The Best Golf Caps 2020

No matter if you’re looking for a men’s golf cap or a golf cap for ladies, you’re probably feeling a little unsure as to what features matter most and what item you can do without. If that’s the case, you can check out the guide that we put together toward the bottom of the page. Based on our research, though, it seems that the first model to consider would be the Nike Men’s Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Cap.

It comes with an adjustable velcro closure at the back and is made of 100% polyester, so it will last a decent amount of time. Furthermore, it works for a variety of other outdoor activities — not just golf, so you can get the most of it. In case this particular item is no longer available, we suggest considering our next favorite option, the Titleist Golf Cap for Men.

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Best Golf Caps (Reviews)

Since we can’t possibly choose the right model for you, we at least showcased some of those that have acquired a lot of appreciation on the part of the people who have given them a shot. Check out the caps below if you’re in the market for a decent choice.

1. Nike Men’s Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Cap

Nike Golf Tech Adjustable Cap (White)

Many caps come in just one universal size, so that makes it rather difficult for a prospective buyer to tell whether they would fit his or her head. Fortunately, you will not have to go through that if you decide to go for this quality model as it boasts an adjustable velcro closure at the back.

Simply customize the size and fit of the item as per your physical attributes and focus on your golf performance without feeling any type of discomfort. The cap is made of 100% polyester, so it has a good chance of standing the test of time, but keep in mind that a mix of this fabric and a little cotton would have been slightly better.

Some users note that, depending on the shape of your head, this golf cap could end up touching the tops of your ears, which might or might not bother you.

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2. Titleist Men’s Golf Cap

Titleist. 2017 Men's Golf Cap (Sports Mesh, Players Deep Back) (M/L, Players Deep Back, Legacy, Navy)

Albeit being a little pricier when compared to some of the other models that we have stumbled upon, this one from Titleist is definitely worth considering as it is a quality lightweight golf cap that will let you focus on your golfing instead of having to fiddle with your hat all the time.

It’s made of an antimicrobial fabric, so that’s a good thing to know, and it boasts UV protection, so you aren’t going to come down with a fever in the evening, when you get back home. The color-fast material is another advantage, as is the fact that this item is outfitted with a moisture-wicking sweatband.

Many golf cap reviews say that it is great-looking and it fits as expected. However, some of the ones that have encountered issues report that they have had to send it back to Korea and pay for the shipment as the product didn’t come from The United States.  

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3. Callaway Golf 2018 Tour Authentic Adjustable

Callaway Golf 2018 Tour Authentic Adjustable Hat, Black

Another good golf cap that you should bear in mind, this one a little inexpensive compared to some of those manufactured by different brands, is this one by Callaway. It boasts a performance, moisture-wicking sweatband and it comes with a low-profile unstructured design.

Since you want your head protected at all times, especially on a hot summer’s day, you might want to be aware of the fact that the Callaway Golf Authentic model comes with 30+ UV protection. No need to worry about being sick for a couple of days following your golfing trip, right?

The cap doesn’t come with a magnet for a ball marker. It is, however, adjustable, so you can customize it as per your physical attributes. While most of the golf cap reviews that we have come across with respect to this product say that it is nice, durable, and well-made, some say that it runs a bit small.

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4. Under Armour Men’s Blitzing II Stretch Fit Cap

Under Armour Men's Blitzing II Stretch Fit Cap, Black /White, Medium/Large

Available in several color combos and in a quite impressive array of sizes, this product is bound to make your list, as well. First of all, it’s not an overly ‘sensitive’ cap, so you can use your washing machine to clean it. The structured build makes it possible for it to retain its shape no matter the number of times that you use it.

Furthermore, the item is made of 100% polyester, and that should give you a pointer as to whether or not it can stand the test of time. The medium/large alternative is 5 inches high and 9 inches wide.

One of the coolest features that this model comes with is a built-in HeatGear sweatband that’s capable of wicking sweat away and keeping you dry and cool even when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. Having received over eight hundred favorable reviews, we say that this model is worth giving a shot.

