The Best Golf Knickers 2020

Looking for some good golf knickers? Then it’s a good thing that you’re reading this article. We’ve gone through dozens, and dozens of models from golf knickers socks to funny golf knickers and we came to the conclusion that the first option that you ought to bear in mind is the Golf Knickers Black Mens Par 3 Microfiber. These are made from 100% lightweight and highly breathable microfiber gabardine, and they boast an elastic band for exquisite comfort. They have pleated fronts with two front pockets, and you can store some of your belongings in the two rear pockets, too.

The knickers are available in as many as 20 colors although we’ve noticed that the black golf knickers are some of the popular ones. In case this particular choice is no longer available, we suggest you consider our next favorite option, the Royal & Awesome Men’s Golf Knickers.

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Best Golf Knickers (Reviews)

Even though we can’t choose the right golf knickers pants for you, we decided to give you a hand by showcasing some of the most critically acclaimed products below. All of these seem to have received quite a bit of enthusiasm and appreciation on the part of those that have purchased them in the past.

1. Golf Knickers Black Mens Par 3 Microfiber

Black Golf Knickers: Mens 'Par 3' - Microfiber - 48"

Out of all of the golf knickers outfits that we came across, these ones seem to be quite worthy of your consideration as they can ensure that you remain comfortable all throughout a whole day spent on the golf course.

They are made with 100% lightweight and breathable microfiber gabardine, which means that you’ll feel at ease no matter the heat or how long you stand in the sun. The elastic band they come fitted with will also add to the comfort you’ll experience.

The knickers are available in as many as 20 colors, so you’re free to pick the right design that you prefer. Probably the best thing about this choice is that it boasts an integrated ball marker as well as a ball and tee pocket. Use the two pockets on the front and the back to store your important essentials.


These knickers are available in as many as twenty colors and quite a broad array of sizes, so they speak to the needs of pretty much all types of golfers.

The fabric that was used for the manufacturing process is lightweight, as well as breathable, and it keeps you feeling comfortable all through the day.

The knickers come with a ball and tee pocket and an integrated ball marker.

Furthermore, the elastic band allows you to feel at ease without having to fiddle with your knickers all the time.

You can use the two front pockets or the two rear pockets to store your important belongings.


These aren’t necessarily cheap golf knickers, so they do call for financial investment. However, we couldn’t help noticing that the majority of the models available for sale these days aren’t exactly budget-friendly.

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2. Royal & Awesome Men’s Golf Knickers

Royal & Awesome Men's Plus Size Golf Knickers, Diamonds in The Rough, 40" Waist-101 cm

If you’re in the market for a pair of green golf knickers or even pink golf knickers, you should consider this alternative as it is available in a series of fun and quirky designs that will make you look like the coolest golfer on the course. Unlike some other models, these are crafted from 3% spandex and 97% cotton, so they are a bit elastic but very skin-friendly.

The knickers come with a zipper closure and can be cleaned using the washer. They are high-quality and will last a good deal of time, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them before they give you all the value you want.

Another reason to consider this particular product is that it is available in a broad range of sizes. Therefore, if you run into any issues with the sizing, you can simply return it and get the right one. Many of the women that have bought these knickers say that their partners fell in love with them.


The quality of the fabric that this product is made of cannot be denied, and that’s why you will be able to feel comfortable and focus on your golfing performance.

The designs are fun and colorful, so you won’t be wearing the same boring golfing outfit as some of the other people on the course.

On top of everything, the knickers boast velcro leg bands that can be adjusted below the knee with ease.

The brand makes a 30-day money back guarantee available, so if you are feeling a little unsure as to whether these would be a great fit for you, just return them during that time span.


As with some of the other models in this particular line, one can’t say that these are inexpensive golf knickers. However, the fabric and designs might make them worth investing in.

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3. Golf Knickers Start-in-Style Outfit

Golf Knickers Start-in-Style Outfit - Mens - Khaki - Size 46

This is a somewhat classic outfit that you are likely to appreciate if you have no intention of being the joker of the golf course. As is the case with some of the other models manufactured by the same brand, these are made of microfiber, so they will keep you comfortable and feeling at ease.

The argyle socks are made out of cotton (75%), nylon (22%), and spandex (3%). The socks are in black and khaki and perfectly match the khaki knickers. If you’re thinking of trying out this outfit, you might also want to know that there’s a Par 3 cap included with the purchase, too.

The same comfort-ease waistband present in some of the other models we’ve stumbled upon is included in the design of this product, too. The knickers come with a ball and tee pocket and an integrated ball marker.


This outfit comes with pretty much anything you might ever need for a complete day of fun spent on the golf course. The only thing that you’ll have to add is the t-shirt.

The package comes with a cap, the knickers themselves, as well as a pair of Argyle socks.

The socks are made of 75% cotton, 3% spandex, and 22% nylon.

The cap and the knickers were manufactured from 100% microfiber gabardine.

Both the comfort-ease waistband and the fact that the knickers boast an integrated ball marker, as well as a ball and tee pocket are two advantages you shouldn’t overlook.


Some golfers have reported that they feel a bit too warm while wearing these knickers. This makes us think that they might be a better choice for a somewhat chillier day.

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4. Largemouth Men’s Knickers Pants

Men's Knickers Pants (Large/X-Large, Green)

If you are getting ready for a golfing adventure and the sun is shining brightly in the sky, and there’s no chance of the weather being on your side with a little wind and chill, then perhaps you should consider this alternative. It’s made of 100% polyester, and it boasts an elastic waistband, as well as knee bands, which is why it fits so easily and is so comfortable.

