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Great Golf Hitting Nets 2020

Using a driving net at home is the perfect way to practice when you are unable to get to the golf course. They can come in the form of both an indoor and outdoor driving range nets where they can be set up within minutes.

The best driving net for home practice is The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net that is highly popular. The US built golf practice net can handle hits of over 225 MPH and can be set up within 5 minutes.

Due to the high hitting speeds, it important that the practice net is high quality and can withstand the heavy impacts.

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Best Golf Practice Net (Reviews)

Factors to consider to find the best golf hitting net to buy would be things such as the ease of setting the practice net up, the strength of the net, hitting size area and how easy it is to store. The prices vary and so do the design with some driving nets having targets to aim for with the addition of a ball return.

Practising your drives with a practice net saves the embarrassment of poor hits on the course. The cost of very basic nets are small and raise with the more features that you add onto the package.

If you are looking for a weatherproof or indoor practice nets, below are the best golf hitting net for driving.

1. The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Net Return Pro is a multi-sport net but it is primarily built for high impact golf hits where the ball gets returned safely.

The importance of high-quality netting with any driving range practice nets is critical. The Pro Series uses a 1.5 inch tubular aluminium frame with heavy-duty polyester netting. It is guaranteed at least quarter of a million shots, which makes this net an investment for the future.

In terms of setting the Pro Series up into a driving range net, it simply uses a “Quick Color Connect System” that uses an easy push-button setup. Provided is a storage bag that once fulled with the hitting net will weigh 28 pounds.

In terms of dimensions, it is 7 foot 6 tall, 8 foot wide and 3 foot 6 inches deep. It can also be used both indoor and outdoors. Overall, the Pro Series is the best driving net for indoor practice that can also be used indoors.

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2. Rukket Haack Golf Driving Net

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net | Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor | Golfing at Home Swing Training Aids | By SEC Coach Chris Haack

Rukket is market leaders when it comes to nets and this includes developing top chipping nets. The Rukket package includes a 10 foot 7-inch hitting net, as well as a turf hitting mat and a storage bag. All of which are highly rated worldwide and make an excellent bit of kit.

The design of the net ensures that the ball returns back to your tee spot if setup correctly. You can buy this package slightly cheaper without the turf, but the turf makes the whole experience much better and is required for indoor use.

In terms of value for money, the Rukket Golf Hitting Net gets a big tick. The Rukket brand is excellent creators of golf nets of various types and this is one of the best driving nets for the money.

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3. Dura-Pro Outdoor Golf Cage For Driving

Dura-Pro 10'(d) x 10'(h) x10'(w) Golf Cage Golf Net With High Velocity Strong Impact Netting, High Impact Double Back Stop and Target. This is the Commercial Grade Cage

High-velocity shots can result in the netting become damaged and letting through that occurs with cheaply and poorly made golf hitting nets. The Dura-Pro driving practice net comes with commercial grade strong impact netting with a double backstop.

The netting is also UV treated as standard so that it lasts longer compared to other models that claim to be weatherproof. Although it can be used indoors, the main target by Dura-Pro was to create the best golf hitting net for indoors.

In terms of dimensions, the Dura-Pro is 10 foot deep, 10 foot wide and 10 foot high. Due to the simplicity of the design, it can be taken down and easy as it can be set up. It is a full sized golf cage with premium netting that many golf courses use worldwide.

Overall, the Dura-Pro Golf Cage for driving is the best outdoor hitting net for home practising. The price is very reasonable and a lot less than you would expect.

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4. Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net


Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net - Automatic Ball Return System W/Target Sheet, Two Side Barrier (Without Roof)

The Spornia SPG-5 is a small-sized golf hitting net that is highly rated for its ease of setup and high-quality netting. It also couples up to be chipping net with targets that makes it a great all-rounder for all your golf game needs.

In less than 30 seconds, you can set the Spornia SPG-5 up inside your home or in the garden. Its very portable and comes with its own bag so that you can take it wherever you want.

In terms of the golf hitting net size, it is 7 foot by 7 foot where the large sheet has been designed to adsorb heavy golf ball impacts. The automatic ball return can be switched by removing the impact sheet, which makes the net catch the balls for chipping practice.

