3 Great Belding Golf Bags in 2020

Belding golf bags are all about quality and character. They are not your typical factory-made, mass-produced golf bags. Instead of competing for contemporary features, the American brand is going back old school with its design while using modern tools to create a long-lasting golf bag. 

From an array of authentic golf bags, we chose three that outshine the other Belding golf bags for sale in today’s market. Are you in a hurry to find out what the top Belding golf bag is? It’s the Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag, an unstructured soft canvas golf bag with a minimalist design evident in its single pocket, 7-inch top, and single leather strap.

Should you need more pockets while keeping the bag lightweight, check out the Belding American Collection Pencil Golf Bag. Read on to find out more about these high-quality golf bags, why they are worth buying, what you should be concerned about, and our quick guide at the end of the reviews.

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Best Belding Golf Bags [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Belding American Collection has over 30 bags to choose from. Our Belding golf bags reviews take the guesswork out of selecting which golf bag is for you. In this article, we reviewed lightweight golf bags made for walking on the golf course with ease and in style. Find your favorite from among the most popular bags from their collection below:

1. Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag

BELDING American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag, 7-Inch, Navy

As every other golf bag manufacturer focuses on incorporating technology that adds insulation, waterproofing, and highly-organized dividers, Belding opted to go back to the times of Francis Ouimet, champion of the 1913 U.S. Open with the American Collection vintage bags.

Aptly named Vintage Golf Carry, the Belding vintage golf bag went for a traditional take on golf bags with its navy canvas body complemented by brown harness leather straps and leather bottom. 

To add to the authenticity and old-school vibe of the Vintage Golf Carry, every soft-structured vintage gold bag by Belding is handcrafted in America. The bags make use of durable materials from local sources, including a century-old tannery in Pennsylvania. 

The overall design is lightweight yet sturdy, making the Vintage Golf Carry Bag suitable for Par-3 courses. Satisfied customers noted how the bag is structured with minimalist golfers in mind as well as those who opt for authentic vintage golf bags made to last a lifetime. 


We love the minimalist, old-school appeal of the Vintage Golf Carry. It is a lightweight golf bag that does not fall short on capacity. Its 7-inch divider top can hold around 7 to 9 clubs, according to satisfied buyers. The single front pocket can also hold golf balls and other golf accessories.

The materials have a high-quality feel. Belding opted to use locally-sourced leather, canvas, shearling, and reliable YKK zippers. To achieve an authentic American feel, the golf bag is handcrafted in California using the quality materials. 


Belding American Collection Vintage bag is an unstructured golf bag. While it cannot stand on its own on the tee, it can be strapped to a golf cart or easily carried on one’s shoulder using the single leather strap with a two-point connection strap.

There are no individual dividers inside the bag, but if you are looking to go back to the basics of the game and focus on nothing else, this golf bag would be apt.

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2. Belding American Collection Pencil Golf Bag

BELDING American Collection Pencil Golf Bag, 7-Inch, Tan

The Pencil Golf Bag is one of the most advertised Belding golf bags in the collection. It is a golf bag with a 7-inch top similar to our first choice, and it also sports shearling-wrapped interiors sans individual dividers. 

The difference between our first and second choices comes down to organization. This golf bag incorporates more pockets with two front zipper pockets for personal items as well as golf accessories. It also has a side vent for a beverage bottle. Like the Vintage bag, it has a leather belt strap for holding your sweater and an umbrella loop.

The bag remains to be lightweight at around 4 to 4.5 pounds when empty. If you are looking for a lightweight bag with more room for organization, this is the bag to consider.

The Belding sports leather golf bag is a structured golf bag with two stay rods. You won’t have a problem carrying the golf bag or letting it stand on its own. 


The added pocket and side vent make a more suitable option for those who need more organizational space in their golf bag. If you are going for a longer day on the golf course, then check out the Pencil Golf Bag.

It is a reasonably-priced bag when you consider its capacity, design, and durability. The materials used include quality tobacco or tan-colored canvas with brown leather straps and buckles, with a more durable hard bottom. 


While this bag offers an umbrella loop, it does not have a rain cover. Keep in mind that this is not advertised as a waterproof bag. Waxed canvas and leather bag needs a bit more care and maintenance than plastic and nylon golf bags. Plus, it is handcrafted, which is another reason why you would want to take better care of it. A customer also noted how the bag came out with a few creases out of the box which eventually became less noticeable after some time.