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5. Adidas Mens Originals Trefoil Plus Precurve

adidas Men's Originals Trefoil Plus Precurve Structured Cap, Collegiate Navy Suede Deboss, One Size

Despite being a somewhat cheap golf cap, especially when compared to some of the others that we have stumbled upon, the Adidas model is definitely worth considering. It comes with a chain stitch embroidered Trefoil logo and it also has a small embroidered logo at the back. It’s available in as many as six color combinations.

One of the neatest things about this alternative is that it comes with a structured 6 panel Flatbrim with a snapback closure, so much like some of the others items in this line, it is fully adjustable. The brim is suede-like but a little stiff.

Some of the feedback that we have analyzed to try and say whether this product is truly worth the money or not talks about the excellent quality of this choice, the fact that it fits well, and that the SnapBack is really nice. Several customers have had to order an extra one as their son ‘stole’ it from them right away.

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6. Titleist Men and Women’s Golf Cap

Titleist Men and Women's Golf Caps (Tour Aussie, White/Black(Asia Limited), Adjustable)

Caps come in many shapes and sizes and are made for different categories of people. This one can be worn either by men or by women as it does not boast any particular gender-specific design. It does come with a series of features that should make you feel tempted to give it a try.

For instance, it is made of a stretchy material and it boasts an adjustable closure for enhanced fit and comfort. The chin strap is removable and it can be stored in the inside pocket. It has a somewhat deeper fit compared to other models, and its broader rim design will keep you better protected from the sun.

While many say that it gives them good sun protection, it holds its shape even on a breezy day and it’s pleasantly comfortable, some argue that it is too big for them, which is why they will attempt shrinking it in hot water.  

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7. Under Armour Men’s Golf Headline 2.0 Cap

Under Armour Men's Golf Headline 2.0 Cap, Academy (408)/Bass Blue, Medium/Large

This machine-washable golf newsboy cap is another that you should keep in mind, especially if you’re in the market for a convenient and, above all, comfortable alternative. It’s made of 100% polyester, but that’s not the aspect that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The model is equipped with a rear comfort band complete with a jacquard UA wordmark and the UA Storm technology utilized in its design makes it capable of repelling water without having to sacrifice breathability. The stretch construction makes for a comfortable fit, and the built-in sweatband keeps you dry and cool throughout the day.

Some of those that were kind enough to express their opinion with regard to this product say that it seems to be very well made and that quality fabrics were used in its construction. It’s also available in the XL and XXL sizes, which also makes it great for bigger individuals.

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8. Adidas Men’s Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap

adidas Men's Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap, Black/Hi Res Yellow, One Size

To make sure that this cap fits great and provides you with the comfort you need throughout a whole day of golfing under the sun, the manufacturing brand has made it out of spandex and polyester. The first ensures that the cap is flexible but fits properly while the second is a highly durable and resistant fabric that ensures its ability to stand the test of time.

However, due to its spandex design, this model needs to be hand-washed. It is not recommended to bleach it and it also has to be line-dried. The cap is lightweight and comes with a mesh panel with moisture-wicking properties.

The UPF 50 protection is definitely something worth writing home about as it boasts a UPF 50 protection. The adjustable design is another advantage and it is made possible by the hook and loop back closure. Finally, there’s no need to worry about any glare as the undervisor eliminates this from the start.  

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9. Nike L91 Cap Tech Hat

Nike L91 Tech Cap, Dark Grey/Anthracite/Black, Misc

Available in a wide range of sizes and color combinations, this model by Nike is definitely another that you should keep in mind. It helps you stay focused on your golfing performance thanks to its sweat-wicking capabilities, quick-adjust closure, as well as its breathable fabric.

No need to worry about any sizing or fit issues with this model since, as we have already mentioned, it comes with an adjustable closure. The hat is made out of fabric that is more or less soft, so it won’t feel weird or too hard on your head.  

Since this is a unisex model, it might be a little too big for some ladies. Some men, on the other hand, say that they have found it to be a little too small for them, which is why they gifted the cap to their female significant others. It all depends on the user’s physical attributes, after all.

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10. Adidas Men’s Release Stretch Fit Cap

adidas Men's Release Stretch Fit Structured Cap, White/Clear Grey, Small/Medium

While it most definitely is not a golf cap for a baby, this model can also be found in the small size, which is not something that we could say about most of the others that we have analyzed. It’s also made of a combination fabric that’s extra comfortable.