Overall, the Spornia SPG-5 is a high-quality golf net that can be used for both driving and chipping. It is the best golf hitting net all-rounder and saves money compared with buying two separate nets.

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5. Callaway Zenith Hitting Net

Callaway Zenith Hitting Net, 7'

Callaway is a premium golf brand and when you see the brand on a product, you know that it will be high quality. The same can be said about this hitting net that contains a target and various sizes.

Available in sizes 7 foot, 9 foot and 12 foot, you can find the perfect size for indoors with limited space such as garages. All the materials used are high quality and weatherproof in bad conditions outdoors.

The Callaway Zenith Hitting Net is easily stored in a bag that is supplied for transport and can be set up in minutes. It uses a 4 point structure to ensure that its solid on the ground as well as using 6 ground stakes to reduce movement.

Callaway often inflates the prices of all there products but with the brand, you get a reputable high-quality product such as this golf hitting net.

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Best Golf Driving Net for Home Practice

To play golf, you need irons, a bag, drivers, tees, putters, balls (and I mean actual golf balls) and several other tools. But all of these will be useless if you don’t have access to a practice facility. Practice helps you stay at the top of your game. To be great at golf, you must practice; especially with your chipping, putting, driving and wedge shots. Indeed, golf is an expensive sport. Little wonder it is common among the rich elites, except for actual (professional) commercial golfers.

Unless you’re a professional golfer, you may never get enough time to go to the course as often as you should. This is where a golf driving net for home becomes important. This is also great for the rest of us who cannot afford outfield practice. A driving net helps you practice in the comfort of your home or just out on the garden. This convenience and affordability are two components why the driving net is becoming popular in the United States and other parts of the world.

Grooving your muscle memory is an important reason why you need continuous practice. Repeating such swings on the course is something golfers look forward to. With just a golf mat, your clubs and a golf hitting net, you can get that practice going without leaving your home. Of all the golf practice nets, a driving net is the most popular. Perhaps, you have already heard about a driving net and all of its benefits. However, getting the right product is where your problem is. Not to worry, I’ll help you make that choice.

What is a Golf Driving Net?

A golf driving net is a golf practice tool that aids your golf practice in the comfort of your home. It is the most common golf practice net that stops your golf ball and, depending on the product, sends it back to you for another swing. They exist in different sizes, construction/design and prices too. You will do well to go for a net that meets your specific needs.

Some may include a turf to hit your golf shot from but some do not. It’s important that you have a high quality tee for your driver that you will use on the golf course to ensure that its the same feel from the practice net to the course.

Here are some factors to consider for choosing the best golf driving net for your home.

Things to Look Out for in a Golf Driving Net

There are so many factors (features) to consider when you decide to purchase a driving net. Additional features may not be needed for your requirements and thus lower the cost of purchasing a driving net for your home. Things to look for include:

Indoor vs Outdoor Practice

While most driving nets can be used for both indoor and outdoor practice, it is important to know what really suits your convenience. If you have an outdoor space for practice and feel comfortable having your practice outside, then most of the nets available will serve you right. However, if you’re constrained to the space within your home, you should limit your options to nets built for indoor use.

Such driving nets will be designed to provide enough coverage for the room. It should be able to protect breakables in your home and keep your golf balls from flying around. This could be in a canopy style. Keep in mind that such nets will make it difficult for balls to bounce back to you. This is worthy of note if you desire a net that will easily gather your balls in one place.


Though small, a golf ball is a tough object, and the net you purchase is meant to hold the ball and throw it back at you. Therefore, durability is a key factor. The net should be tough enough to withstand the strength of your swings. Ensure you buy a practice system that features a heavy-duty net. It shouldn’t have less than 7 thread woven webbing.

If you’re ready to make that purchase, there are quite a number of durable golf hitting nets out there. A durable driving net will last longer and will save you from having to replace your net too frequently. You will enjoy your practice time with little worries of creating a hole on your net. Such wear and tear will also allow the ball pass through and cause damage to breakables in your home.