The knickers are equipped with side pockets which you can use to store your small-sized items. These crazy golf knickers work for a variety of other purposes, not just golf — you can use them as a part of your Halloween costume. From Peter Pan to an elf or a Civil War soldier, you can be whatever you want for a day.

Most of the people that were kind enough to provide feedback after their purchase say that these fit great and they are rather comfortable, too.


From what we have gathered by going through the reviews acquired by this product, it seems that there were no sizing issues reported.

The knee bands, as well as the elastic waistband boasted by this model,  are what makes it quite popular with buyers as they allow them to feel at ease throughout a long day.

The knickers are manufactured from 100% polyester, and while that might not be the best fabric ever to have seen the light of day, it’s cheap and effective, and it definitely works if you want to use them for dressing up.

In case you want to know, these knickers are made in the United States.


As you can expect from a product made entirely of polyester, it can be a little too warm from time to time.  

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5. Golf Knickers Khaki Men’s Microfiber

Khaki Golf Knickers: Mens 'Par 3' - Microfiber - 48"

Similarly to another model that we have showcased here and that was manufactured by the same brand, this one is made from microfiber gabardine. The elastic band that it is equipped with allows you to focus on what you’re doing in terms of golfing instead of having to customize the fit of your knickers all the time.

Besides, this choice is also outfitted with two rear pockets and two front pockets, so you have a bit of room at your disposal for storing your most essential items such as your smartphone, your keys, or something else that you might need while you are on the golf course.

As per usual, this option boasts an integrated ball and tee pocket as well as an integrated ball marker. Apparently, there is a brand logo on the elastic around the legs, and that isn’t shown in the photos of the product available online.


The quality and convenient ensured by these knickers should convince you to at least give them a shot.

They are well-made, versatile, and comfortable, and are manufactured of 100% microfiber gabardine.

They come with two front pockets, as well as two rear pockets, so you have a bit of space for storing your smartphone or your keys, for example.

Some of those that have purchased this model say that it makes for a great present for their father or significant other.

There is an elastic waistband that will keep the knickers in their place, and they’ll also remain put thanks to the elastic around the user’s legs.


We found one report according to which the elastic around the legs has the name of the brand and it seems that this might be a disadvantage.

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6. Men’s Classic Stewart Golf Knickers

Men's Classic Stewart Golf Knickers (Red, 34)

With these red golf knickers, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. They are extremely high quality as compared to some of the other choices that we have showcased in our selection, they are made of fine Egyptian cotton to which no other fabric mix was added.

They boast a classic pleated front design complete with two front pockets, a watch pocket, and two rear double besom pockets that you can all use to store your most important essentials. While the waistband isn’t entirely elastic, you’ll be glad to know that it is partially so. That means that you will continue feeling comfortable even after wearing the knickers for several hours.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the model boasts a hem closure that utilizes the classic buckle design. In short, this product looks cool and feels good on your skin and around your waist and legs.  


There aren’t many golf knickers for sale that can even compare to the quality of these since they are entirely made of Egyptian cotton.

They come with a classic pleated design that looks amazing. The partially elastic waistband allows you to feel at ease all throughout a whole day of golfing.

In addition to everything, you might want to know that the knickers come with quite a bit of pockets, so you have plenty of room at your disposal for storing your keys or your cell phone.

If you happen to find that the model doesn’t fit your body type, you’ll be happy to know that the brand’s customer service is top-notch and they will do everything they can to refund you or give you a replacement.


If you think that you might be in-between sizes, you might have to order up a size, so they won’t fit perfectly.

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Golf Knickers Buying Guide

Golf knickers are particularly popular in the United Kingdom but thanks to their classic and nice-looking design, they have become the same in the United States and across the rest of the world, too. Let’s look at some of the most important features that you should bear in mind if you’re in the market for brand new golf knickers.


Most golf knickers are made of fabric combinations nowadays. That usually means that they can be made of mixes of cotton and spandex, cotton, nylon, and spandex, or they can simply be made of microfiber so as to keep you comfortable for a whole day. Cotton is the most user-friendly material since it doesn’t irritate your skin. However, it’s not the most durable fabric on the market.

That’s why it is recommended that you get a model made of cotton and another material, such as spandex, for example. Spandex ensures that the knickers are a little elastic while cotton can keep you feeling at ease.


Not all golf knickers are created equal, and that also applies in the case of their design. Naturally, there are models that are a bit more classic than others, but some can be quite baggy and might even be used for other purposes — such as dressing up for a Halloween party or some other event of this nature.

In any case, one attribute of all golf knickers is that they have to be baggy. This means that the wearer has the advantage of a better range of motion and a greater amount of mobility. While it’s true that golfers nowadays can wear a variety of technically advanced pants that can keep them comfortable, sometimes things can get a little stretchy or uncomfortable. That rarely happens when you’re wearing golf knickers.

Number of pockets

Last, but not least, one of the most important aspects to take into account when you’re looking for a pair of good golf knickers is the storage options that they can offer you. Needless to say, you should take your keys and your cell phone with you if you don’t want to carry some other unnecessary so-called essentials.

However, you can also use one of the pockets for storing your balls or tees. Some golf knickers come with integrated ball markers, by the way, and this is another benefit you can get from a quality alternative.


The vast majority of the models that we have stumbled upon come in a wide array of sizes so that the buyers can pick the ones that best suit their physical attributes. If you’re looking for a pair of so-called authentic golf knickers, you should consider ordering them from the place they were invented, the United Kingdom. ScotlandShop makes a plaid knickers sizing guide available for you, for instance.