golf will have this fabric, with many brand including their own twist on things, such as Nike’s “Dri-Fit”.

The Design

The majority of golf course will require you to abide by their dress codes, which means the majority of golf shorts are smart/professional looking. However, there is a whole range of designs that will suit the savviest of golfers. Even “wacky” or “funky” designs that you will need some guts to wear but are very popular.

The design is purely based on your own requirements as everyone is different but we have included a variety within this article.


Some may disagree but wearing trousers during the hot summer months playing golf will affect your performance. Sweating and being uncomfortable from the heat really does disrupt your game but wearing golf shorts can keep you cool.

There is a wide range of shorts available and all the recommendations in this article should satisfy your needs. Many people will prefer to remain consistent with their brands as they may already have a golf shirt for summer by a certain brand and they want it to match with their shorts.

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