6 Great Boys’ Golf Clothes in 2020

Are you looking to buy good boys’ golf clothes for a young golfer? If you don’t like browsing through a large catalog of golf clothes and need a quick guide, it’s a good thing you found this article. After extensive research on junior golf clothes, our top pick would be Under Armour Boys’ Match Shorts. With a wide range of colors and sizing options to choose from, it’s easy to find a golfer’s short for your son and even as a gift to your kid’s golf buddies. Best of all, it looks good both on and off the golf course as dressy shorts for boys.

If you’re searching for a top to match those stylish golf shorts, our favorite would be Under Armour Boys’ Performance Novelty Polo. The three-button polo shirt is available in a variety of styles perfect for golf training, at school, or on days out with the family.

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Best Boys Golf Clothes [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Our boy’s golf clothes reviews include tops, bottoms, and layering clothes for every type of weather at the golf course. The products below have high customer satisfaction ratings and are some of the most versatile golf clothes for boys. Read on to find an outfit your young golfer will like:

1. Under Armour Boys’ Match Shorts

Under Armour Boys' Match Play 2.0 Golf Shorts, Barley/Barley, 14

Our top choice for best boys’ golf clothes for junior golfers is the Under Armour Boys’ Match Shorts. This brand is well-known for creating well-made sportswear for kids and adults alike. The imported shorts are made from 100% Polyester fabric with a quick-drying and sweat-wicking design. We like that it has a soft feel that is gentle against the skin. The stretchy fabric also does not cling to the legs.

At first glance, the shorts are noticeably dressy shorts making it perfect for golf lessons as well as for any other activity. The inseam is 9 inches and there are three pockets on these stylish shorts. It also has buttons and zipper enclosures as well as loops for a belt. Plus, the inside of the shorts features the logo on the elastic waistband—a feature which makes the shorts more comfortable to wear.

Under Armour Boys’ Match Shorts comes in hues of blue, green, and neutral colors. There are eight color options to choose from, depending on the sizing options. Nine sizes are available, ranging from 6 to 20. 


Soft blue or green match shorts are excellent colors for a young golfer. It will surely make him stand out amongst khaki and neutral bottoms. The shorts also feel soft and comfortable to wear as it boasts sweat-wicking technology perfect for warm, sunny days out on the golf course.

Another excellent point is the overall design of the shorts, making it versatile enough to wear in school, on trips, or at church.


A drawback would be that the color you like may not be available in the size you need. Sizing is very important as the waistband is elastic but not adjustable. You might find it too large on a slim boy, but you can go a size down in that case. The problem would be if you have a tall and slim child as going a size down would shorten the length. Otherwise, the short should fit well on average to bigger-framed boys.

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2. Under Armour Boys’ Performance Novelty Polo

Under Armour Boys' Performance Novelty Polo, Poison (327)/Moroccan Blue, Youth Medium

Our favorite top for our junior golfers in training would be the Under Armour Boys’ Performance Novelty Polo. The small patterns on the polo shirt perfectly complement the hues of the boys’ match shorts from the same reputable brand. There are 14 different styles available, including shades of blue, green, gray, and white. There are 10 sizes for this polo shirt ranging from Youth X-Small to Youth X-Large.

The design of the shirt includes three well-stitched button enclosures and a logo on the left chest. There is a small tag on the back of the neck, but should not be a nuisance even to kids who don’t like tags on their shirt. The shirt is also machine washable and holds its shape after several washes. Plus, it does not snag easily and dries fast.

The imported polo shirt is made of 100% Polyester with a soft finish. Under Armour is one of the leading brands in sportswear, so the shirt is well-designed with anti-odor technology and sweat-wicking material. Another important feature is its UPF 30+ protection that helps prevent sunburn. 


The small cross patterns on this three-button polo shirt look great on the golf course. There are plenty of styles and color options to choose from. All of the styles look great with most bottoms. For utmost comfort, be sure to buy this novelty polo shirt with the same brand’s match shorts we reviewed above. 

Under Armour is a well-known brand in sportswear so you can trust this is a well-made polo for golf. Kids will appreciate that the soft shirt keeps them cool, dry, and odor-free. The sun protection and anti-pick or anti-snag feature is also a must for kids.


Some reviewers noted that the pattern is larger than in the photo. Also, while the shirt mostly fits as expected, some consider the sizing options are larger than they thought. This would depend on the body type of your son. It should be a comfortable fit for average-framed boys.

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3. Under Armour Boys Armour Fleece 1/2 Zip

Under Armour Boys Armour Fleece 1/2 Zip, Black (001)/Steel, Youth Small

Days on the golf course won’t always be sunny. Golf lessons often take place in the afternoon. For cool and windy days, your kid will need a layering piece to keep him warm. In this category, we choose Under Armour Boys Armour Fleece 1/2 Zip. It is a stylish pullover with sizes the child can grow into.

