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The Best Golf Hats For Hot Weather 2020

Playing golf in the hot weather requires a hat that will keep your head protected from the harmful UV rays. The best golf hats will also offer a superior fit with a slight stretch as well as comfort on the head.

The best golf hat for hot weather is the Nike Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat that comes in multiple colors and is not the stereotypical hat covered in logos.

The sun can be very off-putting when teeing up for your shot and can in essence effect your golfing performance on the course.

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Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection (Reviews)

It is important to buy a golf hat that will keep you cooler whilst you play. The majority of the time, you will only wear a golf hat if it’s hot and sunny in the first place and there are certain styles that excel at provided sun protection and cooling.

Many golf hats on the market are covered in logos all around the hat. This means you are basically a walking 360-degree advertisement to the brand. Try to avoid these style of hats because you are not doing yourself any favours.

As there are literally thousands of golf hats to choose from, below is research and tested list of the best golf hats for hot weather.

1. Nike Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat

Nike Mens Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat (Color: White/Anthracite/Black)

Nike is one of the most fashionable brands in golf and they offer a wide array of hats for certain scenarios. If you are familiar with the Nike Dri-Fit, you will know that the technology moves the perspiration away from the skin so that you remain cooler.

In terms of comfort, this Nike golf hat is adjustable and will stretch to fit the majority of heads. It comes with one size for a snug yet comfortable fit.

This Nike Golf Hat also has tiny holes and 6 larger holes to allow heat to exit from your head through the holes. This is exactly what is needed for a golf hat in the hot weather whilst walking around the golf course.

Overall the Nike Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat (727042) is the best golf hat for the money. Its reasonable priced and excellent styling means its a very popular hat worldwide and can be used for other activities as well as golf.

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2. TaylorMade Tour New Era 39thirty HatTaylorMade 2019 New Era Tour 39Thirty Hat, Navy, L/XL

TaylorMade is strictly a golfing brand and the Tour New Era 39thirty Hat is the best golf hat by TaylorMade for hot weather. It uses a Diamond Era moisture wicking fabric with 50 UPF to reduce the heat inside of the hat.

In terms of comfort, it is a stretch fit golf cap that comes in three different sizes. There is also a wide array of colors to choose from for the savvy golfer that likes to own multiple hats for each outfit.

This is the latest New Era series hat by TaylorMade and with the moisture wicking sweatband, it is excellent for summer use in the sun.

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3. Callaway Tour Stretch Fitted Golf HatCallaway Men's Stretch Fitted Cap, Red/White, Small/Medium

The Callaway Tour Golf Hat is the latest version of the long-running range and comes with a choice of over 10 different colored designs that come in 3 different sizes. As with anything sold by Callaway, it is of the highest quality with raised embroideries and sweatbands for the hot weather.

The Callaway mesh fitted golf cap will provide a comfortable fit to a range of golfer head sizes. The golf hat starts from small and then onto extra larger with the added flex will provide a fitted design.

The split color design of the Callaway Tour Stretch Fitted Golf Hat is a little bit different to the standard style. It has the best range of colors to choose from and the materials are of the highest quality. This golf hat is slightly pricey but you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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4. Adidas Adizero II Golf Hat Visor

adidas Men's Adizero II Visor, Black/White, One Size

A Golf Visor is a different approach to staying cooler whilst playing golf and still provide sun protection. The Adidas Adizero II is the best golf sun visor for the money with over 10 choices of style and color that are all one size.

It uses 87% polyester and 13% spandex for a lightweight visor that aims to keep the golfer cool. The climacool mesh around the visor provides optimal airflow and moisture wicking to reduce heat build-up on the head.

Overall, it is the best golf sun visor hat for the money with a huge selection of colors to choose from. It has advanced material technology to reduce sweat dripping down your face and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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5. Nike UV Sun Bucket Golf HatNike Golf UV Sun Bucket Golf Hat 832687 (Large/XL, Summit White)

The best golf hat for sun protection will always be a bucket hat that also provides additional protection to the neck. The Nike Bucket Hat is made using 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex and uses the Dri-Fit technology patented by Nike so that the inside remains dry and comfortable.

