3 Great Bennington Golf Bags in 2020

From the many Bennington golf bags for sale that you could find nowadays, we picked several that you should consider. Many Bennington golf bag reviews trying out the models that we have showcased below, but before we dive into showcasing their features, we’re going to tell you that the first model that you should set your eyes on is the Bennington Quiet Organizer 14 Cart Bag. This is one of the biggest and most dependable models that we have come across. The 14-system boasts eight individual iron slots, two individual hybrid slots, as well as a driver and a wood section. There’s an oversized putter slot, as well, and the individual ones are made to accommodate all types of standard clubs. However, since this is one of the most popular choices out there, you might find that it’s out of stock. In that case, we recommend going for the Bennington Quiet Organizer 12 Cart Bag, a slightly smaller option.  

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Best Bennington Golf Bag [Reviews]

Whether you’re looking for a Bennington ladies golf bag or one for man, you’ll get to pick the right one from the selection below. Based on what we have found about the following units, they are the most dependable ones currently available. They’ve received a lot of appreciation from golfers, so check them out. 

1. Bennington Quiet Organizer 14 Cart Bag

Bennington Quiet Organizer 14 Cart Bag Lime

There are several reasons you should consider this bag first. It’s one of the most sizable models from this particular brand, which means that there’s virtually no chance of your clubs getting damaged by touching on one another as you transport them to and from the golf course. This one is a 14-system that boasts as many as eight individual iron slots and two individual hybrid slots, a driver and a wood section, and an oversized putter slot.

The best thing about this choice is that the individual slots are specifically designed to accommodate most standard clubs currently available on the market. The bag is capable of keeping your clubs organized, which means that you’re going to be able to grab the right one in as little time as possible.

There’s also a shaft-friendly foam insert that is designed to be waterproof. Unlike the one of other bags, it won’t crack as time goes by. Other interesting features range from the fact that the model is crafted from polyester (so it’s durable) to its 10 pocket design (complete with one for valuables and for a drink). 

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2. Bennington Quiet Organizer 12 Cart Bag

Bennington Quiet Organizer 12 Cart Bag Grey

It’s pretty easy to tell that the main difference between this product and the first one that we have showcased here is the fact that this one is a 12-system. It boasts eight individual iron slots, two for hybrids and an oversized putter slot. Having been manufactured using molded EVA PU leather polyester, it’s rather obvious that this particular model can stand the test of time. This means that you aren’t going to have to spend your money on a golf bag replacement anytime soon.

The Bennington golf cart bag also comes with plenty of pockets, allowing you to store your essentials with ease and get them on the golf course. For example, this one boasts a valuables pocket, as well as an insulated drink one. There are as many as 10 pockets on this bag. 

One thing that we have to make clear with respect to this unit is that it is not lightweight. Sure, it is a Bennington quiet golf bag, but it weighs in at a whopping 10 pounds, without even containing any clubs whatsoever. That means that should you ever want to carry it, that would be difficult for you. 

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3. Bennington Quiet Organizer 9 Lite Cart Bag

Bennington Quiet Organizer 9 Lite Cart Bag Canon Grey/White

This Organizer model is a 14-system which boasts 7 individual iron slots, a driver and wood section, two individual hybrid slots, as well as an oversized putter slot. Up until now, aside from the different individual iron slot number, not too many differences between this model and the others we’ve described already. 

Well, you should know that this unit is a little smaller when compared to its counterparts. It’s equipped with 9 pockets, but all of them have front access. There’s also a drink pocket, as well as one where you can keep your valuables. Other interesting features range from the external putter scabbard to a cart strap path.

Similarly to the other Bennington options here, this one is crafted from polyester. This means that you can expect it to last for a more than decent amount of time. Some of those that have tried it out say that it makes it really easy for them to keep their clubs organized. The clubs also don’t bang into each other, so you don’t even need to use head covers on all of them. Every club has its own place. 

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Bennington Golf Bag Buying Guide

So you decided to get a golf bag from Bennington, but what features should you be after? If this is the first golf bag you’ve ever purchased, you need to understand the aspects that can improve your performance on the golf course thanks to it being very convenient. We’ve discussed all of that and more in the guide below. 


The size of the golf bag is probably the first factor that you should take into account. How many clubs to do you tend to use? This is a question that largely makes the difference between a beginner golfer and an experienced one. For example, the bigger the golf bag, the heavier it’s going to be, and the more likely it is for it to require the use of a cart. Do you even have a cart? If you don’t, you aren’t going to appreciate the design of your golf bag and you’re going to keep it in storage.

Bennington Quiet Organizer 14 Lite Cart Bag Dolphin Gray/Indigo

From what we’ve noticed, Bennington golf bags can be quite sizable. This, in turn, means that they can accommodate plenty of clubs, but they can also get pretty heavy, with the average one weighing in at about 10 pounds. Some golfers actually say that they’ve purchased a model by Bennington because they wanted to eliminate bag chatter, but they keep it in storage because it doesn’t work with their push cart. 


The overall design of the product definitely matters, but the height is also quite important. The longer the individual slots are going to be, the better they will protect your clubs. You aren’t even going to have to use head covers on any of them if the slots are high enough. Here’s where Bennington golf bags are winners at least from what we’ve discovered by going through Bennington golf gear reviews.

Bennington Quiet Organizer 12 Cart Bag Mocha

Number of pockets

In this case, as well, the matter of storage compartments isn’t all that complicated if you’re looking to get the bag from a brand such as Bennington. Most of the company’s models come with as many as ten pockets or more, and one of the smaller ones we’ve found actually features 9 pockets. 

Usually, there is one specifically made for your valuables, which is typically waterproof. The waterproofness definitely helps because that’s where you are likely to store your smartphone. In addition to that, you’ll also see that most Bennington bags come with an insulated pocket for your beverage, which comes in handy both in the warmer season (keeping a cold drink closeby is great when the sun’s shining in the sky) and in the colder seasons (as you can use an insulated travel mug, instead, for tea or coffee). 

2016 Bennington Full Organizer 15 Trolley Bag - Grey

Some things you should know about Bennington

Where did this brand come from and why are its products so well-made? If you go online and look for a bit of information on it, you’ll see that many golfers praise the quality of the accessories and golf bags that this company manufactures. It is an Australian brand that was created back in 1986.

Bennington is a popular choice among golf teams and companies that want to use the Custom Embroidery option. Every bag can be embroidered with the golfer’s name, the team name, school, or a company logo. 

Some of the standard features of Bennington golf bags include a number of things from removable pockets, front-access zippered pockets for accessories, as well as fleece-lined valuables pouches. The putter scabbard integrated into the bag’s interior is another nifty feature. Most stand bags come with their protective rain covers, and there are even models that boast oversized pouches for shoe storage. 

This company also makes a decent selection of stand bags, as well as models designed for women. Generally, these mimic their male counterparts, but they are made from softer materials, are lighter, and are available in more patterns and colors.