The Best Disc Golf Backpack Bags 2020

If you’re looking for a good disc golf backpack bag and you weren’t able to find what you have in mind, then rest assured as we have done all of the necessary research for you. Based on its features and the reviews it has gathered in the past, it looks that the product that you should consider is the Innova Disc Golf Backpack Bag.

Being capable of holding as many as 25 discs and even more and since it’s equipped with zippered top pockets, this nylon unit can last a good deal of time, and it can offer you the value that you’ve been searching for. However, since it’s one of the most popular models out there, you might find that it isn’t in stock. In that case, we recommend you check out our next favorite option, the Fitactic Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack.

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Best Disc Golf Backpack Bags (Reviews)

Whether you’re looking to invest in a more expensive alternative or you’re okay with getting just one of the many cheap disc golf backpack bags available out there, we made sure we would select several notable models that you can just sift through if you are all out of ideas. Check out the disc golf backpack bag reviews below since from what we concluded by going through dozens of consumer reports, these are those that you should take into account.

1. Innova Disc Golf Backpack Bag

Innova Golf Disc Super Hero Backpack Bag, Black Pattern

There are several reasons why you should consider this model. For one, it is capable of holding as many as 25 discs. Then, it is lightweight, so it won’t hang heavy on your back as you move through the course. It’s made of 600D ballistic weave nylon, so it goes without saying that it is capable of withstanding the test of time.

Besides, it comes with zippered top pockets and a felt-lined valuables pocket where you can keep your most important possessions. In addition to everything, the fact that it was also outfitted with an internal frame complete with dividers should give you the opportunity to organize your belongings as conveniently as possible.

Some of the people who were kind enough to provide feedback with respect to the quality of this product say that they are quite impressed with the rugged material and its internal storage capacity. The side pockets are large and the zippers extend about an inch further if you want them to.

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2. Fitactic Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack

FITactic Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack (Capacity: 25-30 Discs) (Woodland Camouflage)

If what you are in need of is a convenient and easy to use alternative, perhaps this one by Fitactic might be worthy of your consideration. It comes with more than enough storage compartments, having been outfitted with as many as eleven pockets, as well as a pocket specially made for valuables and electronics (such as your watch or your smartphone, for instance).

It’s also worth noting that the Fitactic unit is equipped with protective rubber pads on the bottom, so it will stay put wherever you place it. There’s also an extended bottom support rail system that should enhance the stability that the model has to provide.

The bag measures 15 by 9 by 20 inches and based on the feedback that it has garnered from previous owners, that should be enough for most golfers. It can support around 30 to 50 pounds of weight, and it holds up to 25 to 30 discs.

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3. Latitude 64 Easy Go Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Latitude 64 Easy-Go Black Backpack Disc Golf Bag

The Latitude 64 Core model is one of those top disc golf backpack bags that are both lightweight and highly usable, but also able to hold plenty of discs. For example, this one has been designed in such a way so as to allow you to utilize it ergonomically without feeling the strain of the weight as it is distributed evenly throughout its build.

The straps that this backpack is equipped with are said to be comfortable and padded, at least judging by what some of those that have purchased it in the past have had to say about it. Also, the discs are positioned at an angle, so there is no risk of them falling out even if there isn’t a zip cover on that portion.

Since the last thing you want to tackle is dehydration while you’re on the golf course, it’s also worth mentioning that this unit comes with holders for two drinks.

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4. Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag - Fits Up to 18+ Discs and Four Putters – Introductory Disc Golf Backpack - Lightweight and Durable (Black/Blue)

Even though it is quite affordable compared to some of the other models that we have described here, the Dynamic Discs alternative can leave you feeling impressed — and that’s all thanks to its durability and storage. This particular product comes with a large main compartment that can offer the user truly a vast amount of space.

There is a bottle holder on one side of the backpack and it’s fitted with a drawstring, so you can protect your beverage and keep it cool even when the sun is shining up in the sky. Besides, two side pockets boasted by this model can be used to store your keys, wallet, phone, or any other small-sized belonging.

Since comfort is paramount when you’re out on the golf course, the manufacturing brand has taken this into consideration and has made the straps and back panel padded. The upper compartment can hold as many as three to four putters.

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5. Latitude 64 Core Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Latitude 64 Golf Discs Core Backpack Disc Golf Bag - Black

If you need a somewhat smaller option, this one from Latitude 64 should be right up your alley as it is capable of holding up to 18 discs (naturally, it all depends on the molds). The unit is outfitted with a top compartment that has been divided into two sections. The first you can use to hold putters and the other is suitable for storing clothes or towels, for example.

There are two pockets on the side which you can use to keep your water bottle or various smaller items from your keys to your phone or wallet.

The neat thing about this product is that it has been designed out of water-repellent fabric, so even if you store small electronics such as your smartphone or a point and shoot camera, you needn’t worry about the elements affecting them. The slim and lightweight profile of this backpack makes it a good choice for your back.

