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6 Best Golf Shoes For Walking 2020

When playing a 18 hole round of golf, you can walk between 4 and 6 miles whilst being on your feet for many hours. The importance of having the most comfortable golf shoes is vital to reduce the strain on your feet and reduce any blisters.

The best golf shoes for comfort are the Adidas Tour 360 Boost Spike Shoes that offers a waterproof spiked shoe for the wet winter season.

Comfortable golf shoes can come in a range of forms from spiked to spikeless, waterproof and various colors. Comfort and performance are the two biggest factors when you choose the best golf shoes that work for you.

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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes (Reviews)

Choosing the best golf shoes for comfort requires the material used to be lightweight and flexible but offer support at the same time. Of course, during the winter months, you will want to ensure that they are waterproof and for the summer you will want them to be breathable.

Many shoes also come with waterproof warranty, such as the Adidas golf shoes that come with 2 years. Golf shoes have come along way and the range is becoming more diverse each year.

Walking around the golf course for long hours is hard on your feet and can affect your performance if you are not comfortable. Below is a list of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking that will resolve your painful feet problem.

1. Adidas Tour360 Boost Spiked Golf Shoes

adidas Men's TOUR360 2.0 WD Golf-Shoes, Onix/Ftwr White/Core Black, 8.5 Wide US

Adidas are one of the biggest sports clothing brand in the world with a renowned reputation for style and quality. The Tour360 Boost is the most popular golf shoes they do and are aimed at both performance and comfort whilst playing golf.

They are spiked golf shoes with a midsole that features a thick foam for a more comfortable stance. Spiked shoes are notorious for being uncomfortable but with the added foam, these are the most comfortable spiked shoes you can buy.

The shoes are made with the highest quality materials from microfiber leather and ethylene vinyl acetate that are all waterproof. The shoes come with a 2 year waterproof warranty as well as a 90 day comfort guarantee.

Adidas have really stretched the boat out with the Tour360 Boost and they are the best spiked golf shoes you can buy for comfort. In terms of appearance, they look excellent and come in a wide ranging color selection (as well as sizes).

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2. Callaway Balboa Trx Spiked Golf ShoesCallaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe White/Black 15 W US

Callaway are a premium golfing brand and the Balboa Trx are the most comfortable shoes they produce. Available in both white and fully black, there isn’t much choice however they are traditional golf shoes with comfort designed from the offset.

They are spiked golf shoes and are cheaper than the Tour360 Boost golf shoes by Adidas. In terms of comfort within spiked shoes, they both exceed all the competition with not much to be said difference between the two. The Adidas alternative is the better-spiked shoe due to the choice of colors/styling with Callaway only offering two variations.

The microfiber leather provides great protection again the wet weather during the winter season with the Opti-soft EVA midsole aiding the comfort.

Overall, the Callaway Balboa Trx Golf Shoes are excellent shoes for comfort and very reasonably priced. If you are used to Callaway products, these are strongly recommended to add to your collection.

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3. Nike Lunar Command Spiked Golf Shoes

Nike Golf- Lunar Command 2 Shoes -13

Like Adidas, Nike is one of the biggest sporting brands in the world with golfing products being a large bulk of their sales. The Lunar Command Golf Shoes are the most comfortable shoes for golf that Nike produces and are known for being very lightweight.

There are several patterns and colors to choose the spiked Nike golf shoes in, with the formal black being the most popular.

In terms of materials, the outsole is made from rubber with flex grooves and spikes that you can replace for better traction. The midsole is made from Lunarlon to be lightweight and more importantly comfortable. For waterproofing, it uses a microfiber leather as with the others.

The professionals on the golf course such as Rory McIlroy use Nike as their go to golf shoes. They are the lightest on the feet that also aids the cooling down on the upper construction of the shoe. The Nike shoes also come with one years waterproof warranty as peace of mind.

The Nike Lunar Command Golf Shoes are excellent for comfort and are the best lightweight golf shoes for the money.

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4. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe, White/Black 44 Medium EU (10-10.5 US)

Ecco have hundreds of golf shoes to choose from but the Biom Hyrbid 2 spikeless golf shoes are the ones to go for in terms of comfort. A lot of research and development has gone into these spikeless golf shoes with the focus on improving the ability for the foot to move more naturally and creating the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes.

The “low to the ground” construction of the shoe is proven to improve stability and power during a golf swing. The brand Ecco are experts in this field and the golfing shoe market but with such greatness comes at a price, which may put golfers off these.

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5. Nike Spikeless Lunar Control Vapor Golf Shoes

Nike Lunar Control Vapor Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 Cargo Khaki/Palm Green/Light Bone/Lava Glow Medium 11 Another shoe by Nike but in the form of a spikeless golf shoes that provides the upmost comfort possible around the golf course. Using a lunarlon midsole insert, these cleats are the most comfortable even with small studs that prevent slipping during a golf swing.