The wide 360-degree brim of the bucket hat provides the best protection from the sun all round. The bucket hat also provides UVA and UVB protection where any closures must be fastened for a snug fit for the full UV protection.

The Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket Golf Hat (832687) is the best golf hat for sun protection. It is also very comfortable with stretch for the optimal fit as well as drawstrings at the back of the hat for a more snug fit.

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Golf Hats For Sun Protection

For those that are primarily look at blocking the UV rays from the sun, your best buy would be the bucket hat style such as the Nike one above. A wide-brimmed golf hat will block the sun from both your head and shoulders.

You can apply as much sun cream protection as you like but blocking the sun with a hat is the best protection out there. There are many “ugly” looking bucket hats on the market but the best bucket hat for golf is definitely the Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket (832687).

Golf Hats For Sweat

Sweating whilst playing golf is not ideal and especially when it runs down your face. All of the best golf hats featured above contain a sweatband that absorbs the sweat before it rolls down your face.

Better yet, they also contain materials that allow air to flow past to keep your head as cool as it can be. This will reduce sweat build up in the first place. The Nike Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat tops the list as the best golf hat for sweat that you can simply walk for miles on end without overheating.

Golf Hat Buying Guide

A golf hat needs to come with some types of features for you to make the most of it. But if you haven’t purchased a product in this line before, you might not know what the most important aspects of your decision-making process really are. If that’s the case, we suggest you take some time to read our comprehensive guide below.


Besides keeping the sun out of your eyes, a good golf hat has to be a fashion accessory, as well. There are several types of golf hats currently available.

For example, bucket hats are made with durable fabrics such as denim or canvas and usually feature two metal eyelets on each side. The eyelets promote breathability, so you aren’t going to feel like your head is on fire. Bucket hats are becoming more and more popular and their cost ranges between six and forty dollars. The price, of course, depends on the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the product.

In any case, a mesh bucket hat can make a great choice for a golfer who’s on a budget and who wants a well-ventilated golf hat.

Callaway Golf Stripe Mesh Adjustable Hat, Charcoal/ White

Ball caps are another inexpensive alternative. They usually cost around fifteen bucks. They’re made of lightweight fabrics, and they often come with an internal sweat band that wicks sweat away and keeps it from running down your face. Ball caps are less fashionable compared to their counterparts. However, Tiger Woods seems to be a fan.

Visors are hats that consist of a brim with a strap that basically goes around your head. Visors do a great job when it comes to shielding your eyes from the sun. They are also known for providing you with excellent ventilation. For a casual game of golf, visors are a good option, especially when worn by female players.

Wide brim hats are a little more stylish and classy. They can offer you extensive protection from UV rays, and they shield both your head, but also your face and part of your neck. They are lightweight and can keep you cool during the hot season.


As you can expect, nowadays there is a lot of variety in terms of the fabric that a golf hat can be manufactured of. Combination materials are to be preferred as they are more skin-friendly compared to synthetic options. In any case, look for a golf hat that comes with a lightweight fabric and that has moisture-wicking properties.

Sun protection

We might have addressed this issue in some of our other posts. Nowadays, with climate change and everything else that is affecting our planet, you should take better care of yourself when you get exposed to the sun. Some hats come with certain protection ratings, and the higher it is, the better for you. The design of the hat itself has a say when it comes to protecting you as bucket hats and wide brim hats are known for being winners in this sense.

Men's Golf Hat - Adjustable Performance Stretch Fit Snapback Cap, Flexfit 110 Technology, Moisture Wicking (One Size) by Nineteen Golf

Cleaning and maintenance

Gone are the days when hats were made from real leather. Plus, let’s face it, leather wasn’t the best option as it wasn’t exactly good in terms of ventilation. But it was also very tricky to clean, since it could have been damaged with ease.

Well, nowadays, if you are focused on convenience, you might as well get a golf hat that can be simply thrown into the washing machine along with other clothes. Needless to say, most hats made from synthetic materials can be cleaned in this way, but it might be a good idea to check the info from the manufacturing brand before deciding to do this.

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