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5 Best Golf Grips 2020

Golfers that play regularly may notice their golf grips are gradually wearing down. Replacing the grips of the club will bring back the grip and control that you used to have when the club was new.

The best golf grip is the Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip that combines rubber and cord material for an all-weather comfortable feel.

The four main types of grips are corded, rubber, synthetic and leather with many golfers having a preference. Differences include comfort and styles but they can also be customized in terms of thickness and length.

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Best Golf Club Grips (Reviews)

The majority of golf grips will fit on all clubs within your bag and matching grips usually look better. Many opt for an alternative style and feel for the putter, with many other grips available for those with a different grip for putting.

Golf grips come in a range of forms to suit certain requirements. For example, many golfers require a padded grip for shock absorption due to arthritis whereas some people suffer sweaty hands and require a tacky rubber grip.

Replacing your worn down grip can be achieved relatively easily and you also have the choice of redoing one club or the whole set. Below is a list of the best golf grips that will make your club look and feel brand new.

1. Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip

Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, Midsize, Black

The Golf Price Decade Grips are a standard size and makes use of a multi-compound grip that is a combination of both cord and rubber materials. The result is ultimate all-weather grip as well as comfort.

If you watch golf on TV, you will notice that a lot of the professional golfers use this grip, which is available in a range of colors. The unique combination makes it the ultimate grip for your driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges.

These golf grips are fairly expensive but this is the only drawback. The Golf Pride Decade are the best golf grips you can buy and approved by many professional golfers worldwide due to the cord and rubber dual benefits.

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2. Winn Dritac Golf Grips

Winn Dri-Tac Midsize Grip Kit (13-Piece), Blue

Available in 6 different styles and various styles, the Winn Dritac is a high shock absorption grip that is designed with comfort in mind. It uses the WinnDry polymer for cushioning and can be used as an all-weather.

As they are a padded 50 gram grip, they absorb moisture, which is great for wet weather and of course the dreaded sweaty hands. However, the padded grip also means they do wear quicker than the traditional grip.

The grip is the same through the iron and the drivers, so if you are looking for matching golf grips for each club, these are ideal. The Winn Dritac’s are the best golf grips for comfort with the added bonus of absorption for sweaty hands.

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3. Winn Excel Ultra Soft Oversize Grip

Winn Excel Soft Oversize Copper Grip

For golfers looking for an oversized golf grip, Winn offers a wide range but the Excel Ultra is the best buy with its cushioned polymer comfort that feels great on the hands. The additional padding is also great for shock absorption and vibration dampening.

Golfers that have arthritis will know that finding a grip that absorbs the impact can be fairly difficult. However, the Winn Ultra with the oversize grip is the best golf grip for arthritis sufferers and you will notice the difference straight away.

As with all comfort golf grips, it will wear slightly quicker than the less padded alternatives but this is a small price to pay for luxurious comfort with the club.

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4. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grip

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize Grip Kit (13-Piece), White

The Golf Pride Golf Grips use a durable high tack rubber and one piece wrap grip made from leather. It is one of the firmest feeling grips that Golf Pride offer, which provides the ultimate feedback at impact with the ball.

The corded grip is often the main feature for good wet weather grip of the club but the Golf Pride grip uses a tacky rubber to enhance the grip in wet weather.

All golfers are different and some prefer to wrap style over the alternatives. Overall, the Golf Pride grips are the best wrap golf grips that are known to be long lasting under heavy usage.

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5. Karma V-Cord Golf Grips

Karma V-Cord Black/Black Standard - 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle

The Karma V Golf Grips are an all-weather corded upper half grip that provides additional traction compared with the other types of grips. It is a standard grip size and weighs 51 grams, which is the average weight as far as grips go.

It can be seen as a hybrid grip as the bottom half is soft rubber, which provides additional comfort on the hand. It is very similar to the Golf Pride Decade alternative but the Karma V is more suited for situations involving moisture.

Overall, they are the best golf grips for sweaty hands or wet conditions, with the corded upper half provided additional grip.

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Golf Grip Buying Guide

The golf grip is probably the most important part of your club. Without a good grip, your swing will lack the consistency, accuracy, and power. Your golf grip is the only part of the club that you actually touch during a game. The ball reacts to the direction, the speed, and the position that the club is travelling in.

All those are controlled by the grip and way you grip the club. The golf grip fits over the section of the golf club that the golfer normally grips onto. By adding the golf grip, it allows the golfer to maintain a firmer grasp and therefore have more control when making a golf shot.

Golf grips were designed through the input of several PGA Golfers who offered various suggestions until they were perfected. They are now used by the hundreds of golfers, all with different abilities, on the golf course.

All golf professionals have different preferences for their golf grips, the thing that is always a constant is that they all agree on one thing is that the right golf grip is what makes their game.

How To Clean Your Golf Grips

You have played your best game of golf yet and as a result of playing a great game of golf, your golf grips have gotten grimy and dirty from your hand sweat and other factors that they have come in contact with during the game.

This can happen in just one unruly game or through a period of time, regardless, we suggest you routinely keep your golf grips clean same as you would with your clubs.

So, how do you go about cleaning them? For routine cleaning, the simplest way that golf grips can be cleaned is with a moist cloth followed by a dry towel to completely dry them. In doing so, you can ensure that your golf grips are clean and ready for game day in just a few minutes.