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6. Innova HeroPack Backpack Disc Golf Bag Innova HeroPack Disc Golf Backpack Bag (Orange Camo)


If you like a little color in your life and you’re not afraid of showing off to your other golfing friends, perhaps the Heropack by Innova is a good choice for you. As with some of the other products manufactured by this brand, this one can hold as many as 25 discs at a time.

It’s only slightly different from the other model we have showcased here, the Super HeroPack since this one is a bit less sizable and more simply designed. However, it does boast the same water-resistant material, and it comes with a reinforced top and bottom.

On top of everything, this product comes with large side pockets, as well as two drink holders on the side. Thanks to the reviews provided by some buyers, we were able to find out that it comes with a putter pocket on the front. The only thing about it is that it could have been lighter.

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7. Prodigy Disc Golf Backpack Bag

Prodigy Disc BP-2 Backpack - 2019 Model - Fits 25 Discs (Heather Gray/Black, No Rainfly)

Available in as many as four colors, the Prodigy Disc BP-2 model can fit as many as twenty-five discs, and it also comes with an upgraded design. Compared to the older variants of the same product, this one has reinforced side panels which obviously provide an additional amount of structure.

The best thing about this backpack is that it is lightweight, so it won’t hang heavy on your back when you’re walking from here to there on the golf course. The side pockets will allow you to keep as many as two beverages or you can use one for storing your most precious belongings.

The back straps were also redesigned compared to the older model so they can now distribute the pressure of the weight of the things you’re carrying as evenly as possible. Other cool features you might want to know about range from reinforced side panels to a putter pocket, an umbrella sleeve, and a multi-functional accessory clip.

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8. Prodigy Disc BP-1 V2 Disc Golf Backpack Style Bags

Prodigy Disc BP-1 V2 Disc Golf Backpack Bag - Fits 30+ Discs - Pro Quality (Black/Heather Gray, No Rainfly)

The Prodigy Disc BP-1 V2 is the older version of the other Prodigy product we have described in our selection. It’s true that this one is more sizable as it can hold as many as thirty discs and even more. It’s also capable of holding 34 drivers including the side pockets and 24 just in the main compartment.

The neat thing about this option is that it boasts expandable storage ensured by two pockets that can allow you to place your snacks, accessories or even lightweight clothes in them. The steel stabilizing rods, as well as the reinforced panels and base of this product, make for a rather rigid design.

There’s even a rain fly included if you wish to protect your belongings – you just have to get in touch with the seller or manufacturing brand and specify that you want it included in your purchase. Additionally, the bag comes with magnetic accessory pockets, insulated bottle holders, and waterproof zippers.

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Disc Golf Backpack Bag Buying Guide

The right disc golf backpack can either make or break your golfing experience. Believe it or not, there are several features that you should take into account when you’re in the market for such a product, and if you’ve never purchased one before, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide below. It’ll definitely assist you in making the right decision.


When it comes to the storage capacity of the model you are bearing in mind, it’s important to note that you have to look at two things. One of them is, obviously, the disc capacity, and the other is the amount of storage that you have available for your other belongings.

Most golfers prefer to wear a handy backpack where they can put their keys, their smartphone, as well as other valuables, but where they can also have a cold beverage at hand. Naturally, this means that the bag backpack has to come with at least one side pocket where you can keep such a bottle.

In theory, a larger number of compartments is an advantage, but you’ll see that you don’t necessarily use them all. The most important thing to consider is for the backpack to remain lightweight so that you can carry it with ease.

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag - Fits Up to 18+ Discs and Four Putters – Introductory Disc Golf Backpack - Lightweight and Durable (Black/Blue)

Material and resilience

It would be ideal if your disc backpack bag were to be made of waterproof fabric, and that’s because as we stated above, you will want to store various other belongings, not just disc inside the bag. If you know that you live in an area where you’re likely to be golfing in the rain, this type of model might be a must for you.

There are also various structures which can extend or lower the durability of such a backpack. For example, if the unit comes with several support bars, it can hold its shape, and it can even sit on the floor if it comes with rubber pads on the bottom. You don’t have to be delicate with it if you know that it’s rugged.

Besides, a disc golf backpack bag that you know is made from resilient material is quite likely to pass the test of time.

What about comfort?

No matter if you prefer a bag per se or you’d rather take advantage of your back-carrying abilities and go for a backpack, you need to make sure that the straps that the product is equipped with are comfortable to use. Most people will see that padded straps are way more comfortable compared to their regular counterparts, and that’s because they don’t cut through your skin.

In an attempt to make their products as durable as possible, many manufacturers will use nylon on the straps, too, and if they aren’t padded and they’re rough to the touch, if you wear a thin polo or t-shirt, you’ll surely find the backpack uncomfortable to use.


Last, but not least, does the way the backpack look really matter to you or are you more focused on whether it is practical or not? Some brands (such as Prodigy or Innova, for example) manufacture their products in a broad array of color combinations, so you can pick the one that you like the most.