Advanced Features

It is understandable if you just want a regular driving net that can stop the ball. However, the best golf practice nets do more than just stop the drive. Some great nets are equipped with a ball return feature and automatic assembly. This means all you need to do is press a button and watch your net unfold. These special nets offer so much convenience if you can afford them.

With the easy-assemble button, you don’t have to worry about not doing it properly or spending so much time setting up. The fact that it returns the golf ball also makes it a good choice because it saves you some time and stress. With more time, you get more practice. There can be several other features that would make it a better choice. Just be sure to consider it all.


Where to locate your golf hitting net will also be a factor in determining what size you can purchase. In sizing, you must consider what space you have, indoor or outdoor, whether it’s going to fit into your garage, basement or your backyard. Size is crucial in choosing the best driving net for your home. It is one of the primary things you should consider.

Also, you might want a net that you can easily move around for convenience or to protect it from the weather. Whatever it is that suits you is what you should purchase.

Frame Construction

Another important factor to consider before purchasing a driving net is the strength and firmness of the frame. Be sure that the frame has some stamina and can hold for a long time to come. Also, you should look out for ground anchors in case you decide to take it outside. This is important. A bad frame can make your golf practice go awry.

Furthermore, you should consider if it is quick and easy to set up. This will erase all the hassles associated with setting up regular driving nets. This should definitely be on your checklist for choosing a golf hitting net.

Ease of Assembly

Another major feature that makes the best driving nets better than regular ones is ease of assembly. The best products are engineered by the best hands, using advanced technology and quality material. Also, they are built with your comfort in mind. The truth is different manufacturers pay attention to different things. For some, it is durability. For others, it is easy assembly.

Ensure you look out for nets that will save you time and stress when setting up. One way to tell is to look at the construction of the frame. Fewer rods usually mean easy assembly but difficult to pack up smaller. However, those with more rods will break down smaller and let you travel with them easier, but it will be more difficult to assemble such.

Multipurpose Use

Of course, this will depend on whether you’re interested in several other games and sports. If you are, you might want to consider nets that can serve other purposes like a tennis serve stopper or even a soccer goal. The only problem is that such nets will lack unique features that will make them stand out in the particular game you need them for.

If golfing is all you do, choose a net specifically designed for golf hitting. The focus of such manufacturers is on golf and they will put everything into it to make your golf practice a worthwhile experience.


I know I have already mentioned the need for a net that can fold easily when I discussed ease of assembly. However, it is necessary to emphasize portability as a factor. Portable nets will not only make it easy for you to assemble and disassemble but will also pack and fold up easily when you’re done. More importantly, it will be easier for you to move your net from one place to the other when it is portable.

And just in case you need to walk a mile or two to get to your practice point, a portable net makes it easy. You can easily carry it in a carry bag if it has one or simply improvise. There are quite a number of advantages in purchasing a portable driving net.

What a Driving Net does for You

You already know what makes the best golf net for home. Perhaps, you need to know some of the functions the driving net performs:

  1. Driving nets save you so much money. Think about how much you’d otherwise spend if you need to always go out to a practice facility all the time. All the items and tools needed for golf, especially ball buckets required at a range, facility membership costs, and ball replacement, do not come by easily and they cost quite a lot.
  2. Driving nets also save you lots of time. Instead of spending hours driving to a practice facility, you can easily set up in your basement or backyard and practice your swings. You can use the other time for other important things (that’s if you had it in the first place). What about the time and energy you’ll expend retrieving balls and for setting up shots.
  3. A golf driving net for the home will also ensure that you have the alone time that you need to hone your skills, away from the eyes and distraction of other golfers. Plus, you can think up new skills and practice in the comfort of your home without hassles.
  4. It’s important to also note that having your own net is very convenient. You don’t need to walk around searching for your balls because your driving net will keep them together in one place, or even send them back to you.


If you’re thinking of honing your golf skills and you do not have the time or money to always visit a facility for practice, take my advice and get the best golf driving net for home. Depending on your needs and budget, there are several products on the market to choose from. Just ensure you get the right product that serves the right purpose. Ensure it is durable enough to hold your balls and easy enough to assemble.

There is no doubt that practising makes perfect. If you have just bought a new driver for long distance drives, you will need to practice and a golf cage or driving net is perfect for this.

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