However, sometimes golf grips just are too grimy and dirty to clean with only a moist cloth. If this is the case, then you can follow these four steps to clean them more thoroughly:

  1. Using a bucket or sink filled with warm water and add some liquid soap to ensure there are plenty of cleaning suds.
  2. Take a wet cloth and gather some suds on it so you can rub the suds into the grip.
  3. After you have scrubbed the grip with lots of sudsy water, rinse them under a stream of flowing warm water – just be sure not to use too hot of water, you don’t want to loosen the glue that is under the grips.
  4. With a hand towel, dry each grip as soon as it is rinsed off.
  5. Make sure you check that the shafts of the grips are dried as well.

How Often Should You Re-Grip Golf Clubs

You golf clubs should be re-gripped whenever they start to appear worn or they begin to lose their grip, thus feeling slippery.  Regripping once a year should be a good rule to follow when setting up a schedule to have your golf clubs re-gripped.

Also, it is dependent upon how often you are playing and the condition in which you store the clubs.  If you use a glove when you golf, the grips will last longer in between re-gripping than if you don’t wear a glove.

If you are playing golf two to three times a week, then the grips should last you about eighteen months before needing to be re-gripped. However, if you play golf four or more times a week and the climate that you play golf in is reasonably moderate, then you will probably need to have your golf clubs re-gripped every twelve months.

If you live in a place where the weather is very warm or humid, and you play golf three times or less in a week, then you should change the grips every nine months. If the place you live has super high heat and humidity, and you play golf more than four times a week, it is best to re-grip your golf clubs every six months.

Regardless of what the weather or storage conditions are, make sure you are at least re-gripping your golf clubs every two years.

top rated golf grips

Types of Grips

There are four different materials that golf grips can be made from, which are corded grip, rubber grip, synthetic grip, and leather grip. The material used can affect the comfort and quality that your club has.

Corded Grips

Corded grips improve the player’s grip confidence and allow for an appropriate grip to allow for a better swinging speed. These types of grips are suitable for all sorts of weathers, quite sturdy, and have high durability. These are also great for those players who have sweatier hands or those that play in the rain frequently. However, they are also rougher and harder on golfers hand in comparison to other materials, which also means that they tend to wear out your gloves faster.

Rubber Grips

The rubber grips have a cushion comfort and are non-slipping, made for performance in all weather conditions.  Rubber grips have a high shock absorption, as well. They are probably the most popular material grip with golfers that play a few times weekly. They are not too rough on your hands but offer a firm and sticky feel. As time goes on, these do have a tendency to lose their tackiness.

Synthetic Grips

These grips are great for golfers with smaller hands, sweatier palms, or who enjoy playing a round in the rain. They have a softer grip which provides a more comfortable swing. These are more for the casual golfers, rather than the professionals. However, these are not great for a range of weather conditions and might not be great for those that prefer a tighter grip.

Leather Grips

Leather golf grips are made for the golfer who is avid about their game.  The leather grips don’t slip in any weather; these golf grips wear in but don’t wear out.  Made to perform during competition golf or just a game that is for fun. These are the traditional golf grip material, making it the oldest kind of grip.

However, they do tend to get a bit pricier than the other materials and are not actually as durable as most would expect. These are also not great for playing in wetter conditions.

What Grip Size Are You?

When you are looking for the right golf grips the size is probably going to be one of your biggest concerns.  There are four elementary sizes of golf grips which are: undersized, standard, midsize, and oversize. You can customize the size of the grip with the addition of several layers of tape throughout the process of installation.

If a golfer is playing a game and their grip does not have the correct fitting, it can be very costly to the player by costing them an average of three-to-four strokes on every round played.  In the long haul, this can cost the player the entire game.

If the golf grip is too small, it causes added hand movements, which can cause the ball to pull. On the other hand, if the grip is too large, it places boundaries on wrist movement and can actually suppress the distance of a shot, causing the player to slice through or push a shot.

Golf Club Grips for Arthritis

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, but still love to play golf, you needn’t worry because now there are golf grips that help to ease the pain of the game. Arthritis sufferers who play golf are advised by the experts to wear grips that are oversized.

However, a golfer with arthritis needs to be careful when wearing the oversized grips because of the increased weight that it adds to the already heavy golf clubs.  It is critical that players suffering from the joint pain of arthritis choose more lightweight grips to ease the pain that the increase in weight is causing.

Grip Differences – Woods v Irons v Putters

In terms of having different grips for different clubs, the answer truly depends on your personal style. Many golfers, mostly amateurs, choose to keep the same grip styles across the majority of their clubs. Some golfers might choose to have different grips for their putters. This allows them to have consistency with their club set.

Others choose to have different style grips, but generally keep the size the same. Putters generally have different grips as they need something to keep their wrists firm while ensuring a stable stroke, which allows them with consistency and accuracy. Woods and Irons tend to have similar or the same grips to give them more control with direction as well as a softer texture.

Sweaty Hand Golf Grips

When playing golf on a hot day you run the risk of developing sweaty hands. When this occurs, your club can slip out of your hands making for a very displeasing situation.

There is good news for golfers who suffer from sweaty hands. If you have the right golf grip, you won’t have to squeeze the club very hard to get the result desired while playing golf.  When the grips are a bit thicker than average, it makes it easier to control the angles of the club you have been too afraid to hit at.

Some corded grips are tough on the hands; the corded area of the grips actually ‘chews’ at your hands.  With the new corded grips, a player can play golf without wearing gloves at all.  It won’t make a difference whether you play in the rain or in hot weather – the grips will do the same job no matter what weather condition it is.

Most professional golfers wear a golf glove to fight their sweaty hand’s issue, allowing them to hold onto the golf club and play the game no matter if they have sweaty hands or not. If you sweat a lot while playing golf, then look for grips that will combat the sweaty feeling and aid you in your golf swing at the same time.

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