Having been developed out of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, this cap keeps you feeling at ease and at the same time, it is durable and can be used time and again. As is the case with some of the other models made by Adidas, this one also has to be hand washed.

The breathable mesh fabric boasted by this choice is an advantage in itself and the unit also boasts a low crown, 6-panel stretch fit silhouette. The moisture-wicking sweatband is effective and convenient and keeps you dry and cool throughout a whole day of golfing. Despite being quite affordable, this one has received quite a good deal of favorable feedback.

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11. Titleist Fashion Golf Ball Marker Hat

Titleist Fashion Golf Ball Marker Hat (Adjustable) Navy/White

It was quite a surprise for us to realize that this model is made by Titleist as it is very budget-friendly and it comes with many of the features that golfers look for in a quality cap like this one. The ball marker feature is on the bill and the material that this item is made out of is color fast.

Also, the sweatband wicks moisture away, and even though it comes in an adjustable one-size-fits-all design, this item seems to speak to the needs of most golfers that have tried it out in the past.

The model is stylish and gets delivered quickly, at least based on the feedback that it has received in the past. It looks and fits great, as attested by most of those that have given it a shot. With such a convenient and well-made product, you will finally be able to focus on your golfing.

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12. Herringbone Tweed Wool Blend Newsboy Ivy Hat

Wonderful Fashion Men's Herringbone Tweed Wool Blend Snap Front Newsboy Hat (DK.Brown, SM)

If you truly prefer the classic newsboy cap design, then this model is the way to a great start. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% wool, which means that the fabrics will keep you both comfortable and reassured that the cap will last for a more than decent amount of time.

The stylish looks of the item will most definitely make you stand out from the crowd, especially now that most golfers use the typical standard cap, not the newsboy design. Naturally, and as it was to be expected this model does have a drawback and it consists of the fact that you can adjust it as per your physical attributes.

However, since it is available in several sizes, we suggest you give it a try. It is highly recommended for colder months such as those in the fall and winter. We might argue that it looks so nice that it works with an elegant outfit, too.

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Golf Cap Buying Guide

Golf caps are different from other types of hats, visors, beanies, and whatever else you might find that you can wear on your head either to protect yourself from the sun or from the cold. Let’s have a look at some of the features that you ought to have in mind when you’re in the market for such a product.


What is your cap made out of? This is the first question that you have to ask yourself before anything else as each and every type of fabric has advantages and disadvantages. For example, polyester is extremely durable, so that means that a golf cap made out of it will last for a good deal of time.

On the other hand, it’s not the most comfortable fabric ever to have been invented. That’s why sometimes, it’s better to go for combination fabrics (such as poly and spandex or poly and cotton) as these will keep you feeling at ease.

Nike L91 Tech Cap, Dark Grey/Anthracite/Black, Misc


Yes, we know, you’re getting a cap for the purpose of golfing. But golfers live in different areas of the world or even the United States or Canada. Are you getting a cap for when it’s hot outside or are you more likely to do your golfing in the fall or in the winter?

Consider this when you’re shopping for your next golf cap. Some classic newsboy models are made of polyester and wool, for example, as they should keep your head a little warm when it’s chilly outside. That would be disastrous for a hot summer’s day, however, so make sure you assess your needs before anything else.

adidas Men's Release Stretch Fit Structured Cap, White/Clear Grey, Small/Medium

Moisture-wicking properties

When you’re buying a golf cap that needs to be worn in hot weather, it’s pretty clear you want to make sure that all that perspiration doesn’t get in the way of your golfing performance. Mesh panels make it easier for your cap to provide plenty of ventilation, and a sweatband can also keep your forehead dry and cool.


In the end, no matter the number of features that a golf cap comes with, the way it fits can make it or break it. Many caps are sold in a one-size-fits-all design, but what you should always make sure of is that you select one that comes with the ability to adjust its size. This can happen either with a hook and loop closure, a snap back closure, or velcro. Whether you prefer one of these or the other, some type of adjustability is mandatory.