In terms of appearance, these are the best looking spikeless golf shoes on the market that look very similar to trainers. As with all Nike golf shoes, they come with a 2 year waterproof warranty for peace of mind.

These should may not be desirable for the traditional golfers that want formal spikeless golf shoes, but those looking for a sleek trainer like golf shoes, these are the ones to go for. There is a range of patterns and colors to choose from and overall, they are great all rounders that offer the best traction for spikeless golf shoes, whilst maintaining comfort.

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6. Adidas Adicross V Golf Spikeless Shoes

adidas Men's Adicross V WD Golf Shoe, White/White/Gum, 10 W US

Another shoe by Adidas but a spikeless golf shoe that resembles a trainer appearance but with superior grip for the golf course. They are designed purely for comfort whilst walking around the golf course and even come with a 90 day comfort guarantee.

The shoes can even be worn day to day of the golf course they are that comfortable. What makes them even better is that they are very cheap compared to other spikeless shoes on the market.

For the price, these are the best cheap golf shoes for comfort and come with a range of colors and sizes to choose from. If you bought the Adidas Adicross V Golf Spikeless Shoes, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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Comfortable Golf Shoes Buying Guide

When you go to buy your golf shoes, make sure to get the best golf shoes for comfort. Measure both of your feet for size, then go with the size for the larger foot if they differ. You need to consider all weather conditions that you play in, then you might consider a waterproof guarantee. Remember, there is moisture on the ground in the early morning and late evening.

Traditional golf shoes are great for durability because of their leather construction. However, they lack breathability. The athletic golf shoes are comfortable because they are lightweight, flexible and breathable. Many athletic golf shoes offer waterproof warranties too.

Materials Used

Ever sense golf shoes were created, leather has been the most popular material for the exterior portion of this shoe. Leather is very comfortable and seems to mold to the golfers feet over time. It is breathable and most of the time waterproof.

If you are not looking to pay the price for leather, you might consider synthetic leather. It is not going to give you the same quality as pure leather, but that’s when you need to consider how often you play golf.

You have an option of Gore-Tex material. If you play in hot temperatures, these are not the shoes you want to buy. However, they are thick and waterproof, a great option for winter. Sometimes, you can get a polyester lining, but it’s nowhere near as durable as leather or Gore-Tex.

best golf shoes for walking

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes

When playing golf, it’s very important to have good traction for the golf swing to stay anchored. A safe choice is the plastic spikes. They are the most popular type of golf spike today because of their lightweight and less likely to tear up the green on the golf course than the old metal spikes.

You will get the same or greater traction than the traditional metal spikes. The spikes flex as you walk making them more comfortable. Of course, you can still get the traditional metal spikes, but they are known to tear up the green on the golf course because of their longer, sharper spikes.

Metal spikes don’t flex as you walk, so they can become uncomfortable as you walk. Many golf courses have banned metal spikes on the greens, so check with your course before buying these.

Spikeless golf shoes are often the most comfortable golf shoe they have dimples or rigid studs on a flat outsole instead of spikes. Many spikeless golf shoes look very similar to trainer counterparts and are mostly used during the summer season.

The plastic spike golf shoes is truly a good choice because of their inherent and boosted traction. However, the cool, spikeless type can be just as stable. Manufacturers started using varying materials to allow motions at some points of the outsoles and not in others, it is a barely noticed seamless structure providing the best sort of stability.

Support and stability is very important when choosing the right golf shoe. You might consider memory foam or orthotic insoles, which will give you additional support and comfort. The shoe needs to fit tighter in the midfoot, yet your toes should have a little wiggle, while your heel is locked down.

most comfortable golf shoes

Flexibility and Versatility

You will need flexibility when you pivot during swing. Also, as you are walking, people tend to bend their toes. If you buy stiff golf shoes, it will definitely decrease your comfort and enjoyment while playing golf.

Versatility is also something to consider. You’ve got to be able to provide adequate traction on all types of terrain. Field conditions play a big part too, whether they are wet or dry. Stability and grip are the key, especially on hilly courses.

Waterproof Golf Shoes

The grass as golf courses can stay damp for long periods, especially in the early mornings. In the winter, the weather conditions can also make the course very wet and waterproof golf shoes that are also comfortable are essential.

Alongside waterproofing qualities, the shoes must also be able to breathe so your feet stay dry and not overheat. Many shoes come with excellent waterproof warranties such as the list for the best golf shoes above.


Comfortable golf shoes are extremely hard to find but hopefully, the recommendations above will help you out. You will be wearing golf shoes to do a lot of walking and being comfortable is a high priority for many golfers.

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