The half-zip pullover is made of 100% Polyester, the same as our top two picks. This material makes it possible to keep the junior golfer warm and comfortable in his layering piece. 

What you will absolutely love about this shirt is that it has a nice pop of color. While there are only seven color options to choose from, the colors are vivid. This is great during and after putting lessons. The colors include darker hues as well as striking red, teal, and blue. It is lightweight and breathable. Plus, it is stretchy so it won’t restrict junior’s swings.

The design of the shirt includes the logo on the left sleeve and a front kangaroo pocket. There is no hood on this layering piece.


The half-zip is a cool design, and the colors are striking on the golf course. Kids will feel comfortable wearing this shirt with a soft inner layer and pockets. Overall, this layering item is of good quality as it is made by a leading brand in athlete wear. The material is polyester, which should help trap body heat to keep your child warm. 

Kids can wear this to their golf training as well as at school or on casual days. Most buyers noted that their kids wear this layering piece often. While there is a logo on the left chest, Armour Fleece is still a versatile piece that kids can wear after golf training.


Armour Fleece comes in only 5 sizing options from youth extra small to youth extra large. There are no problems as to the length, but the size may be smaller for children with a bigger frame. And, as with the first two recommendations, some colors may not be available in the size your child normally wears.

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4. Puma Golf Boy’s YD Stripe Polo Tee

Puma Golf Boy's YD Stripe Polo Tee, White/Surf The Web Blue, Small

If you’re searching for cheap boys’ golf clothes, take a look at the Puma Golf Boy’s YD Stripe Polo Tee. A striped golf polo looks great on the turf and it has a moisture-wicking finish too—an important feature when playing an outdoor sport. Let your little boy play golf in sunny weather knowing he will be kept dry with this golf polo.

The design includes an embroidered logo on the left chest and three buttons for maximum comfort. This golf polo shirt is suitable for younger kids around seven years old and below as it comes in only two sizes—small and medium. 

There are limited choices when it comes to the style as they only offer white-blue-red striped polo with a blue collar or the white-orange-blue striped polo with an orange collar. The bright colors make this adorable as your child practices his swing. The fabric is also soft and won’t restrict natural body movements.


This polo shirt is getting remarks from customers for its sharp but non-distracting colors. If you want your son to stand out at his next golf tournament, then this polo will be a good pick. The three-button placket and the soft, moisture-wicking fabric also add to the overall comfort of this polo shirt.

The price is also an important consideration as this is a durable product at a low price. It is made by the well-known sports brand Puma so you’re sure it is a quality polo which should last your son a while. 


It’s too bad that this polo shirt only comes in very limited style and size options. It is a quality product that we wish would have more color options and availability for different sizes. If you have a bigger or older kid, you would have to pass up on this affordable and cute striped polo.

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5. Under Armor Boys’ Match Play Pants

Under Armour Boys' Match Play Pants,Steel (035)/Steel, 6

Jeans are not allowed at most golf courses. To dress the part, you will need suitable bottoms like the Under Armour Boys’ Match Play Pants. The straight leg pants feature two front pockets and two rear pockets. The Under Armour Logo is located at the right rear pocket, stitched in a discreet way. The pants also have loops for a belt. 

The overall stitching feels well-made as with the Match Shorts we’ve previously reviewed. These pants are made of a nylon-polyester-elastane blend. The fabric is soft, dries fast, and wicks sweat. Some consider the material thin but it does not snag easily and keeps your little boy comfortable in pants.

The inside of the pants features the brand name with an elastic waistband to ensure the right fit. There are 9 sizes for this pair of pants ranging from 6 to 20. There are also 6 color options mostly neutral with the addition of jade green. 


What we love about this golf pants is its dressy appeal making it perfect for the golf course, for school, and even for church. It’s a versatile piece that will get a lot of use because of its comfort factor and style. These pants are great on active kids as it uses a sweat-wicking fabric that keeps them cool and sweat-free. When light rain or spills happen, it is quick-drying too.

The overall quality of the pants is great—from the stitching to the buttons and pockets. The length is just right, even for tall boys. We also like the subtle addition of the brand name and the logo as well. Several color and size options make this a great find.


It can be a bit on the pricey side for some parents. Although, do consider that these are well-made, quality pants. Also, if the child is slim, the pants may not fit comfortably on the waist as there is no other way to adjust the waistband than to wear a belt. 