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3. Belding American Collection Bushwhacker Golf Bag

BELDING American Collection Bushwhacker Golf Bag, 9.5-Inch, Tan

If you want a bigger golf bag carrying the same nostalgic vibe as our other favorites from the Belding American Collection, consider looking into the Bushwhacker golf bag. Belding designed the bag with a classic saddle reminiscent of the golf bag designs of the late 1980s. 

The golf bag features a larger, 9.5-inch top with two full-length dividers to hold all of your golf clubs for an 18-hole course. Like our other favorites, the Bushwhacker golf bag’s interiors are also wrapped with shearling. 

The Bushwacker Golf Bag features a tobacco or tan canvas body and leather features. You can carry it using the single leather strap with a two-point strap connection or you can carry it using the leather handle with a four-point construction.

As for organization, the Bushwhacker golf bag has two oversized front pockets with YKK zippers with leather strap ends. The frontmost pocket features a tuckaway design with a Belding-branded leather strap. It also sports another pocket near the top with a leather belt-type closure. The Belding golf travel bag also has a rain hood and umbrella sleeve.


While the other two Belding golf bags we reviewed lacked a rain hood, the Bushwhacker golf bag has this handy feature. It also boasts extra pockets that are bigger in size too. Plus, you can carry the bag through its handle or on your shoulder. 

We also like its solid standalone structure. And, as a handmade golf bag, it boasts durability and top quality for many years of use. The design also never fails to impress as it is a classic that won’t go out of style. This is evident in the comments of satisfied Bushwhacker customers, noting how it can last for decades as it is a quality buy.


The Bushwhacker golf bag is twice the size of the Pencil golf bag while featuring a similar design. The oversized front pocket may be too big for its overall aesthetics too, while the smaller pocket can only fit keys and small accessories.

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Belding Golf Bag Buying Guide

Belding is a brand that prides itself for being American-made. Their designs, materials, and manufacturing all uphold the U.S. standard. Each of their golf bags takes 3 to 4 weeks to make by hand and shipped to the golf enthusiast. However, you can also get the handcrafted golf bag from Amazon and a variety of other online marketplaces.

The Belding American Collection is available in a wide range of styles, including satchels, rucksacks, tote bags, and flight bags. All of these bags are top-quality, American-made. In this guide, we bring your attention to the American Collection golf bags Belding has to offer. 

BELDING American Collection Pencil Golf Bag, 7-Inch, Tan

There are different styles and sizes to choose from based on your needs. Their golf bag selection includes:

Soft golf bags like the Vintage Golf Bag which is perfect for the minimalist golfer who wants a no-fuss authentic design. If you want a reliable golf bag that can hold your clubs and golf accessories without compromising on style, then this golf bag is for you. Golfers who love walking on the turf will find this golf bag vital to their game.

Pencil golf bags by Belding features more structure so you have the option to let it stand in your golf cart will like this bag. It also comes with handy pockets to carry more than just the essentials.

Bushwacker golf bags are for those who can’t let go of their multi-pocket golf bags. There are plenty of storage options with this golf bag so you can bring whatever you need on the golf course.

XL staff bags are heavier while carrying the same aesthetic appeal, materials, and overall quality construction of the more lightweight golf bags in the Belding American Collection. For this review, we opted to focus more on lightweight golf bags that truly resemble the golf bags in the previous era.

Other considerations in a Belding golf bag


The price should not be the main concern while buying a golf bag, but when buying a golf bag from the same brand and collection, then you’d most likely compare prices. The unstructured soft golf bag is the most affordable of them all. But, if you need more pockets, then opt for the pencil or Bushwhacker golf bags. For the quality and design, the bags from the Belding American Collection all come at a reasonable price.

BELDING American Collection Bushwhacker Golf Bag, 9.5-Inch, Tan


A light bag like a carry bag or a pencil bag are designed for golfers who love to walk through Par-3 and 18 hole courses. If you enjoy walking on the golf course, a lightweight bag will make it more enjoyable for you. Belding stands as a reminder that you don’t really need fancy golf accessories on the golf course to truly enjoy the game.


Nothing beats the quality of handcrafted Belding golf bags as each is made with passion and care. You can expect to make use of this bag for years into the future without the risk of fraying the stitches. Plus, the leather looks better through the years.

What we love about Belding golf bags:

  • Handcrafted
  • Reliable YKK zippers
  • U.S. leather straps
  • Soft wax canvas material
  • Nostalgic aesthetics
  • Roomy pockets
  • Shearling-wrapped top with or without full-length dividers