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6. SWISSWELL Hooded (Jacket & Trouser Suit)

SWISSWELL Rain Suit for Kids Waterproof Hooded Rainwear Jacket Yellow (4T, Yellow)

Our last recommendation goes to this jacket and trousers set from SWISSWELL. It is an affordable set that will keep your little boy dry when rain suddenly comes on a windy day on the golf course. Keep in mind that this set is made of a lightweight material that will get wet when soaked such as when sitting on something wet. It is not completely rainproof as it has a minimal waterproof rating that can tolerate only light rain or dry snow. Still, the set is designed to wick away moisture on contact. 

SWISSWELL Jacket and Trouser set is made of shell 100% polyester with PUT exterior coating and a soft mesh inner lining. The design of the jacket includes a hood, a front zip, Velcro cuffs, and two front pockets. The jacket is also great for night time camping as it features reflective markings on the back and sides. As for the trousers, it has an elastic waistband as well as at the ankles.


This is a good and affordable set to buy for springtime when your kid needs a windbreaker while playing golf. The features we wanted to highlight include the detachable hood, reflective markings for safety, Velcro and elastic bands for adjustability, and lightweight material. 

It is also multi-purpose making it suitable for outdoor adventures including hiking, cycling, and fishing. The sizing makes it suitable for 7 to 12-year-old boys with room to grow. The sizing makes it suitable for 7 to 12-year-old boys with room to grow. It is also good to know that the set can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.


The set is advertised as a waterproof rain suit, but do know that companies define waterproof in different ways. For this set, it is not completely waterproof as it is made from thin polyester, not rubber. The material is thin so it will only keep your child dry until he finds cover. 

It is not the kind of rain suit you want to put on your kid to play in the rain. It makes a good windbreaker though as it has Velcro cuffs on the jacket and cinchers on the trousers. Also, there are only 4 sizes to choose from (8 to 14) in four neutral colors including royal blue.

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Boys Golf Clothes Buying Guide

The top picks we listed above should help you decide when selecting from the best boys’ golf clothes. These come from reputable brands like Under Armour and Puma, and boast features like sweat-wicking technology, sun protection, and are appropriate for the golf course dress code. Looking for a particular piece of clothing? Here are some things you must consider when buying junior golf clothes:

Buying Outerwear

Windbreakers and other layering pieces are a must for windy days and even on hot days on the turf. The material should be made of nylon shell or polyester shell that can both resist wind and light rain. Keep in mind that polyester is more water-resistant and UV damage-resistant. These materials should help keep your little one warm and dry. Also, be sure to select outerwear that will not restrict ease of swing motion.

Buying Golf Pants and Shorts

Quality golf pants should be soft and breathable so it won’t be uncomfortable on the course. Sweat-wicking and quick-drying technology should help keep your son dry as well as a lightweight fabric for breathability. Stretch woven fabric will also allow maximum movement and wrinkle resistance. A stretch waistband is also important.

Amazon Essentials Toddler Boys' 2-Pack Performance Polo, Canyon Blue/Black, 3T

Buying Golf Shirts

Breathability, stretch, and the right fit should be top concerns when buying a golf polo. A three-button polo with a straight collar should be a good pick. UV sun protection, sweat-wicking, and anti-odor technology are some features you would also want to have in a polo.

Consider the colors and designs of the shirt as well. Bright stripes and vibrant colors and patterns are allowed and a great fashion statement on the golf course. But steer clear of very loud colors that can distract your son and others during the game.

Features to Consider When Buying Boys’ Golf Clothes

  •   Moisture-wicking
  •   Breathable
  •   UV Protection
  •   Stretch Fabric
  •   Durable/Snag-resistant
  •   Machine Washable

Choosing Between Sizes

It is important to take measurements of your son and then refer to the brand’s size chart to help you find the right size. Many brands have a wide range of different sizes available for junior golf clothes. Consider the height, width, and weight of the outfit as well. Reading reviews should help you figure out whether to go with the size you planned to get or go up or down a size.

NIKE Kid's Unisex Core Golf Cap, White/Anthracite/Black, One Size

Choosing Fabric

While cotton is generally considered one of the most comfortable fabrics, polyester is often the material of choice in junior golf clothes. This is because polyester has moisture-wicking benefits and UV-resistance.

The Versatility of the Design

This is but the least of importance in choosing boys’ golf clothes. You must be able to color-coordinate and mix and match the tops and bottoms in many ways. Neutrals make a safe bet, but there are also clothes in hues of blues and greens that are easy to mix and match.

Also, consider dress pants, polos, and outerwear that can be worn off the golf course as well. Most golf clothes are a bit pricey considering the features they have, so go for styles that are not limited to the golf course. Take note of our favorite shorts, polos, and pants which could be used for many occasions and activities. The outerwear we chose could also be worn for other outdoor activities.